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What would you like to do?

This is where we'll collect all the things that need doing on Post Status, in terms of overall goals for improving things. It is not a specific issue tracker, though issues may be referenced from here.

Site goals

Improve user experience!

Checkout and My Account

  • Improve Checkout flow to require fewer and appropriate fields
  • Improve layout of cart/checkout
  • Ensure as much is being auto-filled as possible to reduce barrier for existing customers
  • Improve My Account page "at a glance" information to generally not suck -- see WC website for good example

Member experience

  • Better sync "My Account" dashboard with various member benefits, like deals and profile/org stuff. See WooCommerce website for nice model.
  • Migrate Profiles to User data, make easily editable within "My Account"
  • Better manage organization editing by "owner", with author attributes, nicer front-end interface
  • Enable organization owners to self-edit attached profiles (to add new employees, deal with churn, etc) so Org can be accurate reflection of company

Email management

  • Offload transactional email to third party service, to better enable messaging, custom email templates, etc.
  • Ensure "pending cancellation" moving to "cancel" sends email to tell customer their access is ending (it currently only sends when they actually cancel -- which is sometimes done just to prevent auto-renew. big problem!)
  • Automatically subscribe and unsubscribe members at the appropriate times (sometimes I want to override actual subscription active status, for various reasons. figure way around)
  • Create drip campaign for new members, and new free users
  • Automatically send new members the most recent newsletter from before they joined, in case there isn't one soon enough after they join. Perhaps merge with the welcome email to prevent them getting too many emails upon joining.
  • Audit and improve new member emails. Reduce and merge where possible. Improve copy.

Newsletter features

  • Create web-based app for writing newsletters, using a curation + writing system. (I've started this, but it's mostly conceptual right now)
  • Enable campaign sending from via Mailchimp API, from a PS web-app or the website website, with hard archive of newsletters that can be accessible by issue -- not just by source content.
  • Automate Deal -> Newsletter advertisement flow (right now it's copy/paste and manual tracking of flow)


  • Enable tracking for reporting purposes, from ad areas


  • Automate new/featured jobs feed to put into newsletter
  • Improve job flow for packages, etc
  • Create upsell mechanism around checkout for adding a job to membership


  • Create faceted search to filter by content type, taxonomy, etc
  • Improve layout, especially for various content types, to be more relevant for each item

More on profiles and orgs

  • Add facets for filtering profiles and orgs
  • Enable "I'm hirable" on profiles that can be filtered.

Members only pages

  • Improve the view of member only content for non-members
  • Perhaps make member only content viewable by public if found via search, with article limit (one or two, like WSJ). See The Information for great example.
  • Perhaps make member only content free after x days or months.
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