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Last active Sep 14, 2020
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Tor Project: OONI Explorer - Social Media Sharing

My goals

  • Better meta tags for OONI Explorer
  • og:image for both country and measurement pages
  • Share button to share measurements
  • Implement tests for all the components added
  • Research and improve SEO

What is done

  • Better meta tags for country pages implemented
    • PR merged
  • Better meta tags for measurement pages
    • PR under review
  • og:image for measurement and country pages
    • PR under review
  • Sharing buttons for measurement and country pages.
    • PR under review
  • Implemented Tests for the measurement page og:description tag

Work to be done in the future

  • Improving SEO
  • Tests for country pages meta tags
  • Tests for measurement page og:image tag
  • Tests for sharing button on country and measurement pages
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