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Kristian Rosenvold krosenvold

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krosenvold / gist:fa20521ad121a0cbb4c6ed6be91452e5
Created Jun 22, 2016
Concurrency problem with loadCache
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import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.Map;
import java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch;
import javax.cache.Cache;
import javax.cache.configuration.Factory;
import javax.cache.integration.CacheLoaderException;
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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am krosenvold on github.
* I am krosenvold ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is 4706 3E8B A7A6 450E 4A52 E7AE 466C AED6 E074 7D50
To claim this, I am signing this object:
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+ Error stacktraces are turned on.
Apache Maven 2.2.1 (r801777; 2009-08-06 19:16:01+0000)
Java version: 1.5.0_22
Java home: /x1/jenkins/tools/java/jdk1.5.0_22-32/jre
Default locale: en_US, platform encoding: ANSI_X3.4-1968
OS name: "linux" version: "3.2.0-40-generic" arch: "i386" Family: "unix"
[DEBUG] Building Maven user-level plugin registry from: '/home/jenkins/.m2/plugin-registry.xml'
[DEBUG] Building Maven global-level plugin registry from: '/home/hudson/tools/maven/apache-maven-2.2.1/conf/plugin-registry.xml'
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
[DEBUG] Searching for parent-POM: org.apache:apache:pom:5 of project: org.apache.maven.its.dependency:test:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT in relative path: ../pom.xml
krosenvold / gist:5083861
Created Mar 4, 2013
Strange svn errrors....
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DEBUG] AbstractSvnScmProvider used, so we can check if remote url exists and eventually create it.
[INFO] Updating the pub tree from scm:svn: ...
[INFO] TryUpdate is configured but no local copy currently available: forcing checkout.
[INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd /home/release15/maven-sites && svn --non-interactive checkout /home/release15/maven-sites/maven-surefire-site-content-2.14
[INFO] Working directory: /home/release15/maven-sites
[DEBUG] Checked out revision 852962.
[INFO] Updating content...
[INFO] Publish files: 1300 addition(s), 0 update(s), 0 delete(s)
[DEBUG] scm add directory: css
[INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd /home/release15/maven-sites/maven-surefire-site-content-2.14 && svn add --non-recursive --targets /tmp/maven-scm-8899179328006466784-targets
krosenvold / gist:4205259
Created Dec 4, 2012
Verifier new file structure for unpacked projects
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Look at the test case in
Then correlate with the files on disk after a completed test run:
kristian@office ~/lsrc/maven-surefire/surefire-integrationte-sts/target/Surefire809GroupExpressionsIT $ ls -l
total 24
drwxrwxr-x 4 kristian kristian 4096 des. 4 16:34 categoryAB
drwxrwxr-x 4 kristian kristian 4096 des. 4 16:34 incorrectJUnitVersions
drwxrwxr-x 4 kristian kristian 4096 des. 4 16:34 testExcludedGroups
krosenvold / gist:2508909
Created Apr 27, 2012
Try this on your multimodule maven build and watch the performance difference !
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krosenvold / over2mb
Created Apr 18, 2012
Over 2mb files
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bac6cec 6 days ago
5378434 third_party/closure/bin/compiler-20120305.jar
17704039 third_party/java/android/android-14.jar
3566165 third_party/java/opera-driver/operadriver-v0.11.jar
3176148 third_party/java/xml/xalan-2.7.1.jar
16637954 third_party/jruby/jruby-complete.jar
8733621 third_party/py/jython.jar
7cfaf2f 3 weeks ago
5352128 third_party/closure/bin/compiler-20120123.jar
5a96770 6 weeks ago
krosenvold / large files
Created Apr 18, 2012
Files in git rc repo > 200k
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bac6cec 6 days ago
1881498 android/prebuilt/android-server.apk
207380 common/src/web/js/jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js
260117 cpp/IEDriver/Generated/atoms.h
1388032 cpp/prebuilt/Win32/Release/IEDriver.dll
213504 cpp/prebuilt/Win32/Release/webdriver-firefox-5.dll
214016 cpp/prebuilt/Win32/Release/webdriver-firefox-6.dll
214016 cpp/prebuilt/Win32/Release/webdriver-firefox-7.dll
214016 cpp/prebuilt/Win32/Release/webdriver-firefox-latest.dll
214016 cpp/prebuilt/Win32/Release/webdriver-firefox-previous.dll
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WARNING: Max instance not specified. Using default = 1 instance
02.apr.2012 06:30:34 org.openqa.grid.internal.Registry removeIfPresent
Caused an ERROR
test timed out after 1000 milliseconds
java.lang.Exception: test timed out after 1000 milliseconds
Testcase: registerAtTheSameTimeWithListener took 2 sec
Caused an ERROR
test timed out after 2000 milliseconds
krosenvold / gist:2284975
Created Apr 2, 2012
How does failure map to a file
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Compiling: //java/server/test/org/openqa/selenium:server-with-tests as build\java\server\test\org\openqa\selenium\server
Uber-jar: //java/server/test/org/openqa/selenium:server-with-tests as build\java\server\test\org\openqa\selenium\server-
Testing: //javascript/atoms:test_ff
go aborted! Test org.openqa.selenium.javascript.ClosureTestSuite failed
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