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Fix for templateCollectionViews
// This gets added at the end of the if(content) block in arrayContentDidChange
// On nested records we additionally have to do a pass to see whether the order
// now matches.
// This is a new method.
_refreshNestedRecordOrder : function() {
// Get the content, or the content inside of the arrangedObjects property.
var content = this.getPath('content.content') || this.get('content');
var childViews = this.get('childViews');
if (!content || !childViews) {
if (SC.kindOf(content, SC.ChildArray)) {
var len = content.get('length');
for ( var i = 0; i < len; i++) {
var item = content.objectAt(i);
var view = childViews.objectAt(i);
if (view && item && view.get('content') !== item) {
view.set('content', item);
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