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@krry krry/kamadhenu
Last active Feb 11, 2019

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kamadhenu - heed the wise old cow in your mac terminal
# Kamadhenu
# the holy cow speaketh
# for OSX, possible to port to Linux
brew install figlet cowsay lolcat fortune
git clone
cp cowsay-files/cows/*.cow /usr/local/share/cows/
# choose a random cow
function holycowsay() {
if hash shuf 2>/dev/null; then
cowfile="$(cowsay -l | sed "1 d" | tr ' ' '\n' | shuf -n 1)"
cowfiles=( $(cowsay -l | sed "1 d") );
cowfile=${cowfiles[$(($RANDOM % ${#cowfiles[*]}))]}
cowsay -f "$cowfile"
fortune | figlet | holycowsay | lolcat
# or you can just do it from the command line
# fortune -s | figlet -f $(ls /usr/local/share/figlet/fonts/*.flf | shuf -n1) | cowsay -f $(ls cowsay-files/cows/*.cow | shuf -n1) -n | lolcat
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