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- Status: Preliminary plan. Subject to change!
- Dates (confirmed):
- 2012-04-20 (friday evening social)
- 2012-04-21 (saturday)
- 2012-04-22 (sunday)
- Venue (confirmed):
- Redpill Linpro classrooms
- Vitaminveien 1A
- 0485 Oslo
- Norway
- Hackathon theme: "Perl 6 Patterns"
- teaching
- learning
- promoting
- making Perl 6 easier to use
- Related events:
- Go Open 2012:
- 2012-04-23
- 2012-04-24
- Damian Conway courses:
- 2012-04-18
- 2012-04-19
- 2012-04-20
- emergency social meetup:
- 2012-04-23
- Braindump of questions we would like to address:
- 'How/Why is Perl6 radically different from other languages?'
- 'How do we tell this?'
- 'Are there any/What are the scientific papers/research that Perl 6 builds on?'
- 'Why does Perl 6 development take a long time?'
- 'Why are there too few developers?'
- 'Why is Perl 6 development process too complicated for the communities where Perl 6 development has been done?'
- 'What can do to reach/recruit more developers?'
- 'How will a future with Perl 6 look like?'
- 'How do we get to this future?'
- 'What does it mean for me, as a programmer, that Perl 6 is released?'
- 'How do I learn Perl 6?'
- 'What software/modules can I make use off?'
- 'What infrastructure do I have available?'
- 'What should this infrastructure look like?'
- 'Should there be more "official" frameworks, or should we keep embracing timtowdy? How much should we focus on the former or allow the latter?'
- 'Why the high ambitions with Perl 6?'
- 'Can we use these ambitions in any new ways?'
- 'How do we share these ambitions? How do we explain their reason?'
- 'How do we use these ambitions for a marketing purpose?'
- 'Why do we convey the differences between Perl 6 and other languages'
- 'What are the killer arguments for why people should switch to Perl 6?'
- 'How will Perl 6 influence the way we program? (roles, grammars, gradual-typing, multis, junctions, terseness, meta-operators)'
- 'How can we make binary bindings (c libraries) more accesible?'
- 'How can we make "Write once, use on any VM" a reality?'
- 'How can we show use of all these new features?'
- 'How do we teach these concepts well?'
- 'What do we have to do to establish a notion of "idiomatic Perl 6"? "Perl 6 patterns"? "Perl 6 by example"?'
- 'How to do we communicate the Perl 6 revolution?'
- 'Do we need a Perl 6 marketing group?'
- 'How can we get Perl 6 more into research and development communities?'
- 'How can we make Perl 6 the natural choice for learning scripting languages?'
- 'What tag lines should we use? (cf. Java "write once, run everywhere")'
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