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Last active Nov 15, 2021
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Quick and easy way to translate flat arrays into nested arrays in PHP.
* Wrapper to get terms in a nested fashion.
* This gets a little complicated. Basically, we're creating a placeholder in
* $children to hold the child terms of each parent term. Then we create a
* reference to that element in the parent term. So nesting happens via magic.
public function get_terms_nested($args)
$temp_terms = $this->get_terms($args);
$terms = array();
$children = array();
foreach($temp_terms as $term)
// Create a placeholder for the object's children.
$children[$term['id']] = array();
// Create a link to those children.
$term['children'] = &$children[$term['id']];
if (!strlen($term['parent_id']))
$terms[] = $term;
// Create a placeholder for the parent.
$children[$term['parent_id']] = array();
// Add this object to the parent, even if it doesn't exist yet.
$children[$term['parent_id']][] = $term;
return $terms;
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