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Last active September 8, 2023 17:58
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private val intentsFlowListenerStarted = CompletableDeferred<Unit>()
private val changesPartialStateFlowListenerStarted = CompletableDeferred<Unit>()
private val intentsFlow = MutableSharedFlow<INTENT>()
private val changesPartialStateFlow = MutableSharedFlow<PARTIAL_UI_STATE>()
init {
viewModelScope.launch {
.scan(uiState.value, ::reduceUiState)
.catch { Timber.e(it) }
.collect {
savedStateHandle[SAVED_UI_STATE_KEY] = it
private fun userIntents(): Flow<PARTIAL_UI_STATE> =
.onSubscription { intentsFlowListenerStarted.complete(Unit) }
transform = ::mapIntents,
private fun nonUserChanges(): Flow<PARTIAL_UI_STATE> =
.onSubscription { changesPartialStateFlowListenerStarted.complete(Unit) }
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