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Sparkling Isolation

Keith Sader ksader

Sparkling Isolation
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In Powershell: ```Install-Module ImportExcel -Scope CurrentUser```
```Test-Connection -ComputerName (Import-Excel '.\sheet.xlsx' -WorkSheetname 'Tab1' -HeaderName 'Hostname').Name```
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Start-Job {& java -Xmx1G -Xss10m -jar .\target\myapp-<version>.jar --spring.config.location=classpath:application.yml,classpath:application-dev.yml > ./logs/be-logs.log 2>&1}

Spool things into MySql: Get-Content <path-to>\mytables.sql | docker exec -i mysql-5-7 mysql -uroot -psecret

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Last active Aug 10, 2020
Docker install for an older version 2.11 of Kafka - should work for later versions - maybe.

Most of this is an update from an old, for the internet, tutorial on Kafka and Docker. I've updated the shell scripts to work with PowerShell and Linux as well as using an older version of Kafka.

  1. Install Docker, I'll wait.
  2. Create the docker swarm: docker swarm init
  3. Create the network for the containers docker network create -d overlay --attachable kafka-net
  4. Install Zookeeper docker service create --network kafka-net --name zookeeper --publish 2181:2181 qnib/zookeeper
  5. Install Zookeeper UI(optional but handy) docker service create --network kafka-net --name zkui --publish 9090:9090 qnib/plain-zkui:latest
  6. Install the first Kafka brokerdocker service create --network kafka-net --name broker --hostname="{{.Service.Name}}.{{.Task.Slot}}.{{.Task.ID}}" -e KAFKA_BROKER_ID="{{.Task.Slot}}" -e ZK_SERVERS=tasks.zookeeper qnib/plain-kafka:1.1.0 - this installs 2.11 kafka
  7. Create a topic on the Kafka broker Linux: ```docker exec -t -e JMX_PORT="" \ $(docker ps -q --filter
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Created May 19, 2020
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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim: * I am ksader on github. * I am ksader ( on keybase. * I have a public key ASA2omjFfW9nQ7IBCPnhzT8zlrN70Tdj-YOgOAEgJv0YTQo
To claim this, I am signing this object:
{ "body": { "key": { "eldest_kid": "012036a268c57d6f6743b20108f9e1cd3f3396b37bd13763f983a038012026fd184d0a", "host": "", "kid": "012036a268c57d6f6743b20108f9e1cd3f3396b37bd13763f983a038012026fd184d0a", "uid": "c5efcbf28d69bf8b4cc5fa8af3191a19", "username": "ksader" }, "merkle_root": { "ctime": 1589917535, "hash": "31613dce423572e8546d568ef5f90e77920555fe976e2449c11820f8ac040317b0295482833b17f42f653f1d9537739ef2a74730743df1d4c91b9bb2f1d2c34a", "hash_meta": "e1ce5d0b7352efc85a176b5e9a1069473be811badc110ec162f21307a89b2c85", "seqno": 16348969 }, "service": { "entropy": "ZMAlgDQqg2xXjwxsCb/UahoX", "name": "github", "username": "ksader" }, "type": "web_service_bindin