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Kim St. Dennis kstdennis

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Created May 1, 2017 22:49 — forked from ccampanale/
Bash shell script to check seal status for local vault server and attempt to unseal using keys secured in vault secret store. Supports HA Vault clusters with TLS with unseal keys stored as secrets in vault (see code). Relies on registered service vault.service.consul, in place DNS configuration, and a single unsealed vault instance in your clust…
export vault=/usr/local/bin/vault
export VAULT_TOKEN=$(cat /root/.vault-token)
local_vault="-address=https://$(hostname -f):8200"
unsealed_vault="-address=https://$(getent hosts $(dig +short vault.service.consul | tail -n 1) | awk '{ print $2 }'):8200"
leader_vault="-address=https://$($vault status $vault_cacert $unsealed_vault 2> /dev/null | grep Leader | awk '{ print $2 }' | sed 's/^http\(\|s\):\/\///g'):8200"
vault_read="$vault read $vault_cacert $leader_vault"
vault_unseal="$vault unseal $vault_cacert $local_vault"