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Created September 4, 2013 07:50
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<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
<tr><td bgcolor="#000000">
</td></tr>olor="#ffffff" face="Arial,Helvetica">SSL/TLS Session Cache Status:</font></b>
<tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff">
cache type: <b>SHMCB</b>, shared memory: <b>512000</b> bytes, current sessions: <b>5</b><br>subcaches: <b>32</b>, indexes per subcache: <b>133</b><br>time left on oldest entries' SSL sessions: avg: <b>160</b> seconds, (range: 40...280)<br>index usage: <b>0%</b>, cache usage: <b>0%</b><br>total sessions stored since starting: <b>1749</b><br>total sessions expired since starting: <b>1744</b><br>total (pre-expiry) sessions scrolled out of the cache: <b>0</b><br>total retrieves since starting: <b>456</b> hit, <b>104</b> miss<br>total removes since starting: <b>0</b> hit, <b>0</b> miss<br></td></tr>
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