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Jakub Konka kubkon

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kubkon /
Created Nov 25, 2020
yapapi - schedule single task at a time
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import asyncio
import json
import marshal
import pathlib
import sys
import yapapi
from yapapi.log import enable_default_logger, log_summary, log_event_repr # noqa
from yapapi.runner import Engine, Task, vm
kubkon /
Last active Jul 27, 2020
read_vectored in libstd
use std::fs;
use std::io::{self, IoSliceMut, Read, Write, Seek, SeekFrom};
fn main() -> io::Result<()> {
let mut f = fs::OpenOptions::new()
kubkon / desired.wat
Created Jun 4, 2020
Import globals and export func that uses them
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(type (;0;) (func (param i32)))
(type (;1;) (func))
(import "env" "frobinate" (func $frobinate (type 0)))
(import "env" "glob" (global (;0;) i32))
(export "foo" (func $foo))
(func $foo (type 1)
global.get 0
call $frobinate
kubkon /
Created Apr 21, 2020
VecOrStr implementing IntoIterator<Item = String>
use std::vec::IntoIter;
pub enum VecOrStr {
Vec { inner: Vec<String> },
Str { inner: String },
impl VecOrStr {
pub fn from_iter<S: AsRef<str>>(iter: impl IntoIterator<Item = S>) -> Self {
let inner = iter.into_iter().map(|x| x.as_ref().to_owned()).collect();
kubkon / benchmark_results.txt
Created Nov 7, 2019
Bench nalgebra/kubkon/noncommutative
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Compiling nalgebra v0.18.2 (/home/kubkon/dev/nalgebra)
warning: lint `incoherent_fundamental_impls` has been removed: `converted into hard error, see`
--> src/
85 | #![warn(incoherent_fundamental_impls)]
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
= note: `#[warn(renamed_and_removed_lints)]` on by default
warning: lint `incoherent_fundamental_impls` has been removed: `converted into hard error, see`