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Michael Kubler kublermdk

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kublermdk / GoogleCloudFilesystem.php
Created Jan 28, 2022
Update creocoder\flysystem\GoogleCloudFilesystem to support the GoogleStorageAdapter which allows VISIBILITY_NOT_SET
View GoogleCloudFilesystem.php
* @link
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2015 Alexander Kochetov
* @license
* Updated by Michael Kubler @kublermdk to support VISIBILITY_NOT_SET by using the different Google Storage Adapter
namespace app\adaptors;
kublermdk / GoogleStorageAdapter.php
Created Jan 28, 2022
Update Superbalist\Flysystem\GoogleStorage\GoogleStorageAdapter to support VISIBILITY_NOT_SET
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namespace app\adaptors;
use Google\Cloud\Storage\Acl;
use League\Flysystem\AdapterInterface;
* @package app\adaptors\GoogleStorageAdapter
* Updated by Michael Kubler @kublermdk to support VISIBILITY_NOT_SET
kublermdk / stripe-mock-php-sdk-client-setup.php
Last active Jan 4, 2022
Setting up the Stripe PHP SDK to use the stripe-mock server
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include_once './vendor/autoload.php';
use Stripe\ApiRequestor;
use Stripe\Stripe;
// ---------------------------------------
// Stripe Mock Setup
// ---------------------------------------
kublermdk /
Created Jan 4, 2022
Stripe Mock Installer for Vagrant VM
## ============================
## Stripe Mock Install
## ============================
# The Go language is used for the Stripe Mock server
# Can't just run > "sudo apt-get install golang"
# The Ubuntu default is go v1.6 which isn't supported, you get an error about sort.Slice e.g:
# src/ undefined: sort.Slice

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am kublermdk on github.
  • I am kublermdk ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is A4E7 8586 B2E9 C893 899E A0E6 C1C8 2A76 4A27 EB4F

To claim this, I am signing this object:

kublermdk / exampleGoogleAutoMLPrediction.php
Created Oct 6, 2020
Example Google AutoML Prediction with a Google Cloud Storage source
View exampleGoogleAutoMLPrediction.php
// --------------------------------------------------
// Example Google Cloud AutoML Prediction
// --------------------------------------------------
// @author Michael Kubler
// @date 2020-10-07th
// This is a cut down gist of what you need to
// make a Google Cloud AutoML (Auto Machine Learning)
// prediction request, based off an already uploaded
kublermdk / ExampleGeneralMongoDBAggregations.js
Created May 10, 2020
An example of the MongoDB Aggregation pipelines and commands used for some general filters. View
View ExampleGeneralMongoDBAggregations.js
// -----------------------------------------------------------------
// Applying aggregation pipeline #1 Customer - HAVE
// -----------------------------------------------------------------
"aggregate": "app.customer",
"pipeline": [{
"$match": {
"$and": [{
// -- Ensure the customers we are selecting are active and have a Firebase token so we can send them a push notification
"status": "active",
kublermdk / Example Customer and Customer Transaction.js
Last active May 10, 2020
An example of a Customer and Customer Transaction for the article "Advanced Filtering with MongoDB Aggregation Pipelines"
View Example Customer and Customer Transaction.js
"customer": {
"_id": "5eb3d000af2f5c073c089cd2", // ObjectId
"name": "Michael Kubler",
"dateOfBirth": 467683200, // Unix time
"state": "SA",
"gender": "male",
"status": "active",
"createdAt": 1588760101, // Unix time
"updatedAt": 1588760914 // Unix time
kublermdk / yii2-mongodb-srv-support-test.php
Created Oct 28, 2019
A PHP command line script for checking the REGEX of the mongodb+srv support
View yii2-mongodb-srv-support-test.php
* @return string database name
function getDefaultDatabaseName($dsn)
if (preg_match('/^mongodb(:|\+srv:)\\/\\/.+\\/([^?&]+)/s', $dsn, $matches)) {
// Updated Pattern: /^mongodb(:|\+srv:)\\/\\/.+\\/([^?&]+)/s
// Original Pattern: '/^mongodb:\\/\\/.+\\/([^?&]+)/s'