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iNaturalist API Resource Owner Password Credentials Flow Example (Python)
import requests
site = ""
app_id = 'YOUR APP ID'
app_secret = 'YOUR APP SECRET'
username = 'YOUR USERNAME'
password = 'YOUR PASSWORD'
# Send a POST request to /oauth/token with the username and password
payload = {
'client_id': app_id,
'client_secret': app_secret,
'grant_type': "password",
'username': username,
'password': password
print "POST %s/oauth/token, payload: %s" % (site, payload)
response ="%s/oauth/token" % site), payload)
print "RESPONSE"
print response.content
# response will be a chunk of JSON looking like
# {
# "access_token":"xxx",
# "token_type":"bearer",
# "expires_in":null,
# "refresh_token":null,
# "scope":"write"
# }
# Store the token (access_token) in your app. You can now use it to make authorized
# requests on behalf of the user, like retrieving profile data:
token = response.json()["access_token"]
headers = {"Authorization": "Bearer %s" % token}
print "GET %s/users/edit.json, headers: %s" % (site, headers)
print "RESPONSE"
print requests.get(("%s/users/edit.json" % site), headers=headers).content
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