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Yaffsunlock edd96741a9bfffbac743ea3d651fbbc59b2f3e46 run from terminal
I/ARMAssembler( 2627): generated scanline__00000077:03545404_00000000_00000000 [ 29 ipp] (43 ins) at [0x407251e8:0x40725294] in 152588 ns
I/ARMAssembler( 2627): generated scanline__00000077:03545404_00000A08_00000000 [ 30 ipp] (52 ins) at [0x40725298:0x40725368] in 152588 ns
I/power ( 2294): *** set_screen_state 0
D/SurfaceFlinger( 2294): About to give-up screen, flinger = 0xbeb68
D/PhoneWindow( 2604): couldn't save which view has focus because the focused view jackpal.androidterm2.EmulatorView@4051dc60 has no id.
W/SSM ( 2140): no ack
D/dalvikvm( 2294): GC_EXTERNAL_ALLOC freed 927K, 42% free 4801K/8263K, external 2029K/2113K, paused 48ms
D/dalvikvm( 2294): GC_EXTERNAL_ALLOC freed 53K, 43% free 4763K/8263K, external 2432K/2644K, paused 45ms
D/dalvikvm( 2294): GC_EXTERNAL_ALLOC freed 7K, 43% free 4762K/8263K, external 3466K/3543K, paused 43ms
D/dalvikvm( 2294): GC_EXTERNAL_ALLOC freed 8K, 43% free 4780K/8263K, external 4401K/4466K, paused 43ms
I/dalvikvm( 2294): Total arena pages for JIT: 11
D/LockPatternKeyguardView( 2294): onScreenTurnedOn()
I/WindowManager( 2294): Setting rotation to 0, animFlags=1
I/ActivityManager( 2294): Config changed: { scale=1.0 imsi=0/0 loc=en_US touch=3 keys=1/1/2 nav=1/2 orien=1 layout=34 uiMode=17 seq=4 themeResource=null}
W/IInputConnectionWrapper( 2604): showStatusIcon on inactive InputConnection
W/IInputConnectionWrapper( 2604): getExtractedText on inactive InputConnection
D/dalvikvm( 2604): GC_FOR_MALLOC freed 17K, 61% free 4855K/12423K, external 1K/513K, paused 98ms
I/dalvikvm-heap( 2604): Grow heap (frag case) to 8.299MB for 1200016-byte allocation
D/dalvikvm( 2604): GC_FOR_MALLOC freed 2070K, 69% free 3956K/12423K, external 1K/513K, paused 54ms
D/dalvikvm( 2294): GC_EXTERNAL_ALLOC freed 43K, 42% free 4837K/8263K, external 4959K/5011K, paused 98ms
W/IInputConnectionWrapper( 2604): getExtractedText on inactive InputConnection
D/LatinIME( 2360): mLongPressDelay = 400
D/LatinKeyboardBaseView( 2360): mLongPressDelay = 400
D/dalvikvm( 2604): GC_CONCURRENT freed 10K, 69% free 3956K/12423K, external 1K/513K, paused 2ms+19ms
D/dalvikvm( 2360): GC_EXTERNAL_ALLOC freed 456K, 53% free 2945K/6215K, external 4465K/4735K, paused 79ms
D/dalvikvm( 2294): GC_EXTERNAL_ALLOC freed 12K, 42% free 4858K/8263K, external 6236K/6303K, paused 85ms
D/dalvikvm( 2294): GC_EXPLICIT freed 99K, 42% free 4822K/8263K, external 7297K/8293K, paused 108ms
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