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Created March 25, 2020 01:08
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Geth vs. Parity Omitted fields March 22 2020
1) eth_getBlockByNumber(true):
Geth omits, result.sealFields, transactions.chainId, transactions.condition, transactions.creates, transactions.publicKey, transactions.raw, transactions.standardV
2) eth_getBlockByHash(false):
Geth omits result.sealFields,
3) eth_getTransactionReceipt
Geth omits result.logs.0.type, result.logs.0.transactionLogIndex, result.root
4) eth_getTransactionByHash:
Geth omits result.standardV, result.publicKey, result.condition, result.creates, result.raw, result.chainId
5) eth_getLogs
Geth omits transactionLogIndex and type in results
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