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Created April 22, 2018 08:28
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__label__2 Stuning even for the non-gamer: This sound track was beautiful! It paints the senery in your mind so well I would recomend it even to people who hate vid. game music! I have played the game Chrono Cross but out of all of the games I have ever played it has the best music! It backs away from crude keyboarding and takes a fresher step with grate guitars and soulful orchestras. It would impress anyone who cares to listen! ^_^
__label__2 The best soundtrack ever to anything.: I'm reading a lot of reviews saying that this is the best 'game soundtrack' and I figured that I'd write a review to disagree a bit. This in my opinino is Yasunori Mitsuda's ultimate masterpiece. The music is timeless and I'm been listening to it for years now and its beauty simply refuses to fade.The price tag on this is pretty staggering I must say, but if you are going to buy any cd for this much money, this is the only one that I feel would be worth every penny.
__label__2 Amazing!: This soundtrack is my favorite music of all time, hands down. The intense sadness of "Prisoners of Fate" (which means all the more if you've played the game) and the hope in "A Distant Promise" and "Girl who Stole the Star" have been an important inspiration to me personally throughout my teen years. The higher energy tracks like "Chrono Cross ~ Time's Scar~", "Time of the Dreamwatch", and "Chronomantique" (indefinably remeniscent of Chrono Trigger) are all absolutely superb as well.This soundtrack is amazing music, probably the best of this composer's work (I haven't heard the Xenogears soundtrack, so I can't say for sure), and even if you've never played the game, it would be worth twice the price to buy it.I wish I could give it 6 stars.
__label__2 Excellent Soundtrack: I truly like this soundtrack and I enjoy video game music. I have played this game and most of the music on here I enjoy and it's truly relaxing and peaceful.On disk one. my favorites are Scars Of Time, Between Life and Death, Forest Of Illusion, Fortress of Ancient Dragons, Lost Fragment, and Drowned Valley.Disk Two: The Draggons, Galdorb - Home, Chronomantique, Prisoners of Fate, Gale, and my girlfriend likes ZelbessDisk Three: The best of the three. Garden Of God, Chronopolis, Fates, Jellyfish sea, Burning Orphange, Dragon's Prayer, Tower Of Stars, Dragon God, and Radical Dreamers - Unstealable Jewel.Overall, this is a excellent soundtrack and should be brought by those that like video game music.Xander Cross
__label__2 Remember, Pull Your Jaw Off The Floor After Hearing it: If you've played the game, you know how divine the music is! Every single song tells a story of the game, it's that good! The greatest songs are without a doubt, Chrono Cross: Time's Scar, Magical Dreamers: The Wind, The Stars, and the Sea and Radical Dreamers: Unstolen Jewel. (Translation varies) This music is perfect if you ask me, the best it can be. Yasunori Mitsuda just poured his heart on and wrote it down on paper.
__label__2 an absolute masterpiece: I am quite sure any of you actually taking the time to read this have played the game at least once, and heard at least a few of the tracks here. And whether you were aware of it or not, Mitsuda's music contributed greatly to the mood of every single minute of the whole game.Composed of 3 CDs and quite a few songs (I haven't an exact count), all of which are heart-rendering and impressively remarkable, this soundtrack is one I assure you you will not forget. It has everything for every listener -- from fast-paced and energetic (Dancing the Tokage or Termina Home), to slower and more haunting (Dragon God), to purely beautifully composed (Time's Scar), to even some fantastic vocals (Radical Dreamers).This is one of the best videogame soundtracks out there, and surely Mitsuda's best ever. ^_^
__label__1 Buyer beware: This is a self-published book, and if you want to know why--read a few paragraphs! Those 5 star reviews must have been written by Ms. Haddon's family and friends--or perhaps, by herself! I can't imagine anyone reading the whole thing--I spent an evening with the book and a friend and we were in hysterics reading bits and pieces of it to one another. It is most definitely bad enough to be entered into some kind of a "worst book" contest. I can't believe Amazon even sells this kind of thing. Maybe I can offer them my 8th grade term paper on "To Kill a Mockingbird"--a book I am quite sure Ms. Haddon never heard of. Anyway, unless you are in a mood to send a book to someone as a joke---stay far, far away from this one!
__label__2 Glorious story: I loved Whisper of the wicked saints. The story was amazing and I was pleasantly surprised at the changes in the book. I am not normaly someone who is into romance novels, but the world was raving about this book and so I bought it. I loved it !! This is a brilliant story because it is so true. This book was so wonderful that I have told all of my friends to read it. It is not a typical romance, it is so much more. Not reading this book is a crime, becuase you are missing out on a heart warming story.
__label__2 A FIVE STAR BOOK: I just finished reading Whisper of the Wicked saints. I fell in love with the caracters. I expected an average romance read, but instead I found one of my favorite books of all time. Just when I thought I could predict the outcome I was shocked ! The writting was so descriptive that my heart broke when Julia's did and I felt as if I was there with them instead of just a distant reader. If you are a lover of romance novels then this is a must read. Don't let the cover fool you this book is spectacular!
__label__2 Whispers of the Wicked Saints: This was a easy to read book that made me want to keep reading on and on, not easy to put down.It left me wanting to read the follow on, which I hope is coming soon. I used to read a lot but have gotten away from it. This book made me want to read again. Very enjoyable.
__label__1 The Worst!: A complete waste of time. Typographical errors, poor grammar, and a totally pathetic plot add up to absolutely nothing. I'm embarrassed for this author and very disappointed I actually paid for this book.
__label__2 Great book: This was a great book,I just could not put it down,and could not read it fast enough. Boy what a book the twist and turns in this just keeps you guessing and wanting to know what is going to happen next. This book makes you fall in love and can heat you up,it can also make you so angery. this book can make you go throu several of your emotions. This is a quick read romance. It is something that you will want to end your day off with if you read at night.
__label__2 Great Read: I thought this book was brilliant, but yet realistic. It showed me that to error is human. I loved the fact that this writer showed the loving side of God and not the revengeful side of him. I loved how it twisted and turned and I could not put it down. I also loved The glass castle.
__label__1 Oh please: I guess you have to be a romance novel lover for this one, and not a very discerning one. All others beware! It is absolute drivel. I figured I was in trouble when a typo is prominently featured on the back cover, but the first page of the book removed all doubt. Wait - maybe I'm missing the point. A quick re-read of the beginning now makes it clear. This has to be an intentional churning of over-heated prose for satiric purposes. Phew, so glad I didn't waste $10.95 after all.
__label__1 Awful beyond belief!: I feel I have to write to keep others from wasting their money. This book seems to have been written by a 7th grader with poor grammatical skills for her age! As another reviewer points out, there is a misspelling on the cover, and I believe there is at least one per chapter. For example, it was mentioned twice that she had a "lean" on her house. I was so distracted by the poor writing and weak plot, that I decided to read with a pencil in hand to mark all of the horrible grammar and spelling. Please don't waste your money. I too, believe that the good reviews must have been written by the author's relatives. I will not put much faith in the reviews from now on!
__label__1 Don't try to fool us with fake reviews.: It's glaringly obvious that all of the glowing reviews have been written by the same person, perhaps the author herself. They all have the same misspellings and poor sentence structure that is featured in the book. Who made Veronica Haddon think she is an author?
__label__2 A romantic zen baseball comedy: When you hear folks say that they don't make 'em like that anymore, they might be talking about "BY THE SEA". This is a very cool story about a young Cuban girl searching for idenity who stumbles into a coastal resort kitchen gig with a zen motorcycle maintenance man, three hysterical Italian chefs and a Latino fireballing right handed pitcher who plays on the team sponsored by the resort's owner. As is often the case she 'finds' herself through honest, often comical but always emotional, interaction with this sizzling roster of players. With the perfect mix of special effects, that salsa sound and flashbacks, BY THE SEA, gets 4 BIG stars from me!
__label__2 Fashionable Compression Stockings!: After I had a DVT my doctor required me to wear compression stockings. I wore ugly white TED hose and yucky thick brown stockings. Then I found Jobst UltraSheer. They gave me the compression I needed (15-20,) but looked like regular pantyhose. Even though my blood clot has been gone for 4 years, I still buy these to wear as support stockings because they make my legs feel so nice.**Note, I have problems with the rubberized tops rolling down my thigh. I tried the Jobst adhesive, but I hated having my skin pulled all day. I bought an inexpensive garter belt and it works fine and helps keep the stockings from rolling.
__label__2 Jobst UltraSheer Thigh High: Excellent product. However, they are very difficult to get on for older people. I feel like I've had a full day workout after getting them on. Also, as the day wears on, they begin to roll down from the top and create a very deep ridge in the skin. I have to wear them, so if those two difficulties could be addressed it would be such a help.
__label__1 sizes recomended in the size chart are not real: sizes are much smaller than what is recomended in the chart. I tried to put it and sheer it!. I guess you should not buy this item in the is better to go to the store and check it
__label__1 mens ultrasheer: This model may be ok for sedentary types, but I'm active and get around alot in my job - consistently found these stockings rolled up down by my ankles! Not Good!! Solution: go with the standard compression stocking, 20-30, stock #114622. Excellent support, stays up and gives me what I need. Both pair of these also tore as I struggled to pull them up all the time. Good riddance/bad investment!
__label__2 Delicious cookie mix: I thought it was funny that I bought this product without knowing it was a mix. I read the header very quickly and just thought it was packaged cookies. But no, it is cookie MIX and I guess I should have noticed that since it is right in the title.This is the first time I have ever tried baking with a cookie mix. If you are used to the convenience of the cookie dough that you buy wrapped up in plastic logs then you might be in for a bit of a surprise. Mixing up the dough can get VERY messy (it is extremely sticky). However, with a cookie mix like this you have a lot of flexibility in the ratio of ingredients (I like to add some extra butter to make the baked cookies more chewy). Also, this mix has really large chocolate chips in it--I love that.I removed a star for the addition of 'natural flavors' in the mix.
__label__1 Another Abysmal Digital Copy: Rather than scratches and insect droppings, this one has random pixelations combined with muddy light and vague image resolution. Probably the cue should have been the packaging is straight out of your street corner bootleg dealer.If you've ever seen a reasonably good condition film copy, you know the defining visuals of his film are the crystal clear lighting contrasts in black and white. The surrounding countryside and 'old home' scenes are set with early morning ground mists or the haze of memory while the events on the bridge and in the water are bright, clear, and immediate.Here everything is dull, dark, and clouded. Or, if you remember the timbre and enunciation of Captain's commands, so are the visuals.After that, it is hard to believe this award winning, critically acclaimed film's best presentation is on YOUTUBE. Somewhere "out there" is a DVD that comes up to the standard of a 16mm public library reel.Just none of them appear to be on Amazon.
__label__2 A fascinating insight into the life of modern Japanese teens: I thoroughly enjoyed Rising Sons and Daughters. I don't know of any other book that looks at Japanese society from the point of view of its young people poised as they are between their parents' age-old Japanese culture of restraint and obedience to the will of the community, and their peers' adulation of Western culture. True to form, the "New Young" of Japan seem to be creating an "international" blend, as the Ando family demonstrates in this beautifully written book of vignettes of the private lives of members of this family. Steven Wardell is clearly a talented young author, adopted for some of his schooling into this family of four teens, and thus able to view family life in Japan from the inside out. A great read!
__label__2 i liked this album more then i thought i would: I heard a song or two and thought same o same o,but when i listened to songs like "blue angel","lanna" and 'mama" the hair just rose off my neck.Roy is trully an amazing singer with a talent you don't find much now days.
__label__1 Problem with charging smaller AAAs: I have had the charger for more than two years. It charges AA batteries just fine, but has a huge problem securing smaller AAA batteries. To charge the smaller batteries you need to flip down the little button at the positive end. In the beginning one of the four AAA batteries would pop up, and now three out of the four won't hold. The problem is the flip mechanism became loose, and any horizontal pressure would push the buttons back up. What I have to do now is using duct tape and a segment of crayon, apply the crayon on the buttons, and wrap the tape around. You know how painful that is.
__label__1 Works, but not as advertised: I bought one of these chargers..the instructions say the lights stay on while the battery charges...true. The instructions doNT say the lights turn off when its done. Which is also true. 24 hours of charging and the lights stay on. I returned it thinking I had a bad unit.The new one did the same thing. I just kept it since it does charge...but the lights are useless since they seem to always stay on. It's a "backup" charger for when I manage to drain all my AAs but I wouldn't want this as my only charger.
__label__1 Disappointed: I read the reviews,made my purchase and was very disappointed. The charger is convenient by charging all four batteries at once but the charge only lasts a very short time. I now have to go and find batteries that will give me longer life than the kodak NiMH AA batteries.
__label__1 Oh dear: I was excited to find a book ostensibly about Muslim feminism, but this volume did not live up to the expectations.One essay, among other things, describes the veil as potentially liberating. It doesn't begin to explain how or why.Another, on Muslim women in Cape Town, claims that Muslim women there are separate but "more than equal." Gee whiz, what a disappointment.I had expected and hoped for at least one Muslim feminist condemnation of gender apartheid. But there is not a single one in the book.I'm surprised it didn't have an essay extolling the virtues of female genital mutilation.--Alyssa A. Lappen
__label__2 Based on the reviews here I bought one and I'm glad I did!: This VCR/DVD was an early Christmas present to myself after deciding to join the rest of the world in DVD-land but not wanting to let go of my VHS movies quite yet. Based on the reviews and price, and because I own a JVC TV, this was my choice. I agree with the easy set-up. It's a bit awkward to work the whole TV/VHS/DVD selection options but I think I've gotten the hang of it.Two comments: it's not intuitive and actually is pretty complicated (too many buttons on the remote but that might please others who are more technically-minded than me) so I've had to rely heavily on the how-to manual. And setting the VCR timer is awkward -- you can't enter the start and end time but have to scroll (unless I'm missing something)...but those are my only complaints. This is a good product for your $$$.
__label__1 Incorrect disc!: I am a big JVC fan, but I do not like this model, I was suspiscious when I saw several units in the return section of the store. I bought one anyway (new) and must say I am not happy. The unit sends out clicks to the receiver once in a while, the transition between scenes is not always smooth,(like a little pause) and while it is still fairly new I can't get any DVD,CD or even a DVD headcleaner to work. All I get is a "incorrect disc" message.
__label__2 happy with it...but: I'm a JVC nut...I have 3 JVC televisions, one VCR, one bookshelf audio system and car audio system. So when it came time to move the VCR player to the boys room and get another one for the old man I knew what make it was going to be. I decided on the combo player because I don't think VHS is going to be around much longer. I like my combo player except for 2 things:(1)no cable box compatability on the remote control (2)no seperate audio video inputs only input for coax cable from my cable box so all of the cable programming is in mono...wife can't tell the difference in the sound so if she's happy then I'll just live with it. VCR and DVD look and sound GREAT!!!!!!!
__label__1 should be titled "Hollywood Debacle": The plot is so ridiculous, I have to wonder if they even read the script before making this film. The mountain lion breaks out of his trailer - and the cars behind don't notice? The mountain lion is captured - and put in a jail cell? Get real! Utterly, completely stupid.
__label__2 Is this great TV??? You bet it is: Hotel Babylon is not just good's great TV!!!! The show features some incredible acting from Tamzin Outhwaite (formerly of EastEnders, a BBC soap) and Max Beesley (from the ill-fated movie "Glitter" starring Mariah Carey). The show could make for a great drama series, but I felt that it is a mix of a drama, comedy, and soap opera all mixed into a great BBC show. The show aired on BBC America for a while but didn't get around to seeing it. I can now say that I got the DVD set and all the episodes are great. The season finale was an interesting to watch.The show reminds me of Hotel which aired on ABC from 1983 to 1988. The reason...Hotel was set at a fictional San Francisco hotel as Hotel Babylon was set at a luxury five-star hotel in England.I recommend this DVD to anyone who is willing to watch a great show from the BBC.
__label__1 Nothing you don't already know: If you have even casually looked into applying to law school, have already read everything there is in this book, do not waste your money, seriously!!
__label__1 Unfortunately it wasn't entertaining in the least bit.: When I first ordered the CD, I figured it was going to be a hip, cool daddy vibe CD. However much to my dismay it sounds like a fourth grade music class. The main jist of the CD is that there is a xylaphone playing over peoples voices trying to replicate happening party. I believe if I played this CD at a party anywhere in my neighborhood I would get laughed off the beach. Growing up a surfer in San Diego, I would not recommend this CD to any of my Southern California brothers. Honestly, when I played it I kinda of felt I was in a bad B movie. The absolutle epitimy of the CD is the last "vibe" Surf Cha Cha. Surfers don't CHA.
__label__2 Rochelle explains It All for You: Wondering what the hell has happened to the moral aspect of modern American culture ? This book is a lucid, well argued explanation of the simple fact that we have become so totally focused on our individual RIGHTS that we have completely ignored, and even mocked, our personal and public responsibilities. The final response and indictment of Robert Ringer's best seller, LOOKING OUT FOR #1. This is a great time for anyone who is disgusted with the boorish state of American media, politics and discourse in general, to clear their heads for the substantial challenges that lie before us not only as Americans, but as human beings. A great book
__label__2 More great playing: Larry's work for the Muse label in the late 80s and early 90s found him exploring the rich catalog of jazz standards that he probably grew up playing. Surrounding himself with the best musicians around, Larry sounds relaxed, focused, and totally in control. Listen to Larry's take on "My Funny Valentine" and tell me it doesn't stand right up there with Chet Baker's or Miles'. A very fine album that you'll enjoy again and again.
__label__1 Doesn't work on a Mac: It clearly says on line this will work on a Mac OS system. The disk comes and it does not, only Windows . Do Not order this if you have a Mac!!!!!!!
__label__1 Very Frustrating: My three year old son was very excited to get this but after two attempts at playing it hasn't been touched since. You are not able to use the mouse through any of the games except for the "power-up segments" instead you are using the up-down arrows on the keyboard - too hard for him and not much fun. Very disapointed with this game and wish I could return it.
__label__1 Mind numbing: This game makes you do the same things over and over, it never holds my son's attention long enough to get to the next level. There is no choice of games you have to do every thing in order. We have another Rescue Heroes game and both my boys 3 and 6 love it, but this one is a dog!
__label__1 Cannot recommend: As a former Alaskan, I didn't want to have to do this. But after repeatedly attempting Allman's recipes and having to throw out 8-10 cups of flour and miscellaneous ingredients nearly every time--and then comparing to Ed Wood's recipes which work flawlessly, and Lisa Rayner's very excellent Wild Bread: Hand-baked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen, I can't help but notice that their recipes work, where Allman's fail.I'm not a novice baker. The only thing that worked reliably was the pancakes recipe, but that can be found other places as well.If you are looking for reliable recipes and concise information about starting a sourdough and maintaining it, I recommend any of Ed Wood's books, even his very old ones. Lisa Rayner has written a fabulous tome in Wild Bread. But pass on this book.While some of the historical vignettes were interesting--not enough so to warrant the cost of the book. Check it out at your library if you must.
__label__2 Alaska sourdough: REad most of the book while visiting my brother in Alaska. Loved it. I am going to be making my sourdough starter soon. Book is full of great stories and recipes.
__label__2 Old and good: This book is worth to keep in your collection as it does not only advise what to do with sourdough but Ruth also told you what the picture of past 100 years ago in Alaska where no stand mixer nor any civilized stuffs in kitchen, just a pot of sourdough.
__label__2 autumn: got this for my daughter in NC, she is now making prefect bread. Wish she lived closer to make me some
__label__2 Fast mp3 download of music waxed decades ago: One of these 26 songs played as background music on a YouTube video of some kind of gymnastic or dance feat out of Russia. I hunted down the melody, read the English lyrics, then decided to see what else was in the album. Downloaded the full album for $15 via Amazon mp3 downloader, and now happily listen to the melodies (interspersed) on my iPod.
__label__1 Maybe I got a bad one.: My experience: I got this from FM, not Amazon. The DVD player rattled pretty loudly sometimes (but not always) when I put in a DVD. I tried several. The picture quality wasn't all that great and the screen got a horizontal line thru the middle after a short time that would not go away. Plus one of the other reviewers was dead on about the remote - the layout makes no sense at all! Very poor human engineering, IMO. I brought it back to the store for a refund. I saw the same model under the Emerson name for <$400 at WM but was hesitant to buy it.
__label__2 Sylvania 6620LDG 20" Flat Panel LCD TV with Built in DVD player: Light weight, space saving very attractive design. Sharp Picture, Good sound quality and quick response time. DVD playback also excellent. Only negative is its remote control. It is hard to read the functions of the keys due to color choices. The placement of the keys are almost illogical and you have to look at it carefully before each use. It almost seems like it was designed by an imbecil. The quality, the features and the price still makes this TV an excellent buy.
__label__1 TERRIBLE!! DO NOT BUY THIS: I bought this for my wife for her birthday,and had toreturn it because the DVD palyer would not work. I returned it and got a repalcement, which once again the DVD player failed to work! It is a piece of junk.
__label__1 *** BEWARE ***: This TV is set so that it is not capable of a "recall" function. If you want to flash back between channels, this TV is not going to give it to you. The remote control that comes with the TV has no recall function, so I bought a Sony universal, which is a much better remote, that had the recall button on it. However, I soon learned that the TV is set at the factory to not have the capability to flash-back. It may not be a big deal to some, but this user found it very annoying.
__label__2 Kitchen TV: I bought this to replace a 13" tube tv in my kitchen. What I gained was a larger screen plus relcaiming the counter space. The picture is good, and the internal DVD player is a bonus. All in all, a good purchase.
__label__2 Nice for the money: The first one I bought was defective. The DVD didn't work at all. I purchased it from Electronics Express and when I contacted them they were wonderful. They gave me an RMA number right away, Fedex picked it up the next day and a new one arrived 1 week later. This one is just fine. I really love the clarity of the picture. My only complaint is that in DVD mode, the sound isn't loud enough. I have it in my RV and with the A/C running, I can barely hear it. I solved the problem by running an audio out jack from the TV to the input on the RV stereo speaker system. It's very lightweight and easy to move around and store. A bonus for the RV. The remote isn't great, but it works just fine and the video/audio jacks and antenna input are easy to get to as is the DVD player. All in all, it's a great deal for the price.
__label__1 Disappointed Romanian!: This book in my opinion is biased and takes an angle of Europe that is "clean and proper" and fails to shed light on the rest of it. I can understand that these are "tourist guides" and why would anyone want to tour a country forgotten by time. However, I am a very disappointed Romanian with this book and would never use it as my reference. I have seen travel guides outlining Europe exclude Romania before, but with the precision and detail of DK's series, I was left yet again in disappointment.
__label__2 Great travel guide to Europe!: This book is realy great for everybody who likes to travel Europe. The combination of good pictures, illustration and texts is perfect. You get a good overall view for the most important sights, places, cities and countries in Europe and also a bit of historical information. As a European who already traveled a bit I still could find a lot of inspiration to more interesting places to go. Thank a lot to Eyewitness Travel for there great books!
__label__1 Not the best: I bought both this and lonely planet and have used lonely planet more because this book is full of pictures but doesn't give you all the info you need. Also, I ended up buying each indiv city guide as well because this one only scratches the surface!
__label__2 Good but received defective book: I bought this book because we are moving to Germany and I wanted to get a good overview of all the countries in Europe that we could travel too. Unfortunately pages 457-480 on Greece are not in English - looks to be Spanish. There was some sort of printing problem! But I found the rest of the book to give good highlights of the countries.
__label__2 From The Label:: From Memphis, TN. comes The Reatards, fronted, of course, by wild kid Jay Reatard. He starting off on Eric Oblivians label, Goner, at the tender age of 15. Jay, now 19, is still rocking and offending the sensibilities of his community. Overdriven, loud, crackling guitars underlaying Jay's southern crooning howl energizes some of the most amazing hate-filled song writing we've heard in years.
__label__1 Either 1 or 5 Stars. Depends on how you look at it.: Either 1 or 5 Stars. Depends on how you look at it.1 Star because they sent 6 feet of 2" OD copper pipe.0 Star because they won't accept returns on it.5 stars because I figure it's actually worth $12-15/foot and since they won't take a return I figure I can sell it and make $40-50 on this deal
__label__2 Hunting the Hard Way: Thia was a gift for my Husband, who loved the book. It arrived on the date we were told it would.
__label__1 Disappointing: The text is the same as ever (I think), but the plates are markedly inferior to all previous editions. Had I known this ahead of time, I would not have purchased this volume.
__label__2 Homer or Moses?: An extremely helpful gem on a complex subject of second century religious authority and textual use. For anyone serious about this period and the interelation of cultures, this book is essential. Is it complex and detailed? Of course, it must be to argue the point. Should you buy it? Yes, unless you want to keep running back to the library. I write this only after thoroughly disagreeing with the review above.
__label__1 Very poor quality.: The screen arrived in a cardboard box that was pretty beat up. The screen itself is very lightweight, very cheesy looking. The "finish" was worn across the entire top of the screen. I knew this wasn't solid brass, but I expected something that at least looked decent from a distance for the price I paid.
__label__1 Scraped across the whole top.: Purchased this screen last week and it came with noticeable scrapes across the top. The box it came in was gigantic with plenty of packaging material, but the screen was packaged loosely at the bottom. However, since it was in another smaller box, I'm thinking that the scraping was there to begin with, and not from shipping. Still deciding whether to go through the trouble of exchanging it since another reviewer said they had the same damage. I wouldn't want to risk getting another with the same damage and I really need a screen right now. Other than the damage, it's a very nice screen.
__label__2 unknown Africa: You don't expect music from africa to be so profesionally produced. Me from the white world, don't understand the lyrics, but we do understand the music which is a mixture between salsa, soukous and fado with always the african feeling for rithem. The soft almost borred voice of Oliver N'goma fits pefectly in the music. The CD is recorded in France Paris, you can hear that professionals have been working on the CD. A must for a hot, lazy night.greetings Arno, Amsterdam
__label__1 Didn't live up to expectations.: I ordered these shoes to replace the previous pair that had ripped apart at the sole. Clark said they did not make this shoe anymore, so I had to order them through Amazon. Sadly, the second pair ripped in the same place within 3 months. My son has since bought a similar pair from Sperry and they seem to be holding up much better.
__label__1 Profound then. Truly horrible now.: The narrative style of this work by famous founders' biographer John Morse is arrogant, flippant and frequently exaggerated. It carries the tone of the amateur Yankee historian on high, passing judgment on this Southern statesman who was neither from Boston nor a Harvard graduate. Perhaps considered penetrating for its day, it really represents nothing more than opinion today. The research is so thin that one must conclude that Morse wrote the entire manuscript essentially from memory, with little reference to the primary and secondary sources we expect of historians now. If it weren't for the fact that Morse wrote this piece 110 years ago, I'd have rated it only one star.
__label__2 Definitely enjoyed!: This was a gift for my 6 yr old daughter. She is a big Barbie fan as well as loves to use the computer. She is still enjoying this game. She completed it in a few hours which worried me at first, but she loves to do it over and over again. The music is enjoyable and the colors are vibrant. It seems to be very user friendly daughter has not really needed my help to use it once she started it the first time.
__label__2 Even Mommy has fun with this one!: My four year old daughter loves everything Barbie and loves the Rapunzel movie. This game is tons of fun, even for a 42 year old. We love playing it together. We love decorating all the rooms and finding the gems. What even better is, she can play it alone and I get some me time!
__label__2 Great combination of creativity and adventure: My 4 year old daughter has been addicted to this game. She plays it over and over again. She loves the opening song and has been singing it non stop. She gets excited each time she completes a room and finds a gem and loves solving the maze to find Prince Stefan. The only problem is that she sings the song so much I can't get it out of my head!
__label__2 Rapunzel: This is such a great game both my 3 year old son and 7 year old daughter love it. I like to play to if they would let me! So much fun decorating the rooms and so many choices to keep you playing Great game. Not at all what you would think a Barbie game would be. Great fun for all!!
__label__1 [Not what I expected]: ... My daughter and I loved the movie. She is 5 years old and it took her 2 hours to complete the game. Absolutely no challenge, and very little interaction. It is essentially just clicking on the screen to make it play the 7 or 8 scenes it has programmed. There are no games to play, nothing to figure out, nothing to do. Save your money.
__label__1 barbie rapunzel = crying child: My 6-year old daughter is currently sobbing in her bedroom as a result of this rotten game.She spent an hour on this game painting in pretty pictures and coloring in flowers. But halfway through the game, the program hung, and wouldn't let us leave the room or click anywhere else. Now even if we exit the game and then start it back up, we are frozen in one spot while Barbie's disembodied voice urges us to "explore somewhere else in the castle."Standard software troubleshooting and rebooting didn't help. Vivendi Games' support site is "currently disabled." And now I'm left with a weeping, frustrating child who doesn't understand that it is not her fault that her game won't work. I'm hoping it was just incompetent software programming that couldn't catch the bug my 6-year old caught the first time around. Or maybe they just don't care about the problems, so long as you get our 20 bucks. If you don't want a crying little girl, avoid this game!
__label__2 Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure: I purchased this software for my 5 year old granddaughter and she loves playing it so much. She lets me play it sometimes, but she doesn't always like what I come up with. I plan to purchase other software programs for her.
__label__2 Use your imagination!: My 3 year old daughter & I both love this software. We actually fight over who is going paint the pictures or choose the themes for each room. This game allows you to be creative & use your imagination by "decorating" each room of the castle and finding the missing gems to the prince's crown which gives Rapunzel the power to find Prince Stephan who has been turned to stone & bring him back to life. The music & animation is the best I have seen. Most of the kids software that I've seen is boring to me as an adult, but this is not at all. I sometimes like to play it without her! There are so many variations on color schemes & patterns & that you can never be bored. I highly recommend this for girls of all ages.
__label__1 Not so good - ok for a rental!: This game is pretty exciting and it is very nice and it is really creative and one of a kind. The only bad thing is that there is only one "castle" for the kids to "decorate" and once you are done with the whole castle that is basically it. You either have to create a new username for yourself to do it all over again or you get another game like I did. My sister finished the "castle" in about 2 hours and after that has never even looked at this game anymore. It is a nice game and it is fun but it is not really worth that much money.
__label__1 NOT OS X but MAC CLASSIC: NEGATIVE: This game does not work with OS X and requires the CD so you can't have it on multiple computers. It is slow I have to tell my daughter that it is thinking a lot, this is because it has to access the CD everytime there is a new task. You can't view the openning sequence again without throwing out the saved game files. Some of the tasks and controls are too hard and not user friendly even for CRASHES all the time.Mouse is jumpy and hard to use.POSITIVE: Some tasks are easy, possible to use, grand and beautiful.My three year has enough patience to survive the multiple trials to get this to work.
__label__1 Bad Deal!!: I ordered this DVD and received a substitute I never received the DVD I ordered from Importcds (the Vendor). I contacted them and did not recieve any feedback. I can't rate a DVD I have never seen. I didn't bother to send it back because it would have cost me more that I orginally paid for it. In the future I will watch for the name of the person and/or persons I am buying from. I thought they were a good company. I understand a simple mistake but, to not get a response at all is not good businees sense. I spend hundreds of dollars a month on building my DVD collection. I guess I will be more careful in the future.
__label__2 Smells divine.: This is my second bottle of sheer freesia, I just love this fragrance, its a light delicate sent, beautiful, like a summer day.
__label__1 Very disappointed!: This perfume is just AWFUL! Smells nothing like freesia.The gift recipient was not impressed. The worst is that it can't be returned!
__label__2 Creepy: Wow, what people will do behind jealousy and revenge - there are some doors you should not open, and if you do - be prepared for what you find behind it!
__label__1 audio options non existent: While the movie in itself was better than i expected what i didnt expect was the "non existent" Thai soundtrack. While the option was on the disc menu (as well as stated on the package) the Thai soundtrack does not exist. No matter what you choose, Thai or English, English is what you get and while there are some exceptions most dubbing is ridiculous at best and the dubbing on this title is sub par. While this review covers only the first movie of the two the other may remain in plastic never to see the inside of my dvd player. Its a shame and a sham when you purchase what claims to be original and is not. Very disapointed in this offering from Tokyo Shock.
__label__2 Sooo JAMMIN', too trill: Man, some more jammin tracks from the SUC. This is Pokey's first official record....and sh** is sooo real. Love the production, everything is real nice & screwed out. This is among the last of the great SUC records. Not to say they've fallen off....just they've downsized so much with the deaths of the screw pioneers. Sad but true. If ya love Tx rap, you've gotta get this 1. Somethin to kickback & blow big too, somethin to jam in the ride. So underrated, right here. I wish people would forget all the bullsh** on BET/MTV and check what's happening in Houston. But i's sadly almost too late. Pat's gone, hawk's gone...screw, Moe, Pimp C, Big Steve. Makes me sad. Regardless, Pokey is still alive and making new music, keeping the legacy alive. And this is a great place to start with him. Classic record. Love it, man
__label__2 Dirty South: This is probably the best southside CD to ever come out. Pretty much every song has a guest or 2 on the track. From the late Fat Pat, to Botany Boys, Mr. 3-2, Big Steve, Chris Ward, H.A.W.K, and many more. This is how a southside CD should always be.
__label__2 Good book: Well written chronicles of The Farm from the people who lived it. Excellent photos as well.I kept looking for a photo of me and my then-wife, but I wasn't there long enough. But shewas :-)
__label__2 voices from the farm: i have a copy of this book and love it and can't wait til the revised version comes out in a few weeks
__label__2 Little one, maid of Israel: Bill Harvey has a wonderful gift of making history come alive in this book. This book awakens a sense of wonder at the possiblility of a real relationship with God as you follow the faithfulness of one little girl in ancient times. Young girls ages 5-15 will love this book. It has always been one of my most loved treasures, a real Keeper !
__label__1 It Drew Air: This book drew air pretty bad. I have no idea why someone would waste their time writing it. Boy did it draw air. Do not read this book.
__label__2 comfy,warm.. but run big: just like the title says. Warm, comfy but run a size too big. I don't wear them out as they are just for lounging, so it's not that big of a deal for me.
__label__1 Buyer Beware!!: I ordered the cake topper June 27, 2010. I was given an estimated shipping date of July 1-7, 2010. Those dates came & went with no cake topper. I contacted the seller twice with no response. I filed a claim with Amazon. I did end up receiving a cake topper on July 16, 2010; however, it's not even the one I ordered! The seller did refund my money, but has never contacted me or apologized for the mishap. I will never buy anything from the seller again. I looked at the seller's feedback & I'm not the only person they have done wrong, so buyer beware!!
__label__1 Ariel Litte Mermaid with pearl kit: Arrived very quickly and it is a cute topper however I wouldn't have bought it if they didn't provide instructions!!!! I should have listened to the other reviews.... If you are hoping to get more than the topper DO NOT BUY THIS!! So annoyed I have this Ariel and have no idea how to decorate the cake.
__label__1 No instructions included - do not trust seller: Promised with this item are "Complete Instructions" and the additional pledge that "Sweet Graces will email you with the Supply List and Instruction sheets on purchase - so you can be ready ahead of time!" I received none of this - only a plastic figurine and bracelet. To boot, Amazon claims they can do nothing to help me contact the seller. All I got was a phone number for the manufacturer. Let's hope that yields some results. Meanwhile, I'm wishing I had listened to previous feedback about this unreliable seller :/
__label__2 Why is SOULWAX ignored by critics & consumers alike?!: I just don't get it - SOULWAX has been around since the 90s, when they released their "rock" debut (on the now defunct Almo Sounds), chock full of should-have-been radio hits, and then when while they got some attention for their "2 Many DJs" mash-up/remix bootlegs, when they return to a full-fledged band, as with last year's ANY MINUTE NOW, critcs & consumers alike barely took notice of that album's amazing writing, production, and sheer electro-rock power. Hopefully, "Nite Versions" (a cheeky title recalling when 80s bands like Duran Duran used to release "Nite Version" on 12" of singles for clubs) will garner more sales and attention for SOULWAX - the songs practically leap out of the speakers to grab your neck and turn you head and make you move. Can't wait to hear what they do TIGA on his upcoming "Sexor" debut...?
__label__2 OMG Soulwax owns: wow - this is like the most amazing album ever. Every track so rocks...specially1) E-talking2) NyLipps3) I love Techo.great job guysMusicChoice played their whole album this Saturday night..and I was jamming to it the whole time going "wow".one more thing, if you're not into House/Techno/electronic then you don't want none of this, cause you won't feel it.
__label__1 Slow dull "classical" 1980's style movie: 2 stars of 5 for this slow dull "classical" 1980's style movie. This movie has a young Jason Bateman in the lead. Very very very slow and dull with a few moments of bad 1980's style music. To our relief the background music (which is very annoying) is kept to a minimum. Though it attempts to be an action/suspense movie, it achieves neither. I'd suggest skipping this movie.
__label__2 Thank you for Releasing it!!!!!: I loved this movie as a kid and I am so happy the powers that be have decided to release it finally! If you want to see a great 80's movie, this is it!
__label__1 Very Not Worth Your Time: The book was wriiten very horribly. I would never in my life recommend such a book. The stories lacked any mystery to them and did not leave me wanting to figure out who the culprit was. The only good thing was that none of the stories took up ten or twelve pages.
__label__2 Very fun and educational: Trains, shapes and pegs - a winning combination, guaranteed to make both the child and the parent happy. Good starter puzzle for the 1 yr old range.
__label__1 Ludicrous and silly: I remember getting this book so faintly that that says alot about my opinion of it. Basically, while I will entertain lots of odd ideas and theories, this book was basically silly.
__label__2 Artistry: I think that the Deodato concerts are very rich, as he used real strings and band musicians, as well as you can appreciate the John Tropea excelent renditions on guitar.
__label__1 Caution!: These tracks are not the "original" versions but are re-recorded versions. So, whether the tracks are "remastered" or not is irrelevant.
__label__2 textbook: Book shipped quickly and was in excellent condition as stated. Easy transaction would buy again
__label__2 a great book for Historical romance lovers: This is an engaging a count of life of Tess a girl who at a young age washed up on the shore of the Isle of May. With no memory of the life before then, she stays with the old caretakers of the isle. After the caretakers are dead a young man, Colin Macpherson washes up on shore. Colin takes Tess back with her to his castle where he helps her uncover her past. They are opposites,but you know what they say opposites attract. This book is just one of many in the Avon True Romance series. I have read every book in the series and I know that if you like this book you love the rest. This is a great book for girls about 10 to 16 because it is still a romance novel, but not what you call a trashy romance novel. It is a great novel fokr those who are just getting into romance novels.
__label__2 YES!!!: When I got this book, I wasn't expecting much, but man was I wrong! I loved this book! Now I may not usually be tied in by a man with long blond hair wearing a kilt, but the authors really made Colin into this enchanting Highlander. Tess is a very soft heroine. While she sometimes seems too guillible, I have to remember that it is part of the story. This is one of my favorite books in the series.
__label__1 Not the best in the series: Tess Lindsay is content to be the sole occupant of a remote island but when Colin Macpherson washes ashore her life of solitude gets shaken up. Tess had always been told to fear strange men but she reluctantly strikes up a friendship with Colin. Soon Tess discovers that she has a family she had forgotten about but will she have the courage to leave the island and start a new life?The beginning of this book is very amusing and the end is decent too but the middle is a big problem. The plot loses much of it's believability mostly due to the poor characterization. All of the new characters that are introduced are one sided and their behavior lacks reason. Even Tess and Colin's development is side tracked in much the same way and their relationship seems awkward and forced. The writing does improve towards the end but it's not enough to save the book. Unless you have your heart set on reading all of the books in the series, skip this one.
__label__1 ADDONICS PORTABLE CD DRIVE - I am disappointed in its performance: I am disappointed in its performance. It seems underpowered and is constantly trying to read CDs, half the time unsuccessfully. I am going to try to return it to Amazon.
__label__1 Too Uncomfortable and Too Big: These pants were way too big (looked about 2 sizes larger), and they were incredibly stiff. They would have been very uncomfortable for my daughter to wear all day.
__label__2 Very authentic: This is my first encounter with Yoruba and I have to say that CDs are really helping. However, the book is very short and not particular about certain aspects and details of grammar and other nuances - for someone who NEVER spoke Yoruba and doesn't have anybody to ask for a clue, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered - for this, however, there are hopefully other Yoruba textbooks.On the brighter note, I would like to add that the book does a very good job in giving a little insight on Yoruba people and Yoruba culture in general. I would recommend it as a good start book for anyone who wants to learn Yoruba - you can't go wrong with it.
__label__1 Not the best: I agree, the CDs are a much needed help, since it would be impossible to pronnounce the Yoruba tones without the help of a native speaker. However, the design of the book is really poor and confusing. I have found several spealling mistakes in English and Yoruba. And the grammar explanations are very hard to understand.Unfortunately there are not many Teach Yourself Yoruba books that are worth it. This one at least provides basic vocabulary and pronounciation skills.
__label__1 Doesn't Fit: I ordered this DashMat for a specific vehicle, it was not the correct mat. I returned the original one and they sent me an exact duplicate of the wrong mat. I can't seem to get the correct one and therefore it sits in a box!!!!!!
__label__2 You need a good memory: I play this with my grandchildren. It teaches us both the value of a good memory and is challenging for all. You sometimes miss the most obvious. Lots of fun--tic tac toe with a twist!
__label__2 Kelly Club Pet Parade at HIT!! My Daughter Loves IT!!: My 4 year old daughter LOVES this game. She sings the "Strike Up The Band and Clap Your Hands for Kelly's Pet Parade!" song around the house. She can dress the Kelly kids, "train" each pet (teach the pony to jump, etc.), clean and get the animals ready for the parade (paint the elephant's toe nails, etc.), and decorate the floats...all by herself. She'll get everything ready (showing me everything she has accomplished along the way) and then we'll watch her special parade. A wonderfully cute game that I highly recommend.She can mostly do the entire game on her own. I have it installed on a laptop so she is actually using the inset mouse and can still do the game. The only one she has a tough time with is the Polar Bear catching fish game. It's tricky to move your finger on the mouse pad and click at the same time to catch the fish. It would be much easier using a regular mouse.
__label__2 Loads of fun!: My 6-year old and 5-year old both really enjoy this game. Has lots to do with several different animals to prepare for the parade. You get to design a float and it just endless fun! Graphics and animation are very colorful and cute. It's a winner!
__label__1 easy and fun for 3-4yr olds: fun easy game if you can keep it from freezing. I've reinstalled it and done everything I know to do to correct the issue. It's a shame my 4yr old really likes it.
__label__2 Hours of Fun for my 4 and 6 year olds: We purchased this game a year ago and my girls still love to play it. Lot's of activities, they love to decorate the floats and watch the parade.
__label__2 slip on 2 1/2 in. heel shoes: i am completely satisfied in the manner my order was delivered.the shoes are just as awesome as the advertisement showed them to be.
__label__2 DDR is cooool!: This cd is really great.BUT ITS NOT A GAME!they're not long versons though, only 90 odd seconds each.If that Claire, also from the UK (who was disappointed with the cd) wants to get in touch, i know where you can get games with the songs you want.I'm assuming you're after all the cool songs from euromix.If so, they are on 2nd and 3rd mix games from japan.but there are also US versions available too.
__label__2 Amazing: i have ordered this cd of here but it will take abit to get to me as i live in England. But i have danced and sang along to it at the arcades ive been to and i think its great if you love to dance. My favorite songs are what a feeling and in the navey!! i also like captain jack but i love them all..
__label__1 I got fooled...: I did not know this was the audio cd of the game, I thought it could be used on the playstation. Maybe the other guys are from the US or somewhere where it is actually easy to get the game,and play it,but this was all in japanese and was not compatible with my machine. I am deeply disappointed as i love the arcade game, but the Dance stage euromix (Dance Dance Revolution equivalent) is lacking in decent tracks, many are jungle-y and are difficult to dance to them. Also, most of these tracks are unheard of here and are therefore not very enjoyable. However, my favourite are Keep on moving, make a Jam, and Video Killed the Radio star. But it gets a bit pedantic if you keep playing on these tracks. If anyone is in the same situation as I am, or those of you who are lucky enough the play on the newest version, can you please let me know where I can order one? I am in dance deprivation/boredom!
__label__1 I got fooled...: I did not know this was the audio cd of the game, I thought it could be used on the playstation. Maybe the other guys are from the US or somewhere where it is actually easy to get the game,and play it,but this was all in japanese and was not compatible with my machine. I am deeply disappointed as i love the arcade game, but the Dance stage euromix (Dance Dance Revolution equivalent) is lacking in decent tracks, many are jungle-y and are difficult to dance to them. Also, most of these tracks are unheard of here and are therefore not very enjoyable. If anyone is in the same situation as I am, or those of you who are lucky enough the play on the newest version, can you please let me know where I can order one? I am in dance deprivation/boredom!
__label__2 MORE THAN LETTERS...: I admit that I bought this album for the title track alone. After all, had that been the only good track on this CD I still would have felt that it was worth my money.But the title track is just the beginning for this fine country offering by John Michael Montgomery. I found myself listening to and enjoying every track on LETTERS FROM HOME. Montgomery's smoother-than-silk voice is one of the finest in country music today and his straight-forward approach to his music comes through in every note. You won't want to miss this one.THE HORSEMAN
__label__2 Worth the wait!: JMM has never released a bad album. Many would say this is a comeback album but every couple of years he releases an album with great hits. For some reason, radio hasn't played some of his great songs from his latest albums. "Goes Good With Beer" and "Little Devil" would be great singles to spice up country radio. "Letters From Home" deserves to be single of the year and "Cool" is not far behind. The more I listen to the album, the more I love it.
__label__1 letters from home: i like letters from home cuz it tells a story that if you really listen you can acctually hear john michael montgomery tell his story of soldiers and all that stuffi liked it and i like punk rock and rock so it must be good if i like it
__label__2 no good: I gave it 5 stars because my little dog had so much fun riping it apart but only took him 24 hrs to do it buy that is 23 hrs longer than other balls
__label__2 Oh!: This cereal is so sweet....yet so good for you! One taste=ADDICTION!!!! I just tried this cereal out of curiousity and I was hooked! It is an excellent breakfast choice, or just any time to eat! Especially as breakfast because you will crave more honey taste and you won't be hungry later {probably because of how much you'd eat} and it is actually sweeter and better than Honey Bunches of Oats. Cap'n Crunch Berries is an option, but this splendid cereal is SO FILLED WITH A HONEY-FILLED TASTE! I have not tried much better tasting cereal than this! Oh!
__label__2 Delicious and Addictive: This cereal is great because it tastes so good. You just crave it. But a word of warning: read the label. Last time my husband and I looked, it had saturated fat! All the other cereals in our cabinet did not... hmmmm. Another reviewer noticed this problem too!Also, Amazon's price of $23 is outrageous. It is between $1.99 to $2.50 in our stores.
__label__2 Oh where Oh where have my Oh's gone?: I was really distraught to go to my local Walmart and see that they stopped carrying my favorite cereal. But as was elated to find that "the site who has everything including a church" made it available to me by the 6-pack. Oh's is an amazing cereal. The one thing i dont like is the box is so small. I get maybe 3 bowls out of the entire box:-(.
__label__2 One of a kind book for timber frame building.: My husband loves this book. He said he has learned so much and that this was the best book to learn how to build a timber frame house by.
__label__1 no technical information: this book is a great over view of the joints used in building but has no information on beam spans or loads to actually build a building
__label__2 Hanford Mills museum: My friend is a master carpenter and he saw this book at a recent trip to Hanford Mills museum.He is an avid reader and loved the book so much that I am inclined to read it as well!! Enjoy.
__label__1 you will not be able to buils a timber frame house: This book vaguely breezed across history and went into various types of timber structures. The mortise and tenon joints that were illustrated were fascinating but not practical for a home builder.
__label__2 Outstanding guidebook for building your own timberframe home: My wife and I built a hybrid timber frame home using this book as a guide. Although we have construction skills, this book was invaluable in guiding us through the process. We can't wait to build another. We highly recommend this book to anyone considering a timber frame house.
__label__1 Excellent book, very poor e-book editing: Yet another example of an superb book done a serious disservice by e-book publishers.Multiple spelling errors, improperly placed figures & captions, whole sections of the book written in CAPS for some reason.If you are looking for an excellent reference on traditional timber framing, look no further, but please pick up the print version instead of the e-book.
__label__2 A very good how-to manual.: If you are expecting a book full of glossy sharp pictures, this is not the one to buy.A lot of drawings and BW pictures that inform what they need to. This is a very good manual for those who want to venture in a timber frame project.
__label__1 Poor instructions, but once you figure it out... kinda cool: These wraps were not doing anything when we placed them in "hot" water. We searched the internet and found others having the same problem. The instructions are very poor. First off, you need to dip in boiling water (or at least some temperature level above what I would call hot). Second, the instructions don't describe what should happen, should the image shrink around the egg, transfer to it -- what?Needless to say, it was frustrating for a minute or two, but my wife - who is very intelligent and great in the kitchen - immediately thought, "well... hot water wouldn't do much to change the properties of the plastic, so let's try boiling water - nothing to lose."Should be more explicit in the instructions. (We were using the star wars version of this product).
__label__2 Great Graphics!: 2006 Coast to Coast for PC is great! The graphics are awesome... The game is what I had hoped for and a lot more!!
__label__1 Dont run out to get Outrun unless your from 1985: Outrun was the biggest disappointment of my holidays.If you've just come home from a life in 1985 you might enjoy this. I read the reviews before buying but it didn't sink in what Arcade style meant. I am an addicted follower of Colin MacRea rally and thought to race a ferrari across the US would be cool. I was wrong. The games is to car racing what space invaders is to "Battlefield". The landscape moves instead of the car and you have these idiotic stages like impress your girlfriend with how many slides you can do. Total rubbish. Not anyones fault but mine, but I live in Ireland and got it shipped through Florida so it is a costly mistake.
__label__2 My Henry: I had Henry back in the 70's. I don't remember him with a nose since it was chewed off, but he was well loved. He's long gone and I thought I was the only one who ever had a Henry since nobody knew what I was talking about. I can't believe I've found him again!! Nobody can replace my original worn Henry, but I'm so excited to have his clone back!!
__label__2 Henry has come home...: I had Henry back in the early 70's. I am forty now and still have my original. I bought a new one for my Dad who is ill because I knew he would get the significance. Henry got me through the insecurities I had as a child and I am hoping he does the same for my Dad as he battles terminal cancer.Thanks for making him again.
__label__2 Charisma: What it is about "Henry Dog". My daughter was 6 when we gave her Henry. Love is not the word. Obsession! A few years later my ex-wife decided he had to go. Under the guise of an "incurable" lice infection my ex-wife threw him out. Trauma followed. We bought a replacement which my daughter has safely on her closet shelf. He is thread bare. I found him online and was overwhelmed to read the reviews at None had less than 5 stars. Each story told how this little guy had touched their lives. These Henry owners, both girls and boys, cherished him as if he had been a "real" dog. I guess to them, he is. Daddy had to buy his little (40 year old) daughter a new one. I got both the 14" and 3". I was on the phone when she opened the box..... Henry was home again. My granddaughter saw Henry got excited and wanted one also. She is 19 years old. This company should bottle "Henry Dog`s" charisma. Thanks for keeping him alive.
__label__2 I found it! Henry Dog!: I had two Henry Dogs. One I lost in a ride at Walt Disney World, the second to replace it. I have no idea where Henry got to. But now that I found "him", I will have my friend again. I had this toy from the time I was six years old, almost 40 years ago, and I think I'll be seeing him again around Christmas time. It's a sweeet toy and really good for children of *all* ages!
__label__2 A Contemporary Fairytale Sure to Delight!: While this book is a take-off on the classic Snow White, it's a fairytale for grown ups with some class act characters and a rich and rewarding love story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and look forward to more of Ms. Sinclair's works.
__label__1 Not Patterns - but Detailed Sketches: Although I was excited to purchase this book, my excitement didn't last when I looked at the sketches / pictures in the book. I call them pictures because that is what they truly are, not actual patterns. Norma Gregory's talent shows up well in her designs but due to their complicated rendering they are very difficult to transfer.This book is not for beginners - but more seasoned artisans.If you are looking for patterns, like I was, you will be disappointed in this book.
__label__2 great gift: my brother in law was thrilled with the clarity and instructional commentswill be looking for more titles by her
__label__1 Product didn't match the picture/description: Unless they sent me the wrong product by mistake, the foot cushion picture and description does not match the item delivered. I was under the impression I would receive two (a pair) of water filled foot cushions that I could insert into my shoes. Instead I received ONE foot cushion, filled with another material (not water) that you attach to your foot via a toe strap. I was definately not happy with the item and sent it back for a refund. Luckily for me Amazon has a great return policy... they make returns very easy!
__label__1 Good for a laugh: I heard about this book, so I wanted to read it to see if it was as funny and stupid (unintentionally) as I heard.I was not disappointed. Few things in life are free, and sex is defintely not among them.The perfect coda to this book is that the couple got divroced several years after publishing this book. You can't make this stuff up.
__label__1 As Bad a Production as Possible: This Broadway Theatre Archive production took one of the wittiest, most sparkling 18th-century comedies--and ruined it. The costumes are intentionally absurd (think Beach Blanket Babylon), the acting is way over-the-top-camp, and the incidental music could not be worse. The music, BTW, is a combination of pop Renaissance and pop modern; anything but 18th century. The director appears to have had the goal of showing that his company was just too hip and too modern to do anything but make fun of this silly, fusty old play.I like "The School for Scandal" very much, and not having found any other DVDs of it, I started out with the intention of keeping a recording of even a bad production. But when they got into the extended bop-be-bop of the drinking song scene, I knew I just couldn't ever sit through this one again.The visuals are also blurry, but with the production being so bad, so what? Anyone who actually likes this play will be revolted by this DVD.
__label__1 Not professional quality: I first tried buying this tape from a Marketplace seller. I sent it back because the tape quality was poor and the packaging looked unprofessional. After returning it I bought one from Amazon proper and . . . it was the same quality tape and the same packaging. Since I'm now sure this is not a bootleg tape, all I can say is . . . some videos are better than others.
__label__1 three to four stars - depending...: Classic drawing room comedy, period piece. Cleverly written in a time when the audience needed a bit of a nudge to figure out each character. Each person's name describes how you should feel about each! Charming idea from the 1700's. If you've never had a chance to see one of these comedies, take a look. This is a famous play and well done. Must see for theatre students.
__label__1 Good songs, bad cover.: This CD compilation set was purchased for me. I love the 80s, and they chose great songs. The songs are not performed by the original artists. Instead, they're poorly covered by "the Starlite Singers".
__label__1 New Wave 80s: I should have read the prior reviews of this record before buying it. Although it appears to be a collection of new wave singles from the 80s, these are just cover versions sung by the "Starlite Singers". The description of the record says that it is by "various artists" implying that they are by the original artists, but this is not true. Total garbage. The one bright spot is that I got a prompt refund when I returned it.
__label__1 Don't Be Fooled!: I bought this set last November and just now decided to listen to the CDs. Nowhere in the description on Amazon does it say not the original artists! In fact, it says various artists, which is deceiving because only one group performs all the songs. It leads one to believe original artists when it says various artists because it is, after all, a compilation of music by various artists! Duh! So, don't waste your money. I will probably throw these in the trash as I'm a purist and I want original, not wedding reception music!
__label__1 Buyers Beware!!!!!!!!!: This is one of those cheesy compilations where they find session bands and similar sounding artists to sing the songs. These are NOT ORIGINAL SONGS BY THE ARTISTS. If you loved K-TEL CD's and don't care about hearing the artists originals, and don't care about cheap sounding synthesizers playing the music or that fact that some of the vocalists are pretty bad, then you might like this cd. But if you are a fan of the 80's and the amazing music it produced, then buy other collections and don't waste your money on this schlock!!!!
__label__2 Sony basic Hi8 Handycam Rocks!: Performance is outstanding. I had a previous Sony 8 mm Handycam which died and I replaced it with this camera so I could continue to playback my old 8 mm tapes. This camera performs faster and is simpler to use than my old Sony. It does everything I need and does it well... I got a great deal.
__label__1 BEWARE!!: Bought this camera for Christmas. Had her open it first so she could film the nights party & NO TAPES ARE INCLUDED! Of course all stores are closed Christmas day so the thing is USELESS until the day after. Shame on Sony. How much would a tape included in the packace cost them ? Not included Battery chargers are ....
__label__2 80's High Tech with Rock Emotion: Although all of Mr Hines work is high quality, Waving Not Drowning (for me) is the highlight of the 3 A&M projects. The song "Curious Kind" is simply a masterpiece!The remastering is of the quality you have come to expect from one of Rock's greatest producers, song writers, and performers.GET IT!
__label__1 Never gets going: This book never really seems to get going. There is too much time spent in the courtroom while basic questions about the crime and the suspect/defendant are left unasked.After 200 pages, I realized that this book wasn't going to pick up or reveal any crucial information to make sense out of things until the very end.As a result, the whole story rapped up very quickly in an unbelievable way and you are left wondering why no one could figure anything out earlier. Based on the ending, the detectives and attorneys appear rather incompetent.I did enjoy parts of the book, however, and I think the plot needs to be unfolded at a different rate (not so slow in the beginning and not so fast at the end). I am a McBain fan and think that some of his other books are better written.
__label__2 Now, The Rest of the Story: I knew there was something missing from the first book when I read it, because it didn't match what I heard her say years ago when she came to my church to speak. Now I know, the abuse was so difficult for her to talk about even when she wrote a book about it. Later, with the help of a trusted friend, she was able to tell the most difficult and abusive parts of her childhood experience. This what the second book is about. The most wonderful thing about Dorie, is that she is able to forgive her abusers and move on with her life. She is still able to have a successful and happy life, in spite of the horrendous abuse of her childhood. This is what so many women need to hear. With the Lord's help, it is possible!
__label__2 The baseball benchmark: I didn't refer to Baseball America as such. It was Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty who said it. And who am I to contradict? The best columnists in the game, from Peter Gammons, Tracy Ringolsby and Jayson Stark, to detailed information in ALL of baseball, from the Major Leagues to Japan, stats, scores, and the best and most extensive resource on prospect information, there's not a single serious fan in all of baseball who deserves such a title if is not a Baseball America subscriber. You got to read it if you want to know the stars of tomorrow (being tomorrow 6 years or 2 months). Top 10 prospects from every team till its massive Top 100 list, Baseball America covers it all. I know, I have been subscribed for 2 years now, and I can't think of living without it!
__label__2 Perfect for the die-hard baseball fan: I have read Baseball America off and on over the years and finally took the plunge and got a subscription. This is the best place to get coverage of the minors, college, and high school baseball so you know about the top prospects before others do.
__label__1 "Uh oh he's been using Brand X": An embarassment. Steer clear of this one folks. Just when you thought these guys were the last real "fusion" types about...Since when did the last great secret of the fusion world start taking pointers from Joe Satriani and listening to old Al DiMeola pratice sessions? Where the hell is Phil when you need him, oh yes, Tarzan. The star is for the Bruford and Wilding/Bonus tracks, and well does one really want those?
__label__2 This was an intriguing book that influenced my destiny.: I read "Trouble on Titan" around 1970, when the Apollo program was at its apex, and the human exploration of the Solar System seemed only a short step away. My review is based on old memories, but I can still remember a mining colony on Titan and jet craft using oxygen for fuel and burning Titan's methane atmosphere. We've learned much since this book was written, and Titan's atmosphere has less methane than we originally thought. However, this book was well written, and I am sure will intrigue my son as much as it intrigued his father, who is now working at NASA on the Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan. This book has that old-style sci-fi flavor that made another world seem more like reality than fantasy. I think if you enjoyed the Lucky Starr and David Starr stories by Asimov, you will enjoy "Trouble on Titan."
__label__2 Peek a Fun!: We got these as a gift for our one year old. He loves them! He tries very hard to get all the little things out of the blocks - and obviously fails. He loves that some of them move, some of them jiggle, some of them make noise - its almost an adventure!The three year old also loves them because they incorporate the alphabet and he can easily identify the items inside: B - Banana, P - Penguin, U - Umbrella, Z - Zebra.Bonus - when the 1 y/o gets frustrated because he can't pry the items out of the block no matter how hard he tries, he usually flings them. The 3 y/o tends to use them to build walls or towers for the sole purpose of smashing another toy into them, or dropping them off high places. And I've stepped on two of them already. They seem to tolerate this treatment rather well.
__label__2 Excellent product: These Alphabet blocks are so beautiful they could be classed as works of art or collectors items. I have purchased two seys as gifts and will probably buy more,
__label__1 Great for Twins: I purchased the Alphabet blocks for my twin daughters. They are just over 8 months old and they love them. This product is a great learning tool for them for years to come but for now it a great teething toy!!! I would recommend this to anyone, plus I love Fisher Price.
__label__2 They're blocks - keep that in mind: We got these after seeing the Incrediblocks in the FP Catalog.There are little to no pizazz to the blocks. Some have features where you can "spin" them (like the letter Q - Queen) or the W (watermelon seeds that rattle) - but most are just a "look at me" type of a block.With that in mind - yes I like the product. They're blocks. They're meant for stacking, knocking over and banging - which my son loves (he's had these since he was 6 months). They're better than the plain wooden blocks because they're textured, they have objects inside, letters - lots of opportunities to learn letters, colors, objects, descriptions, etc.For now he's stacking, banging and knocking over. It'll be around for a while until he's ready to learn more words, colors, objects, animals. This review isn't profound or eye openings because again - they're just blocks. Keep that in mind when making your purchasing decision. It will not make your child an overnight rocket scientist =)
__label__1 Would have expected better!: I bought these for two reasons- blocks and educational letters. However, the letters are rubbing off. For the price I paid that was dissapointing. Other than that I love the concept and the objects inside are fun.
__label__2 Cute gift for a little baby: Although I felt it looked a bit chinsy, the mother had it on her wish list and was very happy to receive them.
__label__2 Great Blocks: My daughter loves her blocks. She will get them all out and look at each one until she finds her favorite. She likes to shake them and see what each one does. These are cute little blocks that have hours of imaginative playtime inside. They also have blunt corners, so no sharp edges like wood blocks for the safety of smaller children. The fact that they have the letters of the alphabet and a corresponding object inside makes them a great learning tool even for older tots. We have really enjoyed these and recommend them to our friends.
__label__2 keeps his attention: My little boy is just getting interested in these blocks. They are too cute! He's learning to manipulate the block in his hands. The little things inside the blocks are adorable. Some spin, some twirl, some rock. A definate upgrade from the standard wooden blocks.
__label__2 Great value.: This set incorporates a lot of the favorites from other sets packaged in an A to Z learning format. I have been leary of purchasing too many of these blocks for storage reasons so the zippered case is a great bonus. Definitely worth every penny.
__label__2 Wonderful but not worth $80.: These are great blocks but they are definitely not worth the listed $79.99. They can be purchsed for about $20 many other places.
__label__2 Worth the investment: This is a great set of blocks. I researched different blocks for some time and found these to be the most durable, age and developmentally-appropriate, and highly-educational. $25 bucks may seem like a lot, but I think it is well worth it. I am very impressed with the quality.The size and shape of the blocks is just right. My son is 5-months old and he is able to hold the blocks perfectly in his little hands. PLUS, the blocks do not have sharp corners (like the wooden blocks also available on this site) that could hurt your little one (especially those of you with chewers!).One category that I rated this toy with only a 4 (instead of 5) is the "fun" factor. For younger babies that may not "get it" yet, this toy may not be as fun for them until they are a little bit older. My son is not yet able to fully comprehend that there are even toys inside the blocks, but then again he is only 5 months. Give him a couple of months and he'll really dig them!
__label__1 waste off money: this is not waterproof.its GARBAGE where batteries go in broke,while trying to adj.DO NOT turn the end to control it,that loosens the battery cover where water gets in so how is it waterproff?????
__label__2 California Exotics Waterproof Delights Blue Ballsy: The California Exotics Waterproof Delights Blue Ballsy,is to spice up the relationship and it worked since the beginning,my other half likes it.
__label__1 small didn't work: It is very small compared to what i thought it would be, but even so it didn't work when we got it
__label__2 Makes for fascinating reading.: Whale naturalist and animal communicator Mary Getten goes beyond what other research has achieved in the way of whale study and communication processes: in 1991 she studied the J-Pod, a family of whales off Washington State. Her contention that they use direct telepathic communication between themselves and can do so with humans also makes for fascinating reading.Diane C. DonovanCalifornia Bookwatch
__label__2 Pretty Nifty!: I purchased these for a Halloween party, and a dummy, I forgot to put them up! Nevertheless, I did hold them up around the house in search of a good place to hang them. They're pretty big and look really cool. I'd say there's a little bit of educational value too, as you can teach your children about the actual pictures they're depicting. Even though I forgot to hang them up, I really liked these scene setters and I'll be using them next year!
__label__1 Yet another unsubstantiated case....: While I believe in discrimination, I certainly can't believe what is in this book. It is an unsubstantiated smear campaign to rally the troups in higher ed to claw again for the preservation of academic freedom- a rally which falls flat.
__label__1 Molly Myers: Molly Myers, in her review of "My Name is Rachel Corrie," describes the ISM as "an organization dedicated to non-violence." This is radical left-wing propaganda: ISM offices have regularly been used to hide terrorists and their weapons, ISM "pacifists" regularly throw rocks at IDF soldiers, and they're perfectly willing to use violence in order to sabotage the wall intended to keep "innocent Palestinians" from murdering Israelis.So please disregard Molly's reviews; they are biased in the extreme.
__label__1 Gardening lawn book: Four pages of the book was missing. It just happened to be the formulas that my husband needed. Fortunately he was able to copy our friends book. But I will hesitate to buy another book like this again.
__label__1 It's a knock off.: The official Chrono Trigger OST has 3 discs. This version has some of the major tracks on it, the audio quality is good, but Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) this is a Chinese knock-off.Oh and if you buy the 3 disc version, make sure the cover does not have a green and red logo reading "FX", for this is also a counterfeit. The serial numbers on the real soundtrack CDs are PSCN-5021, PSCN-5022, and PSCN-5023.
__label__1 Just a few.: These are the handful of tracks we hear over and over again. It's far from complete though.Missing such memorable tracks as "sealed Door", "wings across time" or "At the Bottom of the Night".It doesn't have a single battle theme accept the final boss.Hell this doesn't even have Lucca's theme and she's on the cover!Had I seen a track-list beforehand I wouldn't have bought this.I blame my self for not being more curious of the number of CD's.I'm sorry I paid $35 dollars American for this travesty, may Lavos have mercy on my soul.Save your selves(and your money) while you still can!
__label__1 It was "ok" but I won't watch it again: I watched this last night. And I don't remember enough of it to give it a indepth review. But it wasn't as bad as people are letting on nor was it as great as people are letting on. If you don't like your killer to be supernatural then don't bother with this. Its about a guy that comes back from the dead. His whole storyline is kinda silly and there are plot holes all over the place. The acting wasn't bad at all, and neither were the deaths. In fact it was kinda gory. But that doesn't make a great movie. The flashbacks were a little confusing as well. I wouldn't watch it again. But its far from the worst movie I've seen.
__label__2 Loved it! (P.S. Stephen Colletti is so hot!): I initially bought the movie just because Stephen Colletti (who I'm in love with) was one of the leads...and I really didn't expect much from what looks to be a low-budget indie horror flick. But, I really did like it! The lead girl who plays Jennifer (Nikki DeLoach) is really good. I can't believe I've never seen her in anything before? Maybe I have, but I didn't know!?! It was cool to see the guy from Weekend at Bernie's (Terry Kiser)...he is a really good actor. Too bad he was dead the whole time in both movies I saw him in, lol. Anyways, this was a cool movie and I'm glad I got it!
__label__2 mask maker: It was good horrifying never a dull moment u can watch and not be bored ir wondering when is a good part coming
__label__2 mask maker: I liked the film it has what every horror likes in this type of movie the suspense,mystery,good and bad times,plus a shocking ending that makes you think that there is more to story, and plot was very good Robert.
__label__2 NOT the worst American B-Movie: This movie was a horror film thhat displayed an effort to steer clear of typical horror movie dialogue and pacing. There are no blonde girls and the girls that are here don`t trip over the tree roots in the yard. Now a white girl did fall and twist her knee in the movie but guess what? It was not on a tree root!!!
__label__1 MASK OF FAMILIARITY: MASK MAKER takes us down a cinematic path often traveled and does it in a typically predictable fashion. A story of revenge with an unstoppable killer who murders his victims and uses their skinned faces to achieve some kind of beauty. Flashbacks reveal his motivation in an attempt to elicit some level of sympathy.MASK MAKER isn't the worst entry in this familiar territory but it doesn't tread new waters either. The cast performs on various levels of competence. WEEKEND AT BERNIE's Terry Kiser is an effective guilt-ridden buffoon. Treat Williams is ill-used in a cameo role. Horror vet Michael Berryman is unusually restrained in a small role. Nikki Deloach is no Jamie Lee Curtis in her leading role, giving a weak performance in a typical survivor role as the resilient resourceful female. Doomed fiance Stephen Colletti (sic) is equally flaccid.An open-ended finale paves the way for MASK MAKER II---something we definitely don't need.
__label__1 Unmasked..................: Sadly, there is absolutely nothing original in this movie. The filmmakers shamelessly borrowed from practically everyone, turning out a stale formula piece that is purely by the numbers. I couldn't find a thing that elevated this movie above a 100 other like films. The plot is standard: a group of kids spend the weekend at an old house with a bad history. A standard, run of the mill maniac kills them in unimaginative ways and of course no one notices until it's too late. Everything happens exactly on cue, in order, with no surprises, and no frights. This movie is safe and boring, it really couldn't have been any better if it tried. Not even the brief appearance of horror icon Michael Berryman (playing a nice guy for a change) can help the dullness of the script.Even the title is a misnomer! Although the original title, Maskerade, isn't any better.And I had such high hopes as this is one of my favorite genres.
__label__2 A museum exhibit inside a book: This book was in my library's Genealogy section, and you're not allowed to take Genealogy books out of the library. But I liked it enough to sit in the library and read it, in two sittings.This a quick read, because it has loads of pictures: photos of the ghetto and its inhabitants, and also pictures of artifacts such as ration cards, work certificates, yellow stars, etc. It's more like a museum exhibit than a simple book. Because of the format I think young people would be able to get something out of the book too, although it is clearly written for adults. Certainly it probably has the most information on the Kovno/Kaunas ghetto all in one place.Both researchers and the ordinary person interested in the Holocaust would enjoy this.Bonus: pages from the diary of Ilya Gerber are printed in this book; you can read extracts from the diary in Alexandra Zapruder'sSalvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Holocaust.
__label__2 Great resource for Chinese/Eastern medincine: This is an excellent book to have as a reference fo eastern methodologies in medicine and healing. Unfortunately it is long out of print, but if you can get your hands on a copy of this text, you will not be dissappointed. In fact, if you are unhappy with it, I will be happy to purchase it from you as I have many peers that would happily use it.
__label__2 Why Is This A Good Book?: As someone who has been practicing Chinese Medicine for 16 years in San Diego (, I find this book an excellent resource for anyone who wants and in dept primer into the theoretical basis and practical application of a system of medicine that originates in the Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the natural balance found in Nature and agriculture.
__label__2 A Book That Is Worth a Second Look: This book is great. It is very informative. It is easy to read and understand and has alot of pictures. i would recommend this book for any one wanting to learn about Chinese Medicine.
__label__2 Best game ever: This games makes even amazing games like starcraft and warcraft redundant. Warhammer has it all and does it better than anyone else. Truly great game, total fun, great combat, graphics, races, units, a pleasure to play.
__label__1 Guitar in Absentia: With all due respect to ambient music enthusiasts, I was really disappointed that there was no guitar work whatsoever on this album. Hillage fans of L and Fish Rising be forewarned.Steve Hillage was a pretty darn good guitarist. Maybe L was his showcase with members of Todd Rundgren's Utopia backing him up.Noting that other reviewers have rated this highly, I will give it another listen. However, I am dissapointed in the direction Steve has taken his music.
__label__1 Stiff and Smells like drying paint: You get what you pay for. This pillow is stiff and smelled like drying paint for 4 days. I thought I was getting a non name brand version of the Temperpedic pillow. I bought the real pillow for my mother years ago and paid many times the price. This thing doesn't even come close.
__label__1 Review of Pillow: This was a joke. I am sending the pillow back. Does not come close to what was advertised. I believe the cardboard box that it arrived in would have been softer under my head. I am giving it one star just so I can post this. I only wish the stars could go negative.
__label__1 Don't bother: The pillow is tiny and poor quality foam, my pillow I was replacing was at least a year and a half old and it preforms better than this one did new.
__label__1 Worthless and cheap: How is this thing awful? let me count the ways..First off, it took an unatural amount of time to get here. Whatever, that happens.It feels super cheap. When you handle a good memory foam pillow, it feels heavy and cushy in your hands. This thing feels like a piece of hard styrofoam. It barely squishes at all and has no 'memory', it is simply a very dense foam pillow. It's not even really a pillow- It's so hard that I cant even use it for propping my back whilst reading.On top of that, their terrible return pollicies make it not worth returning.DO NOT BUY! Just use the styrofoam your new computer came in.Ugh.
__label__1 Will not be purchasing another one of these: It worked fine in the beginning. 2 months or so into using it its performance was up in the air. I would find myself sleeping with one hand under the pillow to give it some leverage; otherwise my neck would end up in an awkward position. At times it felt like I needed to have 2 pillows because it was lacking in width and was too soft. I had to also rotate what end and what side I would lay my head/neck on. It, therefore, did not provide the support I needed.
__label__1 False Advertisement: The pillow I received is nothing like the one in the picture. The pillow that I received is approx half the size (in thickness) as the one I received. I am not happy with the seller (Moshelle's). I will never purchase from this company ever again. I am currently deployed Military and I feel that this company is very disrespectful and does not show it's Military members the proper courtesy when dealing with such issues. Do not buy this pillow, you will not be satisfied.
__label__1 Not Like the Old Formula: The formulation of this product has been changed since Artec was bought by L'Oreal. The new formula doesn't hold hair like the old Artec original formula did, and it doesn't smell as nice. Don't be fooled by this picture (12/29/07)--it is a pic of the old Artec bottle, but I ordered and received the new L'Oreal Professionel version, which is terrible. The original Artec version was similar to, but not as sticky as, Potion 9. I wish L'Oreal would go back to the old formula :( I emailed them to this effect and they never even replied. If anyone can recommend a similar product, please comment to this review.
__label__2 haven't found better yet...: This is the only product that can manage my hair without making it stiff or sticky.
__label__2 smoothing serum: The product is wonderful for my hair which is very curly and tends to be frizzy. Smooths it and gets rid of allof the friz. Use it once a day, even in damp weather
__label__1 The product I received this time is like fake one: I have been used this product for many years. But somehow the product I received this time is like fake one. It's very thin. I have to used double amount.
__label__1 If it ain't broke don't fix it: I have been using this product for 5+ years. It was wonderful. About 1 year ago the company changed packaging and the product changed slightly. The bottle is taller now and something is missing from the serum. Doesn't work as well as it used to work. I will not be purchasing this item because of the change.
__label__1 Review of Artec Textureline Smoothing Serum: I ordered this particular product as a trial substitute for the "Controlgel" by Textureline, which has always been my first choice. It appears that the "Controlgel" is out of production. This "Smoothing Serum" is a poor substitute. My barber agrees. He got me on the "Controlgel" years ago and I used to buy extra for him, but now, no more!! Too bad . . . we consumers lose again. I wish the "Controlgel" product would come back. My barber and I won't buy any more of the "Smoothing Serum." What a WASTE!!
__label__2 LOVE IT!: I just got this from a local Stop and Shop and LOVE it! It leaves my hair so soft, smelling good and you can't even tell that I have any product in my hair. I'm reading a lot of reviews where people are saying that they can't find it anywhere. Depending on where you live, try your local grocery store!
__label__2 The Best !!!!: Dick Curless has got the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. His music ranges from thought provoking, to toe tapping, beer drinking music. One of his best renditions is Winter's Coming On Again. People who appreciate good music from any genre will love this CD. I can not recommend it highly enough.
__label__2 Great control racquet: A great racquet for anyone, although it is better suited for the more advanced player. For years, I played with the OS version of this racquet which is noticeably more powerful and is a little more forgiving than the MS version. At this point, I prefer the MS version more just because of the better control and feel.Even now, the Prince Graphite (OS or MS) is still a great racquet, and IMO, one of the best control racquets ever made.
__label__1 DO NOT BUY, A WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME!!!: My daughter wanted this for a few months before I finally gave in and bought it for her. She was so excited. We got home and played it for one hour hoping that something different or better would happen. The game was so so boring. You get to choose music, outfits, and which of the three skaters to skate. That is IT. Everything else is controlled automatically by the game. Barbie does everything perfectly whether you do or not. My daughter hasn't played it since and is so disapointed in it. The store I bought it from won't let me return it because it has been opened. They will let me exchange it for the exact same game but hello that is the problem. This game was a waste of time and money.
__label__1 Bad skating technique: I didn't buy this game, becuase I can tell by the pictures that Barbie has very bad skating technique (see below). This game is not for kids who want to have fun while seeing a good skating program.Pictures on Amazon1) Box picture -- I can't tell whether or not Barbie is stroking or doing a bad spiral? Either her leg is too high if she is stroking, or her body and leg are not in the right position if she is doing a spiral.2) Layback -- Although it's hard to see, it looks like Barbie might be spinning on her toe pick.3) Split jump -- Barbie does not have enough skating muscle for the jump. She is also not kicking her boots up.Pictures on vugames (makers of the game)1) Stroking -- Barbie's body is crooked. She doesn't have her weight over her stroking leg, and her body is leaning to the side. I've never seen anyone stroke like this.
__label__1 A complete waste: My daughter received this cd for Christmas. It is very slow loading lots of wait time for things to happen. When she finally chose the skater and where she should skate (only one choice worked), my daughter kept asking what she could do now. Most of the time we were watching Barbie skate beautifully. Not very interactive. I consider this a waste of space on my computer, a waste of time for us to use. I would recommend saving your money and get something worthwhile.
__label__1 4 year old BORED with this after 2 weeks: I bought this for my 4 year old's birthday. While I think the graphics are really great, the concept stinks. My daughter told me she thinks it is boring (and she LOVES Barbie) and last night she even said she hates it! At least my 15 month old screams with delight at the graphics when her older sister plays with it.
__label__1 Barbie's Boring Ice Show: I bought this game because I am a figure skating fan and found the Barbie Gymnastics to be well done, so I thought that this would be too. It was an absolute waste of money. The graphics are awful and the game play is far too simplistic. There is nothing to strive for in the game and it is too easy to pass onto the next level. I can't imagine a child above the age of 3 or 4 getting any enjoyment from this game.
__label__1 WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! BARBIE HAS SUNK TO NEW LOWS: This is the WORST CD-ROM game I have ever seen! My 7-year-old daughter longed for this game all Christmas season and she is bored out of her mind with it after one hour. It is slow, skippy, etc. running on a new computer! Don't waste your money like we did, skip right over this dud.
__label__2 IT'S GREAT!: All the other reviews say this product is boring and "save your money"....Well my daughter & I LOVE IT!You get to pick one of three pretty girl skaters, You pick her one of, AT LEAST 15 costumes. Somebody said the skater "never falls"?? Thats boloney. She falls plenty until you develope the hand eye coordination this FUN, FUN game takes. It's a GREAT cd.rom for any age. Have some fun for pete's sake! This world is SO NEGATIVE! I Highly Recommend Barbie Sparkling Ice Show!!!
__label__2 A good game to buy.: I bought this game for my daughter who is almost seven. She enjoys it very much. It works perfectly with Windows XP. I like the fact that it has skill levels, which helps avoid the "frustration factor", which I'm sure most of you reading this have experienced. The only reason that I did not give it a "5" is because it is quick to complete, especially on the "easy" and "medium" levels. Unless your child is totally into figure skating or Barbie, I feel this game is not for the 8+ crowd.
__label__2 Great Game: My daughter, almost 7, loves this game. She got it a few weeks ago and still plays with it every day. We did have to upgrade our system, but the game hasn't crashed since and hasn't been slow. Despite what others have said this game has lots of levels and takes lots of practice to master the freestyle levels. (The skaters will do lots of different tricks once the user learns how to do them.) This game has even seemed to help my daughter's actual skating - she just went yesterday for the first time since receiving the game and had lots more confidence and moved more smoothly than she did the other times she went.
__label__1 Not really what I wanted: For anybody who's looking for the 1978 movie with Lauren Bacall - this is not it ! Actually it's a 12 minute CBS music video by a group called "Perfect Gentleman" with 2 titles on it: "Ooh la la" and "One more Chance". This is not a rating of this video (I didn't bother watching it) but just of the fact that there's absolutely no information in the Amazon product details which could have told me this wasn't the feature film I was looking for before I ordered it. That's even more a pity as it was the fastest delivery I ever got from the US to Europe by Mail - a very short-lived joy.
__label__2 Rare find: A good book for Audi owners, and fans in general.The book dosen't just focus on the quattro itself, but the surrounding models as well.Not too much of a technical book, but more of an enthusiasts read.
__label__1 Fire Truck Puzzle: The fire truck puzzle arrived in the time that was stated. It is very colorful and well worth the price. The puzzle is a Christmas gift for a 2 year old, so at this time I can't state how he liked it. But I am very pleased with the quality.
__label__2 Dark Horses a must have CD: I have had this album on my 'must buy' cd list for some time and I finally got around to making the purchase in 2004. All I can say is that I should have purchased it earlier.A wash of alternative-rock-country-blues etched with dark and somber imagery. However it's not melancholic, just quietly introspective and laid-back.Works very well with a cup of coffee/tea, a newspaper and a lazy Sunday afternoon.
__label__1 Don't buy from Eforcity -- slow, disingenuous: What am I reviewing here... this gizmo or the supplier, Eforcity? I never received this product after my order! After waiting and waiting I contacted Eforcity several times -- no reply. After a nasty letter from me Eforcity'r reply feigned lacking information about my mailing address!What a cop-out.I told them I would not pay for it, so Eforcity said they'd give me a refund, which has not come to me yet. I bought another product to replace this from Amazon which arrived quickly from Amazon.
__label__1 Don't waste your money: I ordered this because my apartment doesn't have a light switch in the living room. It worked fine for about a week, then occassionaly would take 3 or 4 clicks to get the light to turn out. Now it will work 1 out of maybe 100 attempts, and only within 6 feet of the outlet. Terrible
__label__1 Does not work!: It worked about 40% of the time when I was standing less than two feet from the outlet. When I moved eight to ten feet away it worked about 5% of the. I would not recommend it.
__label__2 Plug it in and it works!: Pull the battery saver tab, plug the unit into the wall and plug-in the device you want to control and everything works! I tried it from 25 feet away and through one wall and the remote turned my device on and off without a hitch!
__label__2 The most charming, captivating work from LJ Smith!: The plot and characters are incredible. Everyone that likes the supernatural should read this book, and all the other Night World books. I think I'm in love with Ash!
__label__2 Beautiful Love Story: I usually hate teenage romance books, but this book is great. I love the transition the characters go through and the romance. This is my favorite Night World beacuase of its characters and sitiuations. She mixes charm, romance, and humor. This book feels like real, even though it is horror, which makes you wonder. My favorite line in the book is "This is a paranormal disaster area!"
__label__2 The Best Yet!!!: Daughters of Darkness is the best yet!! I happened to pick it up by mistake in the Library and I Got hooked right away! I must have read it 50 times!! I loved the way Ash Tried to protect her from Jermey but she saved herself. I really hope there's another book on those two!
__label__2 The Best: I just re-read Daughters of Darkness for about the 100th time and I just enjoy it more every time I read it. It has everything that you could want and more. Just one questionAre Mary-Lynnette and Ash ever going to find happiness together or will they be forced to spend their lives apart, longing for the one person who can make their life complete?To find out keep reading!!
__label__2 Soul-mates: I have read nearly all of the books in the Night-world series, and I have to say that this one is my favourite, without a doubt! It is Ash of course that just makes this book, he is irrestible, I became hooked on him from the very first, I guess it's the whole 'bad-boy' vampyre thing he's got going on that you become addicted to him! I started reading these books years ago, but they went out of print, I would love to get the last few if anyone has any idea how I can get them! I would recommend these books to anyone of any age, I mean I'm 21 now, and I still love them!
__label__2 Possibly the Best out of this series!: It was this book nearly 10 years ago that made me fall in love with L.J. Smith and her writing. I have read nearly everything by her in the years after my first encounter with Daughters of Darkness, yet this book remains dear to my heart. The characters pop out of the pages and you fall in love instantly with Rowan, Jade, and Kestrel...but you will especially fall in love with Ash. Look for Ash again in the 6th book of the series when he makes another appearance. This book is fantastic!
__label__2 Amazing!: LJ smith is a fantastic author who inspires others to create stories and poetry that shows their true brilliance. Daughters of Darkness has a special quality about it which induces feeling of love and adventure all at the same time. I would not be surprised if people respond well to this novel!
__label__2 One of the best books I've ever read!: DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS was the first book by L. J. Smith that Iread and I was hooked after that! I loved the way L. J. Smithdescribed all the characters, especialy Ash, and gave them all completely different personalities. This is, by far, one of the best books I've ever read and I can't wait for STRANGE FATE to come out. For anyone who is looking for another good series by L. J. Smith I suggest the Vampire Diaries and Dark Visions trilogies.
__label__2 Daughters of Darkness-THE BEST: I've read all of L.J Smiths books up until TheHuntress,which of course isn't out yet,and Ihave to say, that Daughters of Darkness wasprobably the best Night World so far. I'mobsessed with Ash,and Mary-Lynette was just awesomeANYBODY AND EVERYBODY MUST READ THIS BOOK
__label__2 One of her best in the Night World series!: Out of all L.J.Smiths works this is one of my most highly recommended. If you have read any other books in the Night World series you will have recognized Ash(one of the main characters), who seems to pop up in many scenes. The heroine Mary Lynette is also one of my favorite characters. During the entire novel she dosn't appear as shaken as most would after learning of the Night World,finding her soulmate vampire and befriending 3 rogue vampires. Even if this series is unrealistic what better kind of book to lose yourself in. I find the whole concept of the Night World,wild powers and soulmates fascinating,this book is worth it.
__label__2 2 Humans and 3 vampires after a vampire slayer: I just loved Daughters of Darkness!! I must of read it about 50 times, really! It's such a good story line you just have to read it tunes of times! But it didn't really explain how Jeramey got there. How would he how where they were going?
__label__2 I'm hooked and I want some more ...: I've only read up to Soulmate of the Night World series, but sofar Ihappen to be in agreement with almost all the other reviewers: Ash is my favourite male character!!! Did anyone notice that (so far) only Ash and Mary-Lynnette tried to fight their attraction? But why was it called "Daughters of Darkness" when Rowan, Kestrel and Jade weren't actually the main characters?P.S. I think L. J. Smith should let more characters become vampires. And how come all the main-character vampires are all male and the witches female???
__label__2 L.J. Smith has so many correct details....: I'm writng again to say that this book has so many correct details, and the other books in this series are correct too. For instance, Speelbound has it right calling the Salem witch hunts the Burning Times. real witches do to. Isis is a a major person in witchcraft, and Hecate was the first witch. L.j Smith might as well be a wtich or vampire or whatever else for all the right details she has
__label__2 It was great!!!: I like it. It was very cool to read about vampires and other legendary cratures of the night.
__label__1 Disappointing: I bought this book because I am a nonogram (also called Paint By Number) addict, and can't get enough of this type of puzzle. My disappointment is not so much with the quality of the puzzles within it but with the quality of the publishing. The paper is poor quality; it won't hold up under much erasing if you use pencil, and if you use gel pens, the ink bleeds through to the other side. The squares to color in are too large, making the finished image very pixillated and hard to make out. Also, the guide numbers are located at the right and bottom edges of the puzzle, instead of left and top, making it more difficult for a right-handed person to see while solving.Save your money, and buy the Games Magazine publication instead.
__label__2 mirroring the reader: I find it fascinating that this wonderful glimpse into our nation shortly before the American Revolution could be thought of as stuffy, boring and a waste of time. Hofstader, a brilliant and yet very human scholar, has offered us a wonderfully concise, compelling and illuminating read - a rare and precious gift to anyone wishing to examine the evolution of our nation. He has done all the work, not only allowing us to form our own conclusions from the facts rather than spoon-feeding us his unsubstantiated opinion, but has presented this vast amount of data in a breezy, very readable manner. The only explanation I could arrive at of how anyone could find this great book a waste of time is that these reviews are as much a reflection of the reviewer as the book under review.Bravo Professor Hofstader. I regret that you did not live to complete your masterpiece.
__label__1 Don't Waste Yout Time: Unless you are under obligation to read this for some sort of class, I would not recomend wasting yout time trying to wade through the quagmire of redundantly long, boring text. If I could pay attention to it for more than two sentences at a time, most likely I would find it to have a wealth of information; but it's dry, overly-intellecual style makes it impossible to stay interested. If you're looking for a challenge to read, you face two; deciphering the nealry 300 pages of rediculously long sentences, and staying awake. I even go so far as to say reading it is a complete waste of time, because the energy you must invest to understand this work' coupled witht the frustration of an endlessly boring stlye does not even compared to the information you will actually get out of it.
__label__1 Thick, dry and packed full of somewhat useful information: To read this book you need to be fully awake and have full concentration. This is not the type of book to bring to the beach. Though Richard Hofstadter makes a convincing case of what colonial times were like and he obviously was a scholar, he writes very monotonously. if not thouroughly interested in american history at 1750 i would not recommend this book. otherwise, if you are a history-fanatic, this book gives a wide range of perspectives and fully covers the history of the time.
__label__2 Kylie takes a bite at subtlety....: Kylie Minogue isn't a very subtle performer - she's famous for hi-NRG floorfillers, not purring ballads. A ballad in the hands of a pop singer can be a nightmare but with Kylie, it's a dream and CHOCOLATE is a perfect example of it. Sweet and slow, it flows like its namesake throughout, with a catchy chorus that will for sure melt her fans down. Remixed for release, this CD also includes the funky CITY GAMES, two remixes (the EMO mix is the better one) and a live track, taken from her BODY LANGUAGE LIVE DVD, which should receive a late 2004 release in the USA.
__label__2 A rare & wondeful treat: I was extremely lucky to have found this, because it is a) an import & b) limited edition...especially lucky to find just thrown in the kylie section of a Pennsylvania Borders! Ok, here it is track-by-track:1. Chocolate [Radio Edit]:While this cuts the album version of the song by one minute and two seconds, it's better. Her vocals are improved, & more of an arrangement is used. 10/102. City Games: THis extreme rarity is fabulous. Very R&B; pop. 10/103. Chocolate [Tom Middleton Cosmos Remix]: A club dub. Cool when you have so much energy in you that you have to dance it out, but not for a regular listen. 7/104. Chocolate [EMO Mix]: Woderful. A good R&B; dance mix of the song. 9/105. Love @ First Sight [Live]: A live version of the Fever hit. I usually love live sounds, but this when isn't quite up to par with the original. 8/10I still have yet to figure out how to access the video. (...)Overall great package, great mixes, great rarities.
__label__2 nifty: It is very convenient to have the charging cable available without having the cord all over the place in the way. Works well too.
__label__2 Grandson enjoyed maybe 20 times!: Fine. Boys and the toys or trains I forget how many times kids can watch a movie and then watch it again
__label__1 Very annoying!: This video is really a disappointment, it came with a Thomas piece so naturally my daughter picked it and I thought the bonus "feature" wouldn't be mixed in with the actually Thomas stories but I was wrong. My daughter easily lost interest when the people would come on and talk about loving Thomas and getting to ride the real Thomas train... I was totally annoyed.
__label__1 Extremely Disappointed with this video: I never write reviews but I just felt compelled after I saw this video. It's 70% listening to parents and kids think about Thomas and maybe 30% Thomas related. What is worse is that you have to fast forward through a bunch of the rambling in order to see what amounts to a 5 minute story. And, there is only one song in the "Sing A Long". I really liked Thomas stories after watching them on PBS with my daughter. Next time, I will try to find those stories on video. They actually last about 15 minutes and do not involve mindless prattle from people I don't know.
__label__1 Just so-so: This is a DVD with footage of a "Come Out and Meet Thomas" day mixed in between the episodes. Sort fo a promotional piece to be honest. Still decent enough to rent. The DVD extras are limited and not very good. My son seems to like it o kay but it gets pushed aside for more interactive stuff to be found on Sodor Celebration. There is also a ton of toys shown during the "party/interview" footage which can be a good or bad thing depending on how much you need to control that sort of thing with your child. Also I for one get annoyed at the interviewes not sure why they just annoy me. This production has the feel of an old VHS video copied to DVD without much added to it. I wouldn't throw it out but I wouldn't buy it either.
__label__1 More than Thomas, Not Geared Toward Children As Much: I bought this thinking it would be packed with Thomas stories. Turns out there are only ten, which is a typical Thomas DVD. However, between each story, it also has interviews with parents and their kids about what they like about Thomas. As I parent, I'm not interested in this, and I know that my 3 year old would rather watch Thomas than a bunch of strangers any day. Plus, the sing-along section has one song. One. We have other Thomas videos that has at least 4, and they aren't special DVD's, just normal Thomas collections. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, if you are looking for solely Thomas stories and can find other collections.
__label__1 A long promo for the Thomas center(s): Unless I missed something, there are only one or two actual episodes on this DVD. The rest is a long commercial for the Thomas the Train centers and an ode to Ms. Allcroft. Waste of money.
__label__1 Poor DVD: Has too many interviews with people at the Live THomas day in Penn. My kids were annoyed and hated this DVD.
__label__1 My Son finds it annoying: My 2 year old son is huge Thomas fan. This DVD has long introductions to each story in which children and adults are interviewed - my son couldn't care less. He just wants to see trains! We have a portable DVD player, and it is a big pain to try to fast forward past these introductions, and he (and I) just ends up frustrated. My advice - pick another DVD.
__label__1 Feels like a commercial...: All the interspersed kid and parent interviews where they talk about all the trains they have just feels like a thinly disguised effort to sell more product.It's also AWFULLY frustrating that you can't jut buy the DVD Series here as you can in the UK, but have to make do with compilations where there are invariably episode duplications.*sigh*
__label__2 Makes you not want to sleep at night.....: This is about a kid who, when asleep, unleashes something horrific. part two of the night warriors, it is a brilliantly done novell and i recommend this to anyone who is a gore fanatic and masterton lover!!
__label__1 $25K warranty isn't included in packaging or at APC site: This product description is WRONG. I purchased this product because of this "$25,000" equipment warranty. Product received only states that the actual surge protector is under warranty and has no mention of equipment warranty. Is Amazon starting to make stuff up now?
__label__2 Great little surge protector: Great value for a surge protector. I've got 'em on lots of electronics (printers, phones, laptops) that don't need a full power strip or universal power supply (UPS). Very portable for laptops, in case you're travelling.
__label__1 Too Small: I have bought dockers for years but these are cut smaller than they usually are. Even with the "stretch" waist band they are tight. So much for an "extra" inch. Beware. Try these in a store before you buy.
__label__2 A good product available in convenient range of sizes: This product earns five stars not just because it is comfortable to wear and looks good but because it is available in more size (inseam) ranges than other Dockers products. And by ordering online one can largely avoid the disappointment of store stock outs.
__label__1 Cut smaller than usual: I agree, these are cut small... Buy an inch or two larger than you normally do. The waist band does NOT stretch.
__label__1 Wrong item sent.: I got the shippment quickly. But wrong items was sent. I have to return it to the seller. I got the refund pretty quick, but only for the value of product. I spent about &10 for two way shipping without geting anything.
__label__1 Too bad....: Did not like the pants at all, and threw them in the trash rather than pay return postage. Flimsy, smelled of dye, cheap fabric, etc. Too bad.
__label__2 Dockers do the job.: This product was just what I was hoping for, and I had no problem with shipping. I highly recommend this product.
__label__1 False advertising: If you search for Super Saver shipping this advertisement comes up, but this product is not shipped by Amazon is does not go out with the Super Saver shipping, and the cost of shipping is nearly 20% the cost of the pants.
__label__1 Don't Trust the Images: Dockers are Dockers, so that's not the problem. Just be sure you don't trust the images if you choose to buy these via Amazon. "Cafe," for example, should be "Coffee." Despite the fact that the image for "Cafe" shows a stone or very light gray color, "Cafe" is actually dark brown. So the product isn't defective, but IS misleading: I didn't want brown pants, but that's what I got.
__label__1 So disappointed: I have worn these pants for years; my size is the same as always. I couldn't get them on; they were so tight I couldn't get the button buttoned around the waist. What is going on? These pants seemed to be cut for a skinny 25 year old, not someone who is a little on the hefty side. Further, the shipping and handling charges are just out of sight...$16.95 above and beyond the already rather pricy product. I would not recommend doing business with this seller at all. You can go to other outlets and get the same thing without the shipping and handling, and there are "deals" out there from major store chains. I was really disappointed in this product and the seller. Go to WalMart and get their khakis; they are very inexpensive and wear like iron.
__label__2 Fantastic Book: This book is a modern retelling of Sleeping Beauty with an emphasis on the power of family to help a boy through a terrible time. It is best suited for a mature, inquisitive child. War is a reality that parents should not shy away from talking about to their children.
__label__1 Disturbing: Although the images are very well rendered, they arefrightening. I am baffled about the impression this book is supposedto leave on children. This book may be picked up on the thought that it is a retold fairy tale, when it is an abstract and grim retelling of the horrors of WWII in Berlin. The most horrifying image is that of Major Kreig's big black gloves enveloping the body of the little boy. This book is NOT appropriate for younger readers. I can see how this book might be valuable for an alternative look at the war for middle schoolers or higher.
__label__2 A Taste of Italy: Longing for vicarious travel? Imagining your college days, interrupted by an Italian adventure ... which turns into one of the romantic kind? And full of the silly things that come with youth, attraction and confusion? I just wanted to add my two-cents on this item, which I found, despite brief lapses in credibility, and hoppingly gullible moments, sufficiently engaging to remind me of my love of Rome. And now I have an even greater appreciation for the breadth and depth of Italian culture and character, and the wonders of eating their special dishes. Fun and satisfying.
__label__2 Perfect book for a long flight....: .... or a lazy afternoon. This book is like watching a romantic movie. It is interesting, feel good and 'tasty'. Capella has done a good job of holding the reader's interest with fun descriptions of food, chefs, Rome, locals and the Italian countryside.I happened to pick this book up at a used book store and I am glad I did. You'll like this book if you are a romantic/ a foodie/ love to travel/ love Italy and Italian food or all of the above.
__label__2 Delicious reading: I found the book to be light-hearted, fun and relatively fast-moving. True, it was predictable, but that didn't detract from Capella's take on the triad of Bruno, Laura and Tomasso. In fact, it was nice to see how Cappella put his spin on the Cyrano story. The descriptions of the food and the locale enhanced the story and added to the atmosphere, though at times were a "trifle overdone" (pun intended). The only thing that kept me from giving this a 5 was the author's descriptions of the sex scenes which were at times too graphic -- too male, perhaps, like reading Playboy/Penthouse letters -- for my taste. In all, though, the book was entertaining and a fun way to occupy a few summer afternoons.
__label__2 Wonderfully romantic book that sweeps you to Italy: THE FOOD OF LOVE is absolutely amazing. From page one I felt like I was in Italy, smelling the smells, seeing the sights and above all, tasting the food.This book is for those who love life in all its sensual glory, who believe in recognizing your soul mate at first sight and who think that fairy tales can come true. I devoured the book (pun intended) from start to finish. It made me appreciate food and its preparation, and we're booking a trip to Italy as soon as possible to discover some of the dishes described.What Water for Chocolate did for Mexican food, this does for Italian. There is magic in preparing food for those you love. This is a fable, a romance (in the medieval sense of the word). It's about the magic and wonder of food and love, the sensual beauty of the world.
__label__2 I just wanted to cook for my husband on those dark and stary nights...: This book is better than ANY of the great trashy historical romances I have EVER read. I love to cook; I love to eat; I love my husband. This book made a great week for all three. It was an inspiration for me to perfect a couple of things, cooking and uhmmmm. If you want to get INSPIRED too, then read this book!! I'd pair it with a couple of cooking books, like Cooking in the Nude: the one for newlyweds, Booty Food, Inter-courses, or something like that. Enjoy a great book!
__label__2 One of the best!: If you are looking for something that entertains, tells a great story, and inspires you to want to go to Italy and fall in love with someone (or with the food) this is the perfect book. I recommend it as mandatory reading for all groups I bring to Italy. All who have read it, especially women, love it.
__label__2 Cameriere!: I enjoyed this book-- it was much better than the standard "chick lit" titles. It was a lightweight story, easy to read, and the Roman food, cooking, markets and people were fun. Didn't mind the creative cursing-- how very true to "Roman young stud" it was! Maybe the Laura character was a bit underdeveloped, but I much prefered to read about Bruno.I liked this book SO MUCH more than "Cooking for Mr. Latte" - it was a fun read.
__label__2 Food porn, and I mean that in the best possible way: I didn't like the ending, the characterization leave something to be desired, and the writing didn't make me think, but, oh I didn't notice any of that (Well, except for the ending) at the time, or even until substatially after it was all over. During, I read and read, bathing in the glorious food descriptions, not to mention the allure of Italy. Oh Yes!
__label__2 "Chick Lit " for "Foodies": What a great read = tips on cooking,lovemaking and Italian insults. Laughed and laughed. Thanks. Looking forward to film.
__label__1 Not very good....: I bought this book to read as I myself ventured the streets of Italy...and to my dismay, the book was horrible. I searched everywhere for the book here in the states, and it was sold out everywhere...and to be honest, I am not sure why! All of the characters were not very well depicted, except for Laura. The description of Rome and the other cities the book took place in where not vivid. And the plot very predictible. The addition of the mafia in the story could have also been completely taken out...there was no need for it in the book! I just can't seem to think of anything really good to say about this book...maybe the recepies at the end are good to cook?
__label__1 Do not waste your time....lousy: This is one of the worst written books I have ever read.I wish I had saved my money and my time.The book is full of superlatives. Everything is "the best ever experienced" again and again.The characters NEVER become embraceable. One male character is pathetic while the other is a jerk. The female lead is portrayed as perhaps innocently unaware, but is really just stupid. Her friend is promiscuous, which is all we ever really get to know of her.The writing is at a level well below that of an adult reader. But, the content could not possibly be meant for a younger reader. Very inappropriate.Not sure who would really like this book.Maybe someone who really likes descriptions of food and does not care about plot, story development, characterization or any other facets of literature.Find yourself something with a little more substance, and I think you'll be much happier.
__label__1 The food is sexier than the sex: This book as all about the joy of eating and cooking and love.It's a lot better when it deals with food than with love. In fact, food is not only a metaphor for love and love-making but seems a more than adequate substitute. People have virtual orgasms cooking and eating but the sex is pallid and occasionally positively unappetizing.I can see why this book has been successful but to appreciate it one has to overlook the thin characters and absurd plot, openly cribbed from Cyrano de Bergerac. The most enjoyable parts are the opening chapters. After that, the returns swiftly diminish.Still, for a plane ride, one could do worse I suppose.
__label__1 Back to basics: Generally speaking a great book if you are not familiar with management accounting and turning heaps of information into valuable reports for your top management group. No doubt about it: This book will provide the basic tools for keeping your boss happy, especially if you need a brush-up on moving averages, etc. Having vast experience with both advanced financial and non-financial analysis on various aspects of business (shipping and construction), this book was somewhat a let down in terms of ability to inspire and provide ways to improve personal skills to structure and present complex topics in an ordered and clear fashion. A nice bedtable-reader for the pre-MBA. MBAs should look elsewhere.
__label__1 Just as trashy as garbage music comes...: I listen to every kind of music in existence, and I always give everything a chance. But now I'm permanently going to start ignoring every CD with a CASH MONEY record label on it. They're CASH MONEY Millionaires, and why? Because they fill a CD with a bunch of horrible songs and repetitive beats. They're millionaires because they repeat the words "huh," "what," and "yeah" for every 3 or 4 minute song they make. They're millionaires because people who expect this kind of music to be the next BIG thing make them millionaires. Bottom line: HotBoys are garbage, and so is every other artist signed onto the Cash Money label. I will NEVER consider this good music, and I hope that this is just a passing fad because if this is what "so-called" hip-hop music is coming to...then I only hope it's worth your money cause I ain't gonna spend a penny on it.
__label__1 this album is garbage,straight bfi material: cash money records is going to have to up with something a lil better than this if they plan on making it in this game.the beats where alright but the rappers a terrible.none of the have a goog flow to accomidate the beats.try again cmr.maybe next time.
__label__2 I feel ya "Ghenry187@aol"...this CD rocks. No Limit can't...: I feel ya ""...this CD rocks. No Limit can't touch Cash $ Money Records. I don't know why that new Tru CD sold one million in the first place. Who cares, 'cause I just checked the billboard charts and discovered that Juvenile sold more that two million. So they can't be faded. Anyway, back to this CD. Every song on this CD rocks. My favorite song is "Help" by B.G. I love this CD.
__label__1 save your $$$: I can't believe how much this cd sucks, save yourself 17 bucks & just download the "we on fire" mp3 its the only decent track on the album. And if u r looking for more "bounce" party tracks like "back that ass up" too bad; u won't find any here. What a rip.
__label__1 PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS CD!: I was truly disappointed in this album. The beats are all overused and unoriginal. The only thing that makes this album is Young Turk. He has the hottest rap out of all the Hot Boys. If you haven't heard his freestyle, you don't know what's up. Turk is off da chains. I can't wait for his solo album to drop. Ya'll need to recognize, quit hatin' Turk.
__label__2 Worst music ever....but I love it.: I don't know if you can actually call this music. It is truly terrible. However, I love listening to it for some strange music. ... I am not normally a fan of rap music, but I laugh out loud every time I hear some of these songs. These Cash Money guys should be comedians. Except for Juvenile, since I can't understand anything he says, which is also rather funny. Don't buy it for the music, but it for the comedy.
__label__2 classic: most underrated rap group, when lil wayne actually talked real s*** besides aliens and skateboards..if u like lil Wayne u should deffinetly love this album
__label__2 NO, NOT 5 STARZ 6 STARZ!: this album hea is just "too hot". this album is tha first album that really made me like all the songs. cash money is my favorite rap label and i like other labels too but it don't get no realer than this right cha'. this album is just to real, i mean, every song on it just blow up. every single day when i come home from school, i just have to stop and take some time out and listen to Hot Boys "Guerilla Warfare". like i said in the beginning "not 5 starz 6 starz", if you know what i mean!
__label__1 The worst rap I ever Heard: This is what is in the dictionary under wack. I can't belive that this many people bought this (...) The hot boys are just a fad like bellbottoms. (...) If you think this is what rap is about u just plain stupid and I'm glad this hot boy stuff is almost over wit. When some of my friends play this crap in the car I just rather get out and walk.
__label__2 super hot: lil wayne and turk set the whole cd off the untamed killer seem to know how to flow. his beats are for real and i cant wait for lil wayne to come out with his solo cd
__label__1 super wack: just like No-Limit Cash Money has no shame at putting out garbage music.wack beats and no lyric ryhmes.who is buying this crab? all the stuff sounds the same and it's not that's all bad.
__label__1 ghetto foolishness: i like the Hot Boys and really like Juvenile, but this is not good. the only thing good is "we on fire" and "I need a hot girl". just download those 2 songs onto your Ipod and skip this album.
__label__1 Please try another Hot Boy album...: Guerriula Warfare is an album I fell is something, and that something is everything. The lyrics are most of the time meanless and pointless. Also the beat and backround music of the songs sometimes don't even fit could for the lyrics or how the rapper is rapping. Overall please go out and get another Hotboy album or something. Or just another album in the lines of Cash Money, just please not this one...
__label__2 Fun To Listen To.: This is the second best Cash Money album I've ever heard next to Juvenile's 400 Degreez which is definetely a 5 Star cd too. The Hot Boys put out an album with like 5 or 6 really strong songs. And as bunch of other average or a little better songs. Not really any horrible songs at all. The Best Songs are the main 4 "I Need A Hot Girl", "We On Fire", "Respect My Mind" & "Tuesday & Thursday". Those 4 songs were the songs I listened to every morning for like months and months. And i have over 200 cd's! So this cd must be good huh? "Ridin'" is another real tight one! Then the other songs all blend in with the rest like "Clear Tha Set" by Lil'Wayne. "Ya Dig" by Juvenile. "Help" by B.G., and "Bout Whatever" by Turk. I Think it's cool that all of them got there own solo songs. "Too Hot" is nice too..along with the rest of the songs. Juvenile, B.G., Turk & Lil'Wayne put out one of the best cd's of '99, and also the best group cd to come out for a long while!It's real good!
__label__2 Did you like 400 degreez?: A continuation of the illest hip-hop album in recent times, 400 degreez. If you aren't down w/ C.M.B yet, go get 400 degreez first. If you already got and you love it, this is just another hour of banging bump and car music. Great
__label__2 Tha One: this c.d. is off the hook. it blew the sets up down here. everybody need to quit hatin cuz you don't know what's up hot boys can flow and they be tearin up the charts
__label__2 Short book explaining Love and Logic: At first I was disappointed that this wasn't a longer book, but then I realized that it is great to give away to curious friends and parents as an introduction to Love and Logic. I just wish it was a little cheaper.
__label__2 Book review: This is a book for all parents or parents to be, all people thinking of having children. Love and Logic is a program to help you be a more effect parent, raising responsible children. It can also be used on co workers and the rest.
__label__2 A Novel as Enjoyable as the Restaurant Antoine's: If you've ever eaten at the wonderful restaurant Antoine's in the French Quarter of New Orleans (with its many themed Mardi Gras private rooms), you will definitely enjoy this book. And even if you haven't eaten at Antoine's, if you're interested in New Orleans society mid-way through the 20th Century, you'll find this a delightful mystery.In addition, the home of the late author, Frances Parkinson Keyes, is open to the public in New Orleans. It's actually called the Beauregard Keyes House after Confederate General Beauregard who stayed there and Frances Parkinson Keyes. And the author also wrote a novel about the house called "Madame Castel's Lodger," which is filled with the interesting history of General Beauregard.-- Phyllis Zimbler Miller
__label__2 An old friend: This beautifully written novel in a gently used library copy now joins my little shelf of Unlimited Re-Reads reserved for just such special old friends as The Virginian, Until the Sun Falls, O the Brave Music, A Dance to the Music of Tim, Persuasion and The Final Reflection. The words are worn smooth by familiarity and give the pleasure of fingering a stash of precious stones. Dinner at Antoine's is also touching as a memory of New Orleans in a former time among the privileged classes, with a sunny certainty that nothing will ever change (it is set in January-February 1948).
__label__1 NOT A RIDE ON: I should have paid closer attention to the size of this horse when I ordered it, but it should not be in the ride-on section. It is clearly not a ride on toy. It is tiny. The beanie babies ride on this horse and fit perfect. All it is is a stuffed horse on wheels and it is so tiny. My kids never play with it. This was a learning lesson for me with shopping online.
__label__2 Excellent - Very Useful: I find this book highly useful as a desktop reference for just about anything HTML/DHTML related. In addition, Powell does a great job of introducing topics that may be new to some people, like XML.
__label__2 Wonderful. A thorough reference guide.: I needed a comprehensive, intelligent guide covering HTML, DHTML, CSS etc. This book provides that and more in a easy to understand manner, that isn't too simplistic for an advanced web author. A smart layout, and nice index helps you locate what you need fast. Color charts, CSS style references, tag attributes a-plenty, DHTML overviews and in-depth information is there when you need it. If you're looking to spend on a clever guide to take you into the ever expanding world of web technologies, this book is a excellent resource!
__label__2 Fantastic Advanced Course!: Many parts of this book are difficult to understand for the beginning and intermediate user. It is an informative, advanced reference; the only one needed for an experienced website creator. There are no color examples of what the HTML language produces, making some of it difficult to piece together if you are not experienced.
__label__2 Simply excellent !!! No Comparision: I am a system analyst with IBM background, client server is totally new for me and being a novice in this area I found this book of immense help. The topics have been beautifully explained. HTML, XML, CSS,DHTML are no longer nightmares for me. I must say that from day one itself I started writing HTMLs. This book is simply great for anybody who would like to learn about HTML. I would recommend this books to beginners as well as experts for reference. The book is worth buying. This is worth 5+ star rating.
__label__1 Complete reference... yes: Well although i found the book to be extremely informative and I learned a great deal from it, I was very disapointed that I could not get a lot of the examples to work for me. I am not talking about the images but the actual pages did not come up the way the way the book depicts them if you type them in exactly the way it is printed. I had to tweek them a bit to make them work correctly. I fell that I am going to have to go elsewhere to find the right type of book for me. Other than that the book did have a lot of information to give and will keep it as a reference as the book's title plainly details.
__label__2 Good place to start Web development: It is a great book for all new arrivals to the Web development and design world. The book's title doesn't indicate the real content, it is not just HTML, it is an introduction to web design covering HTML, JavaScript, Client-Programming, Server-Programming, CSS, XML, and many other topics. I recommend it to all beginners but wishing to become experts.
__label__2 Keeps me healthy and I am not allergic to this brand.: I like the Solaray Brand. I am not allergic to it. Vitamin D-3 was recommended by my doctor. The Vitamin D-3 keeps me healthy.
__label__2 Thoughtful, contemporary fiction: Excellent novel about cultural/generational borderlands and the search for personal identity. Tells the story of three marginalised young outcasts who forge a strong bond of friendhip that helps see them through various life dramas. Teo is a highly intelligent writer who makes you care about her characters, she is also excellent at evoking the flavour of various cultures in her writing. A thought provoking tale of borders, boundaries and coming of age in the cultural melting pot of contemporary Australia, told with plenty of wit and heart.
__label__2 Why Some People Complain: The thing that most people don't understand about the FFVI sound track is that it couldn't possibly sound the same as the game. When people buy it they are expecting the exact same music and they heard while playing it, but it just wouldn't be done. On the original SNES system that this game was made for it had a very poor sound quality system in it. It was only about 16 bits if even that much. Nobody would want to listen to the poor quality music that the game produced when they could hear it orchestrated and remastered like the future FF Series games had. All in all i thought that this sound track was an excellent portrayal of the way the music should have sounded, had the game been placed on a CD based system instead of a 16 bit SNES cartridge system.
__label__1 My Daughter Hates It: I got this throat spray in a hurry hoping to relieve my 3.5 yo daughter from a bad sore throat. It tastes awful, and it's just not meant for a young child. I got it after a recommendation from another mom, and it was a bad decision. I'll keep it to numb a scratched-up knee or elbow.
__label__2 glider: the glider got here much sooner than I thought, it arrived in great shape and all the pieces were there. I put it together by myself even if the kept saying 2 people. It was not hard and directions were simple.. It's really nice
__label__1 bench: The bench is very nice. I had a few pieces that looked like they were painted over scratches and some of the metal were scratched. I was unsure of some of the screws as you can not tighten it too much or is strips the plastic. wasnt sure on the indents on the metal bars which way they were suppose to go on. the bench broke after sitting on it three times. The glider bar broke. the weld is not very good or sturdy.
__label__2 Great Glider: We needed to replace a wooden glider that we had in front of our house and after looking around and not really finding what we were looking for our son suggested we check We chose this one because we felt it would last for a long time and the size was right. When we received it we put it together and it was very easy to assemble. The movement of the glider is smooth. The color is a little blah, but we added a couple of colorful pillows and have received many compliments on it. The price is great and we are very happy with our purchase!
__label__1 Gauges in chair arms: Chair is the product ordered, however it came with gauges in the arms. The chair was well packed and the damage appeared to have happened at the factory before wrapping for shipment. Poor quality control. Not worth returning the product. Other than that, the bench is substantial and as promised. I have pictures taken while I was unwrapping, but couldn't figure out how to include them.
__label__2 Very nice glider: Good quality and fairly easy to assemble, although it helps to have 2 people. It is quite comfortable and looks nice.
__label__2 Fantastic glider/ bench: Right after I clicked the purchase button for this, I remember wondering what the heck I was doing buying a glider bench off the internet. It was so reasonably priced compared to the ones I had checked out in stores, I figured I was getting some flimsy, poorly made item. But this bench is awesome! My husband put it together in about 30 minutes by himself and it's sturdy but light enough that I can drag it around our backyard to catch the sun (or not). It has held up to all the wet weather we've had, it's easy to clean and glides beautifully. It really is a quality product - I'm thinking of buying a second one for our patio.
__label__2 James Moody takes San Diego "Beyond the Border"!: James Moody, and his well known "cast of characters" have put together an awsome sample of what can be done when you think everything else has already been done... I really enjoy listening to this up and coming jazz artist because he has a style that is all his own. I play this CD everytime I am trying to impress someone...and it never fails to do the job. There are some really great songs in new styles that consistantly perk up my friends ears when they hear it. They know that song, but they've "never heard it played like THAT before".
__label__1 Seal IV: I am a huge fan of Seal's first 3 albums, so I rushed out to buy this one the minute it came out. What a disappointment!! Most of the songs sound like old remixes of Curtis Mayfield tunes. The only 2 with that eerie signature 'Seal' sound are 'heavenly' and 'tinsel town'. I'd say go to Itunes....listen to the the tunes you like (if there are any) and call it a day.
__label__2 Woburn: Forgotten Tales & Untold Stories: I purchased this book hoping to find some history of the town that one of my ancestors Samuel Richardson, helped found. Although there was little mention of people from my direct line, this was an extremely interesting read of the history after the town was founded in 1630. The history and characters are real and the various chapter authors did an excellent job of researching facts and putting them into facinating stories. This book gave me a better understanding of what several generations went through in order to make Woburn what it is today. This would be a great read for anyone interested in the early history of the United States.
__label__1 Too Much on the Mystical Plate: The idea behind God was in this Place and I, i did not know it is excellent. Take the famous line from Jacob at Beth-el, and see how it has been interpreted throughout the ages by various Jewish worthies. In the process, have them talk to Jacob in a kind of free form midrash, unshackled by time. And since the writer is Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, add a bit a personal reflection and home grown stories.All the elements are here, but the book never gets off the ground. In juggling so many elements in so short a space, Kushner gets lost, and the book lacks a real sense of forward momentum or thrust. This would have been a good idea for two, maybe even three books. Kushner would have then allowed himself the luxury of exploring some of the very good themes he has laid down here and not fully explored.
__label__2 God's Zoo: Wonderful video, very comical and loved by kids, also teaches some good Biblical truths and good gospel songs.
__label__2 Different: The average work about socialism talks about such dry topics as economics and politics. This essay doesn't do any of that. It goes into art, and even pseudo-psychology (one could say). It covers a broad variety of topics in a short amount of pages. I agree with almost everything said in this book. It's definitely worth reading and will really make you think.
__label__2 Awesome: This is probably the best essay I have ever read. It has defined my political reviews still today. It's a work of true romanticism.
__label__2 An interesting little essay: Although the title is the soul of man under socialism, the theoretical basis for what he talks about would be more of a collective anarchy commune which fosters his individualism more than the socialisms that we have seen in theory and practice in the last couple of centuries.This is an interesting little essay because of its meandering nature. it starts out as a political tract, then veers into a brief on aesthetics and then tries to synthesize the two at the end. For me, its process felt unsuccessful, but at least there are many places that can be quotable.Quotable -- to the point that I wanted to, in a half-hearted daydream, to imagine using this text as a theoretical basis to look at Wilde's own creative work to see if he meets his own aesthetic standards. While that project may not be worthwhile, the reading of this essay is worthwhile.
__label__2 Great Actors - Well done film!: Shah Rukh Khan is my favorite actor. I enjoy seeing Rani Mukerji paired with him. This film was well done. It showed some of the difficulties couples might face after marriage. One thing that stood out to me, which bothered me, was that the "in-laws" of Rani's character seemed prejudiced against Shah Rukh Khan's character. I believe that once a family member has married someone, the rest of the family should be respectful and supportive of that choice and welcome and love the new spouse. Most romantic films focus on the relationship up until marriage, with the idea that the couple will live "Happily Ever After". However, the reality is that relationships need to be cared for after marriage. And this film gives a glimpse into the reality of marriage.
__label__2 Great movie, not so great DVD: This is one of my favorite bollywood movies. If you're a fan of Shahrukh Khan or Rani Mukerji you'll love this movie. It's interesting too in that it goes beyond the usual pretty love story. Where a lot of movies consist of "boy meets girl, boy woos girl, boy and girl get married" this movies looks at the question of "then what?" I know some people have complained about the bickering in the second half, but I didn't think it was that excessive. The movie just portrays the usual silly arguments and misunderstandings that couples face.I'd give the movie five stars but this particular product gets only 4 stars for the DVD quality. It's definitely pixilated in parts, not the best quality picture. Still watchable, and I wouldn't return it, but wish the picture was a bit better.
__label__1 an extreme emotional ride: If you want to watch a movie where a couple meets, falls in love, gets married, almost breaks up, have cat fights, get angry, make up, has new problems, lie to each other, hurt each other again, almost break up, really do break up, cry, yell at each other, cry again, then finally make up because there's not really anything else to do - then this is the movie for you.If you do, for some reason, decide to watch this, watch it to the point where they get married -THEN TURN IT OFF (being bollywood, thats about the length of a regular movie anyway).
__label__1 Grrrrr. Arrrrgh.: We few, we lucky few, who must endure the Praxis II Practices of Learning & Teaching Test will find no guide here.There is a brief discussion of the structure of the test, and some sample questions, yes, but the content of the test is not discussed at all outside the sample question. I would have loved to see a literature or concept review, such as is found in almost every other test guide on the planet.Also, it seems the PRAXIS II went from a five-response to a four-response test at some point, and the authors responded by chopping answer E off all the sample questions, without checking whether or not that was the correct answer. In other words, they revised the questions, but did not revise the answers. Most frustrating.In all, I found this book a sorry excuse for a test guide, and recommend it for nothing except mulching, or perhaps kindling.
__label__2 I give it 5 stars because it's entombed: I have waited nearly four months for this album and the wait is finally over, it's a good little album, show casing the many talents of this great metal band. It's not left hand path or wolverine blues material (both albums are in a league of their own, respectively) but for a moment just try to forget about the past work of entombed and listen to this like u are listening to them for the first time, I know that it is hard though. I recommend for the metal maniacs, entombed's new album, "uprising". I have owned it for about 2 weeks and it gets better with each listen, one for the collection. Entombed are the greatest band in the whole world...Cheers!
__label__1 bye bye mom and dad: My children and I love the little Critter books. This is a great book, but it was not bound well. The book fell out of the cover within a few days of recieving it.
__label__2 Bass - voice delight in jazz music: Miss Jordan always had a special attitude for the bass, the bass lines she uses to play with singing in a group. As much as Anita O'Day used to do whith drums, Sheila Jordan has the unique ability to express herself in a clear, witty and unique way, scatting or singin words, talking and exchanging suggestions with the acoustic bass player. This is the second, according to my knowledge, and probably one of the very best of her duo recordings. A must for jazz fans and listeners keen to jazz singers with an instrumental attitude.
__label__2 Danelectro DJ-20C Rocky Road Spin Speaker Mini Effects Pedal: This pedal is cheaply made but it sounds terrific, makes even a cheap organ sound half decent.It really does give you that Leslie effect if you mess around with the settings a little.It smells of burnt rubber as it is cheaply made but apart from that, I would highlyrecommend it for a keyboard but not much use for a guitar really. The price is good forwhat you get as with all Danelectro effect pedals. I received mine through Jax Music Supply, LLCwho were great to deal with, for a fast and reliable service.
__label__2 Fabulous...: This book was awesome. A fast paced, riveting novel by an author I am coming to find just CANNOT disappoint me. I am hooked on her Carpathians and now find that I will run just as fast to the bookstore when her next gothic comes out.THE SCARLETTI CURSE is a terrific love story and mystery set in a supposedly cursed castle that has everything from grinning gargoyles to an impressive maze. The hero and heroine are just as riveting in their fascinatin for each other and then their entanglement in the mystery of THE SCARLETTI CURSE. I highly recommend this book to all readers, Feehan fan or not. But be warned, by the time you turn the last page of this book you will be hooked on Christine Feehan.
__label__2 Wonderful!!!: Wonderful book! Very few fans of Feehan's Dark series seem to realize that although this book is not part of the Dark series, is the children and children's children of this couple will tie in to the Dark series later. Bryon's lifemate will come from this line. But if you want to learn about what's going to happen in the future books in this series as well as the Dark series, then go to Feehan's web page. You can use any search engine to get to it. But this book really is wonderful! It can really stand on it's own! I can't wait for more from this author. The publishing company needs to publish her stuff quicker than this! Can't wait till Darius's story, Dark Fire! Feel free for anyone to e-mail with any questions! I'll sell you on these books!
__label__2 A change from the Carpathian Series: The heroine, Nicoletta is the village healer. Overlord Don Giovanni exercises his right to select a village girl as his bride and chooses Nicoletta against her wishes. His home, the Palazzio, is a foreboding place, mysterious and frightening to the villagers...a place with a history of death. Giovanni is able to communicate with Nicoletta mind to mind...the only similarity to the Dark Series Heroes...bringing a subtle sensuality to their burgeoning relationship...a welcome change from the "pounce on each other in the first chapter" genre. Feehan continues to bring us dark heroes and independant heroines who find love in the sharing of each others gifts.
__label__2 Riveting: I have really enjoyed Ms. Feehan's Dark series, so was eager to read her new book. This is a true gothic with just enough paranormal elements to help build a relationship between the hero and heroine. Nicoletta has special "gifts" which her entire village tries to keep a secret, however, it is the presence of these gifts which draws Don Scarletti to her. He has "gifts" of his own. Nicoletta isn't immediately enchanted with the idea of marriage to the Don. Unlike some authors, who use the "I hate you!" temper tantrum to ignite passion between the main characters, Ms. Feehan uses the empathy and sensitivity of her characters to achieve it. The love scenes are wonderful, though not very plentiful. So if you're looking for the same amount and intensity of love scenes as in the Dark books, you may be dissappointed. I read this in one sitting and couldn't put it down. The story is riveting.
__label__1 Not her best...........: Before I begin, let me just say that I absolutely love her Dark series. Those books are great. This one had potential, but it just fell flat. Her characters simply weren't developed enough this time for me to relate to them. This effort was decent but not at all up to her usual standards.
__label__1 This one is missing that Feehan Spark: This book was a major disappointment. It was missing that special spark that made Ms Feehan's other novels (especially Dark Desire) something special. I found the book had very little action, little romance, and a "mystery" plot that was never very mysterious or suspenseful. This is definitely not a book that I will pass on to my friends and family to read.
__label__2 Intriguing story: While I don't consider it the best of Ms. Feehan's books that I have read, The Scarletti Curse is an intriguing story that is very solid. The protaganists are believable and interesting. If you like Ms. Feehan's books I can recommend this one as an addition to your library.
__label__2 amazing: I Loved this book. Heart pounding romance and action, keep you going though the whole storie. I say this is a Must Read!
__label__1 Too Boring: This book had great potential that it did not live up to. I hope she goes back to writing more "Dark Series" books. This book needed more action and more editing - it was way too long for the amount of plot it had. :-(
__label__1 Ick ack. Put it back.: I absolutely couldn't stand this book!I'm not understanding how it's sexy for a woman to give up her friends and life for a guy who wishes to control her completely. The Don was a jerk. Nicoletta is an awesome heroine in the beginning, but turns into a submissive wifey thing by the end. It's a sad thing when a woman, to paraphrase an actually part of Nicoletta's thoughts, "leaves her old life behind because he'll never like it, and because she just HAS to". Eeeeew.I loved the Dark series, and constantly used to stalk the bookstore waiting for the next one. This one was the beginning of the end of my love for Ms. Feehan's work. I bought it to tide me over from one Dark book to the next, and it made me so angry that I wrote the author and got into a big argument over the book!Please, please, something in the Dark series, or Emma Holly's Upyr series. You'll be a lot happier.
__label__1 disappointed: i was really disappointed with this book. The other ones that she has wrote were very good but this one was dull. it was as if she rushed to put a new book out and didn't take the time to make it interesting. i would still read other books that she writes but i wouldn't read this one again.
__label__1 Not up to scratch!: I first found Christine Feehan's work through 'Dark Prince'. It was an excellent read and has had me hooked on the whole series! I thought this book would be the same - not even close. The Scarlatti Curse is humdrum. Before I reached halfway I really didn't care about the characters. The secondary characters were underdeveloped and the main characters were two dimensional. I also did not get a feeling for the period or the place. In short it seemed like a short story plot that was enlarged to take advantage of her success with the Carpathian series. Please Christine don't write any more like this.
__label__2 WONDERFUL GOTHIC: I'm not a gothic reader but i bought this book because i'm a big fan of Christine Feehan.I enjoyed this book very much,it had alot of suspense, paranormal and of course romance. The plot was great,i got hooked from the begining. My only question was it did not reveal how the Scarletti brothers got their gift. Christine Feehan did an excellent job and i'm looking forward for her next book,well done.
__label__2 An Old World change that's definitely wonderful: The Scarletti Curse is absolutely wonderful. Ms. Feehan once again created a lively well written work that stand far apart from her Dark series (which I also adore). With complex and dark characters this book has quite a lot of bite and more than enough romance for a true fan of Christine's work. I highly recommend this book for one and all.
__label__2 Great Reading: Christine Feehan does it again, for all of you that have only read this one book by her, i strongly suggest that you read them all!
__label__1 I really wish i hadn't wasted my time: First, let me say, I'd heard that I might find the Dark Series of Christine Feehan's my cup of tea and for some unknown reason, thought this was one in the series - no need to tell you, I was severely disappointed (and confused).This book really reminded me of the romances my Mother used to read back in the 70's - blech! Lots of dark male broodiness, all written from the heroines point of view, and of course she's a young innocent virgin._____________edited to add: I really wish I had only given this one star, but it appears I can't change that now.
__label__1 Couldn't finish it: I really like Christine Feehan. This book was very dissapointing. The plot had promise. Nicoletta was a sweet heroine. The prose were good, and the medival Italy setting was an interesting change of pace. However, the plot flows like molasses in January. I managed to get half way through before I through the book down and went back to the 'Dark' series.
__label__1 Poor support: I've had the camcorder for a while now, and was hoping to be able to use the USB streaming feature to make small computer movies and send them to my friends and family overseas. Although the camcorder is good the included software is weak and the USB streaming makes a very choppy poor quality AVI file. I recently got a new computer and could not find the device driver disk that came with the camcorder. Sony technical support was a joke and they ended up trying to sell me a driver for my camcorder. So now I have a camcorder that I can plug into my TV or record onto a VHS (Do people still use VHS?) but any dreams I have of putting something on my computer are fading fast. I'm going to have to find a new way to send my parents the video I took of my new house.Frankly in this day and age an analogue camcorder is a waste of money.
__label__2 Very Good: Just as promised, worked well for what I needed. I have some old 8mm tapes and needed a camcorder to play them back on and this fit the bill it also had the USB streaming so I can now transfer them to dvd also the shipping was quick and package great for protection.
__label__2 Great for the money: The picture on this camera is good and it needs very little light. However, the colors are not quite as accurate as I had hoped for Hi8. Perhaps digital would have been better, but the price was a factor. I shopped around and found Amazon had the best price available.
__label__1 Low resolution and poor quality: I bought it new in 2002 for $400. The color is pretty good. The resolution is very poor, only close shot get you satified. Other than that you get blur edge and barrel distortion sometimes. I didn't use it a lot for the first 3 years, only the last 2 years I used it regularly to tape my daughter's piano class homework every 2 weeks for 5-8 minutes each time. Recently I have to knock this camera extremly hard several times to make the recording start (It's common issue as the piano teacher told me.). So I have to find a new camcorder now. I don't know what can I do if it refuses to work one day in my daughter's piano class.
__label__2 Better than some out there.: My one-year-old has played with this toy for several months. He disregards the keys and pulls up on the lids themselves. Not quite what I expected. He's had more fun pulling the lids up and pushing them down again, and only accidentally happens upon the moving keys and the noises they make. The sounds alternate between giggles with music background and animal noises, also not quite what I expected. But it's noise I can deal with. The volume can be adjusted or turned off (through I myself can't distinguish between "soft" and "loud" on this thing). My son enjoys the toy, but it may be of limited or intermittent interest.
__label__2 Fun toy!: My 11 month old son received this for Christmas and he loves it. He loves to watch the animals pop up and make noises. It's fun to watch his face light up and hear him squeel with delight when he hits one of the buttons and the animal pops up.
__label__2 Cruel and Unusual: Cruel and Unusual is the first Patricia Cornwell book I have got read and I for one loved it and I can't wait the read more of her books my boyfriend told me about Patricia Cornwell books he said I need to read Hornet's Nest and Southern Cross and those will be my next two book I will be reading and I will be reading them on my new IPad I got for Christmas I can't wait keep up the great writing Patricia and thanks to my boyfriend for telling me about this awesome writer.........RKsbabydoll
__label__2 Good Deal and Fast Shipping: I bought this book used and it was in very good condition. Also, I received it within a week, which was nice.
__label__1 2/3 of a great book, then... blah: I listened to the audio version of "Cruel & Unusual" on a recent trip to New Jersey and back. The first 2/3 of the book kept me on the edge of my seat, then... the whole thing collapsed in a heap at the end. Would have been much better if the author had stuck to writing a taut thriller instead of trying to drag in everything from evil Republican office holders to Nazi war criminals, all dumped into the mix at the last possible moment. After all the buildup, the "who" of the whodunnit ends up being... nobody in particular. And the fate of the evildoer? Nothin' much. Disappointing. Won't bother with Dr. Scarpetta or Ms. Cornwall again.I'm a little baffled by all the reviews that say, "great book, bad ending..." and still give it 3 stars or more. Isn't a mystery DEFINED by the ending, by how the author ties up all the loose ends and red herrings?
__label__2 Review: This book was a bit more difficult to follow, in my opinion. I was lost toward the end. But Patrica is an awesome writer! I'm sure the problem was me, not her writing.
__label__2 Love Scarpetta: You have to love the Scarpetta series by Cornwell. This is an excellent story full of suspense and humor.
__label__1 A really bad book: Here is a summary of my impressions:1 It was written for about the 6th grade level.2 There was virtually no "grab" for the first 2/3 of the book. I simply trudged through. That is highly unusual for a crime book.3 The author went into excruciating detail about extraneous subject matters. This happened multiple times. You'll feel as though she was just trying to fill pages.4 But most of all, there was no closure to the story in any satisfying way. That is paramount in a good crime book.In summary, don't bother. If you do, you'll be asking the same thing I did, "I want my 10 hours back that I wasted on this book."Harris LevinCruel and Unusual: A Kay Scarpetta Novel
__label__1 formula type writing: My first foray into this writer was her latest book, Scarpetta. I enjoyed I purchased this effort and several others she had written. I was a bit disheartened to find that all of her books have basically the same formula and character studies. After a while reading her work becomes less than stimulating. It becomes trite.
__label__1 Just Plain Cruel Will Do: I must say I was required to read this book for a class. If that had not been the case, I would have put the book down half way through it. I was put off by the excessive amounts of technical language and graphic descriptions of the state of murder victims. Quite frankly, I was very disappointed by this book.
__label__2 Cruel and Unusual: A typical Patricia Cornwell fiction novel, easy to read and a page turner. It gripped me until the end. Enjoy.
__label__1 I guess it was a mystery: In a word, Lacking. Her style of writing left me unable to appreciate the underlying story which, as a result, I found rather vacuous and inauthentic. So much so that I felt compelled to come write a review of this book so others might avoid making the same mistake I did. No offence Patricia.
__label__1 Inproper Advertising: I needed to replace a lost CD set of the library CD book: Cruel and Unusual by Patricia Cornwell. The one I ordered from Amazon was listed as a CD set (not as a cassette set) so I ordered it. I received a Cassette set of the book and NOT a CD set of the book. I wrote (through Amazon) to the seller and their reply was that I received a CD set.The Librarians can vouch for what I received as I showed them the envelope and the contents within it. Even though it was my responsibility to replace the CD book (so I wouldn't have to pay the Library charge), I now had to give that job to the library. Need I say more?This time, and it's the first time, Amazon has a very disgruntled customer.Thanks for asking for the review. Maybe Amazon could check into this and prevent others from experiencing what I experienced.Sincerely,Sherry BohmP.S. Yes, my husband and I are still Amazon shoppers. We're just going to have to be more careful now.
__label__2 Solid Addition to the Series: Like the ones before, this book is a solid forensic and police procedural. A death row inmate is executed and his fingerprint later shows up in a current crime scene. How could that have happened? I particularly enjoyed seeing Kay's niece, Lucy, again, as she is 17 now and her own person, no longer a child. Lucy's computer skills continue to amaze. I look forward to reading the next in the series!(Note: There is a continuing bad guy introduced in this book who appears in the next two installments as well. I'd recommend reading this book before The Body Farm and From Potter's Field)
__label__2 Still Loving Scarpetta: I could not give this book a full 5 starts. For whatever reason, the book seemed to "bog-down" and I just wanted it to end. I will continue to read the series, but this one was not my favorite.
__label__2 Great: Well paced novel with interesting characters and plenty of plot twists. Patricia Cornwell writes characters that are real and have depth. Her mastery of criminal science is wonderful and offers a sense of authenticity that few authors achieve.
__label__2 Another one done!!!: Very very good!!....I can usually figure out who did it, not this time. so many complicated twists and turns. Great read!!!
__label__2 Cruel and Unusual: The book was excellent. I was barely able to put it down. I love the Kay Scarpetta series and am excited when I get to read more.
__label__1 Muddled ending disapoints: The good: The basic plot line is interesting- a man who has just been killed by the electric chair has his finger print turn up at a murder scene. The writing itself is good. The main character Kay Scarpetta and an old professor of hers are well `fleshed out'.The bad: Other characters are not well `fleshed out'. The plot never fully explains itself. Is the book about figuring out how a dead criminal could commit crimes - or is it about Scarpetta - redeeming herself in the eyes of everyone around her - after developing an anti-social workaholic tendency after the death of a loved one? The latter seems to be the path the author choose - leaving some of the twist in the plot unresolved. Though others in the story have made Scarpetta out to be the villain (on many different levels - as a family member, as a friend and as a professional) in the end her `goodness' is redeemed. How the bad guys in the story turn out seems to be unimportant - which I found to be a major flaw.
__label__2 Spellbound!: This was my first Patricia Cornwell novel and I must say I was blown away. I never thought I'd warm up to a modern mystery writer the way I did with Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers, but Ms. Cornwell has displaced them both in my heart.C & E was by far the most fascinating book I've ever read. I sat up until the wee hours of the morning reading this wonderful novel, devouring every word, as I couldn't go to bed until I had finished it. The only disappointment was the ending. The killer came out of the blue, and there were too many loose ends.The story and characters were first rate and I intend to read all her other books. It's been a long time since I found an author I would be willing to pay hardcover prices to read.
__label__2 Very nice book: I really liked this book. It is a page turner for sure. I would read before I went to bed and have to force myself to find a stopping point.I think that Patricia Cornwell is at her prime in this novel.
__label__1 Too scattered, too shallow: Although this might be a good book to introduce issues in technical writing to someone considering the field, it is not useful if you want anything more than a broad overview. The information it contains varies widely in depth and is sometimes dated; for example, there are several paragraphs discussing the features of dot-matrix printers but only one short and incomplete list of the types of bindings available for professionally printed documentation. For some unclear reason, two sections on editing are separated by 10 pages on usability testing. If you are actually involved in technical writing, there are better books.
__label__1 Soooooooooooo NOT Funny: This movie was not only NOT funny, but it was excruciatingly boring. I think Adam was channeling the Aristocrats. Whilst Aristocrats was not as funny as it thought itself to be, it was still better than this garbage.
__label__1 Totally Unfunny: When the film first started playing, my partner and I looked at each other as if to say "What on earth is this?..." but we decided to give it a chance and let it play - for about half an hour before we couldn't bare to watch any more. The title says 'Funny' - it wasn't. The overall cover is totally misleading and gives you the impression it is a funny film by someone who had previously done a funny film - but it was in no way funny at all. The jokes were terrible, the script was terrible. Very disappointing.
__label__1 Nasty People! Nasty Film!: Entertaining in places but spoilt by lots of crudeness and dirty talk that degrades woman. In the end I found nothing memorable or funny about this film. Sad for Adam to seem him in such a trashy film.
__label__1 Dramedy: This movie was perhaps Adam Sandler's worst effort. He seemed tasked with the burden of playing a man who was apathetic, but he came across as being apathetic about the role. The result was that his performance never engaged viewers to want to pull for him, which made the climax of the film lackluster. It was occasionally funny, considering the title and cast of comedians, who played comedians. The last 45 minutes, the film changes pace entirely, as if it wasn't floundering enough, and drops its attempts at weak comedy to push even weaker drama. Despite all the big names and cameo appearances, the only real stand out was Leslie Mann, who plays Sandler's ex. She was the only lively force in the cast, but sadly, alone she wasn't enough to bring it back into focus. You're not missing a thing.
__label__1 The Not so Funny People: I love Leslie Mann and Eric Bana, but this is probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen! It was like 3 or 4 movie/plots/stories put together and just kept climaxing then letting down then rising action again and climax and letting down; over and over! I just kept wondering when it was going to end. I should have walked out like so many others did.Some may like, but it's NOT my cup of tea!
__label__1 What happend Sandler?: His movies seem to be going down hill. The only thing i found funny about this movie was Eminem snapping in it. Other then that, it is just not that funny. Dont let it trick you, only see this if its free.
__label__2 serious comedy: FUNNY PEOPLE is somewhat compelling and engaging film about a comic with a terminal illness that almost kills him and destroys his lifestyle and how he fights it and comesback to enjoy life,his friends and a beautifull woman he meets.
__label__1 Long, somewhat dull and unfocused: This is not a typical Adam Sandler movie, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it kind of is here. First of all it's not funny. It's about "comedy" but I wouldn't consider the movie itself to be a comedy, although there are a few funny things in it I suppose. This movie seems like it's all over the place. It has a long runtime but it doesnt really accomplish much. Some people might like the story, but it was pretty dull to me.
__label__1 WHICH JOKE DID YOU FIND FUNNY?: Adam Sadler plays an unlikable comedian, George Simmons, who finds out he may be terminal with AML and tries an experimental drug. He decides to do stand up again when he meets comedian wanna-be Ira Wright (Seth Rogen) attempting stand-up. Sadler is impressed by Ira and hires him to write jokes and to be his personal go-fer. Ira finds out about the illness and convinces George to tell his family and friends about it. George plays the death card to patch up relationships, then suddenly he isn't going to die anymore. George re-examines his life, but even at mid-life he is still an immature a-hole. Everyone has sex but Ira, which seems to be a sad joke.I found the jokes and humor to be at best, lame. The language was crude and sexual. Brief nudity. Perhaps what is best about the movie is that it makes sit-coms look really lame. If you think a guy saying "tweet" over and over again, spinning around in a circle is funny, then this movie is for you.
__label__2 Far better than its reputation, and well worth a look: Intelligent, funny, sad, real, with a terrific dramatic performance by Adam Sandler.For a lot of it's length I thought it would be a truly great film, but some clunky, almostsit-com plot turns in the last 1/4, a little too much length, and not-quite-there supportingperformances in key roles hold it back and keep it a very good movie, not a great one.None-the-less, far better than the often cold response in got in most of the mainstream press.
__label__1 Starts out with promise, but then goes downhill.: Too bad Adam Sandler could not have been given a better script. Funny People starts with promise as a Jim Carrey Man on the Moon type film and then drifts oddly into some sort of romantic comedy with repetitive c**k jokes. There are two movies here made from what seems like two first drafts. Maybe it is a marketing problem. Or, maybe just lazy writing. Sandler does a great job showing off the dark side of a comedian. Maybe Funny People would have been better as a straight drama.
__label__1 Not so Funny people!: Wow, I usually like Adam Sandler & Judd Apatow/Seth Rogen films but this one came and left the theaters before I could get a chance to see it. I don't think I laughed once during the entire movie. Not even a chuckle. It seems as if no one was having any fun making this film. The unnecessary over the top crudeness of Apatow's ensemble doesn't seem to work with Sandler's schtick. I loved "Knocked Up" and "40 Year Old Virgin" but there doesn't seem to bee much chemistry with this group. I was waiting for "Bruno" to show up and throw in some more unnecessary genital conversation. I almost bought this, I'm so glad I only rented it.
__label__1 Obviously, not Adam Sandler's best: An acceptable movie, with some good moments by Adam Sandler, and some of the other new American comedy guys; but very far from his really "funny people" involved movies, like "ANGER MANAGEMENT" (with Jack Nicholson) or the hilarious "LITTLE NICKY".
__label__1 Not what I expected...: I seriously did not expect a dramatic look into the mind of a comedian when I rented this movie. They marketed this movie like the Forty Year Old Virigin and Knocked Up! When I rented the movie I expected a lot of humour and with so many funny actors I put way too much faith in it. My wife and I was so disappointed that we stopped watching it. I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do watch something I want it to be worth while.If you're into these artsy films about the serious life of people in the spotlight, then you're going to like this film. However, if you're looking for humour like Adam Sandler's previous films (i.e. Happy Gilmore, etc) then you can forget about it.I give this film 1 star because this is not my kind of movie and it was advertised like a great comedy film not drama film. :/
__label__1 Couldn't give it less than one star....or i would've!!!!: Not much to say about this movie...i am a huge Adam Sandler fan, and i love him in anything....but this movie was looooong and booooring!!! The comedy skits in the movie weren't all...i guess if you enjoy hearing about masturbating...cocks...and would like it. Like i said, not much to say....i paid to watch it on my Suddenlink Direct Demand and i wish i could have my 3.99 back!!!!
__label__1 Absolutely NOTHING Funny !: This is one of the worst movies I have seen. The dialogue is awful. There is ZERO humor. All the characters are boring and completely humorless.What a loser movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
__label__1 Worst movie I've ever seen: This movie was HORRIBLE! I don't know how anyone could give it 5 stars. This movie was the worst 2 hours of my life. I expected more out of an Adam Sandler movie. I felt like I was watching 2 movies at once. Any time someone asks me about this movie I tell them it's a waste and to rent something else.
__label__1 worst film ever: I saw this movie with my friend a couple of days ago. i said to her, this is real stupid, i could stop watching it right now and i could care less about the ending. She said, "we saw this movie already" and she is telling me what happens next so we start getting into an argument, she claims WE saw it and i said, Vat ? i am getting alzheimers?Finally we figured it out. we started to watch this movie together about 3 months ago and i lost interest and i zonked out.adam sandler and all the whos who in jewish comedy were funny in other movies. but this one really eats the bird!skip it!!!!!!!!!!!
__label__1 The L O N G E S T movie... EVER!: Anything with Adam Sandler in it is supposed to be funny. This however, just, well, wasn't. I really do believe that this movie had potential, but there was so much going on, so many stories within the story, that they could have made 3 movies out of it.It's 2 and a half hours long. That's about an hour and a half too long for the main story plot. This movie honestly seemed longer than Titanic, or Gone With The Wind because it is so long and drawn out.There is very little humor in Funny People. The only good thing about it is all the major stars that pop up here and there, which is probably why, in my opinion at least, that this movie even made it to the big screen and didn't go straight to DVD.
__label__1 profanity the movie!!! or profanity and the degenerates.!!!: i cannot believe that an intelligent actor like adam sandler would degrade himself by acting in a degenerate , trailer trash movie like this,but i guess money makes some people do things that are beneath them. this movie is as funny as a sewer, all it is comprised of is endless and pointless profanity,virtually ever second word. the writer who has very little ,if not any intelligents, has substituted profanity for lack of intelligent the endless profanity suppose to make the male lead charactors appear more manly?. yes it is true that quentin tarantino movies has there fair share of profanity. however his movies use of profanity is justified as it is incorporated with intelligent writing. if you have very little or no intelligents or are a degenerate and trailer trash this movie will appeal to you.
__label__1 Seth Kept this movie from getting a 'ZERO' star rating!!: A truly great example - of how terrible some movies have become!! Vulgar!! Offensive. Unnessisary nudity!! I usually love Adam Sandler - and can't believe he'd stoop so low in this role. Seth is highly likeable in this - but still swears and lowers himself as well. The woman who plays Adams 'romantic interest' is mostly great - but also stoops to swearing - blantant sexuality. The writing is the worst in this movie. This awful movie is 2 hours and 22 minutes long - but only feels like 5 hours. - And I could have spent my life doing something more interesting and exciting like watching paint dry or grass grow. I suggest skipping this movie altogether!! Tragic where movies have gone to. Much has been lost!!Scott MacNeil - comedian.
__label__1 Stupid....: Honestly if you don want to hear a lot of swearing you wont like this. Let alone the story line was ridiculous. Wouldn't recommend!
__label__1 Sandler's worst!: I normally love Sandler's movies but this was just horrible. None of it flowed right, jokes were horrible vand stupid and just all around made no sense. Don't waste your time and money on this.
__label__1 Not good: The movie skips a few scene transitions and once it got to chapter 15 I couldn't watch any of the rest of the movie at all and the file online said it was 'like new.' The disc itself looks clean but it will not play at all in my 2 week old player and three other players I tried it in.......
__label__2 GIFT: I bought this for a Christmas present for my son. It arrived in perfect condition. He loves Adam Sandler and collects all his movies.
__label__1 waste of time: I must say I never liked Adam Sandler. There were so many more talented people who just never got a chance to be on the screen. I still don't get what's with Adam Sandler.Besides that I decided to give it a shot. It took half hour when I stopped watching.
__label__1 Depressing then becomes boring: my husband and I watched this and ended up watching something else. this will be a waste of your time
__label__1 Please just run far FAR away from this film.: It is wayyyyyyyy too long and completely aimless. Some may call it "complex"; but I call it crap. There are a few little laughs here and there - but nothing that would make this worth sitting through. Even when one steps away from the fact that this was not intended to just be a comedy and rather attempts to tackle some more serious still sucks. Don't waste your money. Watch "I love you man" or "Grandma's Boy" or something that is actually entertaining. I wish someone had warned me.
__label__1 THE WORST MOVIE EVER MADE!!!: Judd Apatow has reached an absolutely new level of... sucking!!! Even Adam Sandler, one of my favorite actors of all times, sucked too, big time!!! There are funny movies, there are not so funny ones, there are stupid and ridiculous flix and... there's Funny People! Its name should be changed to ... what's the word for utterly unfunny? Almost 100% of jewish actors and they couldn't pull it off? That's odd!?
__label__1 Moron: How can anybody even smile with the kind of garbage Adam Sandler ALWAYS performs?This guy is just a moronic retard.DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON HIM.
__label__1 NOT FUNNY!: This is what Hollywood is calling humor these days? Must of been written by the lowly out of work writers during their strike! Crude, demeaning and a waste of my time!
__label__1 Pretty pathetic people: The new "stars of comedy" make me miss the real ones. Why don't you try to learn from thy elders, like Mel Brooks, boys?Side note: Hollywood hasn't come up with real comedy since "Meet the Spartans." Anybody who forgot how brilliant it was needs to watch again "I Will Survive" at the end of the Spartans (it might still be on Youtube: SidgzLnh_W4).
__label__2 great movie, movie is longer than 2hours: this is a great movie its not 40yr old virgin funny or knocked up funny but its a pretty good movie alot of famous ppl in it has alot of good funny parts 2 it. the only reason i think its not really funny is because theres none of those funny parts like knocked up of the 40yr old virgin has. dont pay attention to the reviews rent the movie or something if u like it buy it.
__label__2 Not entirely a comedy: I am big fan of Judd Apatow's work. i went into this hearing that its not like his other movies, that it has a more somber, serious tone. so my expectations were tempered. I liked it, i do agree with some other reviewers that it was probably a little too long, which is why I take off one star. But if you go in knowing this isnt a 40 year old virgin/knocked up style comedy then you wont be disappointed. with that being said, i can see why some people rated this poorly if thats what they thought they were going to see going in.
__label__1 Winning Cast, movie fell short: This movie was not an original concept. The jokes were lame, as were the performances. The writer and director disappointed the audience by using Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill as a box office draw. When in fact, it wasn't worth the money to see this film in a theatre.
__label__1 ACTUALLY NO STARS for rating pf Funny People movie: Save your money. Your time can be MUCH better spent. This was one of the worse movies I ever sat through. Actually, I drifted away close to the end and was thankful I didn't waste that time. Its AWFUL.
__label__1 Not Funny People: Not worth the time.Pros: there were several good one-liners; introduced me to new comediansCons: excess foul language; adultry;
__label__2 Very inspirational: So I just watched Funny People. For a movie that has an all star cast, it was a great movie. If you want to see a movie filled with laughs and a good story pick this movie up. I promise you won't regret it.
__label__2 Sfar's Best!: A delightfully funny story! A wonderful graphic novel that gives us a cat's-eye view of the Sephardic Jewish community in Algeria and then the Algerian community in Paris in the early 20th Century. It's a love story. Very funny and endearing. And the hero is a cat! This is a must for Joann Sfar fans.
__label__2 The Rabbi's Cat is the cat's meow!: This book came highly recommended to me by my Rabbi's husband. I was not disappointed! I think everyone will love this illustrated novel.Jorma
__label__2 A wonderful, funny-sad book: The Rabbi's Cat is a wonderful book. I heard the author speak on NPR and got the book. The book is in the form of a comic strip, each box lovingly illustrated by the author. The pictures are wonderful, particularly of the cat. They are a joy to behold.Even better are the stories, anecdotes taken from the lives of the Jews in North Africa in the thirties. The stories are both very sad and hysterically funny. The cat has a sardonic turn of phrase that had me in stitches. Through the difficult medium of comics, the author has managed to capture the atmosphere of the time and place. Much of the book is given to musings about life, philosophy, love, God and so on. If you like a good discussion, you'll enjoy this book.Although the books can be enjoyed by non-Jews, I think if you don't know the basics of Judaism, you'll be missing the most vital part of the book. Of course, the book is so appropriate for the cat lover. The author clearly understands cats perfectly.
__label__2 good artwork too!: The review with all the details about the depth and levels of the story hits the mark so I won't repeat it. However, I will emphasize what was not commented on. The Author is a very talented artist. He takes risks on many pages and it works, resulting in a feast of creative colorful dynamic drawings to accompany the text. The story wanes a bit in the final pages but the trip is artistically very satisfying. I hope there is a book to follow. I really enjoyed the characters and how they delt with their world and their beliefs.
__label__2 Delightful, exotic world seen through a cat's eyes: "The Rabbi's Cat," by French artist and filmmaker Joann Sfar, is a whimsical, charming fable featuring a rabbi, his lovely daughter, and a host of other characters headed by a talking cat. Both protagonist and narrator, the cat often acts as a Greek chorus who comments, often sardonically, on the actions of the humans around him. Set in pre-World War II Algeria, with a lengthy detour to Paris, the beautifully illustrated narrative depicts a richly diverse world in which individuals seek to preserve their traditions while constantly interacting with people of other cultural, social and religious backgrounds. In this multilayered environment, the presence of an intelligent talking cat does not seem entirely out of place.
__label__1 Self-Serving Message: This is the tale of a kindly Rabbi, his sweet daughter and the cat who loves her. The tale seems promising at first, until it delves into bitterness over God and those who love Him and follow His laws. The cat represents the glorification of sin itself, and delights whenever the book's characters fall into ungodly habits, judging them forever as hypocrites (taking no account into repentance and future avoidance of said sin). As is the case with most humanist literature the story down spirals from that point until it ends with the Rabbi losing faith in God. At this point the cat is truly happy with the Rabbi, thus giving the tale a 'happy ending'. In short, 'The Rabbi's Cat' is a tale structured to appeal to secular humanists, atheists and pagans who want to feel better about their self-serving, do as you feel, lifestyles.One more note: This book, despite the beautiful artwork and appealing cover, is definitely not appropriate for children.
__label__1 Not what it looks like on the cover.: As someone who is interested in different cultures, I thought the book would be an interesting window into other people's thoughts. Instead, I open it to find a swearing cat (he uses the F word) denigrating religion and showing religious people as hypocrites, in a lame stereotypical way. Might be interesting to others, but its not interesting to me. Not only is it not suitable to children, but there are a lot of adults who would not want to be bothered with this kind of disrespect and vulgarity either. I wish I had been warned before I tried to read this book.
__label__2 The Last dissenting Witness: The way Bill Sloan wrote Jean Hill's side of her story of the assassination was in perfect terms. Jean Hill was the closest person to President Kennedy when the shots were fired and she saw where the shots came from and the feds tried to cover everything up. I believe that Jean Hill really knew and saw what happened that day in November. Anyone who would like to find out information about the assassination I believe this is the right book to read and hear what was truly covered up.
__label__1 See my article "Jean Hill - The Lady in Red" online: Since writing my review of JFK: THE LAST DISSENTING WITNESS in 1998, I have been able to have my 35-page article - "Jean Hill -The Lady in Red" - included in Clint Bradford's JFK Assassination website. The address is: (scroll down for title).
__label__1 Drivel: Jean Hill's story changed with the wind. She saw next to nothing during the assassination, but used her unique location (and her active imagination)to keep herself in the limelight for years. It got so bad that even the conspiracy writers were shying away from her toward the end. It was laughable.Someone needed to ask her about the "little dog" she said was sitting in the car with JFK and Jackie. (Look at the original interviews- she actually said it.)This book is BS from stem to stern. Go read a fairy tale, at least there's a moral at the end. The only thing you find at the end of this book is your wallet a little lighter!
__label__1 An Ever expanding story followed by same ol same ol: Very disappointing read. Starts with her tale of what she saw in 1963 then devolves into another "MASSIVE GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY" work. Offering no documentation to support statements made. Unsupported statements about what her boyfriend said, claimed or saw. Lauds Garrison and his persecution of an innocent man in New Orleans. Originally I thought &#65533;The Assassination tapes&#65533; By George O&#65533;Toole was the worst effort in Conspiracy volumes but no more.
__label__1 Uneducated Nonsense: The physics department at my school gets the mad ramblings of this man, and I usually end up with them (seeing as how no one else will read them). In a word, I sum these writings as "nonsense." Most of his ideas, aside from being mostly incoherant and physically absurd, also defy the time-tested and true concepts that the average high-school physics student could debunk. Furthermore, mixed in with these insane babblings, are religious and political ramblings, which he tries to pass off as the only possible truth.My recommendation, unless you want a good laugh or evidence of the under-education of many Americans, pass on this book. Any other use of your money would be a better one.
__label__2 Great Swords for a Great Price!: I ordered the set of swords on December 9th (Sunday) and recieved the swords today (Wednesday, the 12). The Shipping was absolutly BLAZING! UPS Shipped with a Tracking Number made me confident in Sword Demon. Packaging was great and everything was alright. I would deffiently buy from Sword Demon again.These swords are UNSHARPENED. It would appear that Stainless Steel is not very good for sharpening them either. These are really "Wallhanger" katana's, But when your buddies come over and see them, they almost cry. These are just the coolest swords because of the movie. All the symbols and words on the blades are actually etched. The symbols and the like are the exact same from the movie.
__label__1 Fraud,not as advertised: This DVD was entiled "Seventh Cliburn Competion, 1985" It was not the competion program, and did not even contain the winning performance. I consider it to be a total fraud and misrepresentation.
__label__1 Impossible to read: This kindly adaptation is a mishmash of gibberish. Amazon really needs to take more time in converting these. In this condition this should be free.
__label__2 Nice size: Very good amount for the price. Smells nice too. However, the smell reminds me of clean laundry. I was wanting something a little different, a little younger. Still smells pretty good though. Curve smells better in the men cologne to me.
__label__1 Still haven't received item: Bought for my mom for Christmas she loves this perfume and it does actually smell pretty good however I was supposed to recieve my order by the 20th at the latest.its now the night of the 22nd and I am very worried it wont be here for Christmas. UPDATE: Spoke with Amazons customer service and they are replacing my missing item. It will be here tomorrow. Still sucks cuz it wasn't here in time for christmas, however I'm just glad they are replacing it for me.
__label__2 Curve: It smells like Gap heaven, Very nice. Beautiful color and scent! Can't wait to try Curve Crush when i'm done with this one.
__label__2 Good value: I love Curve and this is a large bottle which make is a very good value. Highly recommended.
__label__1 Unsatisfying ending disappoints the reader: The plot develops nicely then ends abruptly with an unsatisfying ending. It seems to the reader as if the author had reached her contractual page limit and slapped an ending onto the book. A superhuman villian was terminated too easily. The method of capture was not adequately developed. Several promising themes were not followed up by the author, especially the entriquing possibility that through genetic testing Gault's uncle may have been his father or the reason for the military being interested in the investigation. The author took one of the least interesting possibilites and handled it in a below average formulaic manner
__label__2 The Best Patricia Cornwell's book: I have read all Patricia Cornwell's book, and I think Ms. Cornwell has reached her best in writing this book.Suspense, mystery, New York, they all contribute to keep you awake until you finish the book.
__label__1 Kay Scarpetti is losing it.: Here is a character I have enjoyed develop. But Kay is losing it. She should dump her niece Lucie, clean up her personal life (it's not nice to have an affair with a friends husband) and treat Det. Marino with some respect.As for Gault, if I pick up another Scarpetti book with his name in it... right back on the shelf
__label__1 If you can't say anything nice,: Well, that's no fun. Honesty is the best policy, right? This was the first of Patricia's books I had the displeasure to become acquainted with. I've tried reading another of her works, but I can't get over the simplistic writing with unnecessary adjectives thrown in for no apparent reason except, perhaps, to make the sentences longer and make the reader suffer from the protracted tripe. More than that, this book failed to make me care about the characters or about the outcome of the story
__label__2 Great read: This book is a great read, a lot of fun. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the genre. On the down side, I think that Gault is a little too evil -- he borders on the implausible with his ability to be one step ahead of the game. Also, I think Cornwell needs to develop Dr Kay a bit more; she's a good character, but needs more depth
__label__1 You have GOT to be kidding: This could be the worst novel I have ever read. It is also the first and last Patricia Cornwell novel I will ever read. There are so many problems with this book that they cannot be listed here, so here are but three points: 1) The main character, Kay Scarpetta, is an insufferable, humorless snob. I'd never before read a novel where I hated the main character. Great job, Pat! 2) About 90% of the novel is dialogue. Very bad dialogue. But this is understandable since Cornwell cannot write prose. 3) The story is predictable and boring, and the ending is utterly ridiculous. I'm astonished that this book was ever published, let alone made the bestseller lists.
__label__1 My brain froze over: This supposed "thriller" is mind-numbingly dull and inept - I had to give up half way through.
__label__1 Losing her edge?: I loved Patricia Cornwell's first five novels; sadly, her sixth loses its edge.. I wanted to enjoy it.. but the plot labors on.. and I had a hard time finishing a book I couldn't wait to read. We lose Scarpetta's forensic "grit" and instead focus on a bizarre, rather boring computer plot.. I hope the next books in the series are better!
__label__1 The devil in the detail: I'm not a fan of the crime writing genre, so I require more than some blood and guts and a few nasty frights to make me speak highly of a crime novel. Unfortunately, I cannot speak highly of From Potter's Field.I know more about dogs than I do about forensic medicine, so it makes me suspicious of the novel's factual integrity when I read that a murderer's eyes are "as pale blue as a malamute's", when in fact (according to the Alaskan Malamute Club of America), a malamute's eyes MUST be brown, never blue.It also made me laugh to think that all the crime agencies (and the media!!) in the USA would be completely ignorant regarding the closest relatives of the country's highest profile serial killer. Although if the good guys had known some basic details about the killer's family tree, Dr Kay would have been left twiddling her thumbs, so I suppose I should quit complaining.Well, I read the book right through to the end, and it kept me amused, so I have to give it one star.
__label__1 The pits . . . a contrived pot-boiler. Avoid it.: If you love meaningless running around, plot lines thatdefy even sympathetic attempts to suspend disbelief, andsnarled bureacratic conflicts among different law enforcement agencies, you might put up with this one. Otherwise . . . the book disappoints. One gets the impression that it was written in haste. A pale imitation of the previous work . . .deserves to be piled high on the remainder tables (if not in a Potter's Field for books).
__label__1 So far, the worst book of one of my favorite authors: Having read all of Patricia Cornwell's books, I was very disappointed about her latest achievment. Draging the villain through 3 separate books probably wasn't her best idea. Even more disturbing: The characters of her main heros (Scarpetta, Marino, Lucie) were described inconsistent with her previous books
__label__1 Very Dissapointing: From Potters Field is one Patricia Cornwell's worst book she has written. It's not the characters, nope. It's not the writing that is wrong. It's the story that makes the book disappointing.Temple Gault has struck again. This time we know this for sure. Both the readers and Kay Scarpetta do. Someone from Lucy's past is also back. The problem with this book is that Gault is not a strong enough villain to carry this book. He is not scary or very threatening. It's not exiting. Partly because we never get into his head we are always inside Scarpetta's. Even if Cornwell did venture inside his head I'm not sure if it would be that exiting. For a killer on the loose plot its very weak, of coarse the forensics are very good and original. But for the most part a very disappointing Scarpetta novel.
__label__2 Intelligently written; a fast and suspenseful read.: I am on my 8th Scarpetta story. I most enjoy the relationships Cornwell develops.....Marino's gruff demeanor and language are so colorful...Dr. Kay is a strong female figure who uses her brain to handle the men who would take her down...The development of Lucy's character is interesting, but it is time she, too, develop into a stronger person emotionally. Cornwell's work is, for me, as good as Grisham's.
__label__1 What a disappointment!: I expected better than this poorly contrived story of murder and mystery from a well-seasoned author. The plot line lacked substance and the ending was poorly executed. The only reason I continued reading the story was in hopes that it would improve as I read. Boy, was I disappointed.
__label__1 Just awful: This was possibly the worst book I have ever read. I am amazed by the number of fans for this kind of rubbish.
__label__1 A wildly implausible thriller: This book is so unrealistic that it spoils all the fun, super killers like Temple Gault (a clone for the Satan Incarnate known as Hannibal Lecter) are more silly than super. I found all the other character two dimensional and all the "intrigue" regarding super computers insulting to my intelligence. Has Cornwell done better? I don't know and, after reading this, am in no big hurry to find out.
__label__2 From Potter's field, buried with no name: Christmas is always a notoriously bad time for Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner of Virginia and consulting forensic pathologist for the FBI. When Temple Gault, a cunning serial killer whose killing spree began in Richmond several years earlier, resurfaces in New York with the murder of a female transient left in frozen Central Park, Scarpetta jumps head first into the investigation. The identity of the homeless woman becomes top priority, and when it is discovered who she is, the investigation is spun into a radical new direction. Meanwhile, Gault has set his sights on Scarpetta herself...leading to one final, terrifying encounter in the fetid tunnels below the city.A fascinating book with wonderful characterization, grisly accuracy and a high-voltage, suspensful ending. The Scarpetta series is the best! When it comes to crime fiction, no one does it better than Cornwell.
__label__1 Impressive delivery but plot lacking in believability: This was the first Patricia Cornwell book I have read. She is a compelling storyteller, and she obviously possesses great knowledge of the subject matter. I do admit to finishing the book in a two-day period, but it was more to get to the inevitable final showdown between Scarpetta and the killer. Scarpetta and some of her cronies are characterized well, but the killer seemed a bit stereotypical. I don't believe in reading ahead and spoiling the surprise, but in this case I skipped some detailed sections to find out how the killer would be stopped in his tracks.Since reading this book, I have read Cause of Death by Cornwell and would rate that book slightly higher than this one. This book is not her best that I've read so far, but it wouldn't prevent me from reading another one.This is a good, focused, and knowledgable writer who does not need to fall back on unbelievable killers and sensantional plot devices to tell an imaginative story.
__label__1 No one will edit this, because I'm Patricia Cornwell: At least, that's how I felt about this book, which seems only to have been published because the author has written some truly interesting previous novels. I recommend the first three books in the series. I cannot recommend this book for anything except kindling. However, not having a fireplace, I filed this under G.
__label__1 a let down: This books just didn't do it for me. I enjoy PC but this book. Seemed too easy. Things just happend, people just called. In fact, I think this books had some bad editing. I felt as though all what was needed was there, and that someone just yanked out the big sections for no reason.I am still a fan, but this one is a skipper.The doc just happens, to see the resturante that the killer was using.The polices offer in charge is left in the subway with two people who are not police. Just does not at add.
__label__1 To contrived and therefore not plausible: I found this plot to be to contrived in that many of the scenes were just to clearly made up for me to become vicariously involved. The twists and turns in the plot were simply to convenient for me to appreciate a sense of natural flow that good novels must have. For example: The scene in which Gault (the killer) has been seen using the same restaurant that the main character spontaneously finds herself in. Imagine, in New York no less! Not only that, but the killer is using the main characters visa in the same restaurant. And then the genius software engineer niece who just happens to be working on a huge computer program in the law enforcement field. I'm sorry, but this tale is just to unbelievable. It might make a passable B grade film, but I wouldn't want to see it.
__label__1 Stilted and Hokey: This book reads like the tin man in the Wizard of Oz walked BEFORE he was oiled! Jerky and clumsy with a very hollow ring to it. I read 1/3 of the book and threw it in the "yard sale" pile. It's the first book of hers I've read and I don't intend to pick up a second one. This is really a prime example of bad writing churned out for non-readers and quick profits.
__label__2 Terror in Central Park: Here is a terrifying novel by Cornwell. Her knowledge of medicine and forensic science keeps you turning the page. A woman's body is found in the snow in Central Park. There is no question that the killer is one Temple Brooks Goult. Scarpetta discovers that his killings are a pattern with one ending. It is one of her best. By Ruth Thompson author of "The Bluegrass Dream"
__label__2 Patricia Cornwell rocks! Best mystery writer on record!: Like all of her Scarpetta mystery novels, Patricia Cornwell has proven again that she must have been one dynamite of a Coroner when she was practicing. She has a wealth of information in her books and it is so interesting to follow as she progresses to solving the mystery. I've never enjoyed reading as much as when I pick up a Cornwell novel.
__label__2 Rekindling Love: Mistakes can never be undone, but rectification is possible. Years after their marriage died, Ross and Tessa are drawn back together when one of their sons is diagnosed with a fatal illness. Returning to what has not been his home in a long time, Ross is met with a mix of hostility, need, and love. Before much time passes, he realizes that his son is not the only one in need of healing. With a society that has been torn apart by issues just like this, the potential audience for it is vast. Mistakes are not glossed over, but proven not to be fatal. This will give hope to thousands.
__label__1 Worst English dub of a great TV series: This sucked!The WORST English dub EVER!Crayon Shinchan is long TV series that lasted close to 12 years in Japan. Funimation did NOT purchase the entire series just a handful of episodes, so you don't see how the stories and characters developed and changed over the many seasons.The English dub they made changed the entire dialogue and Americanized practically ALL the characters and situations to an extreme low brow humor. Granted the original show did have a lot of puns, and low brow humor as well, but Shinchan did retain an innocence for his mischief, being the focus that he was always this incredible force of fun shaped as a 5 year old boy. True fans of the manga and series should NOT buy this lame production by Funimaiton.
__label__1 A Piece of Crap!: Noisy, crude five point vibration pad.NOT! a massager, a vibration pad!We purchased three of these and we sent back three of these!Worthless, no, worse than worthless!
__label__1 No theory what so ever: The authors seem unaware of the fact that theory guides our understanding. There are no "objective" facts, yet the authors present all their findings as such with almost no reasoning attached. This is both arrogant and ignorant. The authors display no grasp of theoretical advances in Accounting and I recommend getting a book that has a better exposition of principles as more than practice
__label__1 You sure can tell this was written by an accountant...: There sure is some exciting literature out there. This is not it. The material is very dry...desert comes to mind. I am using this book for my accounting 211 course at OSU, and boy is it fun (note the sarcasm). And what's with the dates in the example problems (such as 12/31/x1)? What is that? Were they too afraid to put a 9 in there? They didn't think we, the students, could handle it? But hey, I'm not bitter or anything. I don't even think you COULD make accounting interesting. A must read! (HA!)
__label__1 wrong item: I was going to get a book with a ISN number of 0072316373...But today, I got one with 0070412901...So I need you send my money beac to my account, and give me a well reason why you let the seller mail me a totally different book again, It is the second time I get an item with wrong number
__label__1 Worthless: How this man has managed to write so many books while knowing nothing about 1) travel and 2) archaeology is a mystery to me. First he shows up in Jordan with no local money on a Friday (you'd think someone passing themselves off as a knowledgeable traveller would have figured out banks in an Arab country are closed on the Muslim sabbath) Then he continues on with a series of quack theories about aliens, and technologically advanced ancient civilizations, and harps that make rocks float. There not even good quack theories, like Hancock or Buval (who, while equally worthless, at least make an attempt to back up their theories) Read something else.
__label__2 There's no other book like this one!: There is no other book on Africa, or Arabia, like this one! Like in his other books, Childress rambles from place to place looking for mysteries, lost cities, and adventure. If you are looking for some dry fossil hunter story, this isn't it. It's the only book that I know of that covers such unusual topics as port cities in the middle of the Arabian Desert, the history of the Ark of the Covenant, the giant megaliths of the Kalahari Desert and other little-discussed topics. Lots of old maps, photos and illustrations. It is a fun book to browse through as well.
__label__1 Don't bother!: What a disappointment. This book is about 50% self-centered travelogue and 50% teasers about the mysteries. I expected a book full of archeological information about cities and cultures that have long since disappeared, but instead got embarrassingly ridiculous chit-chat and superficial explanations. I wanted scientific information, not a book that tends to explain most of its mysteries via levitation and alien beings!
__label__2 Lincoln and his time: For the mpost part any book by David Donald is worth the time and effort to read. This book offers fresh insights into the perception of Lincoln. Belongs on the shelf of every person interested in 19th century America.
__label__2 Explains why economics and politics don't mix!: Hazlitt's view is simple: economics can only be understood if we look at the effects on everyone over time. He views most government economic tinkering as myopic: focussing only on one group of people for a moment. He shows how government intervention--well intentioned as it might be--always hurt people in general over the long-term including the people we mean to help. He champions the forgotten man--the people who are hurt when the governmet tries to improve on the workings of the marketplace.
__label__2 a brilliant, well-written economics primer: Hazlitt presents a clear, concise lesson on basic economics. His message is well-articulated and well-supported. This is a must read for every person who has ever worked or voted (or is planning to do either) because it discusses the essentials in both economic theory and the politics that put the theory into practice.Unfortunately, there are some erroneous ideas in this book. Hazlitt occasionally makes claims or implies that the government should make some interventions into the economy; he also seems to think that capitalism's merit lies in its service to the "common good." However, these fallacies are rare, and they do not significantly detract from the book.For a great back-to-back lesson in economics and its moral base, read this book followed by CAPITALISM: THE UNKNOWN IDEAL by Ayn Rand.
__label__1 Don't waste your money.: If you are new to Economics, this is one book that you can skip. It is not useful nor "mandatory reading" if you are looking to understand the subject better. There is not even one chart or graph included in this book!!! Stick with Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science or Economics for Dummies as these two titles will serve you better.
__label__1 More of a personal opinion than that of economics: When I read something I like the whole story with some facts to back them up, but what I got out of this book was a guy with one side of politics while giving his opinion. Although many of his policies I tend to agree with, I just have a really hard time reading something when the entire book (well, I only got around a third way through it) is swung in one way direction. If you like reading about someone's opinion then you'll love this book, but if you're like me and just like cold hard facts leaving it up to yourself at making your own opinion, then don't buy this book.
__label__1 Not what it claims to Be: I was actually looking for a book on economics... This book is more of a conservative rant. It's not so much that I disagree with what he says so much as the fact that its all politics and very little economics. Buy this book if you want to hear how much the author thinks liberalism stinks... not if you want "Economics in one lesson." I definitely feel like I got tricked into buying it.
__label__2 The best book on Economics...: ...I have ever read.Excellent read for the layperson. Most relevant to our current economic crisis in America. Every politician should be required to read this book. In fact, every classroom teacher should read it, as well. Explains the mess our government has created and why its continued destructive policies are leading our country to assured economic collapse. Policies based entirely on fallacies!!
__label__2 3.5 Stars-A useful supplementary text for lower division microeconomic principles courses only: This book is useful for teaching lower division undergraduate students the principles of microeconomics.It can be used as a supplementary book.Hazlitt emphasizes the important concept of opportunity cost,but neglects to incorporate any discussion of spillover effects and externalities(positive and negative,depletable and undepletable),market failure,public goods,the theory of second best,adverse selection,moral hazard, the principal-agent problem,etc.It is interesting that all these missing topics were originally covered by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations(1776),especially in Part V.
__label__1 Title is a Scam: When someone is intentionally deceptive in order to sell books or to capture an audience this lowers the value of what they have to say to absolute zero.
__label__1 NO Help: This book did not help me with my economics class. Even though I passed the course with a B. This book reads more like a novel and really does not simplify economics at all. I work better with definitions and examples and this book gives none.
__label__1 Polemic and Outdated: I read this in the 1980's, and it was a non-event back then. Like most books that claim to have "the answer," this book gives an enormously over-simplified view of economics that does not reflect the real world. Moreover, it presents as settled many open questions, claiming the authors opinions as facts. There are many better books on free-market economics, and far, far better books on economics in general.
__label__1 Too simplistic: Although though we're (presumably) members of the same political choir, the author treats economics much too simplistically.Calling this book a polemic on Keynesian economics would be accurate, calling it an economics treatise would be just plain wrong.Time would be better spent reading Bastiat.
__label__1 This ain't no economics book!: I was expecting a book on economics 101, so maybe I might understand market forces, PE ratios, stuff like that.It's just a big argument for a libertarian government. Not even particularly good arguments either - they're all based on metaphors, like the broken window (paraphrased from memory):'Even though they may get paid, a community does not get rich fixing broken windows. That holds the community still, it does not push it forward.'That's a fine argument and all, but that's not teaching. Metaphors are mental manipulation... give me all the pros and cons and let me decide. Or better: give me the damn facts.And it's outdated too. The book is 50 years old. We are so NOT in Post WWII economics.
__label__1 No lessons learned: This is one of the most disappointing purchases I have made on Amazon.The book is one long, myopic, libertarian apology.
__label__2 Best book on Economics for the general reader: This is an excellent introduction to Economics. Hazlitt was a clear writer, and his analysis of fallacious economic thought is very informative. You don't have to be a student of Economics - this is a book that can benefit every reader. I just wish more of our politicians had read this book.
__label__2 If you don't have this, get it!: This book is a wonderful illustration of the simple (so simple they go unnoticed) principles of a market economy and the many fallacies of adding socialism to the mix.I could have easily given this 4.5 stars, but I didn't have the option. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 was that Hazlitt partially caves in about halfway through the book on the topic of unions. Unions are tantamount to coersion and have no place in a market economy.
__label__2 Read the angry anti-Hazlitt reviews for a real indication: I think beyond the fact that Hazlitt produces a succinct and well-argued explanation for why free markets are the best arrangements in economic relationships, what is really wonderful is reading the screeds of those readers that he pisses off! Read the rabid ranting temper tantrum of the one reader who amazingly was accepted to the University of Chicago and you can see how ideas that actually support free thought and productive profitable endeavors drive lunatics like this crazy - its awesome!! This dork probably marches against the WTO.
__label__2 Give this book to a your children.: Economics in One Lesson elucidates the basic principles of Economics in a simple, understandable language. If you are just starting out on economics, I would recommend this as your first book. College Textbooks will bore you and treatise like Human Action by L.W. Mises are pretty hard for a beginner.Also, be sure to give this book to your children. Schools don't teach economics, a most important of subjects.With that said, I would like to comment on many 1 star reviews. Notice how they don't comment on the content of the book. Economics is a Science, and it is better to put away your Political Glasses when studying it.
__label__2 ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON: Economics in One Lesson is another great "must read" book. Like Bastiat's "The Law," it is short and sweet. At the same time, it clearly explains the basic fundamentals of economics.Considering the stupid and abusive actions that are rampant in Congress, state legislatures, county commissions and city councils, the overwhelming majority of these so-called 'leaders' are utterly ignorant.Don't you be one of them.Buy and read Economics in One Lesson.Then call up your politicians and give them an earful.
__label__2 Never more needed than today: Sure, a few of the specific examples cited 60+ years ago are no longer relevant today, but the basic lessons are absolutely and permanently valid and need more than ever to be understood by at least a majority of the voting public.The sad fact is that Americans can go through the entire public school system and "higher education" without learning the first thing about economic science (while getting bombarded with self-serving economic propaganda). Thus public gullibility to the fallacies cited by Hazlitt seems no less pervasive now than back then, while the resultant cancerous growth of government economic meddling has only increased.Here's a revolutionary fantasy: Make this book a required study by all high school students. Imagine what that would do for the kinds of politicians who get elected in the future.BTW, you can get the nice hard-cover edition at less cost directly from the Mises Institute.
__label__2 Economics even you will Understand: For all who avoided economics like the plague, this is the book for you.very informative, and gives the novice a good foundation of the subject... Check it out.. next time you argue economics with uncle Fred, you wont sound like such a dope
__label__2 Simply brilliant!: This is a great start to learning Austrian economics, or rather, any kind of economics. All members of Congress should be required to read this before being allowed to vote on any bills. Peter Schiff's "Crashproof" would be a great followup to reading Economics in One Lesson. And for the more serious student of Austrian economics, especially in these times, you should read von Mises Theory of Money and Credit, and Rothbard's The Great Depression.
__label__2 One lesson that EVERYONE needs to learn!: As a student and teacher of economics, this book has proved to be an invaluable resource! The lesson is simple and direct, yet one that many people fail to apply. This should be required reqding for anyone involved in the development of economic policy (or any other arm of policy making, for that matter). Whether you agree with Hazlitt's conclusions about how the market works or not, you cannot dispute the key lesson of this book. It is entertaining to read, particularly easy for a book about economics. I highly recommend it!
__label__2 Textbook: Should have been a nationwide elementary school textbook for the past 60 years.Upon reading this book, and knowing your fellow Americans will have, one couldn'timagine the losses of freedom that we are experiencing now. An absolute must read.
__label__2 Our Senators and Reps should read and heed: This is not a new book;perhaps that's why it is so useful.There is no gobblygook, no arcane economic theories with fancy lables.What there are in this book are many examples of - - if the government takes this action to make this or that happen, the unintended consequences have proven to be and will probably be again something quite different, and usually not positive.Sound experiential economics in my view, clearly written; and a tremendous help to understanding what will probably happen if the nation takes on more debt, subsidizes this or that interest, taxes one interest at the expense of another, etc.I liked it; I could read and understand it.
__label__2 Great Book: Very easy to read, simple arguments that destroy many fallacies in current political rhetoric. I learned a lot from this book without feeling like I had to muddle through it. I benefitted from taking micro and macro before reading, but it's not necessary, and anyone interested in learning about how special interests kill the consumer and taxpayer because their well-being is easier to measure and is effected more immediately (aka every modern economic issue) has an obligation to read this book.
__label__1 Painful: I wouldn't recommend this book to an enemy. True, the information may be worthy, but the writing style and the narration were horrible. It is definitely NOT written (nor read) in a conversational manner. I'm willing to cut the narrator some slack as he was only reading what was written, however better inflection, phrasing, pauses, etc... would have greatly helped this otherwise tedious book.I couldn't even finish it. I suffered through the first 5 disks and after all that investment in time I couldn't bring myself to listen to the 6th. Its just that poorly written.I'll restate the fact that the message -- the information -- is worth hearing, its simply written in such a tedious manner that I couldn't stand to hear it through the end.I think I'll donate it to my local library.
__label__1 Unsatisfactory and very outdated: I am in my 60's and thought it would be a good time to remedy what I perceived as a gap in my education, economics. I never had a course in economics and the only book I had read was Heilbroner's Worldly Philosophers, a satisfying but very general overview as I recall. I probably read Heilbroner in the late 70's.I'm an audible subscriber and got Economics in One Lesson from them. I can only say that the book was dated, full of economic events that were referenced from WWII, and excessively polemical and rigid.I read it some time ago but it made enough of a bad impression on me that when I saw it in my suggestion list around number 250, I just had to get onto this page and say what a terrible disappointment the book was.I think the book should be retitled, Economics in One Polemic: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand the Economics of the Late 1940's and the 1950's.
__label__1 Don't Be Fooled By the Title of This Book: The only economic lessons in it are a very biased critique of any economic policy other than capitalist doctrine. I wanted to learn about economics and was so disappointed in this outdated, one-sided book.
__label__1 Hypocritical, Biased, outdated and misleading: This book opens with the author explaining his objective analysis of popular fallacies within economics. In no way is this book objective, it is not so much a introduction to economics than a book with a political agenda. He rarely shows two sides of the arguement, spins fact real well all the while omitting valuable information contrary to his veiws. DONT READ THIS AS YOUR FIRST ECONOMICS BOOK, and if you do read it, take it with a grain of salt.
__label__1 Capitalism straight, in small unpalatable doses: If you want your faith in market forces and low taxation reinforced, this is a straightforward, but blinkered attempt to make you forget all about government regulation. Funny that west-European countries with bigger taxation and more government influence have less crime, better education, better health care, better TV programmes than the US. They also organise their politics better, so that the tax money is better spent. It did set me right on one or two points, and parts are written in a spuriously funny way, but it is too biased to be really informing . Clearly the writer has never listened to people he doesn't agree with.If you have an open mind compare this dangerous nonsense with the writings of Naomi Klein to see how unfettered capitalism works out in practice.
__label__1 Right-libertarian views presented as fact: The problem I have with Hazlitt's economics primer is that much of the information he presents as fact is nothing but right-libertarian ideology.Hazlitt attempts to "explode liberal myths" by taking out of context the social advances America has made in the last 70 years. The author believes that unchecked corporate power will liberate the economy and, therefore, humanity.Hazlitt is obviously a corporate apologists who refuses to scrutinize the "successes" of liberalized trade policies throughout the world. A look at any number of third world countries will reveal the true outcome of relinquishing government and social controls of the economy.
__label__1 ASTOUNDING: It is astounding that anyone in this age can seriously recommend this book. It has no bearing on the world economy and is blatantly anti labor and anti government regulation. It is hopelessly out of date.
__label__1 how to fail economics 101: This book preaches a very right wing kind of economics. If you can imagine one of Rush Limbaugh's readers or helpers writing a primer on economics, then this is it. Keep government small etc. The author most likely was an Austrian school follower. As it is avaiable free on Limewire, maybe get a free copy on the Net or browse it in your local library. No need to buy unless you want to flesh out (sic) the ideas of Mr Limbaugh et al. The book relentlessly hammers home the ideas that government should be amall, self interest drives the economy forward and that state intervention is bad.
__label__1 Read this if You're Stupid and wish to be Fanatically Stupid: Very Stupid. Once you enslave your mind to a blind, fantasy-based, utopian distortion of capitalist society, which has nothing to do with the actual functioning of that system on any level, at anytime whatsoever (and the top beneficiaries wouldn't have it any other way - no matter what this economic-libertarian garbage espouse), this is what comes out of your pencil. Read this book, turn off the real world, and turn on to a reactionary and libertarian-utopian rehash of greed, plunder, pillage and plutocracy WORSHIP touted as "common sense."
__label__2 Back to basics...: Sometimes back to basics is the clearest path towards understanding current realities. It is amazing to me that a book written in 1946 is still so fundamentally relevant.
__label__2 A great alternative perspective: Particularly appropriate for these times (even many decades after it was written), Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson offers an alternative to the traditional Keynesian economic theory of the 20th Century. This book is a fairly easy read for non-economists and, though a bit repetitive towards the end, quite enlightening. I'd recommend this book strongly for any student of macro economics or anyone curious in what is happening to the global economy.
__label__2 Sanity in Economics: This is economic sanity. Easy to understand. If more people and especially those in government would read this book, we would be better off.
__label__2 Fine Summary: This is a great primer that should be read in all schools. Hazlitt does not deal in economic details here. Intead, Economics in One Lesson covers more useful ground for the average person: it cumulatively teaches us how to think logically about economic issues. And, of course, how you think is the basis for what you think. Even the casual reader will take away an ability to spot economic silliness, many of which spring from the same bad premises, the same elementary blindness to cause-and-effect. Economics in One Lesson provides the type of knowledge that stays with you for a lifetime.
__label__2 A good libertarian primer: This book is a little outdated, and a little heavy on the libertarianism, but otherwise it's a very easy read, and I particularly like some of the stories it uses to present basic economic ideas.
__label__2 Important: Just under two hundred pages, I learned more from this short book on Economics than from three entire textbooks in College. Concise, well worded and simplified reality. Anyone wanting to understand the market system and how it works can gain greatly by reading Hazlitt.
__label__2 Economics: Very clearly written with a minimum of jargon. Basic principles easy to understand even for the non-economist, but topics were not oversimplified. Essential reading for anyone who wants to make informed decisions in these troubled economic times.
__label__2 Frighteningly Prophetic: An easy to understand overview of economics and, when considering the condition we are in today, scary! It explains a great deal about our current economic problems though originally written in the 40's.
__label__2 Great book: This is a great introduction to economic analysis. It is very well written and the examples are still surprisingly current.Bad economic thinking plagues the political and mediatic scene. Hazlitt focuses his effort on a key mistake, that of ignoring the unseen possibilities (or opportunity cost).
__label__2 Great summary of some very difficult economic principles: This was my first experience reading Hazlitt and it won't be my last. He has an "Adam Smith" way of writing (whether intentional or not, who's to tell) and everytime I wanted to compare this book to Wealth of Nations, I quickly curbed my enthusiasm. This is a good book, not great and I'm not quite sure why all the great reviews. I do like his way of explaining some very difficult economic ideas and I can see this book being a valuable introduction to economic principles, maybe not economics 101. In summary, well worth your time to read but not a good enough book to truly fit it's title.
__label__1 over-simplified diatribe: Wow, this one is really out there. Only Any Rand and Ron Paul, who know nothing about economics, could recommend this book. For example, consider these laughable claims, that I paraphrase -The primary problem with economics as practiced is that no thought is given to the long term consequences of policies to all groups.There is no difference between supply and demand.The vast majority of economists are ignoramuses.It is all very simple; listen to me.If you can believe this stuff, read the book. You can get it online for free.
__label__1 More politics, less economincs: I wish I had read more of the reviews to learn that this book is less about economics and more about pushing a particular political point of view. The point of view is hard right and the current recession disproves most of the economic patter. After skimming a few pages I threw it away; I didn't even want it in the house.
__label__1 This book's title is misleading.: This is propaganda, not an economics lesson. The book is full of faulty logic apparently spewed to promote a libertarian agenda. I couldn't be less happy with this purchase.
__label__1 Seriously Flawed: Bottom line, there are some serious flaws in the author's thinking. For example, in chapter 11 (Tariffs), the author argues that imposing a $5 tariff on an import (sweaters from England) ends up costing the US. Never once does he add the $5 duty received into the equation. How can someone argue against an import tax without analyzing what happens to the revenues from that tax? When the next chapter stated that Exports must equal Imports, I quit reading.In short, I couldn't agree more with the author that all too often the analysis of costs/benefits focus is too narrow. Yet, in trying to expanding the analysis beyond the 'too narrow', the author's analysis in fact is often too narrow.
__label__1 Not a primer, way too political: Going to be brief here: If you are looking for an introductory to economics, begin your search elsewhere. Hazlitt has an opinion, and he presents it here. I was looking for something that presents both sides of sticky issues, but more importantly, spends a great deal of time on the fundamentals.This book fails in that respect. Keep looking. (Samuelson, Mankiw, Malkiel...)
__label__1 Straight to the trash can!: Threw this book right in the trash not even a chapter into it, because I realized it is nothing but the same old recycled and obsolete right-wing drivel that we've been peppered with over and over, and that took our country to the edge of a second Great Depression. If you are a concerned American you should stay away from this book!
__label__2 Pretty cool: Let me first say I'm into HipHop(real Hiphop, slug, Atmosphere, etc). I have latelly been checking out the Euro scene of music(I don't know bought a Bmw could have been influencing me lol). I like this chick(not only cute) but she is cute and beats are catchy. Their music makes wanna make me drive fast. The older I get(30), the more I listen to beat and the complete way the music is put together. So liking the Goldfrapp stuff. So I by these cd's for my girl(while secretly ripping them to my zune). Right now working overtime to go check out Europe and stuff(not better than America, but different obviously the as an European visiting here. Good catchy cd, interesting use of instruments and keyboards. Did I mention she is cute little thing. Check out their videos they are a trip.
__label__2 Allison rocks!: I have just recently discovered Goldfrapp and boy look at what I have been missing out on!This disc is incredible! My only needs to be longer!Number 1 is an excellent song so walk out into velvet!Such a shame that US radio does not play such a wonderous mix of techno & electronica on the airwaves, yet forces us to listen constantly to tired rap lyrics about hos and bling, dumb TV show contest winners and R&B; idiocy.Allison has them all beat, hands down!
__label__2 Kids love it: It's Thomas! Kids love it. I can tolerate him better than Barney or those Wiggles. Still sounds so odd to hear George Carlin narrating a children's movie...
__label__2 Great for kids!: As usual, Thomas and Friends are entertaining in all the best ways for kids! Good lessons and good fun.
__label__2 Chocolate delicious by body hottie: this book was delicious it was very interesting i never knew most of this stuff in thereit made me so hungry for chocolate and im a chocolate fanaticDELCIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!even the book tasted good~~~ body hottie
__label__2 A Stellar Kid's Tape!: This is not your average kid's tape! Nancy Cassidy's wonderful alto voice invites even the musically challenged to sing along. As with all her tapes, there is a terrific mix of traditional and new music, use of many instruments, and varied musical styles. Even our one year-old dances when we put this on!
__label__1 Too much kid-pop music for a dark, animated movie!: I don't like the fact that there was so much kiddie-pop music on the soundtrack,where as the first, second, and third movies had a blend of rock, techno, hip-hop, andrap... but this one had too much kid music for a movie that was (for the most part)dark!The only song on this album that fit the mood of the movies was 'Lights Out' by P.O.D.!That re-mix of the song is the only reason why I bought this album!Not recommended for the whole album, just that one song...
__label__2 TMNT Soundtrack: I love the songs on this CD. Some of the songs make me want to run fast and punch stuff.
__label__2 Egbert is such a wonderful name: After years of searching, which ended with a 400 or so page photocopied version with missing pages, I found this book. This book is the only in depth and detailed english language record of almost all vegetation on Okinawa and the Ryukyu islands that I know of. The information within is in both Japanese (an older style) and English. I know of no other place that this book exists aside from the post library on Torii Station.
__label__2 sweet musings for loss and love: Its a Game and Calling over Time are Edith Frost's best music. There are years between the two albums but the kinship is very very close. Each song on Its a Game will transport you to the world of sweet repose. Much like a summer or autumn friendship that simply fades this music is so hauntingly familiar to the feelings that linger after the time has left you in a state of misty eye wonder.Thanks to Edith for writing so candid and for the music arrangements that are simply perfect for her songs. Again thanks for the kinship and this is highly recommended.
__label__2 The Art of Chinese Medical Science: I read this book, It's a good source of information related to Chinese Medicine. I would call it an Art of Chinese Medical science.
__label__2 What more do I need?: Price and function are two of the main reasons I now own this camcorder. I have webtv so I can capture all of the stills I need and do it quite easily and without software and a computer.Keep it simple stan is definitly my mantra and this camcorder helps me do just that. More functions and options would just go to waste and be confusing.It is light and ergonomic and I got a free tripod and camera bag with mine at circuit city. I wouldn't buy electronics on line again (been there done that). A longer battery life would be all I would ask for .
__label__2 A great American Sisters book.: Ten year old Erna Anderson and her sixteen year old sister Alfreda lived lives of poverty in Sweden. Their father went to America seven years ago, and finaly sent for Mother and their little brother Karl. But Karl had died, and Mother was ill, so Erna and Alfreda would have to make the journey to America alone, in third class on the Titanic. The two sisters, seperated at first by poverty and sorrow, soon become friends. But when the Titanic hits an iceberg and begins to sink, can they survive?
__label__1 not quite what I was expecting: I originally bought one of Daniel's previous albums (the title had 'insomniac' in it). the previous album was mostly acoustic with melodic vocals. I bought it for my wife. she loved it. Next year, I purchased deflaboxe and the CD got thrown back at me. This album was NOTHING like the previous album I had purchased for her. so if you are like me and buying this album based on his previous work, think again. he took a completely different style with this album.
__label__2 Agressive, Wild, Experimental & Honnest poetry: In this experimental album, Bélanger shows his own dark & hidden garden. Obviously describing his fights against a depressive lifestyle and his deepest reflexions in his previous album (Rver Mieux - wich totally impressed me), he comes back with an exclusive musical and lyrical style mostly expressing how he concieves life as a constant fight (analogy: boxe). All songs bearing numbers instead of titles, he lets listners use their intelligence & imagination in order to "feel" the music his own way.One of the most impressive album from Quebec this year.I give 5 stars and two thumbs up.
__label__1 Nineteen folktales of South and Central America: This children's book is a collection of nineteen folk tales collected and retold by the author from his travels throughout Central and South America. The book won the 1925 Newbery Medal for best contribution to American children's literature. I am oviously in the minority with my opinion: I only awarded the book two stars. I simply found it boring. But, this is obviously a good resource of South American folktales. Perhaps those who enjoy such material will like the book more than I.
__label__1 This book is incomprehensible: This book was an anthology of 19 stories. I didn't like it because it was hard for me to make a mental picture in my head. I had to read almost every paragraph over. I could not comprehend at all!
__label__1 It wasn't very good!: This book was about witches and possession. I do not believe in those things. I am a Christian! I did not like this book very much at all! I don't think this is a good book for kids to be reading, because they might have nightmares. Some of the stories are hard to comprehend. But if you do like those kind of things you will enjoy this book! Thank you for reading my review.
__label__1 Very boring: I agree with the reviewer who is not the author. This is really a bad book. Totally not believable with no depth to the characters. I find it hard to believe this book is so popular overseas. I should consider writing for a living. I think the author is a little touchy, too. I guess it was too much for her that someone didn't like her boring book.
__label__1 on order: I just ordered this fudge. It looked so good and seemed to be priced well I thought I would give it a try. I have looked at just about every store where we live and can not find any maple fudge. I am hoping this will taste as good as it looks. I will send another feedback after I have had my first bite. Can't wait.
__label__2 Long torso but great product: Received this product in the mail and have worn it a few times. It's fairly comfortable for a bustier/corset style waist cincher. The boning is very supportive and higher quality then a bridal style corsette (most of those are cheap and just to get things to lay down more smoothly). I'm pleased with the product. One thing I will say on the negative side is that I'm rather short. These are more of a one-size fits all from what I understand and mine is a bit long in the torso since I'm 5'1". Not an issue, it's meant that way so that it will cover under the chest down to about the belt so you dont have any random tire hanging over your pants, but I'm already fairly thin and this just causing the top wires to rub under my bra or jeans. Not the best for sitting, whereas a custom corset or one with a smaller torso likely wouldn't do that. The cloth is fairly comfortable and does as promised.
__label__2 Love This Item: I have four squeem shapewear items and i love them all. I do suggest finding your correct size, not the size you think you are. The terry cloth lining absorbs all wetness and i do see a difference in my shape. It flattens your middle so your blouses, tshirts and dresses look much nicer.
__label__2 Had some problems at first but now i love it: I received my Squeem 1 month ago and was super excited when i first wore it but then the bone started sticking into my back right under my bra line it wasnt very comfortable not like when i tried it in the store and the top kept rolling over giving me the appearance of more rolls in the back. This was definaitely NOT the look i was going for LOL. Luckily i decided to dtop in the store where i first saw & tried it and spoke to one of the clerks who told me i had to pull it all the was down till it was half-way covering my butt & hips. EUREKA!! What a difference this made now i'm loving it and hardly leave home without it. I originally bought the XL nude now i'm getting ready to purchase the black vest in a L. Great product, my only complaint is that the bones could be firmer.
__label__2 Good choice for getting a vintage look: I have the nude version of this chincher in small.I favour a vintage pinup look every day so the small waist is a main focus. I do have vintage styled cinchers and other authentic shapewear but they are expensive. This is a perfect substitute for day to day wear.As said in annother review you cannot wear this under clingy slinky clothes as it does ripple up at the front.I would recomend wearing a slip under it to avoid skin irritation. I wear a corset liner available from waist training specialists.The length is fine on me, going from just below the bra line down to the hip bones (I am 5ft 4)The cinching effect takes about 1.5 - 2 inches off my waist comfortably, enough to get into my vintage dior.I do not wear it enough to comment on the claims of permenant inch loss...but I think I will give it a try.
__label__2 Squeem works well: I am pleased with this item. It would be helpful if it were slightly longer for my torso, but everyone is different of course.I wear it a lot and it has held up well. It is rubbery, so a base layer is important or you may break out when your body perspires.
__label__1 Too small - NO RETURNS: I received this in the mail and followed the measurements on the site to get my size...when it arrived I could not fasten it as it was too small.........AND THERE IS NO REFUND.....So I didn't wear it or use it....and I am out $35.00 plus....for the privilege of not getting the product I asked I could wear and use...will not buy from this seller again
__label__2 wow: this product does exactly what it says it does! the only issue is the first time you put it on it is pretty difficult to put on. the hook and eyes are stiff but once you do it a couple times it becomes much easier!! Don't give up it is worth it!
__label__2 Great!: I enjoyed this waist cincher! it corrects my posture, and makes me look slimmer!However, I think it stretched out a bit... Or I lost some inches!
__label__1 Wasn't what I expected: I ordered the item according to the chart that was associated with the size and it ended up being to big. The item is also like it is made from rubber, but because I needed it for this weekend I don't know what I am going to do at this point.
__label__2 great: provides great support and slims me down by 2 inches when I wear it (I ordered a size small). The size chart is very accurate, it fits like a glove.
__label__2 a good smoother: I do believe this product is very good but, in my case, the cincher smooths my waistline more than anything. I am already petite, so the cincher doesn't significantly reduce my waistline. It does, however, make my waist look A LOT smoother and hour-glass like. You cannot really wear it under thin clothing, as others have pointed out, and, for me, it is impossible to wear it during hot summer days - the sweating and the rubber can create a rash situation - but I still recommend the product. It is a very good and very cool cincher. I think it can even be worn on top of clothing, for a goth or fetish look. It is well-made and makes clothes look better on you.
__label__2 Works Well!: I bought this item for my wedding dress! I wanted to make sure that I "tried out" the cincher before my big day and it works really well! I started out with this same item, in a Small - but it gave me "back fat" which I do not normally have...I returned the Small and opted for the Medium and it works like a charm. When wearing the cincher you have two "size options" with the double hook closure..which allows you to let it out more around the bust & tighter around your "natural" waist to create a better shape. It definately does the trick and is made of rubber material(def makes you sweaty...but it DOESNT move around) Totally worth it!Kinda painful...the boning pushes into my "under/side boob" probably because I am not super skinny immediately under my boobs...(size 36 DD)Ladies, if it helps..I am 5'2 135lbs busty, not super skinny but not fat(size 27 in jeans)
__label__2 squeem cincher: Love this. I had been looking in I don't know how long for this kind of product. I've had 2 babies so far and haven't found a product like this. I had an idea of what I wanted which was kinda like a coursette, but without all the wires showing or nothing rolling up. I came across this squeem cincher and had my doubts, but I've had it for a week already (I ordered all 3, black & beige waist cincher and beige body shaper that has straps)and I've already got used to wearing it everyday, it's pretty comfortable and best of all it gives you a nice shape and flat belly look. I love it, now I'm just hoping it will help me in losing some inces from my waist. I've read that it can last up to over a year, so deffinitly worth the money. Would recommend this to everyone.
__label__1 not really worth it: I wore this for my wedding since I hadn't lost all of my pregnancy weight. It was great for a little bit. But then started getting a crease around my waist. I can't wear it anymore. Plus it made me feel very sick if I wore it for more than a couple hours. They suggest wearing it 8 hours? I couldn't do it. As soon as I take it off I am instantly better.
__label__2 Great product; great seller!: I got this item within a few days of my purchase. It is exactly what I wanted -- I look a whole size smaller, instantly. I tried on the Squeem in a boutique and fell in love, but they were asking almost $200 for it! I highly recommend this item and the seller.
__label__1 Painful Experience: I think the concept is great but with this particular product, they have these sections that are thicker rubber (or whatever the material is) and it literally pushed into my ribs every time I sit down. I commute a lot and have a desk job so its not a very pleasant experience to have that pushing and bruising your rubs every day. It would've been nice except for those thicker lines of rubber that aren't very flexible.
__label__2 Great Product!: Item was delivered quickly and it looks just like the picture. It is a great item because it does not roll up when you sit down. I've been looking for one like this for a while and would recommend it to anyone. Of course, you must use it long term to reshape your body but it is worth the money.
__label__1 poor fit: After trying three different sizes,I still couldn't find one that fit. I first ordered a medium and it wouldn't even come close to hooking so I went up to size to xlarge which was waaay to big, my last possible option would be a large and it was still huge, wish I would have sent it back but was just tired of the whole process and kept it. The hooks are a pain as well and it is way over priced.....there is a zippered option on amazon that is much cheaper.
__label__1 Not recommended!: When I received this, not only was it way too small for me, the first and only thing I noticed was the horrible smell that came out of the packaging! It was unbearable, sort of like a burnt rubber smell. There's no way I would recommend this to anyone. There are definitely other products on the market that do the job!!
__label__1 Gave me a waist, but just pushed my fat around: The product did what it was "supposed to" which was to give me a waist, but it kind of just redistributed my fat. My waist was super tiny, but above and below (mostly below) I bulged like crazy, so I ended up just looking really oddly proportioned. My husband thought that I looked a little like an arthropod, so definitely not the sexy curvy lady that I wanted to be... I guess this product worked for other ladies, but for me, it just looked really unnatural and odd.
__label__1 Advertized as "New" but arrives worn out: Please note that I ordered three of these items as gifts and was surprised to see that only one arrived in its original packaging (with plastic cover and without any signs of it being worn). The other two had no plastic cover and had obvious streaks on the material. All three were advertized as "New" on Amazon site. Before you decide to buy new item, beware that you may be receiving item that someone else has returned so please inspect for any signs of item being worn (if fabric is stretched or not in its original plastic cover). These items should be advertized correctly and not sold as "New"
__label__2 Great results, with some side effects...: I have one of those "spare tire" waists, but when I put this on, I had an hourglass shape... I've never had results like this with any other shapewear... But it does come with some side effects...Wore it to work for 8 hours, took it off to find that my skin was a grayish color (i'm black) and had lines (which turned to bruises) on my sides and lower back where it folded from sitting... I did like the way it gave me a much trimmer waistline, so the next day I wore a camisole under it and it was very comfortable. That experience did, however, give me more incentive to exercise and get fit so I don't have to depend on anything to "make" me look trimmer...
__label__2 Perfect for getting rid of pesky love handles: Typically I wear a medium adult women's sized shirt and a large in juniors- and I have pesky love handles thanks to my 2 beautiful babies :).This really works, well too- sucks you together and gives you that lift and confidence you want/need.The one thing that makes it not have 5 stars is that after a while it starts to bunch up in the middle (if you have some curve to you) and I'm not sure how to get it stretched out again.However, overall- if it didn't bunch up- I would give it 5 stars :)
__label__1 Upset: I've been wearing the waist clincher for the last two years. I purchased a new one recently and it's not the same type of material of the previous ones i've brought. I thought maybe because i had lost weight, so i brought a smaller sizer, but that one didn't fit the same either. I thought i found a miracle when i first purchased the girldle through Amazon, but i have found my recent purchase has surely let me down...
__label__1 Falling apart: When I first received this product I was plenty happy, I thought I had finally (after 8 years of switching from cincher to cincher) found the right one. It squeezed my belly enough that it actually got me to "right-sized" eating (whereas a lot of times I would get seconds, I found when I wore this cincher I could only eat one serving), which of course is wonderful. I didn't mind that sometimes it bunched up, I didn't mind that sometimes it left welts (that went away shortly after I removed the cincher), however, after about two weeks, on of the metal prongs came out, making the cincher essentially useless because it doesn't hold it's form. Even the cheap cinchers at Walmart held up better than this and cost only a fraction of what this cost.
__label__2 ahi: I am 116 lbs. but after 4 kids (a set of twins) the tummy was not the same. squeem gives me a beautiful shape under my clothes...never look better. the only downfall it does not cut inches off or make you loose any body fat..after its off all the bulge comes out. It makes you look great thou...don't leave home without it.
__label__1 Incrediby difficult to put on: With the type of closures and the amount of compression it is meant to give it's really difficult to put on. You need a hand to pull it closed in order to actually be able to close each of the 20 some odd hooks.
__label__1 Squeem: I ordered according to the size chart for my measurements and it was way to small!! Very uncomfortable.I returned it,
__label__2 A bit uncomfortable...: I had to exchange the size but the small is still _really small_. It gives me a nice shape but I should probably be wearing a medium. I am a size 6 with a belly left over from a 25 pound weight loss. It's tedious to put on and I'm exhausted when I finally get that last hook hooked! There has to be an easier way! The back support you get is awesome but sitting in it can get uncomfortable after a while. I recommend wearing it over a light weight tank of some kind. The material used irritated my skin a little bit and it made me sweat a little. Should you buy it? If you are tolerant of the ins and outs, then go for it. It was inexpensive.
__label__2 This is the one: I'm fairly tall and this could go on someone taller then me, with no problem. I love that you can't see it under clothes. I notice my back feel better with it on, my posture improves, and I look good in my clothes. I love this!
__label__2 really love it.: Does the job and I feel the tightness. Thanks for making a change that is a big difference for me. I would recommed others to buy it.
__label__2 Wow!: All and all this is a very nice product. It really holds in those unwanted mid life bulges and it looks smooth under your clothing. It sort of helps your posture when sitting at a computer for very long hours. The inner cotton lining feels nice against the skin and it appears to move moisture,although not totally, away from your skin. Now mind you it is pure rubber, yes I said rubber, so make sure you wash it thoroughly, also it will take two days to air dry.I brought one with straps and bought the strapless one from Amazon......much cheaper than a boutique.Cher!
__label__1 Not the shape I was going for....: I have ordered the Squeem on three different occasions, trying a large, medium and small as my size changed after having twins. Unfortunately, I was disapointed every time and I returned it after trying it on. I don't know why I kept trying aside from desperation. It just gave me a very weird shape. Sure, it cinched in my waist at the sides but what I needed was to flatten my muffin top. I basically felt as if it squeezed my waist in and pushed all my "excess" down into the lower half of my torso making my muffin top even worse. I'm giving the product the benefit of the doubt with two stars thinking maybe it's just my body type that is the problem. I have a long torso at 5'10 and 140lbs. Great product in concept but didn't work at all for me.
__label__1 Bones: This product does suck you in Great !! But the bones in here tore back back up, I had all kinds of bruising when I took this off after wearing it all day, they need to make one smooth with out the bones.
__label__2 Magic: After 3 c sections, I need all the help I can get. I started with the size Large (when I was a size 12). I have moved on to the medium (I am between 8-10 now). The medium is REALLY tight, but does the job. I prefer the large day to day because I have 3 children under 6 to run after, and it is a bit more comfortable for that. These things are really great. I can't believe I didn't know about them after my first 2 c sections. They should send all women home with them after giving birth!
__label__1 Wrong item shipped!!!!!: I ordered this waist cincher specifically to wear on my wedding day with my beautiful sleeveless dress. Unfortunately, they shipped the WRONG thing, and now I am stuck with a big, bulky and hideous vest! It has very ugly racerback straps, and I will definitely not be able to wear this under my dress. And the worst part, I'm out the money! I can't even return it for a refund, even though I haven't opened the box. VERY disappointed in this company. Buyer beware!
__label__1 Sizing is Ridiculous: I measure as a Small and the Small and Medium did NOT fit. Update: I ordered a Large and wore it for 2 days and it stretched too much. I am not sure this will help, but I have worn the item so I cannot return the Large. I am not any smaller than when I began so the Large did stretch and did not shrink my waist and/or hips.
__label__1 So what is the sizing?: I ordered a 3X, because that's the size that the website said to order, it came and lacked about 8 inches I looked at the package and it says I should have ordered a 5x...seemed extreme, but I exchanged it.I was very impressed with the speed of the exchange, I'll say that....However, when the 5X arrived, it's so big it just gaps and falls off? So, was the 3X mislabeled, or is this 5x mislabeled? I'm needing something with some firm support for post surgery I really don't know what to do at this point?
__label__1 Causes sweat that makes it unwearable!: This corset makes me Sweat like a hog, I am not I'm a petite woman just looking for structure to maintain a flat stomach. Theres no doubt it gave me a fantastic shape, was flawlessly discreet under my clothes but I was forced to stop wearing it, because by the end of the day it was very uncomfortable, hot and sweaty underneath. This was bad for my skin too, it made it dry and would have gotten red and irritated if I kept wearing it and for longer periods. It got to the point where it was pointless to wear because the was no breathing for my skin underneath it and I'd want to take it off immediately, so I never wore it, and just gave up and returned it. Still looking for a perfect corset, this however is NOT it. Don't waste your time.
__label__2 best money I ever spent on shape wear: I received mine today and I squeeled with delight when I heard the door bell ringing for delivery. I immediately put it on. It does take some muscle power..but no where as hard as I was expecting to get it on. It sucks, tucks and hold!!!!! My S/O was giving me the side eye..he didnt get my excitement , this was just another one of my many purchases. BUT!!! But ladies and gentlemen ***for the man who is looking to buy a gift their lady will love** when I started trying on my dresses he exclaimed "WOW!! it does take off a few inches of the waist"...I love it. I have been walking around the apartment in it and I have been sitting and standing with no problems. Well it does force you to sit upright. Which is great!..small waist and fabulous posture...I can't complain. I am loving my squeem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
__label__2 works great: Bought it 3 months after pregnancy with twins. I had gone down to my pre-pregnancy weight but my tummy was still not firm. Used the belt and reduced the waist to pre-pregnancy size after wearing it 8 times.
__label__1 Great at first...not so good over time: Perhaps I got a bad one? A factory second? For the first 3-4 days I wore mine, it was great, just as advertised, helped me fit into those pants that are just a tiny bit too snug around the waist. I was very happy and it helped me concentrate on my posture, too, although it was very difficult to turn in the car seat when backing out of a parking space! However, I put it on today, and while my left side is all smooth and nicely held in, the support thing (bone or whatever) under my right breast seems to have lost all its firmness. My entire right front is pushing outwards on that, making a vertical bulge; whereas my left side is still firm and compressed. I don't know what could be happening.
__label__2 Recommend this: I used this product 19 years ago after my pregancy while working out and getting back to shape. I had a slimmer waist within weeks. You tend to sweat and lose inches having this on. It is a bit uncomfortable at first and it takes getting used to, but I would wear it only while working out. Otherwise, I would take it off.19 years later, after having my second child, I was looking for the same waist cincher which I just received and began working out with it. I am a firm believer this will bring my waist to where I was prior being pregnant with my workouts. It is well made and sturdy. The metal hooks never pinch nor they unhook while doing exercising. I recommend this product.
__label__1 boning is not a plus: It holds things together but the boning gets uncomfortable, would have been better without it. It also folds in with the fold of my stomach, which I didn't want, so it doesn't get that pooch area as well as I would've liked. I guess if you just want to tuck things in to wear a dress this would be good, thats about it.
__label__1 Pass: The Sizes run really small, It flips up even though, they said it would not and the hooks don't hold. I am very dissapointed.
__label__2 Love this!: I'm training my waist to lose inches. I used to always buy fajas which are very uncomfortable and takes alot of getting used to. I wear them most of the day and throughout the night. This one is more comfortable (as something squeezing u can be) and looks good under certain clothes. I like that the inside is a rubbery material that helps u sweat. It speeds up the weight loss process. I plan to buy the next size down soon because my waist has already shrank! I probably will buy the one with the straps next time because the strapless does kinda push ur back fat up and with certain clothes you can see it. All in all it's a great product and the most comfortable cincher I've ever bought.
__label__1 Poor quality: I purchased this item to wear postpartum. I love how it fits and how well it smooths things out post baby. The major downside to this is the poor quality. The eye portion of about five of the hook/eye closures has come out entirely. I know that this is not a sizing issue because I followed the sizing for the product and it's only select ones that appear to not have been sewn as well as the rest. Very disappointing for what would have otherwise been an awesome product that I could recommend to others, to instead be a waste of my money!
__label__2 Squeem Perfect Waist, Firm compression: I'm a 100% satisfied with the Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear. It delivers what it promises, everything that describes the product it's true. It reduces about 2 inches instantly, it hardly shows with thin clothes, it doesn't let me eat a lot and I feel full the rest of the day, It recommends to wear it about 8 hours but I can even sleep with it, the only thing is that I get marks like when wearing thigh socks, it gives me a smaller waist than what the picture shows, and it's the perfect length for my core.I'm 5'3, I tried another brand before but it was too long for me, I could feel the wires poking specially when bending down. I recommend to measure yourself before ordering any brand.Once I get used to this one, I'm planning to order the "Extra firm compression". It gives more back support and it will reduce the waist even more!
__label__1 Not the best shaper: This would be great if it had boning in it. I am not sure if this os because i have a very pronounced hour glass figure, but when I put it on, the fabric slides the the waist and it has the same effect as if I had a rubber band aroun my waist, forming a bulge above and below my waist. Too bad- I had hoped this would work based on reviews.
__label__1 It works, BUT....: My size medium was true to size. This made my waist smaller and while I had it on, I didn't eat as much because of the pressure, it makes me feel full; however, all of the cinchers do this as it is its purpose. I did like the fact that it's shorter from the lower back and a bit longer on the tummy... BUTTT... a HUGE BUT for me... What I didn't like was that it made big bulges of fat on my upper back (eewww!)... and I don't even have back fat!!! So to me this defeats the whole purpose! All it did was cover my stomach fat but GAVE me back fat!!! Also, what's going on with the price increase?? I just bought this 3 weeks ago for $30, now it's $45!
__label__2 squeem: I like it because it came as I was expecting that , and really helped to save money compare to other stores
__label__1 Product defective after 1 day of use: The product overall was comfortable and did shape nicely. The problem is that after only 1 day of wearing the product was bunched at the waist and the interior supports were bent without repair. I contacted the company and they did say I had the correct size and to wear a tank under the Squeem to help with bunching. This didn't help the bent supports and I returned the product.
__label__2 a great buy!: after baby #2 I knew I wanted to try binding as a form of getting my tummy back as soon as possible. I am so glad that I bought the squeem, it really does cinch your waist giving you an unreal hourglass shape. I began wearing mine 1 week postpartum and people just couldn't believe that I had just had a baby. Now that I am 7 months postpartum, I wear mine to the gym for extra back and abdominal support. It has really helped give me my old shape back and even seems to have nipped in my waist more than it was before!
__label__1 No,No,No This is not for me.....: I own the vest squeem and I absolutely love it!!!!! But this waist cincher is not for me. I'm not gonna say don't buy it because alot of women are shaped different.I just got it yesterday and I'm sending it back. It fit well until my back fat overlapsed over the top of the cincher and thats not attractive at all. So if you know you have more than enough back fat, this is not for you. I tried to adjust it by pulling it up or down and that didnt even help. I wear a size medium, so its my correct size. But it doesnt give me the full coverage support that the vest gives me. The vest covers all the back fat and everything. But I still give Squeem thumbs up though!!! :-)
__label__2 Can't Go Wrong With This Item!: I recently purchased the Power Cotton & Rubber Waist Cincher, and loved it so much I thought I'd give this one a try as well. As far as the smell, it's very faint. Washing it prior to use and putting plenty of dryer sheets in should help the smell diminish pretty quickly. The fit was nice & comfortable. But it's not a solid black like you'd assume. Prepare for a charcoal black/gray color for the exterior. The interior rubber WILL make you sweat ladies, so get ready to have a sticky abdomen at the end of the day. The same thing with the waist cincher, the back begins to bunch up and make wrinkles after a few days.Overall, great product.
__label__1 Would be great but...: The package says it goes from lower belly to just under bust. I am a short woman and it doesn't reach my ribs leaving me with two huge rolls of fat on the front and back. It takes me in great, love that about it but because it isn't long enough I can't wear it anywhere:(
__label__1 works but uncomfortable: Held my tummy in when I tried it on but was way too stiff...the boning and the hooks showed through, so could not even wear it inside a tshirt. Was tough to wear and I was scared of pinching myself while wearing it
__label__1 Major let down!: I bought this product based on the positive reviews. I wish I hadn't bought this waist cincher. The bottom of the cincher ends in a weird triangle, which goes about 4 inches on my thigh, the bottom wrinkles up and looks ugly, it is extremely visible under a normal t-shirt, and it looks TERRIBLE if you sit down while wearing it. This looks decent (barely) when you're standing up, and you might as not wear it if you ever need to sit down. The length is way off, it goes 4 inches down to my thigh and up to an inch from my armpits. I'm 5'3 and weight 125 lbs. This looks terrible and I'm sending it back the same day it was delivered. Save your money.
__label__2 Awsome!!: Really a life saver when it comes to go to a nice party and try to look spectacular especially for me that i give birth 7 months ago and i'm still try to work out the few pounds and belly i have left from that :) really i recomended. Money well spend it
__label__1 Wasnt worth: I bought a pink rubber squeem which had a seperate cotton cloth . That worked well, but i wonder why i dint buy the same and ended up with this. This product hurts me on my left hip and i got scars on my left hip.. :(
__label__2 GREAT THERAPEUTICALLY AS WELL AS GREAT FOR FASHION!!!: I had two reasons for the purchase of this product, one was for my spine difficulties thanks to a severe injury many years ago & the other was pure vanity! But it has surpassed my expectations for both reasons! It is ever so comfortable and makes me look great so I feel beautiful!!! I just cannot express in words how great this product is!!!
__label__1 Not so much: Product is as shown but they didnt have it in stock and it took them almost a month to ship. And then instead of sending next day to compensate they sent it regular mail so it took another week to receive. Not too happy with their customer service.
__label__1 Burn Rubber on Me: I went by the Squeem chart and my waist measurements to find the correct size but to my suprise the waist cincher did not fit. Warning, you cannot return for a refund; only merchandise credit/exchange. Also, the cincher smelled like burnt rubber. Very bulky and will be visible through clothing so you cannot wear with tight fitting clothing.
__label__1 Not worth the price...: I bought this to slim down my tummy under a bridesmaid dress. First, it smelled horrific and still stunk like rubber after washing. Second, it did almost nothing to slim me down, even though I bought the suggested size. Third, after about a half hour of wearing it, it was absorbing sweat and making me feel clammy and uncomfortable. It was extremely uncomfortable to sit down in, and the boning showed through the relatively thick cotton of the dress. I abandoned it completely and felt much better.
__label__1 Torture: Too tight,wanted to help me get back in shape after my baby, couldn't even close the whole thing!Returned it ASAP
__label__1 Squeem: The product states that inches will be removed after 30 days of use and I have worn this item everyday for at least 12 hrs per day and I have not seen any kind of difference.For the price of the item, it is disappointing when it advertises and does not comply.
__label__2 I'm very impressed so far: So I just got mine today and I put it on right out of the box. Like some have said, takes a few minutes to get used to it. I've been wearing it for 5 hours now and I just love it. It covers everything that needs to be covered (and I am long-waisted). It stays put, which I love. It's comfortable. It makes my waist look great and flattens my stomach "pooch". It's comfortable enough to sit in. Best of all, instant posture makeover and it is easing my lower back pain by providing support. I'm looking forward to wearing this for a long time and already foresee a black one in my future. I wonder if I can wear it on my runs? Hmmm... Also: I have a size 31 inch waist and the medium fits perfect on the first loops. Just take your measurements before you order. Hopefully, as I lose weight (from my running/training program) I can cinch it to the tighter loops and get a little more use out of it. Well... then I'll just have to get a size small! I love it!
__label__2 Not for everyone: I was really excited to try this, however it is not for everyone. I have a "flat" stomach just flabby and then I have "love handles" so I thought this would just hold everything in but that's not how it worked for me. It feels great when I have it on but when I look in the mirror I have this pooch in the front that I didn't have before. It takes the extra from the sides and puts it all in the front. I think I would rather have the love handles. I do like the way it feels and the back support is great so I only wear it with baggy shirts. (Not exactly why I bought it but o well). I still gave it 4 stars because it is still working for me, just not how I thought it would.
__label__2 Squeem:> A Combination of Scream and Squeeze?: I first ordered size X-L, but that was too big, so I returned it and bought a L. The first couple of wearings were difficult, but then the product becomes slightly stretched and begins to conform slightly to your body. I do wear a stretchy tube underneath it (sort of like the top part of panty hose). I try to wear it while I am standing or walking around. It is not comfortable to wear while sitting. For me, I think it would be more comfortable if it were about one inch shorter, as I think my torso is shorter than most. I do think it is helping, but I need to wear it for more hours. I am thinking of wearing it while I sleep, rather than in the daytime, but I have not tried that yet. The product is well made.
__label__2 excelent product!: This product does what is said in the description, my waist got smaller and I can stand for hours withoutfeeling any pain on my back. My work requires a lot of lifting this product help protect my back. I love it! Is my second buy. The price is also good, the first one I got cost me $55 this time I paid $36 for it.
__label__1 Hard to put on: The shape wear is difficult to put on and you can see the seams through your clothes. It is hard to bend over, especially as a school teacher! I would definitely like to try Brooke Burke's Belly Taut instead of this old school shapewear!
__label__1 Why does everybody rave when....: This product sucks!It doesn't completely suck... the 2 days I was able to wear it before the boning snapped in half it did compress pretty tight. As many people have noted, it is HELL to get into this the first time.I liked that this wasn't a body suit and the rubber on the outside would keep my shirt from sliding up.BUTThis garment:1) Rides up- if you move a lot it will eventually slide up your waist2) Leaves a huge crease on the skin above your waist-- and it hurts3) Makes you look like a sausage when you sit down: visually divides your belly in half when you sitAs I said I only wore this twice, first time I wore it for about half hour and the second time I had worn it for several hours when the boning snapped in half and was poking into my side (ouch!! )RETURNING THIS!!!
__label__1 Uncomfortable!: It was really easy to put the Squeem on, but once it was on I couldn't wait to get it off!! It wasn't too tight or anything. The problem was that once I stood up straight it bunched up in the hip/mid back area and pinched my skin! It was so painful! No matter how I positioned it, it would bunch up! Really disappointed since it was a waste of $50..
__label__1 Great idea, poor design: This shape-wear is the best I've had until now regarding easiness to wear and put-on. It does a great job at keeping the post-pregnancy flabby belly under control. However, after about 2 months of daily use, the metal that gives the support is coming out from the fabric. It seems that the metal is rubbing out the fabric and thins it enough to come out. I wish there was a better designed support for this binder. Otherwise, it is awesome - good looking for such lingerie. So, if you buy it, expect 2 months of wearing it without problems...
__label__2 best shapewear: it the best shapewear says what it does everyone ask how you look so small bought 3 for friends loveit
__label__1 Waste of time for me: I really wanted this item to work because everybody seemed to love it. It didn't hold anything in on me and it gave me back boobs. Waste of money for me.
__label__1 Not OK!!!: When I ordered this I thought it would allow me to wear some clothes that I haven't been able to do in a while because of my weight gain.I am a woman who has size 40D in breasts so I wear a large in tops and I wear a size 8 in pants, and weight 140lbs. It is suppose to clinch your waist and give you a nice looking figure. Well, it did hug my waist, but it also gave my a muffin top. Not a shape a woman wants to have. I looked better without wearing it. It folds into your folds creating a bigger fold at the top of your body. I would say this item is more for the extremely skinny female who has small breasts', no hips, or ass. Not for a woman who has large breast, hips, and ass. Not for women who are going through post-pregnancy either. For a product thats is suppose to make you feel good about yourself, it failed.
__label__1 Not worth the pain it causes: Squeem Shapewear definitely does the job of sucking you in. However, I found that the rods painfully poked me on the side and ultimately resulted in a wound. Not worth the pain.
__label__2 I love It!: it does what it is supposed to do making you look slimmer in the waist area. my grandmother even notice it, and she didn't even know i bought it. It really makes you look smaller in that area of your body. I would most likely buy another one but next time in a small not medium.
__label__1 disappointed: I think this is a case of my expectations being too high. I was so encouraged by the great reviews of this product, I really was expecting a miracle. After only wearing this twice, it is stretched out. At first, I thought perhaps it would regain it's shape after a few hours but nope! It's no better than a cheap, fashion corset. It will smooth things out so there's less bulging under the clothes but I was looking for a real "waist trainer", something that would go on tight and STAY tight. Considering I found this product when I searched specifically for "waist trainer", I would say the claims of this product are misleading. It is shapewear, it is NOT a "cincher" or a "trainer".
__label__1 itchy: I washed it before used it for the first time. The next day I wore it, I found my skin were itchy all over place on my stomach. And I feel that the heat on my body trapped on that.
__label__2 i love it..: i realy love my shape wear, i got one for myself and one for my daughter and she's notice a big difference,
__label__2 Wow, Ow and What's that smell?: I have been using this for 3 weeks now and while I have seen no difference in my measurements, my posture is definitely improved. I have also lost about 6 pounds, which is likely due to my combination of diet and exercise, but I have also been wearing the corset at least 4 days a week for up to 9 hours at a time.I am 5'9" 150 pounds and I bought a size Small and it fits how it should, super tight. I look forward to eventually going in to the second hooks.My only complaint is the SMELL. It smells like rubber and while I hope no one around me really notices, I notice. I wear a wrap around my midsection underneath it, but after all day the smell still gets on and stays on my skin.Otherwise, the construction is super sturdy and I anticipate only needed one for a long time. Hopefully the smell will fade with more hand washes...
__label__2 squeem is pretty good: i have a 28-29 inch waist normally. should've started with a size Small. the XS seemed a bit smaller than described. definitely gets the job done in cinching the waist!
__label__2 Snug Fit: Great product for giving you that snug does become very uncomfortable around the waist line if worn to long. I really do like this item, the only BIG issue I have is the fact that you can see the snaps through your I suggest not wearing this with a tight fitting dress or shirt, because everyone will know your secret!
__label__1 Poor quality and lousy customer service: The Squeem is a great idea, but their quality is second rate, and their customer service is worse than useless. I'd owned mine for about 4 weeks and worn it only a few hours a day when I noticed that a seam was coming unstitched. The threads aren't frayed; they're unstitching from the seam.Contacting customer service has been an exercise in futility. They've asked for pictures of the damage, and then failed to respond to the pictures, or any further attempts to contact them.For what this costs, it needs to last longer than 4 weeks.
__label__1 IN THE TRASH IT GOES!!!!!: Hello! I am a woman nearing my 60s, and my waist certainly isn't getting any smaller! I purchased this product in the hopes that it would shrink my ever-growing belly. To accommodate for my girth, I bought the Squeem "Magical" Lingerie Shapewear in XXXXX-Large, the largest size available. WELL, here's a bit of magic for ya, sisters. The second I snapped the first two hooks together, the tightness was unbearable. It felt like it was squeezing my waist fat straight down to my giant ass. Fortunately, the discomfort didn't last long, since the hooks flew off and therefore ruined the Squeem altogether. These things need to come in larger sizes. Not even worthy of 1 star. More worthy of steaming diarrhea.
__label__2 Very sturdy: This item is very sturdy and holds in the belly area better than another softer belt I have. The measurements seem true to size and there are two rows of hooks so you can adjust if you lose some weight.The only negative points are that the item smells badly of rubber when new. It must be washed before wearing. The other is that all that rubber can make you sweat. But those are minor complaints if you want to look good for an evening. The belt also helps me sit straight so I think it's good for the back as well as the front.
__label__1 Worked for 5 days then broke: I liked how it pulled everything in! I felt fantastic for about 2 hours. it really flattens the tummy area, which is all I really want, but you can see the hooks threw clothes :( I felt like that ruined it for me, also I had to keep pulling it up. It bunches in the back, and really smells like rubber. After about 5 or 6 days one of the "bones" on the inside broke and was stabbing me in the side! it really hurt. I would not recommend this product.
__label__2 does its job: recommend itit really slim out my waist line clearly cleanly.hope i could buy it in beige color. could be little cheaper
__label__2 Squeem: Love this product. I wear it when I am doing my cardio to help with weight loss. It is true to size.
__label__2 So Far So Good!: I've only worn this for a day so far, but I love it! I still have a little bit of a tummy from the birth of my son 8 months ago. This really holds you in, its comfortable and I don't think it shows through your clothes! I highly recommend!!
__label__2 Makes me look like a i have a perfect hourglass figure: I love how this product makes me look in my clothes!!! its shapes me into a perfect hourglass! i dont know if the claim that it permanantley reduces your waist after 30 days is true because i havent had it that long. my only complaints are that it is a little too short, so i still have a small bulge over the top in vthe back and i think it may be stretching out as i wear it as oppossed to it shrinking me, but overall, it is the best shapewear i have ever purchased. i love it and would recommend it to anyone.
__label__2 simple quick fix: I bought this product to slim my waist and I really didn't have big expectations for it at all. I figured I'd wear it under my clothes for a more defined shape. I've been wearing it for a month already and I've seen my waist go down 2 inches! I wear it all day at work from 7:00 till about 3:00. It fit snug in the beginning but after one week I had to go to the tighter hooks and even that is too big now and I may need to buy a small. I actually like wearing it but I recommend wearing a tank top under it because it will start to press into your skin and kind of make you sore ( hence the 4 star rating). I'm very happy with this product for the price. It works better than Spanx.
__label__2 A must have...: This is a must have if you desire a smooth look in shirts and dresses. It also offers great support for your back. It is perfect for everyday wear.
__label__2 The squeem waist cincher: The squeem waist cincher was GREAT for about three weeks it does exsactly what it says until the wire that supports the squeem started to come out and the other wire broke on the other side and the squeem started To crease in the waist and stretch out turning it into the scream ! i would say if you get this product it's best to buy two of them so you could switch off and it wouldn't damage as fast but for the three weeks that I had it I was very happy I am going to buy it again but this time I'll get two of them
__label__1 Wasn't that impressed........: It didn't do much to slim the midsection and all it does is pretty much push everything up to the top, making your breasts and back look MUCH wider. If I do continue to wear it, it will be around the house or under loose clothes/jackets.
__label__2 Squeeeeeze into your clothes: I really liked the Squeem. I'm a petite person, but have some love handles that I need to hide when I'm wearing tight clothes. The only problem is that it has boning which you feel in your ribs when it's tight.
__label__2 Love it: This works really well. I used it to help get my abdominal wall back together at 9 months post-partum. It's still a bit separated but this definitely helped. I wish I knew about it sooner. It also helps support the back when picking up my child over and over and over again and a good reminder to keep my weak abs pulled in when doing it. Great to wear during exercise, again as a reminder to keep the abs in and strengthen them correctly inward. Also, it looks hot! And sometimes I wear it out. I wear it with a tank top underneath as suggested in other reviews all the time. Suggest getting seamless tanktops otherwise irritation may occur. 27" waist before pregnancy, 30" waist when I bought a size medium, 28" now, and could probably get the next size down if I really wanted...
__label__2 Good product: I read the reviews for this product and purchased. I am an Ardyss wearer and after that brand this one is a piece of cake. I purchased a small but need an extra small because I can wear it all day comfortably. For me if I don't feel a slight discomfort in the beginning I don't feel it's working. The thing I like the most about it is that's it's strapless and can be worn with almost any type of top. Body hugging tops excluded, of course. I recommend it if you want to go extra sexy for a night on the town.
__label__1 Waste of money: The product worked fine on the first day and now it doesn't work as described on the advert. I've never been so sore (both side) in my entire life. I cannot wear it for more than 2h. Other then the product itself, the delivery system was also misleading I choose a 5-8 days delivery when i placed the order but the product was delivered a month later. What made me even more annoyed was the fact that I had to pay for the post charges because apparently the sender didn't use correct stamp or pay the full charge. :@
__label__1 I got burned after few hours wearing it: the first day,( 8 hours wearing it ) it hurt me so bad , my skin was torned, itched, swell, deep red. I tried to wear other side, after few hours, I got deep burned both on the right and left belly, the skin was torned, swell, bleeding, lot of cross cut on the skin, itched for a week until now. It looked like I was beaten up or have skin disease...I am scared to dead when I look at it now. I don't know why I got it , I used something like this before, but I didn't get any bad thing. or the rubber hurt me ?
__label__1 does not fit me!: So according to the size chart on the box size small is for waistline 28-31my waist is 28 so i got the smallit does not even come close to being able to close and clasp!maybe it's just me but i am terribly disappointed
__label__1 Bulky, feels gross, not worth ordering: I read up on belly-wrapping after my c-section and bought a couple compression tank-tops from Wal-Mart, which worked nicely. I wanted something without straps and something with more compression and purchased the Squeem Perfect Waist on Amazon after reading rave reviews. When I received it and tried it on, it felt disgusting on my skin. It was uncomfortable and totally noticeable (even without a super-tight or thin shirt on), especially when I sat down. The seams and the boning are all very noticeable, and the rubber makes clothes catch and stick in a really weird way, like something would stick to you if you were really sweaty. I have wore corsets for years, and this is by far the grossest feeling and least comfortable thing I have ever put on my body. I returned it immediately.
__label__1 Caused damage to my stomach muscles!: Felt great until it dug into my waist while sitting causing damage to my surgical site. Now I'm in pain with and without it on.
__label__2 Great product: Just what I needed to get me headed back toward my pre-pregnancy waist. Bought an XL and probably could have fit into the large. Looking to down size soon!
__label__2 Great product: Great fit. Does exactly what it is suppose to. Plan to buy more in different colors. Sent in good order.
__label__2 Love it!!: It was everything it was advertised to be. I'm going to get another one!!! Got so many compliments at the party that I wore it to. Made my outfit look really great!!
__label__2 very good: this product is awesome. it hide all your secrets. I would recommend this product to all women and men. I will buy product again.
__label__2 It worked for me..: Thought this was not going to fit because I am a 44" currently and I only ordered XL.. Like it very much
__label__1 Not what I expected: This product was not what I expected so I returned it. Too tight, sizing was misleading. I'll stick with my Spanx.
__label__1 Too small: Usually a size XS to S but this girdle's small did not fit true to size. Had to return back to Amazon.
__label__2 perfect: Got this so I could start performing again(drag queen)and have put on a few pounds around the mid area, I didn't want to lose the eaight because i would lose my rear but all I want to do was lose the tummy. Had to have a friend help me put it on at first but wore it all day then half way through the day we went to the second latch and gave me the form I needed to fit back into my outfits, Works great and like they say pain is beauty, and this is so worth it.
__label__2 AMAZING: I waited a while before I reviewed so that I could give a GOOD review and this works amazing, trust me you need to get used to it but you WILL and please buy according to size chart it does stretch after sometime but you need to SUCK IT IN when you first put it in my lower belly pudge is almost gone!
__label__2 Its amazing!!!: It really works! I am in love. I was trying to get my pre-pregnancy 21 in waist back for 10 months now. I got to 23in and kind of got stuck there. With Squeem I went from 23 in waist to 21in in just 2 minutes! Start hooking it from the top, much easier. Buy it! You won't regret!
__label__1 Awesome!: It's pretty awesome for such a price! It definitely gives you great posture, I was sitting up straight like no other! although i wish they could improve on the rubber smell otherwise it's wonderful!^^^^^ was my review when i had it for 15-20 days, now-- after ordering it on Jan, 21, 2012-- it's SO useless. I've washed it with care, it smells like rubber, and it's pretty nasty. I'd rather pay $$$ and buy something that works the way it should.
__label__1 Fall apart: I don't understand why these inserts are made up from 2 pieces. It should just be one piece. The 2 pieces are held together with a small piece of double sided tape and COMPLETELY fall apart after 1 day of walking. No problem with seller, this is just a HORRIBLY made product.
__label__2 Awesome!: This CD is amazing. I am very sad that 107.7 The X in Birmingham is no longer. They made a great CD to benefit a great cause.
__label__2 Janes All the worlds aircraft 1996-7: Great to deal with. Very quick delivery. Very highly recommended. Thank you.
__label__2 Marie Antoinette -- What A Doll!: You've read the books, you've seen the movie, you coveted the necklace... Now what?Well, of course, Marie must come to live with you so that you can eat that cake together!Prepare to lose your head over lovely Marie!
__label__1 Dont order them in white or any light color: We have owed these plates in white for quite some years. maybe six or more. I just replaced all of them with a set from Crate and Barrell. They are heavy and seemingly well made but they have been faulty in a a number of ways. First my biggest complaint is on the white plates everytime you happen to scrape them with silverware it leaves a permanent mark. Never wash anything stainless near them in the diawasher since it will mark it up there as well if it rubs up against them. After years of use they looked horrible with marks all over them. They also seemed to chip very easily. So between the chips and marks all over them I couldn't take looking at them anymore. They also are not good in the microwave. They get very hot and the food not so much. I would not recommend for everyday use. Maybe the dark colors would show less marks but if they chip it will be very noticable. My advice is to purchase bone china or porcelain. I will never buy these again.
__label__1 This is Disgusting: The German Pinscher is a wonderful Family pet and this type of comments makes them sound dangerous. I own 3 German Pinschers and they are wonderful pets. I resent this type of product.
__label__2 Happy yet Dissapointed: I was amost completely happy with this soundtrack. What upsets me is that there was on particular track from the game that I loved, and it was because of this track that i payed for this c.d. It was upsetting to find that this c.d. contained every song from the game except for the one that influenced me to buy it in the first place.
__label__2 Legend of Dragoon Soundtrack: This soundtrack is amazing. It has all the songs you want to hear most though it doesn't have all the songs. I've played the Legend of Dragoon for a very long time. It's a great game and you really notice the music once you hear it on the soundtrack. Amazing game and music.I highly recommend it,Logan
__label__1 I just wanted Jimmy Ponder (too little guitar on this one): I couldn't wait to get this CD,being a guitarist myself. Just give me straight Jimmy Ponder, not horns and other "jazz types". I am disappointed. Cuts two and four are the best. They are Jimmy. Too bad I couldn't have listened to cuts first, I would not have bought this CD. Sorry! The cuts of just Jimmy are great though, but too few .... :(
__label__1 Horrible: This movie was horrible. It did not play right when I was watching it online. I liked how it went by old vampire styles. Such as crosses worked and you had to invite them in and such. But the ending was really bad. Do not waste your money on this one. Also the storyline did not really make much sense.
__label__1 Negative Stars! Avoid like flesh eating bacteria!: "Lets jiggel the camera to show that the ground is shakeing!"Special effects; haloween leftovers.Acting; Well, the cast managed to repeat memorized lines.Casting apears to have been done in a trailer park.Script; I know nine year olds who write better stories.Cinimatography; Someones home cam.Conclusion: Anoyingly boreing and essentially unwatchable waist of time and money.
__label__1 Worst movie EVER!!!!: Do not waste your time! I love hokie, I love cheese when it comes to horror. This just plain old sucked.
__label__1 meh: There was very bad effects & evil characters that look like they stepped out of the 10 dollar costume halloween shop. If you are in to paying 1.99 for really cheesy stuff this is for you. The bad guy does have a good demonic voice & some interestingly complex and incredibly vulgar sayings.
__label__2 Religion and profits: An excellent scholarly book. Great detail and very in depth analysis. Inevitable conclusion is the impossibility of molding an economic system out of a moral philosophy, not just Islam. That is where the problem with traditional Islamic thought arises, for most of its adherents, Islam is not just a set of moral principles but a way of life, dictating every aspect of it. Unavoidably, there was much effort by Islamists to set up a distinct system of banking and economy based on pure Islamic traditions. Prof. Kuran delves into the history of these movements, but he does more than that, he puts all this in cultural and political context. At the end, he bravely expands more on the general failure of Islamic culture and tradition to bring wealth and prosperity to the masses that follow it. Writing is very formal, not the easiest read and surley apporpriate only for the truly intersted in the general topic, but it was well worth it for this reader.
__label__2 Ten gold bananas for Gorilla: Ten gold bananas, two thumbs up and hurrah for Gorilla! What a wonderful book. It was a pleasure to read! If you just want to get comfortable and enjoy a book-this is the one I would suggest.
__label__2 The ending was great!: The most unusual story of a young man facing life with a handicap. I felt like a cheerleader and prayed that he could overcome. I could hardly wait to reach the end of the book. Don't peek!
__label__2 Finally on CD: I have this still on vinyl! it's great to see it out there on CD( even if its an import)! "Super Strut" and "Rhapsody in Blue" alone are worth it! One of the "must haves " for a collection of '70s jazz. Caan we get the rest of the CTI Catalog back out there???Please?
__label__1 WARNING: This is the worst book ever written: As most people readers know, Jack Higgins has written many fine action-packed books. However, this book reads like a twelve-year-old wrote it. The characters are so transparent they could be ghosts.The author and his publishing house must really need the money to rip of the public in this manner. This is the last book I read by this author. One can only rest on his laurels for so long. I'm glad this book was handed down to me or I would have written a really nasty review.
__label__1 Edge of Danger: Somebody from higher places should have stopped Mr. Higgins and the publisher from putting this book on the market.It¡s quite disturbing to see the absence of integrity and sense of responsibility in providing a joy of reading to the public.All along, I had fight off the growing urge of disposing this disastrous novel only because the shipping charge cost more than the book itself.Yet, once I overcame my frustration and finished the book, I regretted not heeding to my senses.It¡s obvious that Mr. Higgins had no heart in writing this book, and he made no effort in showing creativity with words.I was about to scream my head off when he kept rehashing the same phrases (e.g., browning with carswell silencer) over and over again in every single chapter!!This book made me a true anti-Higgins....
__label__1 Edge of Danger: 1 star - only because that's the minimum.This book proves the famous can publish anything.
__label__1 Actually, this book is not worth one star.: This is my very first book review. Because this book is so fundamentally wrong I need to speak up. The main character Sean Dillion, formal IRA, has a license to kill and make the killing like a game rather than justice. He does whatever he wants to do without follow orders nor has any boundary. He pickup a couple of his terrorism/criminal partners making killing like a habits, terrorism competition, fun game and egoism fulfillment. It so far from any common sense such as the British General could not control this maniacal killer and let he kills who he wish to kill or threaten his masculinity. The killings like a joke to him and have absolutely no legal consequence. This book has promote violence behavior has no artist nor entertainment value. I lost my interest in Jack Higgins Sean Dillion's serial after finishing this ridicules book.
__label__1 Not Worth The Reader's Time: It's a hard slog to read a book written by someone just going through the motions.Jack Higgins drags out his stock company of characters - Sean Dillon and his .22 in an ankle holster and glasses of Bushmills and cardboard villians and it's just a bore.The action isn't believable. The plot is silly. The dialogue is written to tell the reader what's going on (and every character speaks with the same voice) - this isn't how real people speak. Then the characters overexplain because, apparently, the author wasn't paying attention when he gave you the same information a dozen or so pages ago.Frankly, I've read enough about the IRA and Prods and One Para and County Down to last me the rest of my born days. It just isn't worth it anymore, Jack. Too much work reading for too little reward.
__label__1 Disappointing and too simplistic: This minimalism style of writing exposes too much reliance on characters and events from previous books with little descriptive detail of some promising locations. The action is thin as well, characters die frequently and quickly with little build up or detail. Character motivation is weak at times and contributes to an arid experience with a predictable climax.
__label__1 Worst Book I've Ever Read: This is simply the worst book I remember reading. I enjoyed a couple other Jack Higgins novels, so I happily picked this up. I'm sorry I did. It is nothing but action, which might be OK for a fun read on the beach, but even the action is so poorly written it is ridiculous. Massive action scenes (such as large battles) take place in only 1 or 2 pages. There's no character development, poor dialogue, no setting descriptions, no drama or suspense -- nothing but a poorly-described series of "events"! Enough said.
__label__1 Formula Writing: I have been a Higgins fan for many years, and have read and collected almost all of the books he has written. Some were great and full of suspense. But the last three he has written, including this one, "Edge of Danger", are very disappointing. He has resorted to producing 2 books a year, based on the formula of a superficial story line with no depth, predictable characters, and it seems that he now writes just to capitalize on his prior reputation as a good suspense writer.Count the number of Marlboros smoked, the amount of Bushmills and champagne drank, (and in the midst he changes his champagne brand which makes one wonder whether he has received a better commission from one favorite to another), and you find a shallow book. I would save my money on this one, and buy it only if you collect Higgins First Editions, hoping to capitalize someday on the commercial side of selling all Higgins books to a collector.
__label__1 Edge of Danger by Jack Higgins: I was a big fan of Jack Higgins adventures until this book! I think this book reads like a poorly written condensed version of a good story - or like the outline of a book. It jumped around too abruptly with poorly written dialogue - no conversation was stretched into a normal length of exchange between people. It was difficult to keep track of all the minor characters in the book because none of them were well developed. I will proabably never read another Jack Higgins book. I am very disappointed - just like I got with Robert Ludlum in one of his later novels. I have never read another book of his either.
__label__1 Worst of theYear...or, maybe the decade: Where did the real Jack Higgins go? This is not only Higgin's worst effort to date, it is probably the worst book I've read in the past 5 years. (Can you say 'lazy', Jack?)I can't believe I actually finished it, and one star is a generous rating. Unbelievable chapter after unbelievable chapter, no character or plot development, written like a 5th grader.The end of the book foretells a sequel...a book that I will immediately pass on. Probably my last Higgins book without reading the reviews first.Don't buy it -- don't borrow it -- don't read it.
__label__1 Writing on autopilot: After reading this book, I felt guilty for having purchased it, because that contributed to its best-seller status. (Oops, maybe not; the way it works now, it was a bestseller the day it hit ths stores.) But it is sad to think of all the aspiring writers who struggle to get a publisher's attention for their worthy efforts, while this strangely hollow piece waltzed its way to bestseller status. Some editor should have thrown cold water on this potboiler.
__label__1 Sophomoric at Best: Having read only one other Higgins book before (Cold Harbor), I hesitate, somewhat, to comment on the author's general talent. However, this book has to be one of the worst I've read in some time. I think the thing that got me the most was the dialog; unbelievably simplistic and totally formulaic. "Damn, he said to Kate, "It's the Hazar Scouts, " Puhleeze! Not even an exclamation mark. Many other examples could be given. Now, assuming for the moment that the dialog was, say, written at greater than a 7th grade level, the plot is almost as bad. The protagonists' reactions to their fellows getting knocked off one-by-one is almost comic. There's no depth here; just one simple vignette after another. I wouldn't even want to compare this to Ludlum or Clancy (although Clancy's gotten a bit rough of late).A terrific waste of a good
__label__1 A Waste of Time: This book is not well written and leaves nothing to the imagination. If I hadn't bought it in hard cover and spent the money I would not even have finished reading it.
__label__2 Plenty of action: This is my second Higgins novel and I am reall getting into this world that has been created by the author. I have learned a lot of the IRA in ways that I find pretty entertaining if at times a little fantastic.The story once again centers around Dillon the bad boy of the IRA that is now working for the British. His mission is to stop this family of half British and half Arab bilionaires.The action is non-stop and pretty interestng. It's a quick read sometime that is to the point and nothing really deep.The only compaint that I have is that I want to know more of Dillon but little by little we are seeing more of the character and some character growth.
__label__1 Good story- Poor writing: Very simplistic writing style- he said, she said, then he said, then she said. This reads like a first attempt, not like a book written by a seasoned author of over 30 books.
__label__1 Do I have to give it 1-star?: I've never written a review but my curiosity about what others thought of this book was a thousand times more compelling than the Edge of Danger. I've enjoyed Mr. Higgins' books in the past but can't for the life of me understand a) why he wrote this book, or b) why it was published! There is no plot, no character development, predictable action, no tension. It's like reading an Executive Summary of a book. Are you sure they didn't publish the outline by mistake?
__label__1 Disappointment on every page: I'm so glad that this was not my first Jack Higgins novel. If it were, it would also be my last.Normally, I can forgive Higgins his cliche's and his obsessive attention to his characters' drinking habits, because his characters are fun and interesting. He puts them in great plots and pulls the reader happily through them, and you can't wait to find the next book especially if it's got Sean Dillon.But not this one. All the characters are wooden. The action is colorless and completely unbelievable. A president guarded only by one secret service agent and a dog? A professional assassin who whacks his target on the head and then shoots someone else?There is no sense of timing or place, only the thinnest of motivations for most characters, and no justification for many of the decisions made by characters.This book is amateur hour. Don't bother. Read some of Higgins's earlier works instead.
__label__1 I would rather watch paint dry: Boy, this was a disappointing read. The characters were not well developed (hence challenging to keep track of), the plot was implausible yet predictable, and half way through I had to wrestle with whether or not to even finish the book. I did, although it was unrewarding to do so.I'd rate this lower if I could.FYI, if you're looking for an alternate selection in the same genre, I highly recommend Silent Joe by T. Jefferson Parker.
__label__1 Tired formula: Jack Higgins may not be running out of his fascination with modern weapons, fine dining, glamorous women or the IRA but he appears to be slipping on plot and character development. Sean Dillon makes Doc Savage and Dirk Pitt look like pikers. And this curious extension of gentlemanly methods for attempting to kill one another -- sending a crazed assassin and then both sides meeting later at the Savoy to exchange notes -- strains credulity.Higgins has done some first-rate work. Had this been published twenty-five years ago, this might have made a difference. It wasn't and it doesn't.
__label__1 This is not the Jack Higgins I know: This is by far his worst effort that I've read. He's not my favorite spy author,anyway. This book feels like it had been written to fulfill a publisher's contract or obligation that Mr. Higgins had assumed and needed to finish in a hurry. The characters are not at all fleshed out, and the story line is too contrived. I would advise not wasting time by reading this book.
__label__1 Completely predictable: Up to now, I have enjoyed almost all of the Higgins books, although they have tended to become more samey. I was particularly disappointed by Edge Of Danger. The tired old characters of Dillon, Ferguson etc are dragged out again for this entirely predictable, highly contrived and unbelievable yarn. The plots have all been used before, and if you've read any two other Dillon books you'll be able to guess the next line throughout. I bought it to read on the plane - was bored by check in and had finished it long before boarding. Give this one a miss.
__label__1 EXTREMELY SHALLOW: This book has no plot, and is so absolutely predictable that I had to put it away without finishing. Sean Dillon's character is getting so tired and his invincibility is sickening. A very poorly written book. The only good thing about this book is that I got it from the local libary and did not spend any money on it. Mr. Higgins, it's time to retire Sean Dillon and maybe spend more than 2 weeks on writing a book??
__label__1 Cartoon Arab-Scottish Villain: I had the rare experience of giving up on a novel after only a couple of chapters when trying to read Edge of Danger recently, but Higgins managed to pen a book so lame that I refused to go any further. His bad guy is supposedly a Scottish-Arabian aristocrat but comes off as just another cartoon Arab terrorist with an implausible, pointless heritage. But, what do you expect from a middle-aged author who poses in bomber jacket and aviator glasses on the dust jacket.... depth?
__label__1 Can't believe I read the whole thing: Given the lack of character development, or rather, simplistic and at times contradictory character development; the lack of any plot whatsoever; and poor visualizations; I can't believe I read the whole book. I guess I kept waiting for the action to start. It never did.
__label__1 I'd rate it 0 stars if I could have...: Very few books contain their own review. This one does:"Stone said, 'It really is like a bad movie, Harry.'"'You can bleeding well say that again. . . .'"This book reads like a 7th grade reading-level condensation of an outline of a screenplay: The paragraphs are no more than a few lines long; very few words greater than two syllables are used. No complex thoughts, no character development, no suspense, and little description. Pure formulaic twaddle.
__label__1 A bad book, poorly written.: The plot is not believable, there is not a shred of character development, and there isn't even any descriptive atmosphere. It shocks me that Jack Higgins and the publishers actually make money off of this puerile drivel. I shall not buy any more of his efforts.
__label__1 higgins disappoints: This is without a doubt Higgins' least inspired work in years. The plot is predictable and over worn, and the books is very uninspired. A real disappointment
__label__1 Poorly Written: The style of writing leads me to believe that Higgins was under pressure to churn out a book to meet some editor's deadline. There was no character development. Critical turns in the plot and action were blown through without the slightest bit of suspense. I've never read Higgins before and likely will never read him again.
__label__1 A Disappointment: It is hard to believe that the same author wrote The Eagle Has Landed and Edge of Danger. The writing is just plain shallow. the plot predictable. Save your money for something better.
__label__1 Horrible: This is my first Jack Higgins book and it will certainly be my last. Especially if, as the reviews state, it is the best Higgins book in a long time.The characters are never developed. The way the book begins, you think that the Rashid's are the good guys, and Dillin is the bad guy. Then all the sudden, without developing the characters, the roles are switched. You end up not caring who dies (and 6 billion people die in this book...a little overkill) and who lives.The "adventures" are similar to Dora the Explorer in how boring they are. They are very predictable, and of course, Dillin is killing 50 people and no one can kill him. Just ridiculous scenes.Don't get this book, despite the "reliablity" of the author.
__label__1 Not worth the effort: Edge of Danger is yet another installment of the on-going saga of Dillon, Ferguson and Bernstein. If you truly enjoyed the preceding efforts by Higgins, then you might like Edge of Danger (because it is more of the same). However, if you have been growing disenchanted by Higgins' efforts, then you probably want to take a pass on this (and for me at least, future efforts as well). Higgins' books are more and more like screen plays and less and less like novels. Dialog between the characters, which often is terse, choppy, and unimaginative, makes up virtually all of the text. Higgins almost completely avoids the opportunity add any depth and breadth to the story through the use of descriptive text. As with the last few books from Higgins, Edge of Danger is clearly a disappointment.
__label__1 Can't believe the publisher had nerve to issue this book: A terrible, childishly written book with absolutely NO redeeming value as literature. Higgins loves to "speak Irish" but even that gambit fails in this trite, poorly plotted, worthless endeavour by a writer who should remain retired if he can't do any better than such trashy writing.
__label__1 Disappointing and thin: I purchased this book expecting very good things. I found the plot very thin and predictable. There was very little suspense. It almost seemed like an abridged version of a book where all the detail leading up was left out. Also there didn't seem to be any character building or background to explain why these individuals would have such singleminded, and on the surface stupid, behaviour.
__label__1 Two Hacks: I don't know who is worse- Higgins or Macnee. The plot is so tranparent you can guess what is coming next. Completely implausible. Macnee's narration is so overdone it is laughable. Most of the time the characters do little more than quaff enormous amounts of Bushmills Irish Whisky. A real stinker. Wayne Schwartz, Los Angeles, CA
__label__1 Just skip it: When you read a book you know that what are you reading is not 100% true, but when you start to read things that are completely wrong is another thing. For an example I have these questions:Q. How many times could a man pay another man to kill somebody, the killer fails and the boss gives him another chance?A. I don't know if the mob knows it but at least four times.Q. Why the target man, who knows who is trying to kill him and he saw him in a restaurant after he was in danger and just say hello to him?A. Because the target man likes to be in danger.Q. When the target man has the opportunity to kill the one whom wanted to kill him why doesn't he?A. Because something in his head didn't let him even if he had killed many men before.And as the energizer rabbit, I can keep going and going and going, my advise is to skip this book.
__label__1 Worst "Live" recording I've ever bought!: I bought this CD for one song only, "Steal Away". I knew it was going to be "live", but this isn't even close to the radio version. Try more like a "muzik, lounge" sound. It was recorded in a ballroom. Then, the only other song I recognized was "Hot Rod Hearts", again, done the Vegas lounge style. I wish I could get my $$ back. Why didn't he just put out the CD using the regular recordings? He was never a big star to begin with. I wrote this review just to warn people that it isn't like most "live" recordings. I was very dissapointed, and I still don't have a decent recording of "Steal Away"!
__label__2 A Different Collection of Early Stuff: This is among the first Ellington CDs I owned, and remains among my favorites. It presents a nice survey of earlier material, with many of his greatest hits as well as some less familiar tunes (i.e., ones you don't find on every collection of early Duke). Ivie Anderson's vocals really shine, especially on "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)". Not every song was destined for greatness, but the lyrics to "Love is Like a Cigarette" are a hoot! The sound is decent considering the age of the recordings.
__label__2 Great reference: The book was good. Kept my interest. In no way am I finished reading it. It isn't a book to read from front to back. The information on each herb is detailed. Great reference material. It was a good addition.
__label__2 Excellent Resource Book: I picked up this version of the herbal Magick books because I wanted to see what mr Beyerl had t offer to this vast and sometimes conflicting magickal practice.After reading through the book and using the index to find what I am nedding I must say where is "The Master Book Of Herbalism?" I want it..Mr Beyerl has done tons and tons of research on this material (check out the Bibliography) and it shows. His entries are precise with magical associations, common names, and other names.. It also includes suggestions for use.Not only that but, it takes the time to explaint he various ways to use herbs.This is a wonderfull addition to any occult library..
__label__1 Has NO value!: If your studying herbs or medicinal plants this book should NOT be on your list of books to own. IT IS WORTHLESS! It is a Pagan Religion Book. Plain and simple! In my opinion it is for the study of WITCHCRAFT and the like.
__label__2 Really great 'baby book' for your 4-legged children: This is a wonderful book for anyone who loves their dogs as children. I bought one for our 3 year old adopted beagle, and am getting one for our daugher-in-law's birthday for their rottie. You can personalize it as you wish, and I have included comic clippings (Marmaduke, Mutts, etc.) that are appropriate along with the photos and have created the beginning of a great book for my best friend that I will keep forever.
__label__1 needs $$ upgrade: Only has limited access to OBDII data stream unless you pay more money to upgrade the software.
__label__1 Only Windows XP and earlier Support: This scanner works great but if you want to update the unit or use their printing software you can only run their drivers on a Windows XP machine or earlier. Windows XP is over 10 years old. You can't load the data from the scanner into your computer if you have Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. They seem to have no plan to update their system for this scanner or any of the EZ Scan line.Keep in mind Microsoft is dropping support for Windows XP in spring of 2014, a little more than a year away. Why don't they have something that works with more current computers especially when you can only buy one with Windows 7 or mostly now with Windows 8.In addition, for most of their models the firmware is 4.07 and I believe the 07 stands for 2007 as that's as current as the unit shows for cars. If you have a car 2008 and later it doesn't show. Have to ask why they don't want to update the software for their products and still expect people to buy them.
__label__1 not very well written: This book was well reviewed and I was very disappointed. Even if it's written for poor readers, does it have to read like Dick and Jane? Children are young, not simple-minded. Give kids real literature or they won't keep reading, they'll plug in to the media.
__label__2 Hypatia: A classic story based on history. One of Hypatia's crimes appears to have been ready to provide a hypothesis of a heliocentric universe, long before Copernicus and with a much worse response from the Christian community.
__label__1 Scarlett Letter: Very disappointed! The book was missing several chapters. Because it was needed for school, we were forced to purchase another copy.
__label__1 Boring....Ridiculously long chapters.: The book I downloaded on my Nook and Kindle doesnt seem like the same one I read in school. This version Bored me to tears.
__label__1 scarlet letter: very hard to read, doesn't seem to go anywhere. I am struggling to finish it and may just give up.
__label__1 The Scarlett Letter: Written in old English. It was very hard to read as I had to think through most sentences to figure out what was being said.
__label__1 A thorn in the side of literature.: Hawthorne's use of symbolism throughout the book is undeniable, yet his obvious alcoholism takes over as the underlying factor present at all points. He relies on ambiguity far too often without the build up to a climax. The climax(es) happened before the book started and only happened to a select few who read this book. Read Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, or virtually anything by Aldous Huxley if you want some entertainment.
__label__2 A Moral Novel with a Mystery: I read this book during a high school vacation. Although the long words and unconventional characters did not catch my fancy, the mystery involved in the story captivated me. As the story developed, I realized the profound intricacy of the plot. The conclusion of the story was not happy, nor did it even seem fair. As one who knows Hawthorne's puritan morality standards, however, I say that he communicated his message extremely well.
__label__2 Excellent Book: I read this book for my 11th grade Lit class and I must admit the book was quite a shock. Many of the books I have read have been nothing more than an attempt at delving into the inner parts of the human soul. This book does much more than that. It depicts the struggle of a man with himself and an outside enemy. He commits one of the most unspeakable acts of the time and punishes himself constantly. He lacks the courage to confess his crime and goes through a period of mental and physical torture. He also faces the wrath a cruel and vicious enemy who lives for nothing more than to torture his victim. All in all I believe it was an excellent book and I would reccomend it to anyone.
__label__1 technical problems with cassettes: This product requires a stereo player in which the balance is turned totally to the left. Most auto systems have that capability. However if you have Dolby or SurroundSound, it can be difficult (and maybe impossible) to play the cassette without hearing two recordings at the same time. Unfortunately neither the packaging nor the website will warn you of the problem. You therefore should think before buying. Once you have opened the packaging you may be unable to return the product.
__label__1 Mundane, Tedious, Just Plain Boring: With so many allusions in literature and culture to the infamous "A" worn by Hester Prynne, I was very excited about reading Hawthorne's "masterpiece." Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed. I did find the symbolism that dealt with Pearl's fascination with her mother's "A" interesting, but the rest of the book I did not. Other than to be more literaraly savvy, I would not recomend the book.
__label__1 Oh god kill me now, this book is BAD.: This is my mom's account. I had the pleasure of reading this book in English this year. I can honestly say, it is the single most boring book I've EVER read. You will NEVER find someone my age that enjoys this story. It has no action! No suspense! It isn't deep! Things don't symbolize anything. If they do, then you're thinking too hard. This book is not a classic. It is the worst. I'd recommend copying a dictionary before I'd ask you to read this pile. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF BUYING THIS.
__label__1 Absolute Waste of Time: My 11th grade English teacher tortured me with this morbid book and I can't say if I'll ever forgive her. Not only was this this book boring but Hawthorne unnecesary uses all sorts of complex language to convey one simple thought. The only reason that I didn't give this book 1 star was because there was some art in the book and symbolism. WAY OVERRATED.
__label__1 A Tedious Read: I hate Hawthorne's style of writing. It's over-bloated and self-indulgent. I wish he'd just get to the point and stop blabbering on and on. The plot of the book seems like a modern melodramatic soap opera. All of the characters are one-dimensional. I'm not going to say the book is poorly written, but it's written in a style that makes the book kind of boring and tedious to read. Overall, a disappointment.
__label__1 Classic? Really?: I will never understand how "Classics" become Classics. So far for school i Have had to read far to many Classics. Dickens should be glad he is dead and does not have to read his books because they would probably kill him out of sheer boredom...Hawthorne creates an ok tale, but really? It gets dragged out and is suppose to be realistic. Then he throws Pearl in there, she is like some super-human and belongs in fantasy. I never really did believe in the whole 'they completely ostracized her but let her stitch everything.' That is just a bit hypocritical, either she was excepted as prat of the society *which she was not) or she wasn't (which she almost was. See that just doesn't make any sense. The story is suppose to show how unforgiving the society was, but it doesn't. It is better than Dickens, but then again everything is.
__label__1 This book was OK............: The Scarlet Letter, for me was just a little boring. Sometimes the description was just too long and I just started to lose interest in it. Also sometimes it got confusing as to what the relationships the characters had to each other. I would only reccomend this book to other people who liked reading lots of description, a little dialouge, and a repetitive storyline.
__label__1 I've read better.: I'm a 13 year old kid and I just finished reading this book for an English class I am taking. Although it was a very interesting and provkitive novel. I did not like it very much. I think it maybe that I'm still too young to throughly understand this piece of literature.
__label__2 Awakening.: This book is a masterpiece of not only American literature, but of world literature. Reading this book was the experience that showed me what good literature is. This is easily in my top three along with Fahrenheit 451 and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
__label__1 The Scarlett Letter: Overall ok. Not much going on here. A lot of internal dialogue, nothing like the movie. I prefer the movie to the book.
__label__2 Great Condition, Almost Exactly What I Expected: I was quite pleased with the condition of this book, as well as it's hardcover, and the footnotes, definitions, and reading reviews for beginner readers of the genre. I am, of course, a huge fan of the Scarlet Letter itself and this copy served its purpose well. One of the few disappointments was that the color of the cover seems to look a little more coral, or pink, than scarlet or red. Also, the back cover is white, and I am most definitely one for appearances. I would have like a slightly more classic looking cover. Nonetheless, the binding will look fair on my bookshelf. Over all the book was clean and well taken care of, and was shipped to me with great haste; A Good Buy.
__label__2 Gripping: This novel is an Opera, pure and simple.Granted it is not the easiest novel to read, and Hawthorne can be slightly repetitive with the metaphors, similes and analogies that sometimes go on for several lines. Not to mention you could probably read half of each chapter and still keep up with the plot.Nonetheless, the themes are so strong it is no wonder The Scarlett Letter has been deemed a classic. The story tackles the issues of how one deals with his/her sins, and how honesty, for some, comes at the price of great shame.The novel does take patience, but it moves along at a very neat pace. Had the novel been written with more scenes, and less exposition, it could have been even more gripping.I read the Reader's Digest edition, which comes with about 12 lovely illustrations, which capture the essence and the mood of the novel. So that was nice eye candy.Look out for the last three chapters - talk about a fall-to-the floor, clutching-at-the-heart climax; it's all here! Breathtaking!Enjoy.
__label__2 Good read, but hard to navigate ebook: I have long wanted to read this book by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was one of the first books I downloaded when I got my kindle 2. The character portrayals are superb. It analyses the thoughts, motivations, strengths and weaknesses of the four major characters in the story - Hester Prynn, the vengeful doctor, the hapless minister and Hester's vivacious and elf-like daughter Pearl. The description of the little girl and how she copes with being ostracized with her mother by a rigid puritanical society, is especially moving. While there are some descriptions of nature that are quite vivid, most of the text goes into developing these four characters and is a fascinating psychological study, though at times it's little slow.Overall, a well-crafted story and a good read.The book though is hard to navigate on the kindle because it has no active table of contents. I therefore would not purchase this version at regular price. Luckily, it's free!
__label__2 Why 5 stars? Because there's no 6th: A friend of mine called this book ponderous; she read it in 8th grade. Go back to this one; I keep returning to it myself. Maybe it's in response to my parents' divorce. And how Hawthorne handles adultery -- not the danger and desire, but the punishment and crime. Hester's story begins outside the jail house. An American sex crime. Read it as such. Trust Dover for a good, cheap reprint.
__label__2 love it: Book is a great read. Intriguing from start to finish. Cant find anything wrong to say. Would reccomend for beginer to advanced readers.
__label__2 remembered from High School (eons ago): I purchased a Kindle because I am having surgery on both hands, and this was one of the first items I downloaded. I have enjoyed reading it again and look forwaed to other free classics from the Kindle store - way to go Amazon!
__label__2 A Classic: I loved this book in high school, and I love it now. A tale of a strong woman that doesn't let society bring her down.
__label__1 Typos: The most irritating part about reading this book is the typos. The book is already difficult to read with Hawthorne's prolix writing. I had to check with a different edition of The Scarlet Letter just to confirm whether or not it was a typo. Also, it would have been nice to have some footnotes like other editions do.
__label__2 Decent book, but definately not Hanry David Theraou: It was a good book to read given that is a classical in American literature but I much rather like Theraou's book Walden.
__label__1 Boring: I tred to enjoy this novel. In fact I battled through to about halfway hoping it would get better but it seemed to me a silly pretentious novel. The history of life in that era was mildly enjoyable but I applaud anyone who had enough tenacity to stay the whole journey.
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__label__2 It's great.: This is the great and very interesting book to read.So for your great experience, pls. try it as soon. :-)
__label__2 The scarlet Letter: The book was wonderful and in good condition. I purchased it for my daughter, who is in highschool. The book arrived around the time it stated it would. Above all of that the price was great.
__label__1 Review From One Book At A Time: I hate giving classics bad reviews. This book was not for me. Nothing captured my attention and I found that I had to force myself to read it. If it had been any longer I would have stopped. It did catch my interest a little in the end, but not enough to redeem the book in any way.
__label__2 Amazingly Good: I came up to this book (a reading assignment for school) with a bit of dread, having heard that Hawthorne's writing could be hard to read. Actually, it was a delightful suprise to find it was a captivating plot, very well written, and very easy to read. I enjoyed it thoroughly. This book is about a woman who has an affair, choosing to bear the scarlet letter than reveal her lover's identity. Along side her is her ilegitamate daughter, a delightfully and hillariously strange character in the book. The scarlet letter is a good book having a melancholy but redeeming ending. A definate classic. Check it out... it'll be better than you expected.
__label__2 interesting book: though I'm not a native english speaker, I didn't find it difficult to read it. It clearly represents a period in american history which probably many would like to forget about. Sorry for high school students who couldn't understand it, something needs to be done in order to improve their reading comprehension and interest in their own culture..
__label__1 Not my idea of a good read: I've read worse. But it takes a lot of mental energy to wade through all the commas and figure out the point of each paragraph. It seems a lot longer than 240 pages. I wouldn't have read it if I hadn't been forced to by the school. And the introductory thing is torture.
__label__1 Good book to read if you were bored to death!: I read this book over the summer because I had no time to go to a library or a bookstore and I had gotten to book for my birthday from my aunt back in May. I usually read ALL the time. If it's a good book, I can read it in less than 1 day. Sometimes it even takes me 1-2 hours. But this book took me 3 weeks. I couldn't believe how long it took me! Then it turns out that I have to read it this year in school. (UGH!) Please don't read this book, only if you love very old books that are very hard to understand.
__label__2 A well written book!!: The Scarlet Letter was an great book in that it kept me reading. It was not boring. It had sense to it. It has alot of symbols in it that makes sense and has a purpose instead of just being there.
__label__1 The Scarlett Letter is too verbose.: I had to read The Scarlett Letter for my honors english 3 class. I found that the author was too verbose in describing people, places, situations, and just the story in general. The book was so wordy, I often found myself forgetting the topic of that particular paragraph. Also, I was disturbed to find out that ever day the Reverand A. Dimmesdale would beat himself, and stay up till the early morning hours!
__label__1 Bad Book: This is from a student's point of view. I'm not a 'reader' type, so this book, for me, was awful. I can see how people might like it, the storyline is great, all the themes and everything, but the thing about this book that turned it down for me was Hawthorne's style. Coming from a time where authors get paid by the word, lets just say, it takes him AGES to get his point across.
__label__1 Duller than dirt: I teach high school English, and was required to teach thisto my students. I don't know who suffered more, me or them.To be fair, as one of America's first novels, it has interestingelements and Hawthorne does a good job.On the other hand, it is excruciating to read. There is nosuspense, little to sympathize or empathize with, and evenless to enjoy. A better writer could have told the samestory in half the number of pages. Some have labelledthis book a tragedy; they are right only in the sense thatit is tragically bad.
__label__1 I must say: that I don't like this book. I read it in high school, when all I did (and still do) was read everything I could get my hands on. I love literature, I am even majoring in creative writing in college. I UNDERSTOOD the book, what it was trying to say, the plot, etc. I just thought it didn't do a very good job of saying what it was trying to say. It was unnecessarily vague (what is the reason behind trying to confuse somebody?), wordy, high-flown and just too big. The story could have been told more effectively as a short story, even half the length. I don't reccommend.
__label__1 too hard to follow: the way the characters in this book speak makes it too dificult to follow along. i tried to follow along, but too boaring. also the book is mainly based on her thoughts. there is not a lot of human interaction with the main character.
__label__1 Historically accurate it may be, but a boring read.: I read this "Classic" novel for a class, and must admit I was thoroughly disappointed. Hawthorne should have stuck to writing non-fictional books about the Puritan settlers. This book was a pill. There are so many American authors, and novels that could be taught in schools that could far exceed the entertainment level of this out of date story. Two thumbs down.
__label__2 Wonderful classic: I enjoy this book very much. It is a timely classic with which I am happy to now have my own copy.
__label__2 Worth the effort: I have read this book twice now, once in high school and now again in my 50's. it is as pertinent now as it was when it was written. It was difficult read but the more I got into the book, the easier it became. The old English language is so extinct but beautiful and worth reviving. I plan to read it again in my 80's and I know I will see it in a completely different light. I recommend Cliff Notes to help navigate the language and themes.
__label__2 Puritanical ostracism: "Easy A" explains it best. If you can't relate in some way you must be a robot. Greatest book ever.
__label__1 Wasted Time: There is absolutely nothing captivating about this novel. Throughout the novel, only 3 major events occur: one in the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the end. The characters are flat and difficult to relate to. Overall the book was decent at best and could have been completed in no more than 50 pages or so. Hawthorne's writing is totally ridiculous. He goes on and on stating irrelevant details and fills page after page with unnecessary imagery. These pages consist of long paragraphs, some which encompass multiple pages. If I didn't have to read this for class I definitely would not have read it on my own. I'm not saying that it is a difficult novel, but it is an unpleasant one. In the end, if you are looking to read great American novels, skip over this one and go read some Steinbeck or Twain.
__label__2 Tragic: Beautifully descriptive, tragic story. Little pearl was the most captivating character in my opinion. Good read, would recommend to Jane Austen fans.
__label__2 Great: Great American classic that you can get for free on kindle. I was supposed to read this back in high school but wasn't not interested at the time. But now with the benefit of age I can really appreciate it.
__label__2 It's nice: it's nice. Very nice. Good indeed. I like it. Nathaniel Hawthorne. Exciting. Yes. Do you agree? Hester. Dimmesdale. Pearl. Chillingworth.
__label__2 Classic tale: Loved this book as well. The movies as always stray from the book- I was pleasantly surprised and taken in by all the characters.
__label__2 A Classic Worth Reading: My son had to read this for school and ended up really liking the story. It opened up dialog with us (his parents) about social situations, opinions and morality.I asked him about this review and he chose the review title and star rating.
__label__1 DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!!: Please, I beg of you, if you have any respect for your own time whatsoever, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!! Maybe if a couple of generations completey ignore it, it will cease to be a so-called classic. First of all, it is written in pretty difficult language. That is all fine and good if the book is worth the effort, but this one definitely is not. The author has no knowledge of subtlety and his message is both wrong, I believe, and poorly conveyed. The second star is given only because his use of language is sometimes impressive, but I would sooner read a taudry romance novel than re-read The Scarlet Letter.
__label__2 My favorite classic: Anybody who enjoys a book should read and keep The Scarlet Letter in their library. It's a classic, must-own for anybody that values the concept of reading. And if you didn't like it the first time, read it again and give it a second chance. I've read it about six times and it gets better each time. Cherish this book.
__label__2 Scarlet Letter review: Haven't finished the book, but love it. Little Pearl is my favorite character. The language is a little unfamiliar but very descriptive and eloquent. Recommend for anyone interested in religiosity of colonial times.
__label__2 Excellent romance in an excellent edition: Hawthorne's best work is central to understanding the trajectory of american culture from the Puritans to the moderns. Still, many of the book's allusions will be cryptic to contemporary readers. The footnotes and appendices make the book more available without all the weight of the Norton edition.
__label__2 The Scarlet Letter is a really good piece of Literature: I thought that The Scarlet letter was a great piece of Literature and was a brave step for Hawthorne to take in this book during the time he wrote it. I would definatly recommend this to other readers.
__label__1 Terrible book, do not read it.: Hawthorne's dull prose really gets to you after a while. The book is filled with antiquated language, and is basically an account of a Puritan woman who suffers because of her adultery. I was forced to read this book for my English class, and it was a terrible waste of time. Hawthorne hits you in the face with run on sentences that take up the entire page. I do have one good thing to say about this book however, for all you insomniacs out there, read it! It induces sleep in minutes! ZzZzZzZzZzZz.....
__label__1 Meaningless Drivel: I stongly dislike this book. There is too much meaninglessness to it. I can read seven pages for something that can be stated in one's awful. Only Webster would be able to read this and not use a dictionary. I have understood two chapters! I don't see why an English teacher would like this book because it is full of empty sentences! It is hard for one to read this book without his mind wandering. As I stated before, this is not my kind of book!
__label__1 Worst. Book. Ever.: It is my invariably correct opinion that the so-called author responsible for this overly extravagant and flamboyant style of writing should be dragged into the street and summarily executed, with EXTREME prejudice, for crimes against humanity and the English language.
__label__1 Who Chooses Classics?: I don't see how this book gets so much attention as being "one of the best novels ever." It's very short, and very boring. It's written in old english, which adds to the difficulty, and even if you can understand it, you finish the book and say, "Ok, so what's the point?" There is absolutely no point to this novel. Entire chapters of the novel are void of dialogue and appears as a wall of text, and the description is so vague that you can't even tell what a character is doing half the time.
__label__1 "Hallelujah!" is what I said when I finished this book: This novel was the most boring book I have ever read. I would never put another person through the torture of reading this long-winded dull attempt at a scandalous and exciting romance. Even though there is much symbolism to be found, when is one supposed to find it, while they are sleeping? Another factor of my displeasure with this book is that I love to read and now hesitate to pick up another Hawthorne piece. How did this book become a "CLASSIC"?
__label__2 a must read: Everyone needs to read this classic. An amazing look into the piousness of the early settlers. I really appreciated it a lot.
__label__2 Teachers: This is not his best novel: Any Hawthorne work, including this one, shows why the author remains one of the most celebrated in American literature. As to subject matter, kids are more receptive to the likes of "The House of the Seven Gables." Perhaps adults would be too if they hadn't been forcefed "The Scarlet Letter," complete with the Customs House filler, in high school. Lest the reader find this teacher cynical, note the five stars. (I also have a dog named Hawthorne and had another named Prynne.)
__label__2 Very good and very unlike the movie: I am an avid reader, specially of books in the English language. The movie "The Scarlet Letter" has been a favorite of mine, but reading other reviews of the novel (other editions) here in Amazon, prompted me to read it. People kept saying they were dissapointed with the movie and vice versa; people kept saying they could not deal with Hawthorne's 19th century language. But I could deal perfectly with the idiom, even though it's not my first language. Both the movie and the novel are excellent, although different.
__label__1 not kindle ready: It's hard to put together any nice words about this transcription. It is not kindle ready, although it is textually complete. Should be a freebie.
__label__2 good: this book seemed to take awhile to get to me but it still came within the specified time frame so, all's well I guess, and the condition of the book was quite acceptable.
__label__1 Boring, very: This book may have been one of the best books of the 19th century but its language and themes don't relate to us very much any more. The Scarlet Letter is very boring and never seems to end. I really disliked the book.
__label__1 Boring: My english teacher assigned this book, one I would never read on my own. I am a 16 year old and I enjoy reading. But this book, while it does have a few good points and messages, is incredibly dull. The points are hard to get and I only understood the points after we had discussed them in class. While this book has a rather good story it`s concealed by endless symbols and references, I suggest the cliff notes version!!
__label__1 Really Hard to Follow: This is another classic out in the book world but I find it extremely hard to follow. Hawthorne had a lot of good points in the book but I didn't understand them until they were pointed out to me. If you don't get into that Puritan time period of literature then I suggest you don't read it. There is a lot of symbolism in this book, too.
__label__2 A fascinating look into another time's mores: Of course this is a classic of American literature, and, to my mind, with good reason. The story engages and puts one in the time. It requires a modern reader to stretch, but the exercise rewards.
__label__1 One word: outdated: This book is one of the last masterpieces written as American literature moved from what we call "Old English" (use the much cliched Olde if you must) to "New English." And trust me, it shows. Virtually every book ever written during this period, (essentially, before Twain's Huckleberry Finn), bears the same markings - incredibly lavish diction, complex structure and syntax, and all the elements that make for a generally hard to follow novel. If you elevate your reading to that next level, where you're seeing beyond the simple plot and percieving Hawthorne's masterful use of symbolism and metaphor, and are able to appreciate probably the last great novel written in before the literary revival of the late 1800s, then you'll consider this book a worthwhile read.
__label__1 I was fored to read it too: The Scarlet Letter is a good but long and discriptive book. I wouldn't tell anybody to read it unless they classic books or a Hawthorne fan. This book and also The House of The Seven Gables are based on the one unlying rule of Hawthorne description. His books wouldn't be so long if he would have just gotton to the plot. Now don't get me wrong the plot to this book was good but the movie is even better. If you have to read it just deal with it. All I know is that is didn't hold my attenion very long and I fell asleep a couple of times.
__label__1 a tragedy: This is a tragedy in two ways. Everyone dies at the end, and if you have to or choose to read this you will experience a tragedy.I can compare this book to a lobster.People say lobsters are a delecacy and you have to get through a shell to get to the meat.This book is a "classic" and you have dissect each and every sentence to get a general understanding.Avoid this book at all costs, if you have to read it in school then you are better off faking a concusion!
__label__1 too had to read: I find the old english wording too hard to understand and too hard to read...haven't got into it too far yet but it is taking me forever to get here
__label__1 Simply the worse book ever.: I had to read this book for my high school English class. I hated every bit of it actually I never finished it. This book does not belong on the list of classic must reads. As a college student now I thought I would give the book a second chance just as something to read for my own personal joy of reading. This is still to this day the WORSE book I have ever read in my life!! How could anyone actually like this back enough to rate it 3 star much less 5. This should be rated in negative stars.
__label__1 No Active Table of Contents: My rating is only for the electronic formatting of this book. I really feel like I don't have any right to complain since the book was free but -you get what you pay for.The book starts with an introduction to the story which goes on for 18% of the book file. The actual text of the book doesn't start until location 604-10. Unfortunately the only way to find this is to page through from the beginning. It would have been nice to have a table of contents or at least a bookmaark for the start of the actual book.
__label__1 Should not be a requirement in high school: To me this book would turn a young person, like my self away from the key and enjoyment of reading . Being a book with extensive mistakes in it, it is very difficult to read unless you are to inerpret it every paragraph or should I say sentence. I't maybe a classic, but I feel that the word "classic" comes from just being old........................................................................................................p.s the only reason I put a star was because I had to, to express my opinion on he novel.
__label__1 It was like a bad dream, but I couldn't wake up: This book is like a bad soap. No action. No drama. Very predictable. It is about a woman who cheated on her husband with another man. The baby dad is the preacher. Why the couple couldn't have gotten a divorce is beyond me. And the writing is horrible. Maybe Webster would have fun with this book but not a high schooler being forced to read it. Reading this is like a punch in the testicles.. it HURT!!! This book is hell on earth. Don't read it. By the way, I had to give it one star.
__label__1 Landscape book: I guess I should have read the last review or even the fact that the description says Landscape. I didn't think it was necessary, it's just a book right?I guess it's supposed to be easier to read in bed. I just thought it would be cool to have the Scarlet Letter be a red book.If you buy this book you will be holding the book like a wall calendar and reading in two columns; first the two columns on the top page and then two columns on the bottom. This just seems really irritating to me.
__label__2 Excellent gift: My 12 year daughter was delighted to receive the Scarlet Letter. She has enjoyed reading it through out X-mas vacation. I had forgotten how good literature can be an excellent gift.
__label__2 Great classic for the price: For a first time reading of this classic I recommend this. If you love it you may want a nicer version for the bookshelf. This is a nice quality book though. The printing isn't too small, and neither is the book. It fits right in my paperback bookshelf perfectly with others just like it.And as for the story, I could go on many pages. Just do a few searches for reviews, it's a classic that will outlive all of us and has a lot to say about human beings and our culture, past and future.One of the best Classics, great one to get started on or to read over and over again.
__label__1 Missing Custom House: My daughter needed this book for school and specifically needed an edition with the custom house. We "looked inside this book" on line and it shows that it includes the custom house. When the book arrived, it did not include the custom house. Very disappointed as we took the time to check and she needed this for class.
__label__2 Incredibly engrossing: I absolutely loved this book, it was so engrossing, could not put it down. Hawthorne has wonderful descriptions, it is a fascinating time in history and he brings it alive. A flawless book.
__label__1 Characterization in The Scarlet Letter: The Scarlet Letter is overloaded with many superfluous words that requires the reader to sift through them all to get to the actual story. However, the strong characters are revealed through their actions more than through Hawthorne's descriptions. The story takes place in 17th Century Boston and Puritanical Law is heavily enforced. A young woman, Hester, has been imprisoned for getting pregnant while committing adultery. Now that the baby is 3 months old, they have her stand in the center of town with so she can be shamed by the whole town. Her husband just happens to come to town as she stands on the scaffold and thus the story continues in a dark spiral of hidden friendships, revenge, immense guilt, and sin. This story is a historical fiction told 200 years later and is full of symbolism and the ironies of human nature and society. The ending was rather abrupt as if Hawthorne was on a writing deadline and got tired of his own story.
__label__2 the illiteracy of our generation: Frankly, in reading the negative reviews it is clear to me that there is a growing body of illiterates among us. It seems too, that the more a book makes one think the more negaive review it receives from some readers.I do agree that this particular Kindle edition is cumbersome to navigate due to the format but it is still an exceptional book and very worth reading. Not only is the character developmet quite thorough and enjoyable but it gives us a glimpse of the society in which it was written. What I always find fascinating is that this, like most other classics, is about human nature, power and the consequences of actions. So in the end these themes are enduring and feed our desire to look into the hearts and souls of others- to be voyeurs-which is what makes a classic a classic.
__label__2 The Scarlet Letter e-Book: Great book, had seen the movie but the book is much more. It will hold your attention and is an easy read too.Even better, the e-book was free on Amazon!
__label__1 I just don't get it.: I am an avid reader. I have read many so called "classics". This book is just plain boring! Yawn.... I really tried to get into it. I couldn't finish it. I just kept falling asleep. This book contains some seriously long sentences. Some readers have said to just skip the first chapter or so. I couldn't do that. It just seems wrong. If you are going to read a book you should try and read it all. I am sorry to say "I have not read the Scarlet Letter." Sorry Hawthorne.... I really, really tried.
__label__2 favorite classic: loved it in high school, love it as an adult...Great book and very informative.Book is written well with ability to keep the reader interested in the book and all it has too offer.Characters and other plot.
__label__1 Childish Novel: It is a travesty that this novel is even classified with the classics. This is by far one of the most boring and pointless novels in existance. The plot dribbles on about sin and adultry with few arguments. The contrasting of light and dark, with shadows, light and color is overdone and quite childish. Any third grade student can classify purity as light and sin as darkness. More over, there is over a hundred pages of belaboring the point, with no real conclusion. At the end of the novel, all I had was a headache, and I had fallen asleep more than a dozen times.
__label__1 Jeff the Scorned: I hated this story. It was long. It was preachy. It was boring. Unless you're interested in catching up on battles with Puritanism, avoid this book.
__label__1 Ugh.: I read this book for AP English and had to do a blue-book assignment of it. The word "ugh" summarizes my experience.This book was written in the 19th century, and that's where it belongs. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if someone were to modernize the language used in the book, but reading through "dost thou" after "dost thou" isn't any fun.However, I highly recommend reading Richard Armour's take on SL in his book "The Classics Reclassified".
__label__1 This book was dumb: I know that saying the book is dumb nullifies all the hard work put into it, but I just did not like it. Sure the main idea and a well written summary makes the book as a whole good, it doesn't help the actual context one bit which was very hard to follow and comprehend.
__label__1 Avg. Rating too high: I've bought this book, underlined every hint of symbolism, found all evidence of romanticism, followed every quote involving thematic oppositions, and noted every example of Pearl's rebellious nature and social alienation, but I cannot find one positive aspect of this novel that makes any of my hard work feel rewarding. The only way this novel could give me a warm feeling is if I place it in a furnace.
__label__1 Received a different book: I ordered a specific ISBN No. and received a different tiny book of the same with different appearence and a different ISBN No.The picture seen online is not the one that I received.
__label__1 Oh my...: This novel is absolutely awful. Although it has received over 500 reviews I feel it is my duty to help bring the average star level to where it belongs, at zero. Where to begin... perhaps with the run on sentences, the failure to create significant rising action, the flat two dimensional characters... This novel is full of things which not only bore the reader, but frustrate them as well.The fatal flaw in this piece of literature is its inability to stay relevant. Post-modern society does not really care about, "Baby daddies," and the revelation which is made at the end, and beginning, of this novel is reproduced daily on morning television a la Maury. Unfortunately, Nathaniel Hawthorn you are the father of this literary disaster.
__label__1 Far too little crime and fist fights: So I heard about this from a friend at Comi-Con. He did not know much about it, but heard some people talking about it in the food court. I thought it sounded awesome, like Read or Die meets a cross between The Green Lantern and The Crimson Crusader. So I order what I thought was the graphic novel, turns out it is more "novel" and less "graphic". It was nothing like I expected, and unless shame is a super power (which is unlikely) Hester is just some puritan lady before radioactive spiders even existed!Seriously, I don't think "BANG!" "POW!" or "ZORT!" show up anywhere in the book! I almost gave this one star, but Roger Chillingworth is an awesome super villain name. His physiognomy is dead on as well, like in all comics, it let's us know he is the clear bad guy and we should not relate to him at all. Since the bad guy at least fits what I expect this gets 2 stars.
__label__1 Get to the point already: Too long. Re-read this and remembered how much Hawthorne's style irritates me. There is an interesting story within but he takes WAY too long to tell it.
__label__1 Slow moving predictable story: The story is a very simple one but the action, so to speak, doesn't really happen until the final third of the book. It was a battle to get through the dry middle!Unfortunately the story is also exceptionally easy to guessand the turns of the story are not surprising in the least.On the plus side, the book gives a good glimpse at life in Puritan early American communities and their moral strucutres.
__label__2 Good book if you look into it.: The Scarlet Letter is not a dull book if you get into it. It is true that it's language can be hard to read and understand at times, but that does not make it uninteresting. The main story, may not be considered exciting, but the novel is full of literary elements that make it a good book. Several faults are pointed to in this "perfect" Puritain town in which the story takes place. The book uses good elements like foreshadowing, foil characters, and a lot symbolism. A main point of the book is Hester's admiting her guilt as compared to her "lover's" hiding his guilt. I'm not going to tell you who she had the affair with, but it will be soon figuared out when you see the signs of his scarlet letter. The book may not be as exciting as some, but don't let this keep you from reading it, because it really is good.
__label__2 Great!!!!!READ ME READ ME READ ME!!!: Call me a sucker for classics, well I am. This novel brings forth issues that are still with us today. Yes, the book was written over 100 years ago, but it deals with Single mothers in a two-parent society and how the outsiders to the situation (townspeople) deal with Hestor Prynne and her daughter, Pearl. Even today we seem to look down upon single mothers as nothings, even though they are doing the best they can to raise their child(ren) and to survive themselves. Nathaniel Hawthorne seems to be writing about not only the early settlers, but also about HIS time and OUR time all in the same book. I give it five stars because of it's beautiful discription of the trials and tribulations of single-parenthood.
__label__1 Horrific forced reading: I will never understand why they force this book on school children, I'm sure there are many other "classic" stories that could be included in the curriculum.
__label__1 I read to pages of this novel and I had to stop!: I have yet to actually complete this novel. It is so dog-gone hard to understand. On top of this, I have an essay that is due: TOMORROW! Is there no relief?!
__label__1 I don't get it.: I was assigned this book when I was a sophomore in high school (22 years ago). I couldn't get through it; the Cliff Notes version help me pass the test. I found it turgid and laborious reading.I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class. I have a master's degree. Despite my academic success, I don't understand why this book is a classic. I don't understand why Hester didn't just pack up Pearl and her stuff, move to another town and tell everyone she was a widow. That would have saved everyone alot of grief, especially young readers like me.
__label__1 I hate this book.: This is the worst book I have ever read. The attempts at symbolism are bogged down with unnecessary detail and the language is over the top even for the time period. I hurled it across the room at one point in agitation and disgust.
__label__2 its as if I were reading the book itself.: I got the auido book cuz I didn't have time to read the book for my english report and exam. I listen to it for one week and did a great book report and did great on the final exam. I did better listen than reading.
__label__1 Way too boring for me: My son was forced to read this book for his high school english class. I consider this cruel and unusual punishment. I believe there are some consitutional laws that prevent schools from giving kids this big slop of boring inside about 300 pages. Its the reason why kids these days hate reading, because before they have time to read anything exciting and interesting they have to read stuff like the Scarlet Letter. The only reason Nathaniel Hawthorne is a classic is because he wrote fancy and he is dead. In fact Hawthorne never wrote an interesting word in his life. Its like he went out of his way to bore people to death. Now I know there wasn't much around to inspire good stories back than but I didn't think it was this bad. He drags on a plot that shouldn't of lasted more than 30 pages into a whole freakin novel! Pure insanity that kids are forced to read terrible bore fests like Hawthorne.
__label__1 Great plot, horrible writing!!!!!!!!: I believe that the plot of "The Scarlet Letter" could have been wonderful & something I would love to read, because the events are all such interesting ideas. I just think that Mr. Hawthorne made them boring through his writing style. Sometimes it just dragged on forever & I really think more of the book consisted of descriptions than dialogue---I couldn't enjoy a book like that. I think if this was written by a different author, with mainly the same plot, it could be wonderful. But this, was terribly boring!!!!!!!!
__label__1 get it away: I usually have nothing to say but good things about book I read! But this book, it does have it's interesting points but I just don't get into it. I rather would burn myself at the stake that read the remaining chapter I have to finish for my English Class. What did I have to do to deserve this? I stood there reading the book with my book in one hand and dictionary in the other, I ended up reading Chapter 9 about 10 times because the information wasn't getting to me. And the way the author addresses the reader, I want to scream. I'm sure in the 1850's this was a wonderful book because of the message it stated back then, but more than 100 years afterwards, people seem to lose interest. And the fact that they make HS students read this book is just plain homicide. STOP THE ASSIGNING OF THIS BOOK! DON'T PUT YOUR STUDENTS THROUGH TORTURE!
__label__1 Overrated Pretentious Trash: This novel is widely regarded as overrated. The plot is not that interesting, the writing style is torturous,the plot twists are predictable. It's a typical example of pre-20th century bad writing. Not to say that any book from that era is crap, but this book certainly is.
__label__2 The Scarlet Letter: One ofthe greatest novels in all of literature, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, tells of a life vastly different from those that we live today. Rejecting the present permissive lifestyle to which we were accustomed, the reader is entrenched in the gloom and doom of Puritan society. It is an exposure to a law that tells what to wear, how to think, and whom to love. The Scarlet Letter is a story of law versus human nature, hypocrisy, and of undeniable passions.Enlightening and refreshing, the reader is taken on an adventure and fully understands the risks of living passionately, beyond the limits that society sets. A novel that can be enjoyed by all ages, The Scarlet Letter is a masterpiece of its time.
__label__2 A classic novel with a contemporary message: Hawthorne's masterpiece is beautifully written and skillfully constructed. It's message is subtle, yet pervasive: that people we punish as "sinners" are often far more noble than their punishers. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Best (or worst) of all, the story is still wonderfully applicable to contemporary life. Perhaps President Clinton ought to wear a big scarlet letter 'A' on his chest for the rest of his term.
__label__2 Each read is like peeling layers of a rose: What greater journey than to delve into the human heart? Every emotion one can nurture there is here, bared and examined.Hester, at once forthright and complex, serves as our guide, as she wanders the lambrynth of her own private neart.That we can fall, sin, disappoint and still find redemption in confession make the message of The Scarlet Letter a most comforting tract for out day.
__label__2 A better read as an adult -- not a great choice for teenagers...: Well-paced, surprisingly easy to follow despite the language used. I hadn't read it in 30 years, and found it to be much more palatable as an adult than it was when I was a teenager. There must be a lesson in there somewhere..."
__label__1 Don't pay for this on the Kindle: Unless you have the correct size font, you will have a difficult time reading this book on the Kindle. It is not set up to have the text wrap correctly and therefore has a full line of text, the next line has a single word, then another full line and so on.
__label__2 Strong Woman: 200-300 worddI really liked this book because of Hester. She was a protagonist who refused to obey by socety's rules. She is a role model for women who wish to be free. Sure, she made a mistake. But, don't we all? Adultery is not right, but we learn from mistakes.I really liked to read about the time period because it was so different from our own. It is hard to believe that Hawthorne was only a writer for his time period.
__label__1 Slow, Overwritten Drama: It started with a great plot...until he actually wrote it. It was overwritten (it takes pages before something happens) and the protagonists were hard to like. Boring, sappy novel written as if he trying to imitate Victorian prose. There are a couple twists, but the main characters are such morons, it underscores the little action that does happen.
__label__1 Great Story ... Bad writing: So sue me ... I just don't like Nathanial Hawthorne. I think the plot is brilliant, but I find his method of telling the story annoying. I'm afraid this isn't an assertion I can back up with a lot of concrete examples, it's just that his writing gives me a vague feeling of malaise. I find this true of his short stories as well, so I never bothered with the other novels. But you'll have to read The Scarlet Letter for school anyway, so borrow it from the library.
__label__2 Wonderful, wonderful: Thank you, Erika Vause, for your positive review! I absolutely love this book! I had heard of this novel, but never considered reading it because the plot simply did not interest me. Then we read it in our academic English class (10th graders) and I was absolutely astonished!! Not only by the magnificence of the book--its themes of guilt and redemption are powerful and heart wrenching--but by the ignorance of some of my peers. It was obvious that their dislike sprung from the fact that they did not understand it! Please, please--read this book! You will not be sorry! I promise.
__label__1 Awful: I'll admit right up front that I am stupid. I would rather enjoy a book instead of try to find my way through the maze of confusing, endless prose that Hawthorne uses. I found myself empathizing more with Chillingworth than Dimmesdale. A book should NOT have to be dissected and disscussed to be understood!!! It should clearly portray its thematic structure without having to resort to a smokescreen of vague symbols and the word "Classic" stamped all over it to force people to appreciate it. Yes, it was heavily thematic and full of symbolism; and it was "meaty" (whatever that is), "deep", and "powerful"; but it was dry, slow, and boring. Even someone as myself, who generally enjoys the classics, will fall asleep (as I did everytime I tried to read this book). Do NOT try to speed-read this. This book has no place in a high-school English course; it needs a span of several years to muddle and plod thru, and then try to unravle.
__label__1 So boring: I am an English teacher and getting through the book was tough. Only Nathaniel Hawthorne can make sex sound boring.
__label__1 The okay book: Hawthornes The Scarlet letter is an okay book. It has an okay plot and okay characters, but the book is not one for teens of the 90's. I had to read this book for my English teacher and to tell the truth if it were not graded I would not have read it. The teens of today do not want to read about the ancient customs of puritan society. If it had been about the scandalous affairs of Hester and Rev. Dimmsdale it would still be a best seller. I think this book should be only read voluntarily. If you are thinking of reading it you may need to reconsider.
__label__1 I HATE THIS BOOK: I'm sure I would be able to understand the vivid descriptions and symbolism in this book much better, if Hawthorne were not writing in some sort of moon man language. I don't know about the production of narcotics in the 1800's, but I honestly think that Hawthorne wasn't on a natural high if you know what I'm saying.
__label__1 Don't READ THIS BOOK!!: THIS BOOK SUX! Who cares about Pearl anyways! Someone shoot me in the head before i die of boredom!!!
__label__1 If your looking to fall asleep than this is perfect 4 you !: Well, im 15 years old and my english teacher assigned this book for the class. I read only 6 of the chapters and then gave up . Maybe if it was somewhat interesting I would read it - but it has nothing to do with modern life.And to assign such a book at this time in a teens life is just pointless. Like I really care about what happenes to Hester. I've failed all the quizzes that my teacher gave us and most kids from the class did the same. Its one of those books where you read 4 pages and all of a sudden you realized that you were thinking about what you wearing today. Then i have to read the pages all over again. The book is extremely boring !! - I do not recommend it!
__label__1 slowly falling asleep: The book is boring if you try to read it without a good look at the movie first but it gets easier to understand once youre in class failing every single test your teacher gives you on it! Then she decides to explain what's going on to you later. It was boring and I fell asleep everytime I went to read it.
__label__1 one of the worst books I've ever read: typically, I will force myself to read even the worst books (for class, for "fun", because I think I should), but when I read this book for a [...] English course, I quickly realized it was one of the worst books ever (not to be taken lightly, seriously), certainly not worthy of a classic, boring, endless details that no one cares about... blah blah blah. Terrible. I was bored. It might have been too difficult for a 9th grader, but I wouldn't read it now either.on the other hand, my brother loved it.
__label__1 I only gave it a star because I had to.: This was the worst book I ever read. I was lost and confused and that was only in the first sentence. You would think that classic had to have some level of goodness, but this book was the worst piece of filth I had ever read in my entire life. It's no wonder that Hawthorn locked himself in his mothers attic, he was mentally ill before he ever wrote the book. If you are a high school student,like I am, you know the hell that I had to go through and I am guessing you never want to put yourself through it again. And to you who have no read this book, don't. You have not, or never will commit enough sin to be put in to the type of hell that this book offers the reader. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Oh, and by the way who decided that this was a classic romantic book, there is nothing romantic about this novel, nor anything good. If you are in the mood for a good romance shoot for Nora Roberts or Sandra Brown, they can actually write!
__label__1 paralyzing fear: The pain brought on by this archaicly verbose peice of literary kindling is so great that, while reading, I was greatly tempted to gouge out my eyes to prevent any future encounters with Mr. Hawthorne's "work". Please, for the love of all things sacred USE CLIFFNOTES!!! It will save you from years of therapy. I am scarred for live. My soul will be tormented after death and i will be forced to walk the earth in search for reconciliation.
__label__1 A sin to humanity: No, I'm not talking about Hester's crime. I'm talking about this STUPID BOOK! If only Hawthorne had kept his job in the customs house (see prologue), this abomination would never have been spawned from the cess-ridden depths of Hawthorne's twisted thinking organ. (You can figure THAT out on your own). This book is untolerably boring (the only proven cure of insomnia - if you don't mind the side effects) and the descriptions are ridiculously entangling. In the words of Mr. Hawthorne himself, this book is "ignominiously" dull. PRESERVE YOUR SANITY! NEVER READ THIS! NEVER!I sleep now...
__label__1 forced to read the most horrible book ever: where to bloody begin.... ah.. in my junior year i and everyone else in class was forced to read the book and watch the horrible origanal slow and boring movie. after we got done with it almost everyone in the whole dang room yelled out that it suck, right at the same time. both this and the great gatsby sucked. but i dd surprisngly enjoyed the great gatsby movie towards the end of it
__label__1 This book is a wast of good paper: Oh man, where do i begin with this one? First of all, I want to say that a 1 star rating is flattering this novel beyond all means. The Scarlett Letter is one of the most boring pieces of junk that I have ever been assigned to read. I realize that there is a ton of symbolism in this novel, but if you can't stay awake to find it, what's the point? Also, it really helps when Hawthorne decides to use 15 letter words in each and every sentence. Only person that I would recommend this novel to is an insomnia patient. This one ranks right up there with A Tale Of Two Cities (another "Classic").
__label__2 scarlet letter: this novel is of course set in england in the eighteeth centuryher a young woman jailed for crimes she commted outside themarriage was branded with a scarlett letter over her bossom.this was tipical of the ear and time.
__label__1 Looooooooooooooooong.: If you can read and readily understand old-english, you *may* be able to enjoy this novel.I found it painfully long and didn't even care to finish it, which is unheard of for me!
__label__1 Unable to Review: Unfortunately, I have to say that I am very very disappointed with this order. I ordered this book on Sept 2 for my daughter to read and write a report about for school. (Report is due Oct 25) and to date, October 9, I have NOT RECEIVED it yet. When I contacted the vendor to report last week, I basically received a "sorry for your luck, but once it leaves our hands, we really don't care" type of response. Totally not impressed.
__label__1 Painful: This was one of the most boring books i've ever read. Unfortunately i did not give up on Hawthorne after reading this novel, that was a mistake. I'd pass on this one if i were you, if you must read this for school I highly suggest getting a summary online.
__label__1 Incredibly confusing; have a dictionary on hand!: This is probably the most confusing and worst book I have ever read! The author uses incredibly large words and you constantly have to use a dictionary or else you most likely won't know hat you are reading. From my point of view as a high school (with mostly A's and good at English) student I would not recommend this book to any other high school age students. The author needs to get to the point and not drag on for pages about things that are not important at all. Long setences also makes the book drag on. If I didn't have to read this book for a book report I would have put it down after the first page or two and usually I finish every book that I start. This book had me in tears because it was so difficult. I had to ask my English teacher to explain this to me. Read this book at your own risk, but i do not reccommend it to anyone.
__label__1 Save Yourself: I agree 100% that Hawthorne was a brillaint writer. But this book was horrible. A simple phrase of action (Hester walking down the street) would be 4 pages of reflection. I read alot and am a huge fan of John Steinbeck, J.D Salinger, Mark Twian. I hated this book. It was took long and nearly impossible to read. If you have to read it for school, good luck. Otherwise, avoid this. There are much better classics than this.
__label__1 Ick.: Three words to describe my feelings of this book...I HATE IT.Hawthorne's writings are dull, dry, and other words that mean bad that start with D. The character's a boring.
__label__2 confusing, but good: Being in high school, it took a little bit to understand it, but after a while, I was able to get the basic point of the story. If you know you'll have to read this for school in the future, read it ahead of time. That way, you won't be reading on a deadline, which makes it worse. Read it at your own pace and you will understand it more. Also, the second time through, when you have to read it, you will see many things that you missed, and the story will be much more meaningful to you. (You'll do better on tests and quizzes, too.) Even if you're not required to read it, check it out-it's not called a classic for nothing!
__label__2 SAD: this book represents a time in the past of our country in which we should be ashamed. not only was this a time of "witchcraft" and witchunts, but the society was willing to ostracize a human being for adultery. as if it weren't punishment enough for hester to have to wear the "a" on her chest, everyone stared at her peculiarly and did not accept her into normal society. i think this is overly harsh, yet this whole book reflects the time in which it took place very well. i would recommend it.
__label__1 The Next Best Thing to a Sleeping Pill!: This book literally put me to sleep. I could wake up at 2 in the morning and find the book in my lap, and then have to stress over finishing the assigned reading for my English class. I mean, some of the sentences are about 15 lines long, and the plot, if there is a plot, is incredibly slow. If the author would just tell it like it is, and not drag it out for pages, the book would be only about a third of the length that it is. Boring, boring, BORING!
__label__2 great!: I've never heard of this author before so reading this was a bit of a gamble with me but I liked the sound of it. Well, I'm glad I took the risk. I was sucked into the characters lives and anxious to discover thier outcomes and fates. The plotline fell into place so well and wonderfully. Despite the fact that it wasn't full of suspense it was still SUCH a page turner. I loved the way the book was written, each line meant something and each line was meant to be there and each new page was like a new poem.It made me concentrate too. It's not the kind of book you can read half asleep before bed time, this book required my full attention.
__label__2 Beautifully Done: The story of hester is by itself a master piece worthy of its highly commended status, however the annotated version really helps the reader understand the historical references and many archaic words.
__label__1 Not What it is Made Out to be...: It shocks me that the Scarlet Letter is the most taught book in the nation. It may have much symbolism and so on, but it is a convoluted mess. The author is completely detached from his audience, and for some bizarre reason, he feels he has to explain every little thing that happens in great detail. It is also irrelevant to our modern times. In our days people need to be reading things like Huxley, Orwell, Fitzgerald, Bradbury, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Salinger, and many other great 20th century writers. This book is only relevant to those interested in the time period which it discusses.
__label__1 hate this new format: I didnt realize when I ordered it that the type was turned side ways. I bought this as a gift, but not sure I will give it.I guess someone might like the format, but I dont.
__label__2 Wonderful: Once you get past the language barrier, this book is an amazing read. To see the tragedies that some women went through at one point in history is a great thing, and to remind us never to let history repeat itself.
__label__1 Need a dictionary!: The Scarlet Letter is an interesting book. While reading the book I was filled with many feelings about it. I enjoyed some chapters, but loathed the ones describing the characters. I felt as if Hawthorne could have told the story more efficiently if he had described each character as they came onto the scene. The book made me feel inferior and uneducated. I made so many trips to get the dictionary that my legs got tired. I enjoyed the general story-line, but I could have left the adjectives behind. Pearl was my favorite character because she had a priceless intuition that helped me read the book. I would have been lost without Pearl's hints. I would not have read this book if not required to by my English teacher. Attack it if you dare!!
__label__2 An Excellent Portait of Puritan New England: Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter" is a vivid (and accurate) portayal of life in Puritan New England. The prejudices, superstitions and institutions of the society are expressed so well that contemporary readers, who have little knowledge of New England's history, are able to feel the oppression and religious pressures that were common in that society. Indeed, this work is comparable (if not superior) to Arthur Miller's Crucible.
__label__1 Leave this one to the bibliophiles: Yes, I am a 17 yr old high school kid. But I can tell good books from the bad ones. "The Scarlet Letter" is a "classical" tale of 2 lovers. To be concise, this novel is too wordy to be enjoyable. People can say it's a classic romantic novel, it has good character developments, it has good themes and ironies, blah blah blah. I, like most people, don't judge a book by checking out its trap metaphors; all in all leave this book to a "Doctor of Puritanical Philosophy". If youre looking for a more entertaining classic, read "Huck Finn" by Twain.
__label__1 Yes, I was another victim who had to read this for school: Ok, when I first started this book I thought it was the dumbest thing and I could not belive this was a classic! (I still can't) After a few chapters I thought it was a little better and thats why I gave it two stars. Also, it is one of the better books that I had to read for school. I still feel that it was a little boring and hard to follow but with the class discussions I understood it a lot more. I still wouldn't reccommend this book to anyone
__label__2 a book value: The classic book that is read by virtually every high school student in America ; and at a bargian price
__label__2 Good read................. ............... .... ....... ........ .......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ..... .....: Good read................. ............... .... ....... ........ .......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ..... ..... ..... . . . . .. . . .
__label__1 Not interesting at all: I was supposed to read this for English class,and had some interest because I`ve heard people and my teacher say that this was an American classic and was very good.But once I heard some of my friends who started to read it and say it was difficult and boring,I got the book on audio to assist me.I only got to chapter 3 and I was trying to guess how many pages were left to the end.Its uniteresting and difficult because the story wanders with absolutly no direction.I highly recomend getting Cliff Notes(which I got and are very easy to understand compared to the book) and possibly the movie(It might not be the same to the book, but having the visual aid of Demi Moore certainly helps the mind focus better).
__label__1 This book is incredibly boring!: This is one of the all-time most boring books. I do not recommend reading it at all. The introduction is incredibly long, and incredibly boring. Also, it doesn't really have the sort of plot that would make it a book you can't put down. I personally fell asleep four different times reading this book. I had much higher expectations for this book. If you are looking for a classic to read, I would recommend The Count Of Monte Cristo, not this book.
__label__1 Both forward and backward in its ideas: First of all: those who found the book to be dull, such as me, listen to it on tape (it's abbreviated yet still dangerous = boring to listen to while driving, as I found out). Indeed, Hawthorne introduces some advanced ideas for the times, such as writing about a single mother, as well as musings about women's rights. His obsession with Victorian themes, such as the deification of children, fixation on bodily sins, as well as overdramatization and simplification of the plot equals predictability and annoyance to the reader. While this book could probably be considered "a classic," such as Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina," both are better classified as carefully crafted literary exercises rather than engaging stories.
__label__1 I am going to bring Hawthorne back from the grave to hit him: Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this the worst book i've ever read, I consider myself open to all fine lterature but I absolutely hate this book. But the writing is superb!
__label__1 Not Worth Reading: Yes the writing is poetic...but the book says the same thing over and over. I didn't feel like I learned anything from reading this book, the characters are rather flat and the symbols are far too obvious and there is too many of them. It's like Hawrthorne had a contest with himself to see how many symbols he could cram in.
__label__2 Power to women: I read this book when I was 16 and I totally fell in love with it. I love the power it hands over to women. Hawthorne does a great job in illustrating the kind of prejudice society extends to women for actions that can be equally distributed to men but even more so he shows the determination of a woman to overcome whatever adversities may be present with renewed pride and dignity.
__label__1 it was very slow.: Hawthorne was a excellent writer for the 19th century, however, this book is very slow and often has no dialog for over a chapter. The descriptions get very long, boring and tedious. As you read this book your mind starts to wander and you can't remember what happened for chapters at a time. The only was I was able to get through it was by reading Cliffs Notes then the book.
__label__1 It wasn't good: I starting reading this book with great enthusiasm for my 11th grade English GT class's summer homework. I read and read, and I just started hearing names of people who, didn't make sense. I could never figure out who Reverend whatever is, or that other guy they talk about, I just went a long skimming the book, not able to feel any plot whatesoever! I was completely bored with this book. I didn't need a dictionary whatsoever either, but I will probably need Cliff Notes, so I could understand what the story is about, if anyone can help, please do.
__label__1 ugh: Why do books such as this keep being required reading in high schools? Havent there been any authors in more recent time that would provide students more relevancy? Obviously this appeals to those who are truly literature lovers--and that's fantastic. But for most kids, give them something they'll enjoy reading and maybe they'll learn to love literature more. Books like this just antagonize and demoralize those who are not naturally literature lovers.
__label__1 A classic...but one of the worst books, ever.: At some point in your life you may have to read this snooze fest, and I pity the day you are required to read it. Hawthorne takes days to make a point, any statement at all, starting from the unbearable introduction "The custom house" through the last page. There is no action, no humor, no joy, only the character study of the puritan society, and a "brave" woman. Do yourself a favor and get the cliffnotes or use Anyone who truly believes this is a good is either a pseudo-intellectual, or they enjoy the same style of Melville, or anything written by Hawthorne. I would give this no stars if possible.
__label__1 How Can Sex and Sin Be So Boring?: Throughout this entire book, one part of my brain was in a state of wonder, trying to imagine how anyone could make a book about scandal, sin, adultery, public shame and cowardice so dull. To finish the book was a test of will, and was accomplished because I hate to leave things undone.There are many fine, engaging, interesting novels, both of our age and of Hawthorne's. I can't imagine why one would want to slog through this one.
__label__1 unfinishable: A classic? Hardly. In it's time this book may have ruffled feathers but these days it's a struggle to get through. Hawthorne's writing style is dreary and dreadful; if captivating readers was his aim, he failed miserably.
__label__1 American classic my ...: This completely predictable novel seems more like a beginner's attempt of writing a book rather than an American classic. The author treats the readers as if they completely lack a brain by stating the understood and by completely beating concepts to death (note the reference).
__label__2 Hawthorne's Masterpiece: Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter is a tale of secret love, adultery, and sadness. Every person should read this timeless American novel at some point in their life. The strength of Hester Prynne is unusual for novels composed during the time this was published, and is therefore a revolutionary literary work. My only complaint is the length of "The Custom House," however horrible this sounds, I would just skip it, it does not add to the plot of the novel anyway.
__label__2 Useful for AP Lit: I read Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter for my Advanced English 11 class. This is not a book I would normally have picked up and read, but I am glad that I read it.The Scarlet Letter deals with themes of love, society's oppression, secrets, a character finding herself, as well as numerous other classic literature themes. I found the book itself to be challenging to read, but I liked the story. Hawthorne explores when feelings and passion conflict with religion, which was fascinating to consider from a religious perspective.Although I did not enjoy the book much at the time I had to read it, it proved to be quite useful when I took the AP Literature and Composition Test this year. When I had to choose one book to frantically review the day before the test, this is the book I chose. Sure enough, this is the book I used for the AP test as a reference.This is an essential book for anyone taking AP Literature.
__label__2 Timeless Classic: I enjoyed this book a lot, once I got past the slow parts. Hester Prynne is found pregnant out of wedlock. Since she won't reveal the identity of the father, she is forced to wear the Scarlet Letter "A" on her chest for the rest of her life. She gives birth to a girl and she changes her life around, so at the end of the book, people refer to her as "Angel" instead of "Adulterer."This is a timeless tale because the situation could easily happen in any time period. When we do something wrong, the way we live our lives afterwards is the determining factor of our moral character. One event does not define us. It's our entire lives that should be taken into account. I think that is Nathaniel Hawthorne's point. Redemption is possible for anyone, regardless of their sin. Also, the father who remained unknown to the society but not the reader, suffers enormously because he doesn't confess. This is a good point. When we hide our sins, the only person it ultimately hurts, is us.
__label__2 One of the Greatest Books Ever Written: The Scarlet Letter is an excellent book. Hawthorne spends so much time discussing the characters' thoughts and motives that by the end of the book, you can understand why the people act the way they do. It makes them seem almost real. He relates nature to what the character's are experiencing that makes the story even more powerful. In one place he told of a rose bush that grew by the prison so it seemed Nature was saying that even though other people had abandoned them, someone could always count on the nature's love. It's very beautifully written. The story of adultery and jealous spouses happens in our own day which makes The Scarlet Letter relate to the reader. It's just a great book all over, and I feel that it's one of the best ever written.
__label__1 Does not have true plumeria scent: I used to live in Hawaii. Plumerias were abundant, both growing and leis. I was excited to have that scent again in a lotion. The lotion itself is your average body lotion consistency. However, there is NO way that this is a true plumeria scent. I would not order their other "Plumeria" products (which are more expensive)based on this lotion.
__label__2 Just as described: This bench was easy to assemble, but I would suggest that you have someone else help you to hold the parts while you screw them together. Otherwise it might be too difficult, not in design, but just in holding the large pieces in the right place. I put the bench on my front patio which is uncovered. It doesn't usually snow in Seattle, but it did this year, and the bench remained uneffected. The bench has also with stood the Seattle rains. This bench is as stated, element proof! Great for summer yard lounging as well. I have been 100% satisfied!
__label__2 The ultimate for women: My wife has several workout books but as she states, "not one matches Arnold's". This book not only covers subjects like what to eat, it also goes into great detail on what workouts work what muscles. Great book!
__label__1 Boring: I love Arnold and what he has accomplished so it suprised me to suggest that women should start out using 3 lb weights. Sorry, you won't get results like that. This book my be good for seniors or those with limited physical ability.
__label__2 Dual Language- Selections from Don Quixote: I have found that this is an excellent tool for vocabulary building. I am able to understand the meaning immediatly and hope to continue buying dual language books for this reason.
__label__2 Best one in Tomato Trilogy: Return of the Killer Tomatoes is hilarious. Anthony Starke is great. J. Stephen "Rock" Peace is back as Lt. Wilbur Finletter. This is the best movie in the Killer Tomato Triolgy.
__label__2 Pretty Fricken Sweet: You know the movies, and if you're looking at this page, you probably love them. The bottom line is, you get 6 classic campy DVDs, in their own cases, for a good price. Some of these DVDs are hard to find on their own - I personally had been looking for Return to Horror High for quite some time, before I decided to get this set. It's well worth the money - you won't be disappointed.
__label__2 FT rules: Talk about a hokey plot and cheezy acting -- this movie is GREAT !! The 1980's will never be forgotten as a decade of some really sad movies. My God does George Clooney look young and with that mop of hair..... Can't wait to see The Killer Tomatoes take France.
__label__2 100 times better than the first: This is the best movie since Monsturds no wait this movie is better than Monsturds even. You will not find a much better than this film. The first film wasn't even close to as good as this 5 stars way up for an excellent come back!!!
__label__1 Too Stupid: I bought this for my grandson who loves "cheesy" movies but even he said this movie was too stupid. The first Killer Tomatoes movie at least had some funny parts. This movie doesn't. Don't waste your money.
__label__1 DECEPTION!: Warning -- the two songs listed as "Little Steve" were written by him but are not the originals nor performed by him!
__label__1 Warning: You are not downloading Little Steven: I tried to download "Forever" by Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul, and through a very deceptive listing accidentally downloaded this very substandard cover version. It's not the .99 cents that was stolen from me that I am worried about. It's a local bar band cheating people by listing the original artist as the performer when they know perfectly well they've never been in a studio with Little Steven.
__label__2 Warming Dishs Sooooo Helpful: The Sassy Baby warming dishes are great! Add the hot water let it sit while you get baby ready to eat and away you go. Also keeps the food warm while baby is eating. The bright colors also hold the babys attention. We bought two one for home and one for grandmas house.Sassy Baby Warming Dish, Colors May Vary
__label__1 Not what we expected: The suction on this dish does not really work. The only thing I could get it to suction to was glass. we never really wanted it for the warming part, just for the suction. All in in all, we were not very satisfied with this purchase.
__label__1 Not user friendly: The dish is not easy to take apart for cleaning and I wish I could put in it the microwave.
__label__1 Not worth it: We tried this dish a couple of times. It didn't warm the foods that much more than just putting warm food on a plate & feeding it to your hungry baby. Just another (unnecessary) step in the feeding progress. Don't waste your time.
__label__2 Great warming dish: I love this dish. I try to keep from microwaving my baby's food, so I put really hot water in the base of this bowl. It warms my baby's food (even food from the fridge) and keeps it warm. As another reviewer said, the dish is very difficult to separate.
__label__1 NOT USER FREINDLY: This product is a good idea however:1. The fill hole, is not large enough to fill the bottom of the dishwith hot tap water without getting water into the serving tray.2. Can't be put in the Micro.3. Extremely hard to open bottom compartment to clean.4. Extremely hard to open and close ( I and my daughter have to use abutter knife to pry open).5. Not good for a grandmother's hands that has joint problems.6. Doesn't keep food warm for very long.Perhaps going back to the drawing board would help this product!
__label__1 Disappointed: Maybe in time I will figure this plate out, but I cannot get the suction to work and there were no directions with it as to how to take it apart, use the suction, clean it out. It may seem simple, but a harried mother needs these details! I am disappointed as it is utterly useless to me, at least as far as being a stay-put dish, which is why I purchased it.
__label__1 Not User Friendly. NOTHING that says it's BPA-free: Nearly impossible to disassemble for cleaning.Hole for water is tiny.Bottom gets very hot to handle, food takes awhile to warm up, then remains warm for only about 20 minutes.MOST importantly, IS THIS DISH BPA-FREE OR NOT? I've seen it listed on BPA-free lists on the web, BUT, there is nothing on the package or product description that deems it so.
__label__2 Sassy Baby Warming Dish vs. Gerber Bowl: Keeps food warm. Sticks to the tray of the high chair. Gerber bowl doesn't stick. The little dividers are nice for serving. The only complaint is that it is very difficult to get the divided bowl off the bottom.
__label__2 just what i was looking for: i do not use these for warming the food. i did try that once and it was just a pain. i purchased the bowls because they are divided and stick to the high chair. so they are great for that, but i would not recommend getting it if you are just looking for a warming dish.
__label__2 Must-Have for Children's Library: I ordered this book as part of a third grade curriculum for my son. These Everyman titles are really wonderful-- beautiful binding, heavy pages, amazing illustrations. I was not disappointed with this book. It is the kind of book we will read again and again and hopefully pass on to the next generation. Hawthorne's rendition of the myths and fables is classic and engaging, and Rackham's illustrations are worth the price on their own.
__label__2 Very informative: I just returned from a month-long trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, and I found this book extremely useful for Cambodia. Not so much for hotel listings, etc., but for no-nonsense background information on Angkor, Phnomh Penh, and Siem Reap. The Vietnam portion was helpful as well, but I relied more on the Lonely Planet and Rough Guide Vietnam editions for that country. I would definitely recommend this book to someone traveling to Cambodia over the Lonely Planet edition, which is *really* outdated.
__label__1 ...: I purchased this book and attempted to use it as a resource for a trip to Cambodia in July 1999. The only current information in the entire country section was that Pol Pot has died. Cambodia is a fascinating place to visit...Too much has changed for this book to be of any use
__label__1 1996 edition of book is outdated: The book WAS good in its time but EVERYTHING related to traveling in this area of SE Asia, especially Laos, has changed drastically in the past three years. Frankly, a 1996 edition should be sold as remainders at about $2, then someone who wanted only info about the people or the temples could get ethnographic info only! I was in Laos this past August 1998 and most published info, except the Internet updates by an Australian in Nong Khai,Thailand, who does visas to Laos, was wrong and very outdated--especially the most important things like availability of visas and safety of bus/road travel. Real traveling info from books like this that are so old could be very misleading!
__label__1 Disappointing: This book is getting mixed reviews. It seems like friends of the author say its great. Those who tried to actually use the book are disappointed that everything is so out of date. This edition was not updated since the first edition and is now really out of date. Things change, but sloppy research is always out of style.
__label__1 Arrived broken!: Well, this is one of those "you get what you pay for" kind of reviews. Didn't pay much, didn't expect much, but basically functional would've been nice. The generator came broken (probably a miswire internally). Yep, I checked the outs with a meter... and if I finagled the probe inside and touched the right spot, I got voltage. Just not externally. Too much trouble to return it and convinced my 10-year old to go with a real light powered by batteries.
__label__1 complicated: I still haven't figured out how to put this light together. When I do, the wires appear very delicate and I doubt it will even work. The directions are atrocious. But at least it doesn't require batteries, so you can feel good about not destroying the environment too much.
__label__1 junk: this thing is nothing but s piece of junk it came broke,didnt,work i wouldnt of rated it but i had to:[DO NOT BUY THIS ITEAM-it is nothing but a piece of junk
__label__2 entertaining, but not for everybody: Although, in a certain sense I did not like this movie - one thing that I did find that I did like was that it was entertaining. It's a daring movie that take a rare look at what we've been missing in today's corperate -hectic (kiss butt) culture. And that is emotional honesty. It's like a release, a drug, or even bad music that we enjoy because it allows us to express ourselves for who we know what we are to be what we are, and not necessarily how we act in everyday life. We definately need more movies like this (despite what some critics may say).
__label__1 Adam Sandler lame as ever...: I was told that this was a decent movie.But I didn't care for it. I find Adam Sandler as funny as Jerry Lewis, not very...The animation was pretty good however.
__label__1 One of the worst I have ever seen: Do not buy or rent this. Adam Sandler is officially a no talent hack. This is not for children or anyone for that matter unless lame brained scattological humor with absolutely no point is your thing.
__label__1 Nauseating!: If you are adamant to watch this movie despite all the negative reviews, please do it after the Holliday season. This is the most depressing, sad, pathetic, sarcastic and cruel movie that I've ever seen in my life.Through all the movie I felt that I am going to cry and was depressed for the rest of the day. Basically it is a movie about a guy that lost his parents during his childhood, twins with serious genetic disorders and a single mom. How somebody could find it funny is beyond me.If you want to kill the Holiday spirit and get into a deep depression than this movie is perfect for you! If not - skip it.
__label__1 Spare yourself.: This movie is such a bizarre combination of morality and immorality it seems like no one would really like it, but there are always exceptions.If you're looking for a sweet Christmas tale, watch A Christmas Carol or The Grinch. If you're looking for potty humor, watch Beavis and Butthead. This movie tries to be both, and in the end, the sick humor and complete meanness just cancel out the moral message the plot tries to portray, leaving the viewer with nothing. Anyone who has the impression from these reviews that this is a "moral" movie, please beware, it is far, far, from it. There were glimmers of morality and good humor in there, but they were all but eclipsed by the nastiness.
__label__1 Adam Sandler's eight crazy nights: I thought this was a big dissapointment! It is crude beyond "good taste." I wish I could return the DVD but I don't have my receipt so I'll just "trash it!"
__label__1 A very disappointing movie: Its sad that a animation that is clearly made to attract children was made with such rude humor and disrespect towards others. How this animation could be recomended for anyone is beyond me. Shame on you Adam Sandler that your ability is not used for more postive purposes.
__label__1 8 Crazy Nights: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! One reviewer states, "the funniest Christmas movie ever". This could not be farther from the truth. I like many of A. Sandler's movies. However, this movie sucked really bad. It was crude and not funny (reindeer pooping and eating poop?...come on!). It was irritating and not funny (the old man's voice was so grating, it made you want to scream five minutes into the movie). Most of all, the movie was boring and embarrassing to watch in mixed company. I still can't believe I wasted $4.00 to rent it.
__label__1 Clean it up!: The Story is appropriate and some parts are really funny but some of it is horrible (sickest humor he's done in any of his movies that I've seen). Definately not for kids. I expected better after Mr. Deeds. Adam Sandler is really talented and there is no reason he has to produce such trash. I love the Chanukah Song! I'm not a Jew but it makes me want to celebrate Chanukah.There are only two real redeeming features of the movie. These are the little old man Whitey, because he loves everyone in his actions even though they treat him like ..., and Stone's repentence (for lack of a better word) at the end.
__label__1 1 star, since there's no "zero stars" available: I can't believe the reviewer who turned this off after the first 30 minutes. How in the world did anyone watch this for 30 minutes? So I only watched 10 minutes, but a movie that starts the way this one does is not getting any more of my time. My hairdresser highly recommended this, and all I have to say to her is, don't give up your day job to become a movie critic! Total garbage.
__label__1 Eight Crazy Nights: I couldn't tell you how this movie ends, we turned it off after the first half-hour. Not appropriate for children, not entertaing for adults. Our dog even left the room. Don't waste your money.
__label__1 Parents - Don't Let Your Kids Watch This Movie: Someone I know bought this in a discount rack, thinking it was what it pretends to be -- a children's holiday cartoon. Nothing could be further from the truth. I could not believe what a disgusting piece of filth it is, full of perverted sexual innuendo. Movies like this should not be marketed toward children, and no matter what the rating, that is who they were trying to target by making it look like a children's holiday cartoon. It should be kept in the back room of video stores with the restriction that only adults could see it (and then only if they have absolutely no taste nor moral fortitude whatsoever). I can't give this as strongly negative a review as it deserves! I only gave it one star because they wouldn't let me give it none.
__label__2 sandler is da bomb: 8 crazy nights was a movie that was touching and hilarious. Adam Sandler was good and should be seen by families.
__label__1 The thrid in a string of flops for Sandler: Eight Crazy Nights is the thrid back to back unfunny movie(following Little Nicky and Mr Deeds) that Adam Sandler has made in the past two years. Eight Crazy Nights is full of toiler humor and unfunny one-liners. I may have laughed once or twice if these movie. They should have called Eight Crazy Ways to ruin a comic's carrer.
__label__1 i want my money back: Most likely one of the worst movies i have ever seen! I went to see this movie with about 5 or 6 friends, when it was over, we all wanted our money back! The movie is not funny at all. Believe me i love adam sandler but this isnt even a comedy, there are alot of sad parts in it, but they label it as a comedy. All this movie actually is happens to be is a fairy tale for little kids, huge waste of money. If you want to see a real adam sandler comedy wait for anger management or rent happy gilmore.
__label__1 terrible movie: I used to be a fan of The Simpsons, but now much more of a South Park kinda guy, so it's near impossible to offend me really.. The humor was good in some spots, but overall I fould it to be annoying and pointless. The emotion and general plot was pretty good, and I've always liked Sandler for his singing abilities and SNL work, but this movie was bad (some of the singing was okay, but personally I didn't like half of it). Most of the content is incredibly gross and could make you vomit if eating, but that's Sandler's great gold.
__label__1 Not a Good Hanukkah or Christams Movie!: This movie was terrible!"WARNING SPOLIERS MAY BE POSSIBLE!"Well it starts out with Davey, a drunk who is crude and mean. Then when he gets into trouble he's doomed to community service with the town migiet Whitney, (No offence to little people out there, that it not my intention to offend anyone). Whitney sounds like Woody Allen on crack, and his fernal twin sister Elenaor isn't any better.Well Davey does all he can to offend Whitney. That is until his place burns up! So he moves in with Whitney and his sister, and they set some ground rules. Then as the movie goes on, they make a big deal about Davey having little emotion, and when he cries it's all the sudden a big deal! And for some reason the deer in the woods talk, and help Whitney out. What or who is Whitney supposted to be Santa Claus?I hate the music in it, the voices are annoying, and the characters are mostly unlikable! So warning to parents, keep your children locked up from this totally bad movie!
__label__1 The worst movie ever made: Yeah, it sounds like a cheery holiday movie for the kids, but it isn't.It's mean-spirited movie that goes nowhere. It's crude and rude as you would expect from Sandler, but not even in a funny way. Imagine Sandler pushing a little old man in a port-a-potty down a hill so that he becomes a frozen sh*tsicle...then imagine reindeer coming to lick it off him and getting sh*t stuck in their teeth. Yup, that was in there and was about the extent of the humor therein.Please don't buy this. And if you do, BE SURE to watch this before giving it as a gift or letting your children watch it.
__label__1 ive seen this before...........: this is the worst comedy evericould tell this was an adam sandler movie right from the startit its a compilation of all the weak jokes from his past movies and albums, actors and songs put together to make a very dissapointing comedy. Had i known this movie was so bad, i hoped someone would have brought it TO MY ATTENTION YESTERDAY!!!!
__label__1 ugh: The packaging was coming off the back of the package and the box it was in was distorted. I wanted to give this as a christmas present but it doesn't even look new!
__label__2 Awesome: I have been a huge Adam Sandler fan for years. I love this movie it makes me laugh so hard. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a change from the same old same old holiday movies. Two thumbs up:))
__label__2 Hilarious: I loved this movie. It was hilarious and Sandler's fans especially will be cracking themselves up. I must admit that it is very crude at parts, so although the cover looks appealing for youngsters, it probably isn't suitable for the young ones. Although, I must admit that a lot of the jokes will go right over their heads.The message is good and the overall story has a message. I cried for Whitey, and I think any movie that moves a person to the point of crying is worth a watch. But it is HILARIOUS, from the triple breasted lady, to Whitey and his sister, to the deer (who's significance I really didn't understand).A must see for anyone <over 13> with a good (but stupid) sense of humour and a desire for a couple of laughs!
__label__2 Adam Sandler is Awesome: This movie is great, but having it on 2 disc special edition maked it even better. The special features are the shiznit.
__label__2 Crazy about 8 Crazy Nights!: This movie is awesome. It is the perfect movie for the holiday season. I am absolutely crazy about Whitey, the old man referee in the movie. Elenore and Davey are also hilarious! I love this movie and watch it over and over again with my whole family. Something you should buy because it is great!"Smell you later poopsicles!" (A funny line from the best movie in the WORLD!!!)
__label__1 Childrens Humor Not Suitable For Children.: I want to say first that I am an Adam Sandler fan. I loved him on SNL, I have enjoyed him in everything from "Billy Madison" to "Punch-Drunk Love". So with that in mind, I had high hopes for "Eight Crazy Nights". To say it was a let down would be an understatement. This is one of the worst movies I have seen in recent memory.The only thing remotely close funny is the old man named Whitey. He has a few lines that might warrant a slight chuckle. Sandler's Davey Stone character is so annoying, you will probably be tempted to turn off the movie within the first 10 minutes. If you don't, you'll be treated to jokes about hairy butts, a woman with three breasts, a man eating a jock strap and deer licking frozen feces. Sounds appealing, doesn't it?I am sure some diehard Sandler fans think this is funny, but I don't. Hopefully his first animated movie will be his last.
__label__1 Nightmare Before Hannukah: I love Adam Sandler. Well, I used to love him, before he made Eight Crazy Nights. Not only was this cartoon not funny, it was downright trash. I would not recommend this "feature" to anyone. "Eight Crazy Nights" was short on story, long on time, and wearing on patience. I kept watching in hopes that this cartoon would redeem itself; I needed some justification for wasting the 2 hours of my life that I will never get back. Needless to say, I stuck it out until the credits, and now I have to live with the facts that I: 1.) watched the movie; and 2.) I'll never get that time back. So now I sit here, typing away a review I doubt anyone will read, wasting more of my precious life on that ridiculous movie! HUMBUG! Watch "Ishtar," you'll get more out of it. Oh, and I only awarded one star because Amazon insists you give everything at least one star. I did this under protest.
__label__1 Okay. There is a movie worse than Stargate.: Let me start out by saying that I enjoy Adam Sandler movies. I like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Sure, they're not great films, but they've given me plenty of laughs. So when I tell you that this is one of the most dreadful movies I've ever watched, you'll know it isn't because of some bias against Mr. Sandler.This may be the worst movie ever made. It is cloying, stupid, unfunny, weird, and pathetic--in a bad way. I could go on about the awful story, the grating voices, the cliches and schmaltz, or the bad songs. (Yes, Virginia, this is a musical. The worst musical ever unleashed on film. No, I haven't seen every musical; but you don't need to in order to fully understand the depths to which this film sinks.)Don't see it. Don't buy it. Don't rent it. Don't send any signal that they should make more cr*p like this.
__label__1 Worse Movie I've Seen In Ages: I gave this 1 star because they wouldn't let me have 0 stars. The movie is just plain horrible. The 12 year olds in the audience enjoyed the juvenile, flatulence and other bodily function humor. But, this was the same audience that was passing gas in the theater and laughing at themselves. It will be a long time before I waste money on another Adam Sandler film.
__label__1 To be honest....: To be 100% honest i thought the movie was boring and too sappy for a cartoon.The old guy got on my nerves and the movie was just so unlike adam.I mean come on we all know he could have done way better than this stupid movie.Im sorry but i just think the movie was horrible.
__label__1 Sucks: Yeah well this movie was just terrible. Sandler tries paroding the classic cartoon musical but he fails in every way possible. I mean this is a stupid movie, one song is about how great the mall is and then another song has the logos of different stores singing to him. It's almost a marketing ploy to get people to go holiday shopping more. The film also tries to make the audience sympathize with Sandler's character but once again it fails, we have seen the Grinch and A Christmas Carol too many times to actually care about this Jewish Scrooge. This movie sucks all around with cheap gross out humor that may have worked better had it been live action but that would have defeated the purpose of the film. And one last comment, Why the hell is this a double disc DVD? All of Sandlers good and/or funny movies are singular yet this movie is terribe and it gets the extra feature treatment. This movie sucks.
__label__2 return to forever proto-type: Three musicians out of five on this effort formed Return to Forever, so you can imagine a strong resemblance to the ECM first album. I always loved Corea with Farrell, because of the pulsing sound Chick adds behind Joe's flutes, sax, etc., like rain drops or storming. Nice soprano. And ELVIN JONES! I put this up up around the "Joe Farrell Quartet" album, and Buster William's bass is great, so much I don't miss Mclaughlin or Dave Holland. A fresh sound, unparreled even now. It makes me want to see the Outback movie. The album cover is beautiful. Finally, the price is outstanding. Before Joe tried funky disco sounds and lost his way.
__label__1 Inappropriate for young children: In two of the episodes, the word "shut up" is used. My son is three years old and instantly picked up on it, repeated it, and told me it was a bad word, but that James and Duck (the trains) had said it. I would stay away from this one, especially if you have young, impressionable youngsters. I gave it one star, since the wooden dragon train came with it.
__label__2 DVD Features: Percy And The DragonOut in Augest06Storyteller: George CarlinStories stops:*Percy and the dragon*Donald and Doglass*The Deputation*Time For Trouble*A Scarf For Percy*The Dieasel*Edward's ExpliotsDVD Features:*DVD Game*Sing Along*Web Fun*charater GalleryAND MoreALSO Look For The Upcoming DVDsThomas Gets Tricked DVDBetter late than Never DVDOn Site With Thomas DVDANDCome Rides The Rails DVDAND DON"T FORGETThomas halloween adventure DVDTO BE COUNTINUED....
__label__2 My little Thomas fan loves this DVD!: My little Thomas fan loves any of the Thomas DVD's, no matter how many times he watches them. They are his favorite and I don't think that will change for a very long time. Thomas provides great life lessons like sharing, caring, and friendship. They get a thumbs up from me as well!
__label__2 yo ho ho: arrr matey yer not gonna sail the seven seas without this are ye? this flag will stand up to yer most extreme swashbuckling
__label__1 Illegible: It was an illegible **photocopy**. It appeared as if someone took a picture of every page of an original "Principles of Science", then faxed those pictures to the printer in order to produce this book.I returned it immediately.
__label__2 The only boots my husband will wear: These boots are very well made. my husband wears them for work and he loves them. They hold up well even with every day wear, got a year+ out of the last pair. he also says they are very comfortable.
__label__1 Why so expensive??!: Why does this series need to be so much more expensive than most of the other TV shows? Especially considering these don't even have the original soundtrack. The first thing I think of when I think about My Three Sons is the great music that went along with the show, and it's missing from this way over-priced version. As much as I love My Three Sons, I will wait for the original version to be released at a reasonable price before I buy.
__label__1 Spun Out: The best things about this heavily formula vehicle are (1) Elvis' opening production numbers (including a nicely staged "Adam And Evil"); (2) Deborah Walley's "girl drummer" role; (3) the Deusenberg; and (4) Elvis' closing production number, the medium walking blues "I'll Be Back". Everything else is redundant.
__label__1 The Road To Love Is Full Of Danger Signs...: Three lovely young ladies all want Elvis' gearstick in this craptastic musical comedy that's so bad it ROCKS! I just love the title song sequence where Les and the guys 'provide' Elvis with "...lots and lots of girls." And who was that chick, the blonde with the short cropped hair who literally shoves all the other chikadees aside to get up and spinout with the King? She looks like she's out to prove she can really score, and I never saw parts move like that before! Elvis looks embarrassed. Anyway, after you've crossed those double lines and Spinout you will want to do so again and again and again. Simply awful, but I mean that in a great way.
__label__2 Who else would have three beautiful women after him?: "Spinout" has Elvis playing a singing race car driver with three beautiful women who want to race him down the aisle to marriage. They are Shelley Fabares, Diane McBain, and Deborah Walley. Looks like Elvis has a tough decision. I can't decide myself. In "Spinout" you'll find two veteran stars in the height of their stardom: Cecil Kellaway and Una Merkel in one of her last roles. Also, the man who plays Shelley Fabares' father is Carl Betz who also starred with her as her father on "The Donna Reed Show". So, try to not to knock this movie. It's got great songs and the title tune was a top 40 hit by just that much. So, treat yourself to a swinging film that you just can't understand why Elvis wants to stay single.
__label__1 Presley's Worst Film: "Spinout" (1966) represents the nadir of Elvis Cinema - a bad sitcom without the laugh track. The only redeeming features are a few memorable songs, such as "I'll Be Back" and "Stop, Look and Listen." Buy the soundtrack and skip the movie.
__label__1 The music's better than the movie: SPINOUT is another hard movie to sit through, thanks to the weak dialogue and even weaker storyline.Elvis plays a singing race car driver (for the second time), who is being chased by three women. These include a spoiled brat (Shelley Fabares), an erotic author (Diane McBain), and his own drummer (Deborah Walley).The music is actually listenable in this picture. Highlights include "Stop, Look, and Listen" and "I'll Be Back".Elvis appears to be sleepwalking through this one. His appearance is also disturbing: slightly overweight and his hair looks like a big black ball on his head.Again, not QUITE the worst, but far from the best. Buy something more worthwhile first.
__label__1 NOT A GOOD SPIN FOR PRESLEY: This is not Presley's best vehicle but by this outing he was not being allowed to act anyway so he appears to be just going though the motions. The movie songs are not a real treat either, he seems to be singing to everyone including his enemies. (Where does the music come from when he sings anyway). When asked to do this movie Presley should have "JUST SAID NO"!!!
__label__2 Spinout: My husband and I love auto racing of all kinds. My husband loved this movie. I'm writing this review for him, as I'm not much of an Elvis Presley fan.
__label__1 Piece of junk!: This would be a nifty little contraption if it wasn't for the fact that you can't change the top -- my primary impetus for buying it.I have a Handspring Visor and lost my stylus. I didn't want to pay for shipping on a new stylus 3-pack from Handspring, so I went to Best Buy and purchased this instead. Not only can you not change the top so that it fits in the Visor properly, but now the entire headpiece falls out constantly so that the bottom part of the stylus gets stuck in the stylus-holder. Oh, and did I mention that the light function only works part of the time?Not worth your time or effort.
__label__2 Works and is easy to use: You drop a fixed number of drops into a fixed amount of water, as measured in the enclosed test tube up to the given line. The number of drops to use is listed right on the bottle. After a few minutes, you compare the color of the water to the color chart on a card, which gives you your nitrite level. It's plenty easy and effective.It could be even easier if the chart was on the bottle (no need for that extra card lying around), or if there was a test where you just stuck a gauge in some water and got the value, but I've never seen anything like that that doesn't expire at some point.
__label__2 Great Buy!: This item arrived well packed and undamaged. It looks exactly like the picture, was fairly easy to assemble and is sturdy and well made. Of course, it is an "assembly required" piece of furniture, but once put together, it looks like a really nice quality piece. My daughter loves it. It is sized for a child, and is too small for an adult. I think she'll be able to use it through age 11 or 12. It also has a convenient hole in the back of the hutch for her computer wire to poke through. I looked at this item EVERYWHERE including eBay, and Amazon was the cheapest of all. The chair comes included, so don't buy an extra chair separately!
__label__2 Great Desk!: This is the best kids' desk you will find for the money. I can almost guarantee that! It comes well packaged and requires very little assembly. The wood is solid, not the cheap particle board you find in most big box stores.
__label__2 good quality for price: This desk is really pretty. It is a good size, but not overly big in the room. I learned from other reviews that the chair is included with this desk purchase, and not to order the chair separately. I also ordered the matching 3-shelf bookcase, which is a slightly different shade of white, but nothing too noticeable--especially since they aren't by each other. We rubbed beeswax on the bottom of the drawer so it slides more easily. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to spend a fortune, but still wants something that looks nice.
__label__2 Great desk and a great buy! Thanks Amazon:): We bought this desk for my seven year old daughter to keep her lap top on and to do homework. It was not to disappoint. The desk is perfect size for her to sit and work. Very high quality and easy to put together. I would highly recommend this product to others?
__label__2 Love KidKraft: I love this desk! In fact, I have two! One for my daughter and one for my son. They are beautiful, flawless and go together easily. They are sturdy and should last a many years. So happy with this purchase!
__label__2 Great Value for Less Money: I searched hi and low for a desk that would work in my son's small room -- I wanted a desk made of wood and available in honey finish to match his other furniture with a small hutch (as a large hutch wouldn't work)...and at a reasonable price. The Kidcraft Avalon Desk is perfect! I took off one star because I didn't realize how short it was - ok for my 9 yr old son now, but as he grows up I'm afraid he will outgrow the desk. It would be great if Kidcraft offered taller replacement legs so that the desk could be raised higher as your child grows. I feel the desk is sturdy enough to go off with my child to college if were not for the short height! Dear Kidcraft...please make taller replacement legs so that the desk can be "normal" desk height for later years, making is a "Teen"kraft desk ;-). Thanks.
__label__2 very nice: This desk is definitely worth the money. My daughter wanted a white desk with a hutch and had picked out many over [...] not including the chair. I ordered this one without her knowing and at first she was upset because the hutch is not that big. But once it was assembled she loves it. She is 8 and loves the little cubbies in the hutch. Everything is packaged nicely and there was not one scratch or ding or funny smells. The hardware had everything you needed (no extras) in separate baggies for the chair and desk. I put it together myself in about 1 hour. We did replace the knob with a blue glass knob from the hardware store just to make it a little more unique I guess and it looks great. With free supersaver shipping and no sales tax, there is no better buy out there. Trust me, I have looked!
__label__2 Very Satisfied: I was very pleased with this desk and chair- Was able to assemble it fairly easy and now my daughter is enjoying it very much- The desk is quite sturdy and the chair is strong- The delivery of my product was expedited quickly- Thank you very much
__label__2 Great value for good quality product: Love this desk and chair set. Bought it for my KG'er who is enjoying using it for his arts and crafts projects as well as for homework. It is good quality, took less than an hour to put together and definitely sturdy material - this coming from a mom of a very rambunctious 5yr old. The only thing is that I can see my kid growing out of it in 2 or 3 yrs. It's not very high and the chair is small, so is more catered to younger kids, i would say probably 8yrs and younger.
__label__2 If it's good enough for Popeye...: I always keeps a can of this fine product on me person. You never knows when some palooka wot ain't on the up and square is gonna need to be put in his place. It always leaves ya strong to the finish.
__label__2 A Must Have for ALL Aspects of Love Devotees!: Being a huge Aspects of Love fan, I was extremely excited to find another cast recording. I was sceptical however, after reading reviews for this recording. After listening to it, all of my fears were put aside. This is a wonderful recording that possesses both brisk conducting and deep emotion from its musical director. I felt that the cast was extremely dramatic and that the piece was very well sung. Having listened to several other ALW cast recordings I feel that this cast was excellent. A must have for all Aspects of Love devotees!
__label__1 Cheap and dangerous: Though I've had this only about a month, it is starting to go. It puts shards of sharp plastic in the food. (From searching the net on this, I find that my experience is not unique, either.)Do NOT buy.Other better brands include Unicorn (recommended by a famous cooking magazine), Peugeot, Firth, and William Bounds.
__label__1 Skip it - buy the full sized version: This one makes too small and too fine a grind of pepper to be useful in cooking. You'll be cranking away on this thing for ten minutes before you get enough crushed pepper to flavor anything.
__label__1 Slow: I bought this grinder because it could be operated with one hand. However I was very disappointed in the volume of pepper it puts out per squeeze. If you are looking for a good wrist strength training exerciser this is your grinder.
__label__1 Multilevel marketing meets education: I had to purchase this book for a community college class I'm taking. As a "textbook," it has been a complete disappointment. The "science" is sketchy, the research is shoddy, and the huge holes in logic are brushed over with explanations like "you can't prove nearly anything empirically in education" (straight from page 8!). Some of the concepts presented are interesting, but since Mr. Jensen (no, he doesn't hold a doctorate) provides almost no citations for his claims, there is no way to check his assertions or determine where the theories come from. The book reads like a multilevel marketing sales pitch. In fact, you are encouraged to share it with your friends and colleagues and are directed to a website where you could empty your bank account getting "certified" in Mr. Jensen's unique, "empirically unproven" techniques.
__label__2 Well-Researched, easy to read, practical: Mr. Jensen has saved me and other teachers the time of gathering together the latest information about the brain, learning and so much more! He has made all this scholarly research accessible and fun to read. I wish the deadwood at my school would at least read this book but I hope they would also use the great ideas in it, too, for the students' sake!
__label__1 "Pop" psychology at its worse...: ...Mr. Jensen and his wife have developed a veritable cottage industry replete with workshops, seminars, presentations, publications, certifications -- if you've got the money then they have something to sell you...and all of it is centered around what is termed "brain-based learning"...but what this book presents is little more than 400 pages of scientifically unsubstantiated claims and recommendations...for example, it claims that the color yellow somehow enhances intellectual performance and, hence, classrooms should be painted yellow...however, he doesn't offer a shred of evidence to back that claim's all just does this stuff ever make it into print?
__label__2 Get off the dead horse of "old school" education: To those seeking an outline of what education needs to practice so "no child is left behind" this book is a starting point about how people learn. The flow of the book is easy to follow and considers the research findings of how the brain learns in stages of life. Unlike those who consider brain research a "fad", I know from application of the knowledge in this book, the influential changes do produce positive results for students. In the world of "accountability" the tools of Brain Based teaching will allow students and teachers a solution in "leveling the field" for the students from less fortunate environments, which politicians are clueless about in regards the obstacles of "survivalists of poverty". I highly reccommend this book to those wishing to "get off the dead horse" and provide a productive environment for education in the 21st century.
__label__2 Easy read for brain information: This book was purchased for a PhD level course. It is a very easy read. It gives practical applications to the latest brain research. On a down note, there are not a lot of references documented within the text when Jensen quotes a study, but he does give an extensive bibliography. This book can be used for parents to read about how their child's brain works, or for teachers within a school system. It is a good book to read if you want basic information about the brain from an education standpoint.
__label__1 Fuzzy around the edges: I have only read the first 44 pages of this book, so I'd need to read the rest. So far, though, it is interesting but seems fuzzy. The writer makes a lot of claims but I was rarely sure if they were proven or just speculation. This is the kind of sentence that makes me queasy:"Given all the activations happening at once [in the brain], physical performance probably uses 100 precent of the brain" (p. 39).Probably? Why? Does any one activity use 100 percent of the brain? And if physical performance does, why is that important?
__label__1 Brain Based Learning: The New Paradigm of Teaching: I am currently reading the Kindle version of this book. The book itself is very easy to read and full of material to try in the class room. Unfortunately, there are no page numbers that correspond to the paper version of the book. As this is a text book, it is impossible to cite material and the page from which it was taken. This is really unacceptable for a text book. It is one thing if it were a literature book, and even then, it would be better to have the physical page number of the actual book. If I had known that there were no page numbers contained in this Kindle version, I would NOT have purchased it. I would have purchased a used hard copy.
__label__2 Brain based Learning: This is a text book I ordered for my classes for teacher certification. This book is very easy to read, and I am really enjoying it. It presents info and then at the end of a section, recaptures the essence of the reading for you. I would suggest it for any teaching class. I am learning so much from this book. I have been buying all my text books from Amazon because they are so much cheaper, and sometimes I can get free shipping. So far, there has not been a book that I could not find here at Amazon.
__label__1 Pop psychology at its worst: I find it hard to believe people fall for this stuff. He writes so much stuff that he pulls out of mid-air, supposedly based on the brain research. If you are unfortunate enough to take a class that requires this, read it carefully. He jumps to conclusions with little to no evidence to back it up. Plus, he is neither a teacher nor a neurologist. He just found something he can write about and sound like an expert. Plus the writing seems written for, we'll, let's say, young readers. Very simplistic, which is not always bad, but in this case, it is.Again, read carefully. Analyze his statements and look for the actual scientific proof for them. You will be hard-pressed to find any, either in his book or elsewhere. Total fluff.
__label__1 "Science": "On average, we breathe through one nostril for about three hours until the tissue becomes slightly engorged; then we switch to the other side. The nostril we breathe through affects which brain hemisphere we use." (p25)"[T]he female brain processes both language and feeling at the same time far more efficiently than the male brain does." (p20)These two quotes should tell you what you need to know about the quality of the "science" contained in this book.Lord, if this is what we teach our teachers...
__label__2 An essential book for movie lovers everywhere: As far as I'm concerned the most important holiday every year is Academy Awards night, with the second most important being the day the nominations are announced. Obviously, the Academy Awards are my life and Inside Oscar is my Bible. No matter what page you open this book, you'll be totally drawn and completely forget about time. If I had one complaint it's that too much time is spent on recent years while earlier decades are given less attention. Still, it's such a wonderfully written book, so catty and bitchy, but all in fun; I can't wait for the next edition and find out all the shenanigans involving Titanic and how it's possible Helen Hunt beat Kate Winslet....
__label__1 Two thumbs down - way down!: This book was in one word - boring. It talks about the first academy awards...blah, blah, blah...and then the latest. The book is filled with usless babble that isn't even worth knowing! Listen people - DO NOT waste your money buying this book and/or your time reading this book! What a wasteful piece of crap...
__label__2 Oscar Euphoria!: This book is amazing. Its year-by-year descriptions are historical and often suspensful. I remember the first time I read this book, before I knew the outcome of many of the years' awards; each year was a new drama with Mr. Wiley and company setting up the atmosphere of the race. Now, fifteen years later, I own the latest edition of Inside Oscar. It is a constant source of amusement and information. The writing is skillful and clever, and the categorical listing at the back is an invaluable reference. Every year during Oscar season, I will pick up an article by some journalist whose grasp of Oscar history is minimal, and I wonder why they don't just look up who REALLY won in Inside Oscar. I know Mr. Wiley is no longer with us, but I hope Mr. Bona and company continue the great work for future editions. I know I'd love to be a contributor to this tremendous work.
__label__2 The winner is...."Inside Oscar": If you enjoy the hype of the Academy Awards, this is the book for you. Plenty of behind-the-scenes action that you're not going to find by simply watching the Academy Awards. It's gossipy, dishy, and dirty...a definite guilty pleasure. Great index of past Academy Award winners and nominees as well.
__label__1 This is a Bootleg,Don't buy.: I would like to recommend to anyone who have thought of buying this box set, to stay away. I've been a die-hard Metallica fan since the 80's, and i have never bought a bootleg album w/out hearing something off of it. I'm also in the Official Metallica Club, we are notified weeks before anyone else that a new album is coming out. They never mensioned this one, so then again i'd advise you to stay away from this item. The Garage Inc. CD is great. I've got all the versions of it except this one. I of course don't plan on getting it though. Who in their right mind would pay almost $140 for an item not even licensed by the band. I hope everyone who was thinking about buying this reads this first, so you all don't get ripped off.
__label__1 This is NOT a bootleg: This is simply not a bootleg. It was an overseas limited box set release. The band (or label) has done similar box sets. They did one for the Hero Of The Day single, limiting it to 1,000 copies. They also have plans to release a limited vinyl box soon. This is simply a collectable, nothing more than that. There are no music extras in this box.As a limited box it doesn't really offer very much at all. The CD you can purchase anywhere and the packaging of the actual disc(s) is no different than the standard (Vertigo) version. Do we really need a hat and a flag?For die hard collectors only.
__label__2 The book that tought me color.: Itten's analysis and application of color is thoughtful and scientific. As a practicing art director, I have successfully used the theories and methods explained in "Elements of Color" for over twenty years. I also teach them to my design classes. Whether you use a paintbrush or a mouse, his "seven color contrasts" will prove invaluable.
__label__1 Kindle edition has Black and white images?!: I've seen printed versions of this book and I've been thinking about getting it for a while. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the kindle version would be in black and white. When discussong color and showing diagrams showing the actual colors really helps. I am soo soo disappointed with this purchase. The books content itself is amazing but I'm going to rethink ordering ebooks from amazon in the future.
__label__1 Way over my head!: This book was recommended by an instructor. I am new to this crazy pursuit of oil painting. My instructor called this her "bible" of color theory, but I honestly didn't understand much of it. Way too detailed, written in language that may be appropriate for someone who has a degree in fine art or art education, but certainly not for a beginner.
__label__1 Itten, the elements of color: The information in this book is interesting, but the color in the color wheels and all color samples are very pale and washed off. Very disappointing.If you need to use the color wheels or scales as references, this book will not be helpful.
__label__1 Technical book written by someone who does not know how to write a technical book.: It is too bad that this is practically the only one of the kind. The aim is great, the contents are great, but the author does not know how to write a technical book. The author refers to concepts and terms that are yet to be defined or never defined at all. For example, at the very beginning, the author talks about "violet" and "purple". Am I the only one who did not know "violet" means a color of a single frequency, whereas "purple" is a color of combined frequencies? This is a No-No for mathematicians and scientists. For those of who are already familiar with Color Theory, the book must be a great assurance, articulation or enhancement of their existing knowledge, but for those who are new and try to learn as an artist, this is a nightmare. I am the latter kind. The only reason I could finish it was because I am familiar with fundamental physics and optics already.
__label__2 Reasonable price, helpful, succinct: Much less expensive than Albers' book on Color and quite as good. Arrived promptly, in great condition. Useful for a color theory class.
__label__2 Great Book: This book is really helpful for learning about color theory. Its technical but really interesting so you can get through it easily.
__label__2 Excellent how-to book on training your retriever: After reading this book, I felt like I was an expert on the how-to's of training retrievers. I have tried out many of these training techniques with my dog and have had fabulous success. And I could swear that my dog has spoken a word or two after several training sessions! I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in having a well-disciplined dog. A brilliant piece of work!
__label__2 Psychology class: The book is well written and very interesting. I don't mind reading it unlike other textbooks. Was a little nervous about it not getting it in the mail before my class started, but it did get shipped and delivered right on time.
__label__2 Book that tells a story: I loved the way the author brought in stories of various children. I felt like I got to know the children throughout their stages of development. A great textbook!
__label__1 Book in great condition, but took 20 days to get it: This book was brand new when I received it. However, it did not arrive for 20 days after I ordered it.
__label__2 I am biased, but this is an amazing book. A must have for any modern American art collector!: Well, I am biased, as Warren Brandt was my paternal grandmother's brother. I knew him personally growing up and was lucky to inherit his passion and talent for art. This book is a limited edition, and is beautiful from the beginning, as it is bound in a slipcover and is large in size. As for Brandt's work, it ranges in medium from oil to ink to watercolor, pencil and photography. Each subject is captured in a unique way, and each work tells a story, simply by the subject's pose or by the medium used. If you are a modern American art collector, this book is a treasure.
__label__2 Nelly Returns to the Waves: St. Louis rapper Nelly hits the airwaves with the first single from his new album "Nellyville." The song is very catchy and was one of the summer of 2002's biggest hits. Not many rap artists can produce catchy songs due to the high level of un-originality that market has (e.g., sampling Broadway musicals, Duran Duran songs, etc..) but Nelly has proven that with this song that not only can he get his groove on, but that he can produce a single with high potential for market crossover success. Regardless of his feud with other old-school rap artists such as KRS-1, Nelly's appeal lies in his ability to adapt to the times, something that many rappers have not been able to do. Only a handful artists such as Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah, and Ice Cube have mastered the art of keeping with rap's evolution, and so far Nelly has. Overall, "Hot in Here" is a great summer anthem sure to keep anyone moving. Regardless of the song's critics it remains one of 2002's best jams.
__label__1 Cheesy, dangerous gadget,: I've had the smaller model only about a month. Nevertheless, it is starting to go. It puts shards of sharp plastic in the food. (From searching the net on this, I find that my experience is not unique, either.)Not recommended.Better brands include Firth, Unicorn's Magnum and Magnum Plus, William Bounds, and Peugeot.
__label__1 Don't buy it !: This pepper mill does not work well at all, it takes a lot of hand crunching to get the pepper ground and the refill 'twist off' plastic cap on the bottom on mine does not even open.The lip of the plastic cap hits the side of the pepper mill plastic body not allowing the refill cap to come off ! I used it until it ran out of pepper and that's it. Writing the manufacturer to get a refund. Shoddy construction. Get yourself a good old-fashioned wooden pepper mill.
__label__1 Hard to clean: We had to buy a new lunchbox for our son after 2 months (a different brand, machine-washable) because this one is way too hard to clean. I have turned it completely inside out, scrubbed between all the cracks, and still food is stuck in the seams andthreads. It is very durable, but we can't get rid of the smell or stains with a reasonable amount of effort.
__label__2 Crocodile Creek Wild Animals Lunchbox: I LOVE Crocodile Creek Lunchboxes! They are perfect for Kindergarten and 1st Grade children since they don't require as much lunch as an older child may. It can even hold a thermos drink cup or soup cup.This lunchbox has held up wonderfully thru an entire year of daily lunches, being thrown around in class, smashed in packpacks and drug across lunch tables. I highly recommend this product to anyone with younger children.
__label__2 Cute Lunchbox: Love the Wild Animals lunchbox. It's more like - zoo animals.It has a good, thick amount of insulation and is free of harmful plastics, etc. It's also a lot roomier than your average lunchbox and I like this because it leaves extra room for more freezer blocks to keep everything very cold. We also send two drinks, one for lunch and one for snacktime and the extra room is great!I agree with others about this being difficult to clean, so we send a paper plate and have the little one eat outside of the lunchbox, so we don't wind up with crumbs, etc inside the interior seams, problem solved.It's also nice to have a lunchbox that not every kid has, so he knows which one is his. This will probably last the entire school year and that's good for a fabric lunchbox. I would buy this again and will get another next year.
__label__2 CAUGHT WITHOUT WORDS!: This album is a breath of fresh air, more melodic tones, great lyrics and a soft spoken ora about it.alot of bans tend tostay away from there true feelings but the lead singer poises to tell everyone how he feels.maybe you can say they felt alot of emotions writing this album it is truly a masterpiece, yeah there first two albums were poorly mixed but this album surely makes up for that.i just love this album its in my top 5 this year.the best songs are:1.bug eyes2.not that simple3.caught without arms4.planting seedsoverall i give this album a 5/5 perfecto masterpiece5/5 for production5/5 for lyrics5/5 for musical pace5/5 for making me a fan
__label__2 Great Effort: Simply one of the better bands around today. Do yourself a favor and pick any of their music. I'm sure you'll find it a pleasant surprise.
__label__2 Well-crafted music: Please do not categorize this band as they will elude any classification you attempt. That's the essence and beauty of music that's carefully woven and passionately performed.Dredg is an anomale and I pray they stay true to their pursuit and void all "commercial" temptations lured by record execs a.k.a. SATAN. Stay the course guys...!OH YEAH I FORGOT, BUY ALL THEIR CD'S AND DO WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON'T DO ANYMORE...REALLY LISTEN AND IMAGINE.
__label__2 weird stuff: Dredge is different from anyone I've heard yet. I can't Tell what this guy is singing about. By far Dredge has some of the most modern, but beautiful music out. Young musicians. you can call it emo maybe. evn if you hate emo check this album out. I bought it knowing nothing about it. Bug Eyes is fantastic, even though I have no idea what it means.
__label__2 Best Album I Have Ever Heard. PERIOD !!!: Buy this album, and go ahead and buy el cielo as well. Both albums are near perfect, yet "Catch Without Arms" is closer to perfection. I saw dredg in Dallas, TX on 6/1 and they are amazing live as well. I love this band and in my opinion this cd is worth 10 times more than they charge. I can't say enough good things about this band/album. It has honestly changed my life for the positive. This music moves me in ways I have rarely known in my 26 years. Thank you dredg, you are the savior of all that is great about rock.
__label__2 best album I've heard in a while: On my first listen to 'Catch Without Arms,' I was a little disappointed. I had been hoping for something that was closer in style to Leitmotif, but that's not what they delivered. But after listening to it a few times, I've gotten over the fact that their style has diverged a bit from their original sound. And, now I think that I do like 'Catch Without Arms' even more than their previous efforts.
__label__2 Great CD: I would definitely recommend Catch Without Arms to anyone that is a fan of alternative music. Some of my favorites are: Catch Without Arms, Zebraskin, and Hungover on a Tuesday. You owe it to yourself to pick this one up. 5 stars.
__label__2 An Album I can't get enough of!: When I herd them for thr first time they blew my mind I love them and they lyrics , I just love listing to good music!
__label__1 Evolving??: If the word evolving means that you simplify song structures and lyrics and make it more dull and lame then this band is really good at that. How can you say this band is evolving ? Yes it is album that is more easy to listen to when washing the dishes or just hanging around with friends drinking beer, but even so becomes boring. I have a feeling that Dredg has one of the biggest amount of fanboys ever. What they say is totaly irrelevant. I have NEVER wanted this new album to be like El cielo. And i really doubt that other dissapointed reviewers too wanted another El cielo. It is just soulless guys.
__label__1 Hot lava Indeed: I completely agree... the album seems so unlike such a thoughfull and talented band. Not to say i've lost faith in dredg , just i need some time to get over this travesty.
__label__1 a terrible descent: When I heard their first album, leitmotif, I was blown away (something that only ocassionally happens). A fascinating album, combining various instrumentals with well placed vocals. so some time went by and eventually I bought the follow up, el ceilo (sp), and to say the least it was really damn disappointing. songs were too structured, ambiant sounds were predictable and not-interesting. and the lyrics SUCKED. i was really bummed. but then I saw a new album comming out. alright, perhaps they learned from mistakes, perhaps every song won't sound over-produced and catchy. instead, it only got worse. if you had never heard this band before, "catch without arms" will probably sound alright. but if you knew how good they were on leifmotif, don't buy this. i feel like i wasted my money (and i rarely feel that way about music). dredg has lost whatever it was they had. they are just mediocre. a real tragedy
__label__1 Just horrible: I really can't understand why all the reviewers are going crazy over this record. First off, I bought it without hearing anything by them before, but it had been highly recomended to people who like Tool and Mars Volta by Amazon!! They couln't have been any more wrong. So, why did i personally find this so painfull?Well, the whole thing in general is quite painfull. First off, the musicians. The whole band sound like studio musicians. No obvious indivuality or anything new to offer. Then we get to the vocals. The closest thing I can compare them to are Alison Moyet or Anthony and the johnsons. I don't mind Anthony and the Johnsons, but this guys vocals and the music just don't rock. Which is fine. It's ok not to rock! But why the hell, being a Tool fan and Mars volta fan, was I recomended this? It's bland, it's week, and the dubby bass, boring guitar playing/sound... weak vocals.. Actually, forget it. The whole package. It is just lame.
__label__1 until you've walked in my shoes: As a father of a daughter with autism, i was surprised by how little time the author contributed to the family life. More time was spent at work and then writing a book when it sounds like home would have been the place to be at this critical time for his family. He writes often about don't critize until you've walked in my shoes yet he has no problems bashing the GFCF diet which has proved helpful to many families. while written with great love for his son, i am not sure his priorities are in order.
__label__1 The book is irrelevant; how about the author?: In reading use comments about Yanni's album "If I Could Tell You" I noticed this author advertised his book. Regardless of the book's merits, I think it should be rejected due to the author being a shallow, inappropriate capitalist.PS I'm proud of myself for not swearing at Mr. Mcandrew in this post.
__label__1 Terrible Book!: Author doesn't believe in any biological interventions and feels you should just accept you kid's disability and get on with it. Needs to spell check his work also.
__label__2 Author Shows Vision: Jeff's book "Our Brown-Eyed Boy" will stand the test of time. Although it has some minor editing problems, the content has character and vision. This parent's insights will be respected for the honesty and love that underlies the effort. I liked Jeff's poetry and pictures of his son at the end of the book. This added a very nice personal touch. I recommend the book to parents of autistic children and to all parents. I was inspired by his honesty.
__label__1 TERRIBLE DONT BOTHER: neither artist are together on this cd u get five tracks of stanley anf the rest gloria all badly re issued on cd ...please dont waste your money as i did
__label__1 TERRIBLY BAD RECORDING: I Love Gloria and thought this was an album featuring both artists together instead u get six tracks of staney then six of Gloria not together at all and all very badly re issued on cd please dont waste your money as I did
__label__2 Heart is awesome!!: I absolutely adore Heart and hadn't heard this album in years! I actually purchased it for my mom and it hasn't left her CD player since.
__label__1 Heart Becomes a Hair Band: To me this was the beginning of the end for the Wilson sisters. Sure, there are some okay songs on here, or so I thought until I recently replaced my vinyl LP with the CD. These songs sound so dated that I can't believe I used to like them. To put it mildly, this album was Heart's contribution to the 1980s "hair band" movement. Synthesizers and drum machines have taken over for Nancy and Howard's guitar playing. Dreamboat Anne and Little Queen still sound as good today as they did when they were released. This CD does not.
__label__2 Heart's Capitol debut is a smash hit!: In 1985,Heart made their Capitol Records debut with their self-titled album. The band themselves debuted in 1976 on Epic. They were dropped from Epic in 1983,following the release of PASSIONWORKS. Bass guitarist Mark Andes was a member of the disbanded Firefall,whose hits included JUST REMEMBER I LOVE YOU and YOU ARE THE WOMAN. Now for the songs:WHAT ABOUT LOVE is a hard-rocker featuring Starship's Grace Slick on background vocals. IF LOOKS COULD KILL was a minor hit. NEVER is another hard-rocker. THESE DREAMS is considered adult comtemporary. NOTHING AT ALL sounds cool. All the other songs are very good.
__label__2 heart is stiil beating: heart is still beating after all these years. yes, they did have hits in the '70s with magic man, dreamboat annie,baracuda,straight on,and dog and butterfly. yes, by the early '80s, they didn't have anymore hits,but that's how the music business goes. yes, by 1985,they were ready to strike again. yws,they did have 4 top 10 hits from this great album.those hits were what about love(#10),never(#4),these dreams(#1),and nothin' at all(#10). yes,this album did hit #1 and sell in the millions. does that answer all of your questions? yes,this review is over. thank you and have fun. ed wilson
__label__2 With some help from MTV..............: Heart was back, and bigger than ever. 'Heart' was a last ditch effort to keep the band together. If it failed, Heart would no longer exist. Well history shows what happened.MTV made four videos for this album, and they made Nancy Wilson every teenager's dream girl. Ann was always my favorite sister and she looked real good too. MTV milked this album for all it was worth, and Heart was now an official '80's band', like it or not. This album brought a breath of life into their career that seemed to be standing still.Besides the singles, I always liked 'The Wolf', but 'Shell Shock' was by far the hardest, loudest, most rockin' tune on the whole album.
__label__2 the best album by a female-lead group: I love this cd! I never get tired of the songs,especially "Never". It's got both fast as well as slow rock which can get you on your feet or put you in another world. No matter what, this will always be my favourite album.
__label__2 LIFE ROCKER: Had this one on vinyl back then. These girls know what rock and roll is! This IS HEART at their best [in the 80's].Not only the 5 singles on this album make it awesome but, the other songs are very good! I can tell by other critics that they must expect perfection consistently. Well man, it's ROCK AND ROLL and it's "HEART". Just one of the best in the business! They need NO critics! My opinion is that this album ROCKS! It's one of the girls best. LOVE YA GIRLS!ROCK ON! P.S. CAN'T GO WRONG HERE.
__label__2 LOVE THIS!: This thing is freakin awesome! You can stand it up, lay it down, or rearrange to your liking. They are sturdy enough to hold several things: shoes, baby bags, blanky, and more! I use them as cubbies for my kids so they can stuff the things that we take with us everyday in there. I love it, and I am planning on getting more.
__label__2 Better than the last one and the last one was good: This is the story of the brother of one of the secondary characters from the Leopard Lord. Farris is sold as a slave by his stepfather. Claimed by two very different gods, his fate will be decided on what he does with his life. Will he be ruled by vengeance and violence? Or will his love of the animals he tends lead him to a different choice? Ms Morland's characterization is excellent, the plotting is much improved (from good to even better). If I had a complaint, it would be that this book did not sweep me into a different world the way that the very best speculative fiction does. However, that said, it was a most enjoyable read, and I'll buy her next book, too.
__label__2 Very good read: I like this book much better than her last book, Leopard Lord. The author was able to empathize Farris' feeling and captured it for the reader. The supporting characters were very well written, including Farris' masters and mistress. The story was good enough to make me feel that it truely happened. I feel the author has real talent, and I will definitely buy her next book.
__label__2 Sword and Shackel Is my fav.: Personaly this is one of my favorite books. It's one of those books you can read and re-read again and agiain, without getting sick of it. The way Farris is writtin and the way Alanna portrays him is awsome. Then the differennce you see from Farris-to-Bantam is wonderful. If you like reading books that don't hold back and make the characters seem above everything, but sound realistic but also adds magic in with that then, this is a book for you. This also isn't one of those constant blood-bath books or romance all the time books or the main "character gets the girl everything turns out in the end" books. It also doesn't have a tragic end were you begin to wish you'd never wasted your time on it. No when you finish reading this book you will NOT regret reading it. I've said to much. Oh, well. Read it and see for yourself if you agree with me!!!
__label__2 Good. Kind of Corny.: Good book, kind of corny (who am I kidding, it was real corny after the first half). I like it.
__label__1 poor durability, hard to find replacement parts: I purchased this product 3 weeks ago. I purchased this because the ball is soft and doesn't hurt the little guys.I have 4 children that LOVE the game however after use the ball started to rip. It is now ripped from the pole and I have been unable to locate a replacement.
__label__2 This is really something special....: I've been studying music in the classical realm for a long time, but have always been interested in electronic music in both performance and composition. Of all the electronic I've heard from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk, I must say this is perhaps the best I have ever heard. This two-disc set is nothing less than magnificent. The formal structure and sheer smoothness of the sounds from minute 1 to 95 is how music SHOULD be heard in the preset day. I have played every Beethoven Sonata, the complete Etudes of Chopin, Islamey, Gaspard de la Nuit, on and on... As an experienced pianist and professional classical musician, I think I can safely say that these master composers would have GLADLY accepted Hawtin into their inner circle, if not for the plethora of distinct, yet related sounds, then for the complexity of the underlying formal structure that holds the entire soundscape together. This is a modern master-work. Don't miss the chance to experience it...
__label__2 a tapestry of subltle sonic elements: I have been listening to techno for over 20 years (since I lived in Detroit in the late 80's) and Richie Hawtin is still producing some of the best progressive music of the genre. The varied rhythms are layered with such delicate precision that I need a better sound system to truly appreciate all the nuances. A couple of the tracks had some silly "lyrics" that I felt marred an otherwise excellent mix by the Minimal Master.
__label__1 An Album Minimalist in Genre AND Enjoyment: As a fan of minimalist electronica, I had to check this album out. I much prefer this end of electronica's spectrum versus sets or albums containing tracks which solely attempt to squeeze in as many beats per minute possible.However it is much more difficult to make an entire set of minimalist electronica work. As planned, 28 tracks, one transitioning into the next so that there seems to be no beginning or end. Just one long 75 minute track. Sounds great, but the result is very unimpressive. Hawtin's track selection is just plain terrible, and is the predominant reason that this album is so poor.2.5/5 stars.
__label__1 Poor Quality Products by Rooster LLC: This cell phone holder is one of the poorest in quality I have ever seen. The Velcro or Hook and loop come un-sewn leaving your cell phone free to fall to the ground. I wouldn't recommend McGuire-Nicholas products to anyone. Their products are some of the poorest made products on the market.
__label__2 Fun swing jam session: This is a nice recording of swing and blues style guitar. Lots of fun to listen to -- like sitting in on a friendly jam session. Duke Robillard really shines on "Avalon" and the bluesier numbers and Herb Ellis sounds like he's having fun throughout. Recommended for swing fans or those new to jazz guitar.
__label__2 Love da stuff: I can't pick up my own guitar without trying to play some of the lines Duke puts together on these numbers! He really smokes on "Easin' In". Unlike what some others may say, I think his swing chops are awreet and that the major problem here is that Herb Ellis is a little stale and staccato, but that's only compared with the Herb of yesteryear. This album is a fine excursion into this genre of jazz/blues and will be appreciated by more than just a purist jazz or blues oriented audience. Buy it and enjoy!
__label__2 One Who Appreciates Good Guitar Jazz: Veteran guitarist Herb Ellis and and a somewhat newcomber guitarist Duke Roubillard showcase some fine jazz guitar interplay.Even if you're not a jazz fan, you'll appreciate this fine playing. This quintet presents three Roubillard originals with four standards.You'll hear the similarity between this album and the Great Guitar albums from past years. A fine addition to any guitar jazz lover's collection.
__label__2 Great swing: The reviewer who put down Robillard's playing on this has got to have his head up his you know what! Duke Robillard really demonstrates his swing chops on this one - Duke is a master of many styles including blues in the style of the likes of T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins, Magic Sam, you name it - and jazz in the style of Charlie Christian - He has a very hard hitting swinging style and he comes up with interesting musical ideas in each of his solos. Herb, of course, is a terrefic soft-spoken jazz guitarist. Like Jim Hall he always has subtle tricks up his sleeve. This is by no means a perfect cd - but my rage at the other review has pushed it from a 4 to a 5. It is a fun listen!
__label__2 I can't stop playing this CD.: You can't like electric guitar and not love this CD. It's smooth, jazzy, and bluesy all at the same time. If you liked the music in the film "Bull Durham" you'll be in heaven.
__label__2 A Charlie Brown Christmas VHS: I have This Charlie Brown VHS,Charlie brown in hindsight looking at his attitude is depressing, but it brings back alot of memories, who didn't watch Charlie brown growing up? no Matter the age. Who hasn't seen a Charlie Christmas Special. or other holiday specials? It's great viewing for all ages.
__label__2 Oldie But Goodie: I still enjoy this cartoon as much as I did when I was a kid. The message is still a classic, and the music is timeless. A great way to turn back the clock and experience a simpler time, if only for 20 minutes.
__label__2 The true meaning of Christmas, for kids: A Charlie Brown Christmas is my personal favorite Christmas movie for children of all time. The movie is entertaining and funny, just as the peanuts movies always are. Mostly, though, I love the fact that this movie pulls no punches when dealing with the over commercialization of a sacred holiday. Indeed, the movie comes together with Linus quoting from sacred scripture after Charlie Brown asks in frustration what the true meaning of Christmas really is.If you are parent who wants an entertaining Christmas movie for your kids that doesn't attempt to gloss over the true meaning of Christmas by using gushy messages about peace on earth and family togetherness, but gets right to the point of Christ's birth, consider a Charlie Brown Christmas. You won't be disappointed.
__label__2 Great show, but no need for blu-ray: I bought this show in the blu-ray edition expecting an incredible picture, but there was nothing special about it at all. The extras are nice but not what I buy DVDs for. There's no reason to waste your money buying the blu-ray edition. They didn't have HD technology when this special was produced and they can't change that. Buy the regular DVD and save your money.
__label__1 Wonderful Show, but a Very Poor Version: Let me say first that, yes, like you, I too adore this warm, wonderful Christmas classic. No Christmas would seem complete without it. But it is *because* I love this show (and otherwise would give it five stars without hesitation) that I'm forced to give a one-star review of this particular 2008 remastered/deluxe version. The reason? This new version is out of sync. In other words, the mouth movements of the characters as they speak no longer properly match the actual voices you hear on the audio track. If you already own this version, watch yours carefully; you'll see what I mean. There's a noticeable lag. If you're considering buying this DVD, you might want to wait until Warner Bros. gets its team back to the drawing board and amends this annoying error. Perhaps such a flaw won't bother some viewers; but if you're like me, it will detract from the beauty of this classic every time you watch.
__label__2 Oh Mr Schultz, how I love thee: A Charlie Brown Christmas. Does this REALLY need a review. Who doesn't love CB?? Whaa whaa whaa whhhaaaaaa. So glad I finally purchased this.
__label__2 Love this movie: I grew up with this movie and was happy to find in on a DVD. Glad to be able to get it at a good price
__label__2 A Charlie Brown Christmas [VHS]: This product completely fulfills my requirements for its ease of use. It provides the accuracy I require. It is entirely recommendable.
__label__2 A Charlie Brown Christmas: I haven't seen this in years, and bought it on a whim to surprise my family with a christmas eve special treat. It was just as touching and funny as I remembered it to be. We all enjoyed it. I don't remember ever seeing the second christmas program. It was fun to watch, but no where near as good as the first program. This is something we will definitely watch again during future holiday seasons.
__label__2 a classic: Call me nostalgic, but this Christmas video remains one of the top Cartoons of all time. Children of all ages can relate to Charlie Brown's life as a misfit as well as his bewilderment over Christmas "Commercialism". His desire to be accepted and his quest for the true meaning of Christmas touch your heart.The early 2 dimensional animation is classic. Even children born with today's 3D computer animation are attracted to it. -And Vince Giraldi's music is jazz at it's classiest.
__label__2 It's not Christmas without Charlie Brown: Well let me tell you I am a big fan of A Charlie Brown Christmas! It just puts you in such a good mood! Charlie Brown the loser we all love to love teaches us the real meaning of Christmas with the help of Snoopy, Lucy and all the gang. This just sums up the happiness that Christmas brings to me... And contains the very cool Snoopy Dance! Check it out to help you get in touch with your inner child and find that holiday spirit!
__label__2 Christmas present: I ordered this DVD & several others as presents. They all arrived in good shape & on time for Christmas morning.
__label__2 Something I'll Never Grow Tired Of!!: For years and years, I always had to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on broadcast television. I could never miss it! I finally missed it this year, and had to buy the DVD. Now, I will still watch it, even in the dead of summer. Even though there's nothing extra on the DVD, it's still fun to have it around for whenever you feel like watching it! A must have for kids and adults, alike!
__label__2 The greatest Christmas story every: This is the greatest Christmas story every made or told. I only buy "Charlie Brown" Christmas trees now. My wife hates them but she doesn't understand what Christmas is all about.
__label__2 Charlie Brown delights as always: The new blu ray version of A Charlie Brown Christmas is excellent. The colors are superb, the sound too. And none of the original charm is lost. Highly recommended.
__label__2 Charlie Brown Christmas: I ordered this for my grand daughter with the hopes that she will fall in love with Peanuts and Snoopy and she will want all my collectibles someday!
__label__2 They need more stars...: We can only hope more classics as precious and timeless as this are in our future. A must see every Christmas.
__label__2 Great Buy: I was looking for clarity and a picture that would completely fill my HD television screen without manipulation. I found it with this DVD and couldn't be happier.
__label__1 just 1 peanuts movie!??!!: Honestly, if you knew about the blu-ray format and the capacity 1 disc has you should be appalled that there isn't the entire peanuts collection on 1 disc. This is such a obvious marketing plot to extort more money out of the consumer. If you buy this disc you are only feeding into that disgraceful behavior. If you don't know, blu-rays can hold more than 10 times the amount of content a DVD can hold. The entire peanuts movie collection can fit on to one blu-ray disc and to seperate them over 10+ discs just takes more money from you to send their fat kids to college. A pox on both your houses.
__label__1 Insulting RIP OFF: With the over 50 GIGS of memory on a Blu-Ray, Paramount could easily fit the first 11 or 12 TV Specials on one disc, but being the crooks they are, they prefer to screw the American consumer by retailing 29.99 for ONE 25 minute episode, one 12 minute interview and a sub par "Christmas Special" made 20 years AFTER the original masterpiece. Shameful.
__label__2 The Best of Charlie Brown...: What else can I say? All that love CB should own this DVD. I love Charlie Brown and this is a true Christmas classic.
__label__2 A Charlie Brown Christmas: Always loved watching A Charlie Brown Christmas on TV during the holiday season, now I can watch it any time.The extra features included were great, one I had never seen before. Thoroughly enjoyable speaking as a Charlie Brown fan.
__label__2 If you don't like this movie, you're just flat wrong!!: Christmas is about more than santa and presents. It's more than just the biggest tree with the best decorations. It's about a babe in a manger, three wise men and eternal salvation. In an innocent way only Charles Shultz and the crew can do, Charlie Brown (And Linus, et al) deliver this message loud and clear. I say everyone needs to buy this DVD before everything related to God and Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas is removed from the world... It's sad when a cartoon such as this may very well be one of the last strongholds Christians have on our own identity.My own personal soapbox aside, this movie is great. It's timely, even today. It's meaningful and it's truth personified. It teaches about the things that really matter in life, not the superficial garbage most people tend to worry about during the holidays.God Bless Charlie Brown!
__label__2 Withstands the Passage of Time: This program is as wonderful this year as it was the very first year I saw it. I watched it on my Kindle Fire last night and could not get over just how clear the picture was and how crisp the sound was. I enjoyed and appreciated the extra programing after the main show, but the newer shows will never be as good to me as the original! I actually missed the advertiser and advertisements that sponsored the program in the first years ;-)Streaming this from my Kindle to my TV will allow for the rest of the family to watch...and did you ever think, when you watched this for the very first time, that you would watch this on your own personal TV (tablet/android/phone) and then stream it to your big screen TV? I know I never would have dreamed of such a thing!
__label__2 Merry Christmas Charlie Brown: One of the best Christmas movies ever made the story is so true about everyone forgetting the real meaning of Christmas. I have the book and the movie and you can watch it all year I never get tired of it.
__label__2 Great Christmas Classic: I loved this movie as a kid and still enjoy it. With the remastered deluxe edition the color is great.
__label__2 Great movie!: Great movie from my childhood! Looks great on DVD. I thought it would look like an old movie, but it doesn't.
__label__2 Good movie: This is a classic and always good. I used it for my students in class as Charlie Brown never goes out of style.
__label__2 Holiday Tradition: when I was growing up, during the week before Thanksgiving, I would pull out my copy of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' and would watch it constantly until Christmas, its one of my FAVORITE holiday movies of all time. I recently started my own tradition with my little ones by introducing them to this movie, and each year as the holidays start to arrive they beg me to pull it out and we watch it every day until Christmas.
__label__1 "Digital Copy" not compatible with iPod or Macs ("Windows Media only"): Classic TV special, but the promise of a "digital copy" is misleading. On the back of the cardboard slipcover, in tiny print, is listed this limitation: "Windows Media-compatible only." It is implausible that a consumer would come across this disclaimer when making a purchase decision based in part on the overtly advertised inclusion of a "digital copy," a term most consumers associate with the ability to view media on an iPod.
__label__2 Christ is the Center of Christmas: Thank God that Charles Shultz was alive before the "politically correct" ambassadors of the world decided that we have to celebrate commercialism rather than Christ at Christmas. This is a delightful collection of winter and holiday vignettes that culminate in a wonderful Christmas celebration that has become a classic like Miracle on 34th Stree and It's a Wonderful Life. Parents should watch this with their whole families as it has appeal for all generations.
__label__2 Classic!: This is one of the few Christmas specials that is still aired every year and is one that drove my mom crazy when I was young because she found Charlie Brown to be annoying. After forty-seven-years since it debuted, it still receives millions of viewers. It is one of the few cartoons that gives kids the real meaning of Christmas.
__label__2 Linus tells us what Christmas is all about: Charlie Brown wants to know what Christmas is all about and Linus has the answer. Can you imagine any other show daring to give that same answer today? Just a gentle reminder from Charles Schulz that the simplest answers are always the best.
__label__2 This is a Christmas Classic for all Ages: I have watched this wonderful movie every year since I was 8 or 9. It never fails to get me and my family in the Christmas spirit. No matter how many times you watch it, you never get bored with it.
__label__2 Great Christmas Classic: I used to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" every year as a child and now my kids love to watch it. Even now, I'll sit and watch it with them-anytime of year. More importantly, this Christmas story emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas-something I'm happy to have my children watching.
__label__2 A Charlie Brown Christmas Is Very Good!: Like other reviewers I also grew up watching A Charlie Brown Christmas when CBS showed it every December and I liked every minute of it including the heartwarming speech by Linus about the true meaning of Christmas and I think this is a great Christmas cartoon but I was disappointed with the extra feature cartoon It's Christmas Time Again Charlie Brown because It was very uneven and choppy!
__label__2 Charlie Brown Christmas: Great. Gives you a pause to remember the real meaning of Christmas. Nostalgic and well loved. Without the glitz and flash of so much that modern Christmas has become. Simple and straight forward, young to old can enjoy it.
__label__2 A Charlie Brown Christmas: What can I say that hasn't been said already? This is a classic....My 4 yr old granddaughter saw it for the first time and fell in love with Snoopy.
__label__1 D'oh: Every year I think we get going too quickly and make an impulse buy that's foolish. This was our purchase this year. Thankfully we got a 50% credit for making the purchase (not sure what promotion it was since I didn't see it) and we got $1 toward Amazon MP3s. So our foolishness was credited, but before you buy this always remember that it airs on tv every year (in our case 3 days after we purchased it). If we had checked our TV guide we would have seen it and been able to record it for free. Buyer beware.Don't buy it.
__label__1 Amazon says 50 minutes: while in fact it is only 25, as specified on the DVD. I am OK with the price I paid for 50 minutes. NOT for 25. If Amazon gave the right specs I would not have bought it. Now I cannot even return it, cause returning anything from Croatia is too expensive. So I am stuck with most expensive per-minute DVD in my collection. And the fact that I overpaid it is gonna be buggin me, and I'm gonna feel cheated for a long long time. Bad business, Amazon. Bad business. PS someone wrote 20 min in their review, 5 weeks after I ordered. Bummer.
__label__1 Don't listen to the others!: Absolutely awful.I watched this Christmas special with an effort. When I think of bad Christmas movies, it's Santa Claus (1961), Santa with Muscles, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians and A Charlie Brown Christmas.I can't believe this won an Emmy, Hollywood's most famous TV award! I would have to be on drugs in order to recognize it as such.I beggar you not to listen to the others! It's not a Christmas classic, they're lying. How can a Christmas movie have touching up on a perfectly innocent tree, teasing C.B. because of the Christmas tree, and Lucy at the end saying dialogue that I try to forget:"Charlie Brown IS a blockhead...but he gave us a nice tree."Something that Ed Wood would perpetrate, in my highly professional opinion.
__label__1 W O R S T MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!: THE worst adiuo and bad story line. What'a waste of my hard worth cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
__label__2 It always take me back.: This is a movie that will always take me back when I was a kid sitting in my front living room with my dad in his lounge chair and my mom sewing on the couch, and of course me watching Charlie Brown and filling soooo sorry for him because he tried to decorate a little dying christmas tree. A truely great movie for all ages.
__label__1 Not worth an upgrade: If you already have this on DVD, don't waste your money upgrading to blu. The picture quality is only slightly better, it's not widescreen and the biggest disappointment is that the sound is the same as on the DVD. I gave it 2 stars only because it's Charlie Brown (the show itself is worth more than 5 stars!), it's a shame they didn't take the time or spend a few dollars to make the disc worthy of the title.
__label__2 A Charlie Brown Christmas: This movie is awesome! It comes with bonus footage, and it arrived so fast! It was my first time using amazon and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a product they are having a hard time finding in stores.
__label__2 Best x-mas movies of all time: Top 10: A must have for your collection, It has both the original and the second version of it. Highly recommend, nothing better than getting warm around the holidays and watching this one.
__label__2 the best table: This is a workhorse table with a guarantee---how can you go wrong? Mine are used in a pottery studio where students can work on their clay creations. Owned mine for more than five years and can't even think of a problem with these tables. They clean up well and are very sturdy. I like the leg design because I have yet to stub a toe on these tables. Don't hesitate to get this line of products; you won't be sorry.
__label__2 Clean: Excellent copy and shipped fast. This is one of the books that I have been waiting to read. clean book.
__label__1 An "iffy" purchase..: As the previous user stated, this is obviously a bootleg album. You can tell by the artwork (most notably the pixelated image on the front cover) as well as the mis-spelled songs on the back cover.I rarely ever purchase these sorts of CDs, but in this case I did only to have something in the car when I don't have my Ipod with me.
__label__2 Too firm for me: I bought this for a lot more money at the Relax The Back store. Amazon has a much better price. I like the design of it but it has some flaws. The pillow case is hard to get onto the pillow and stretches taught right where I'd like to rest my head making it a bit uncomfortable. Also the lower "legs" of the product are much too firm to have between my knees. It raises my leg up too high and hurts my hip. I'm 5'7" so this isn't a problem of being too petite. A flat spot has formed within a few days where I have to lift it open to get in and out of bed. I still like it and haven't found anything comparable.
__label__2 Helpful in early pregnancy: I am using this pillow now and about to enter my second trimester. I find the pillow to be comfortable and useful in training myself to sleep on my side. I actually find the pillow most comfortable upside down (with the connected piece at my feet). This allows me to use the side bolsters, elevate my feet, AND use my own pillow.
__label__2 Love it!: I originally purchased this for my pregnancy, as I was using 5+ pillows for support, and i was tired of chasing them as they fell off the bed all night long. I loved the support and have slept with it ever since. (i even take it with me on trips.) its great because of the refluff-able fill and because you can roll over and not have to move it. I have yet to wash it in the laundermat and see how it turns con, because of its size, it can be difficult to fluff... do it in the morning while you have energy, not at night when you're ready to go to bed.
__label__2 Love it!: I am starting my fifth month of pregnancy and bought the pillow to get used to sleeping on my sides. At first, I was scared of the size and concerned it might bother my husband and my little dog that sleeps next to me. I tried it and absolutely loved it. My husband cuddles up next to it and my little dog uses the pillow as well and sleeps in it with me. We joke around about the size, but it is really comfortable. It is a must have during pregnancy.
__label__2 Exactly What I Wanted: I looked at all the different types of body/pregnancy pillows on Amazon and finally settled on this one. I am pregnant and have recently gotten to the point that I just cannot get comfortable in bed. I have had this pillow a week now and I absolutely love it. It was worth every penny. It's like sleeping in a nest, it supports me beautifully and its very comfortable.
__label__1 Helps . . . With reservations: This pillow is incredibly helpful for people who have difficulty getting comfortable in bed because it affords a variety of positions to relieve painful areas. But getting in bed can require some simple gymnastic maneuvers because the pillow is so thick and cumbersome. And getting out of bed also requires some special moves, especially if you have a high mattress. Overall, not a simple process for a good nights sleep. The head area also compresses after a few nights of use and rearranging the filling is bothersome. Because it's a considerable investment, I end up using it only occasionally.
__label__2 U Body Pillow: This allows my wife to have support on all sides during sleep. She now can sleep through the night with waking. This is an exellent buy and well worth the investment.
__label__1 Very disappointed, no cover: Its very strange that the comfort-u pillow did not go with a cover. This is the 3rd comfort-u support pillow I have, and for the first 2 plain white cover was always included in the box at the same price$99.5.
__label__2 Excellent condition and service: I thought I already reviewed this but will do so again. Thanks so much for excellent service. Book in great condition. Very nice doing business with you, I appreciate it!
__label__1 Don't Buy this if you have a 17" Powerbook G4!: This power adapter has only half the Amp rating needed to power the powerbook G4 17". It took 14 hours to charge the battery and still used the battery partially when the computer was in use and the power was connected though the adapter. I noticed that they left out the Amps it has in the advertising. The other reviews below must be fake or they have a smaller G4 powerbook or an iBook.
__label__1 DO NOT BUY FOR G4 12" POWERBOOK: In a complaint to Macally regarding intermittent charging, their response was:Macally PS-AC4 AC Power Adapter for Apple G4Thank you for contacting us.Our PS-AC4 has problem with the 12" PowerBook G4. At this moment, we do not have any working one for your computer.
__label__1 Not even a day...: I bought this to replace the supposedly same power adapter that I purchased last year. This is NOT the same adapter as pictured for the item (I see that a customer has added two pictures of the true product). I was not concerned with this difference but would have preferred to have a light indicating the power is on. At first, it seemed to power my powerbook G4 fine, but later it started to cycle as charging and not charging, thus making the screen brighten and darken. When I shut the computer and let it charge, it did charge some, but I'm concerned about ruining my battery (which is also a replacement). It simply does not work when you are using the computer..and I'm ALWAYS using my computer! I will have to find an alternative to this product. I thought it was bad enough that the one I got last year quit working, but this is ridiculous.
__label__1 Not for iBook G4: Be careful. The box packing for this says it works with a PowerBook G4 or an iBook G3. It will not work for a iBook G4. The Amazon product page does not make that clear.
__label__1 Inconsistent charging since purchase: I am on my third cord, after returning it twice (within one year!). This cord doesn't charge consistently, and so it makes your screen flicker, and music and videos skip. You have to fiddle with the cord for 10 minutes to even get it to charge at all sometimes. Believe me, it's not worth the lower cost for this - just get a more expensive one that actually works.
__label__1 third one is now broken: I've now been through three of these cords. they seem to last around a year before just dying. The first two eventually had fatal connection issues with the piece that connects to the computer, however my third one has just died and is actually not getting any power from the wall. The little indicator just fades out, and now won't come on at all. Yes it's a lot cheaper than the other cords, but I'm just not sure its better. I know lots of people have problems with the apple cords as well.
__label__1 I wouldn't buy this again.: This power adapter charges my 17" Powerbook G4 excruciatingly slowly and, now 6 months after purchase, it doesn't always even charge.Flakey charging issue: Recently, I have to keep unplugging and replugging from the middle block to get power to the computer! So now I guess I'm going to have to buy a new Apple power adapter for approximately $80.Slow charge issue: My computer gets down to about 80% charged and it can take a couple of hours to power back to 100% (while I'm using it). I'm wondering if it charges more slowly because the cord that goes into the wall has two prongs instead of three. ??? I never had problems charging quickly with the Apple brand.
__label__1 Consider not buying this product: Bought this guy for a Mac PowerBook G4 Titanium (the description clearly states this power supply works for the PowerBook G4). Never worked. Couldn't say if this is a fluke or if they are all of comparable quality.
__label__2 Just what that old computer needed: This adapter was just what we needed to put new life into our old Mac. The power now stays on to allow for hours of use. It works great! Thanks!
__label__1 You are not saving any money: You aren't saving any being this adapter. I purchased this for a 12" G4 Powerbook. The power it supplies goes on and off constantly. This can't be good for the computer. It certainly doesn't charge it. Don't waste your money on this Macally adapter. Try to find an original Apple adapter if you can.
__label__2 EXCELLENT!!!: Great spare power supply, the only con' is the excess of weat generated when you use it for a long time... but works great!
__label__1 DON'T BUY IT!: Ever since I bought this and charged my ibook with it, my ibook hasn't worked! Don't buy it.
__label__2 Works like a charm: The only feature missing from the Apple version of this is the light in the plug tip that confirms it is seated well and shows the charging status. I can live without it for the $70 I saved.
__label__2 A worthy replacement: If you're willing to trade a little style for some substance and save some money in the bargain, this is a very recommendable device. My Apple PowerBook power supply died in what is apparently typical fashion - sparking, crumbling wire where it meets the brick - and none of the Apple stores or CompUSAs in Atlanta had any in stock (which is curious in itself). I resorted to Amazon and decided to try this one out and I've been pretty happy with it. It seems sturdily constructed, and the breakaway cable is a surprisingly handy way to save on tangles. I do miss the plug-in charging light, but that's about it.
__label__1 junk: As others have experienced, mine starts a a charge/battery/charge cycle that is maddening, and probably no good at all for the battery. Don't buy.
__label__1 All these adapters have a very short life...: This adaptor and Apple's adaptor are not going to live long. They are all pretty worthless, except for the fact that you HAVE TO HAVE ONE.I just buy the cheapest 65 watt adaptors I can find (for both 15" iBook G4 and 17" PowerBook G4) and plan to replace them within 6 months. Every now and then I find them for $20 - 40.00, and buy 2 to 4 at a time. Next time I'll buy a new laptop with the magnetic plug! Am very disappointed in Apple. I love my Mac, but quality is definitely going down.
__label__2 Macally Macintosh Powerbook adapter: I have purchased three of these adapters and they work well. They will charge a G4 Powerbook while the unit is running. All 3 have worked without problem (sometimes the cord comes loose so you have to check that it is tight). No LED on the connector to indicated charging as with the original Apple adapter. Won't work on the new Intel MacBook or MacBook Pro.
__label__1 Died after 4 months and tech support is horrible...: I read the reviews before purchasing this adapter, and I guess I simply got a dud. That happens, but the tech support is horrible. The support staff was very unhelpful and told me it would take weeks to replace.The other adapter replacements don't seem much better, given the poor reviews for Kensington's model.Just hope you don't get a dud.
__label__1 Don't buy if you have a 12" G4 Powerbook: I bought this adapter for my 12-inch G4 powerbook, one of the computers listed as compatible with this AC adapter. The specs all match up and it SHOULD work. But it didn't. The power would fluctuate and the computer would go back and forth between AC power and battery power, making the screen flicker and the battery never charged. I contacted MacAlly and they said they're aware of the problem but don't have a solution. Their answer to the problem was to return it, which I did.If even MacAlly admits it doesn't work, they really shouldn't keep selling it. All I can do is say don't buy this AC adapter.
__label__2 Good replacement for old charger: This is a good replacement for the Apple Charger. Only a couple of notes to make.1. The blue light doesn't indicate whether the notebook is charging or not, only if the cord is plugged into the outlet. This means that you can't really tell what is going on unless you open your laptop and make sure the indicator is showing that it is charging.2. If you drain your battery fully, so your laptop goes to sleep BE WARNED... You will not be able to plug it in and resume working right away. I had to plug it in and let it charge up for a good while before I could operate my Powerbook again, pulling power to operate the computer and charge the battery. This has been most annoying.Other than those weird gripes, it is a sufficient power adapter.
__label__1 Does not work with ibook G4: This product does not work with my ibook G4. As stated by some earlier reviews by other customers, the charger toggles between charging and not charging. Occasionally, if it is left on, it will continuously charge. I thought about keeping it, but it is unreliable and there are other third party options for $10 more.This one is going back to Amazon.
__label__1 It stopped working after a few weeks: It worked well for a few weeks, but then the battery of my iBook G4 stopped being re-charged.
__label__2 good, cheap product: This product is about half the price of that offered from apple. It does not have a charge light, but for me it isn't worth the price. Product charges the battery, which is all I am looking for.
__label__1 Be careful - product has changed?: I bought one of these adapters about a year ago to replace the original apple charger that came with my ibook G4. The Macally worked fine for about a year then died; since it lasted as long as the pricier apple one, I decided to go ahead and get another one. The new adapter - which is listed as exactly the same product I bought the first time - is physically different, and I think is not really compatible with the ibook G4; the charger doesn't always connect firmly to the laptop. And it could be a coincidence, but in the month since I have had it my computer has started having sudden power failures when running off a/c power (but has no problems running off battery). I guess I will be shelling out for the apple adapters in future - this one seems too risky.
__label__2 Excellent replacement: You'd think for such a high-end, costly "entry-level" laptop, buying a replacement part would be affodable. This isn't the case with the apple ibooks. The cords which seem prone to damage and breaking down, are $80.00 to replace if you go to Apple. That's a lot of money for a cord that will in all probability break in around 8 months.The Macally is a great alternative - it's a lot cheaper and has been very, very durable. The one drawback is that it doesn't light up the side of your laptop (red when charging, green when charged). Other that than, it's great! Good purchase for me.
__label__1 High Pitched Noise: I read reviews of this product before I bought it that mentioned that it makes a high pitched sound. I figured these reviewers probably had defective adapters. However, mine also makes a high pitched sound. It doesn't do it all the time, but I worry that as it gets older, the sound will get worse. Although it charges my computer fine, if I could do it over again, I might pay the extra money and get a different brand...unless you don't mind high pitched noises.
__label__2 Great Value: This charger is much sturdier than the mac version (which my cat chewed through in a matter of days). I'd read another review that said this adapter didn't work on the aluminum PowerBooks, but it works great for mine. In addition, the product arrived in about one day. I ordered it on a Friday morning and received it on Saturday before noon. I would highly reccomend this product.
__label__2 works fine: I have an 'old' ibook from 2001, white, and even though it says for G4 on the package of the charger, it works just fine with mine. I actually like it better than the original one from Mac, smaller and somewhat handier. Glad I didn't have to pay 80$ to fix that ! :-)
__label__1 Doesn't work properly: Bought this about a month ago as a back-up adaptor. When used on my Powerbook G4 and my wife's iBook G4, it does not charge them when in operation. It supplies power so that the units are functional when plugged in, but it will only charge the units when they are closed or turned off. I'd give this a one star, but at least it powers them when they're on, even without the charging.
__label__1 Bad Product: Cycling on and OFF: Nice form factor etc...but bad function. Product appears to charge my Powerbook G4 12" when it is off or asleep, but when working it cycles on and off and emits a faint buzzing sound from the brick. Try another product.
__label__1 mine broke after 6 months: my ac adapter broke down as well, the tip going into the computer simply fell out of the plastic plug. don't get it. it's basically $40 wasted.
__label__1 The adapter shown is not the one that was shipped.: I received a different adapter so I cannot really tell you about the Macally adapter. I received an adapter from Inspire and it does not have the longer cord, the velcro strap or the led lights. But it does charge my computer and it arrived quickly.
__label__1 research before you buy: This adaptor does not work with the dual USB iBook. It looks like a good product, but the plug doesn't fit.
__label__2 good cheap alternative: The only downside to this adapter vs. apple's is the lack of the light ring which tells you whether the computer is fully charged or not. Otherwise it's a great deal!
__label__1 Update - Adapter broke!: I take back my previous comments as now this adapter is dead, and MUCH faster than my original one. I await Macally's response to my request for a new one.
__label__1 NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IBOOK G4: I'm sure this product is great for G4 Powebooks and G3 iBooks, but nowhere in this product description does it say that this adapter is NOT for use with iBook G4s. I tried this on my iBook G4, and the computer kept switching back and forth between battery power and the power supply from the adapter. I'm returning this to Amazon tomorrow, but am upset that I wasted $20 overnighting this adapter because I absolutely need to use my computer this weekend. I wish they would update the product description to make it explicit that this is for Powerbook G4s and iBook G3s ONLY.
__label__1 NOT FOR iBOOK G4: Look carefully at the pictures for this product. The initial picture, without the brand name and with a blue LED light, is the product that works on iBook G4. The customer photos show a completely different product, one that is not recommended for use on iBook G4. I did not receive the product in the initial picture, but thankfully I noticed this before I opened the package (the package says iBook G3) and I called the support line. They said I had not received the right product and could not guarantee that the product would work correctly --or at all, so I ordered a replacement through Amazon. Still, I did not get the right product. Amazon told me they would stop selling this product as there is a problem with what is being shipped. I got my money back and went to our local Mac 2nd party store to find something reliable for the G4.
__label__1 note to self: read reviews before buying: I'm now on my third charger for my Powerbook (my dad says I'm rough on equipment). Let me tell you, the Macally is NOT it. Like others, it fluctuates between charging and battery every 1-2 seconds and the brick makes weird squeaky noises. After not having a computer for a week and being so relived to finally get this charger, I was almost in tears to find that it is a piece of crap. It charges when the computer is off or in sleep mode, but that's not going to cut it. If you have a Powerbook G4, don't waste your money on this.
__label__1 Worst Charger Ever!: I bought this charger thinking that it would be compatible with my late 2005 iBook G4. The description page has nothing stating that it is not for ibook G4 but only for Powerbook G4 and ibook G3. Also, after only about 3 weeks of use the charger died completely. This is by far the worst charger I have ever had. Pros: quick ship Cons: incorrect description, lack of durability
__label__1 works when ur Powerbook G4 is turned off: this charger does not have enough power to charge my Powerbook G4 while it is running. it will show the charger indicator back and forth from battery power to charging.But when I charge while it is off, it works perfect.I had requested a replacement once and the result was still the same.
__label__1 Problems: I have been very unhappy with this product because it:1) makes a high pitched buzz2) intermittently stops providing enough power causing my computer to constantly switch back and forth between battery and wall power.3) the cord is difficult to wrapI'll be trying to return it through the warranty process, but I wish I had just coughed up the [lots of] extra money to buy an Apple one.
__label__1 quit working after a month: Well, it was a good deal and seemed to work well for a month! But after the stated time it quit. I noticed that the charging/battery guage on the tool bar was flickering back and forth and noticed a quiet humming sound coming from the power adapter. Since I live in Eastern Europe and someone brought this here from the US for me to use as a second adapter (to use at work) it will be hard to return. Maybe it was a fluke, but now I'm down to the original adapter and no backup. Hope you have better luck.
__label__1 Faulty product: I have been through two of these, each one only worked for a few months before going bad. After three months and only sporadic use, the first one I bought started cycling on-off continuously. This isn't apparent unless you are using it while plugged in, but the battery icon will show it is charging for a couple of seconds, then flip back to the battery icon for a couple of seconds and so on. I contacted the company, which confirmed it was faulty, so I sent it back to them for replacement. I received the replacement from Macally and after a couple of months, the second one started doing the same thing. I have read this is a pretty common occurrence with this product. I suppose there is a reason that it's a third the cost of the Apple product.
__label__1 Defective product, bad service: I purchased this adapter to replace another PS-AC4 that worked for about 18 months before going belly up. This one lasted two weeks. I called MacAlly and quickly got an RMA number, then I overnighted the defective item to them. That was ten days ago, and I'm still waiting for the replacement to arrive.
__label__1 good price... questionable quality: I bought this because it was a cheaper alternative to Mac's (ridiculously priced)$80 charger. At first it worked pretty good, but about a week or two after i got it it seems to not be working like it should. i think there is some kind of warranty, so i should try and exchange it...but sometimes when it is plugged into my computer it will charge for one second, then stop for one second, charge for one second, stop for one second, etc. It still manages to charge the computer, but im not sure if all this on\off stuff is necessarily good for my computer...
__label__2 Durable and functional replacement to the Apple-branded charger: This charger only lacks 1 feature from the Apple model: it lack's Apple's green & orange light around the charging tip. To me it's not a big loss, as the light on my Apple charger quit working 2 years ago.I've been using this charger on my 15" aluminum PowerBook G4 for months, and it has performed exceptionally. The brick does get a little warm, but so does Apple's. I actually prefer this charger over Apple's when traveling, as its longer cord is more functional in airports and hotel rooms. The cord is about the same length as Apple's charger with the extension cord installed, except that it weighs less than half as much and takes up less room in a laptop bag or backpack.I love having an extra charging cable at home so I don't have to play the plug/unplug game every time I move my laptop between rooms. And I prefer this one much more over Apple's when traveling. Highly recommend!
__label__2 Thank you for making an affordable Adaptor: The adaptor that comes with the Apple Powerbook did not last as long as it should have! Then to charge that expensive cost for replacement...Shame on them! I accidentally dropped and bent the first adaptor that I bought from you and replaced it and still have enough left over to buy another if needed!!! WHY? Apple?
__label__2 Better than the Apple adapter: We got our PowerBook in July of 2003 and had to replace the Apple adapter twice. I finally got fed up with the flimsy cord and purchased this Macally PS-AC4 adapter and I am very happy with the quality of the product. We've been using this for months and the only complaint (which is why the 4 stars and not 5) is that we miss seeing the little light around the end of the cord that plugs into the PowerBook that indicates the charge status (the one that glows orange or green). I would highly recommend this replacement to anyone, as long as you can live without the status light. At this price, it is hands down a better alternative to the delivered cord.
__label__1 Defective twice: I used one Macally charger for my G4 for a month before it died and stopped charging my computer. Amazon replaced the product and my second one lasted one day. I returned it and am now using an apple charger.
__label__1 Check your package!: I read the reviews on this site and noticed that some said they received the wrong product. After looking at mine i noticed i too had been slipped the Inspire adapter, not the Macally that i ordered (which is far superior to the cheap knock off). I have been trying to contact Clear AV but they are never off to contact Amazon next.
__label__1 Faulty Product - Horrible Support: I plugged this item into my laptop and nothing happened. No power- nothing.When I unplugged this adapter the negative metal ring from the plug stayed lodged inside of my computer, I had to remove it with needle nose pliers.I had to call the company 5 times before getting a rep on the phone as I was continually placed in automated limbo for about 15 per call. The rep actually admitted to me that this happens alot because the rings are too small and fit to tight in the computers.I was really looking forward to saving some dough. But this adapter was surprisingly worse the the original that came with the computer.They are sending me return authorization.
__label__2 Good value: At half the price of the original Apple adapter, this is a good value. That said, I do miss the lcd ring around the plug of the Apple adapter, the one that glows green or orange depending on if the laptop is fully charged or is currently charging. It's useful to discern at a glance if I can take my laptop and go without wondering if it's fully charged. Also, the glowing ring would indicate that it IS charging -- sometimes the other end of the electrical plug will come loose, and I wouldn't be aware that the computer isn't charging if it wasn't for the light. However, being on a limited budget, the lcd ring is a sacrifice I'd make to save nearly $40.
__label__2 Save the money!: I got my second one of these recently. Now I keep a charger at work and another at home so I don't have to carry them back and forth. The one at home has been in use for a year now with no problems; they're more durable than the Apple ones at a fraction of the cost.
__label__1 JUNK JUNK JUNK: This charger is horrible. Worked for long enough for me not to be able to get my money back from Amazon. Makes the screen blink while charging and flashes back and forth from charging to not charging. Customer service at this company is horrible. After waiting two weeks for a response they wanted me to send it back before I get a new one. Who knows how long that will take. I am probably going to have to trash this waste of money for the more expensive Apple one. I guess you get what you pay for.
__label__1 Shock Treatment: An AC/DC power converter is a very basic item, so I had little doubt that this sub for the expensive Apple original would be effective, though not stylish. Unfortunately, we have had problems. The Powerbook started delivering electrical shocks and inconsistent charging with this adapter, and they got worse when we moved to a country on 240V. I know that the shock problem comes from the Macally adapter because I have another PB and an original Apple power supply, so can do all combinatorial tests. I like Macally and have several of their other products. I probably just got a bum unit but unfortunately cannot deliver a positive review based on previous experience with the company.
__label__1 Good for a few months: The adapter worked fine for my power book g4 for a few months and then it broke. Nothing physically happened to the adapter for it to break, but suddenly it just wouldn't charge any more. What's interesting is that the blue light on the brick goes on when plugged in to a power source, but if I plug the cable that attaches the computer to the brick in, the light goes out and it doesn't charge.
__label__1 Bate and Switch: We ordered the Macally PS-AC4 power adapter and received an entirely different product from a differnt comany. As noted by other Amazon shoppers we received th Inspire M8482. This adapter is differnet in the following ways..instead of the 10'cord with a velcro wrapper, it has a short cord that leavesthe transformer hanging from the input of your computer. This will ultimately break the DC connection from the board..this is not repairable. Their is no led power light as advertised leaving you wondering if it is on. It is clearly a cheap knck off and we are taken for idiots who might not recognize that. I am mad! I just went through a similar thing with Overstock. Months of emails, calls and waiting on hold...for a grain of satisfaction. It is insulting to think that these big companies have so little respect for us!
__label__2 great alternative: I was dismayed when the adaptor that came with my ibook gave out. I was even more dismayed when I checked the prices for replacements online.I chanced upon this while browsing amazon and it is such a great alternative buy. The cord is longer than the mac adaptor. The size is manageable. While it doesn't have the indicator light around the edge of the cord, the price is much much better than the ones made by mac.It seems so much sturdier and durable too.
__label__1 Doesn't hold up to my backpack: I bought this adapter almost two years ago and it still works-kind of. The insulation on the area of the cable where it enters the brick has become damaged, exposing the outer wire. I taped it up, but there is always a connection issue, where the AC indicator at the top of the screen will often flash to battery power and then back to AC. I keep the AC adaptor in the front compartment of my backpack, so it sees some but not major abuse. I'm sure this won't be an issue if you aren't traveling with it, but I just thought I would relate my experience.
__label__1 Cheap quality and non-existant service: After using the charger for about 2 weeks I started noticing drops in the power feeding to the iBook. After about 2 months the charger stopped working altogether. On inspection I noticed that the metal part of the plug was separating from the plastic part and I suspect this is causing the disconnect. MacAlly has no warranty information on their web site and I called them several times only to be diverted to a messaging system and I never got a callback.I'd say avoid if you can.
__label__2 Affordable: I wasn't sure this was spec'd for my G3 IBook, but another review and some looking into the hertz/watts thing convinced me. I'm hoping it'll be a backup for my G4 Powerbook too. It works fine. Seems to load up my battery as quickly as the original AC adapter; it's lighter and seems to be more compactable -- easier to carry around. I'd recommend it.
__label__1 They are selling defective merchandise -- look at recent reviews!: I too have the same problem most recent reviewers have had: when I plug the charger in, it cycles between charging and not charging every two seconds. The computer doesn't end up charging.In addition, the version I have doesn't look like the picture on the Amazon web site, and doesn't have the power LED.Clearly there is an epidemic of defective chargers. And we, the customer, have to go to the hassle of obtaining a return authorization and sending it back.I notified the seller. I am also going to notify Amazon to research this topic, and take the product off the site until they can resolve the issue. Other than this charger, my experience with Amazon has been exemplary.I strongly suggest that if you too have bought one of these chargers and have had trouble with it, please post here.
__label__1 Garbage Product - Stay Far Away: I read the first few reviews on here and decided this product was a good buy. I couldn't have been more wrong. After a few days of usage it started to charge for a second, then stop for a second, repeating on end. I've read some more reviews, and it seems this is a common problem. Though it seems other people are satisfied with this product, so my advice would be to stay away from a product with such an evidently high percentage of lemons unless you feel like rolling the dice.
__label__1 Poorly made product: The Macally PS-AC4 Power Adapter would not charge my PowerBook. I tested it with a multimeter, and found that it had an open lead.I contacted Amazon (even better, through their web site - no waiting on the phone or waiting for an email), and they shipped another.This second one had the same problem as the first.I contacted Amazon again for a refund.The product was junk, but the service was excellent!
__label__2 Besides vanity reasons, there's no reason to buy another Apple adapter: I got the Macally power cord after the Apple one that came with my iBook finally broke down 2 years after purchase. I will agree that this model isn't as aesthetically pleasing as the Apple version, and I do miss having the orange and green indicator light to let me know that my computer is charging, but the difference between $30 and $80 is enough that I'm willing to give up the eye candy for the price. The Macally power adapter charges my computer just as well as the Apple version, it just doesn't look pretty while it does it. Also, it's a bit bulkier and takes up more space in my laptop bag. Still, the $50 I saved makes it worth the added weight. Unless you have serious reasons for buying the Apple power adapter (eg, vanity), I would go ahead and get the Macally version. Your pocketbook will thank you, and you can spend the extra money on other Apple extras.
__label__1 You get what you pay for.: I had the original Apple charger that came with my Powerbook G4. It lasted me about a year and a half. I opted for this Macally charger, for two reasons, 1. the price 2. the great reviews on Amazon. I have had the charger for less the 6 months and it is already non-functional. Yes it is cheaper than the Apple charger, but it really comes out to the same price, considering that an apple charger costs about $90 and lasts 1 1/2 years and the Macally costs $30 and lasts six months.
__label__1 Faulty Power Cord: I bought this plug as a substitute to replace the Apple one that blew out. Unfortunately, this plug seems to have problems. I noticed that it heats up really badly when plugged into some plug outlets and causes my laptop to heat up as well. Once, I also heard some noise coming from my iBook G4 that wasn't there before. This noise went away when I unplugged the power cord. What I'm most upset about though is that it seems to have shortened the battery life of my computer to about 50% now! I think I should have bought the Apple plug instead.
__label__1 Mishap: Unfortunately I shall not be able to review the Macally Power Adapter. I did not pay due attention to the fact that the AC adaptor works with G3 iBook and G4 PowerBook only.I plugged it in with a G4 iBook , it made some complaining noises and it died. Maybe it would be proper to really WARN that it will NOT work with a G4 iBook in CAPITAL LETTERS.$40.- down the drain!
__label__2 MaC POWER Adapter: Works fine on the PowerBook G4. Doesn't have an LED to tell you it's on and, of course, doesn't have a smart plug to show charging status.
__label__2 Apple G4 Power Cord: I just bought my second one. We have 3 Macs at our house and the cords do not hold up. I dreaded replacing them but I like my computer. I tried this the last time my cord went and it worked great, so when the most recent power cord fell apart I did not hesitate. It does the same job at a third of the price!
__label__1 you'll be sorrry!: After 4.5 months, the adapter died. I contacted Macally about the one year warranty and learned :1. the only way they will issue a refund is if the adapter causes a fire!2. I needed to send the adapter to the manufacturer in California for them to evaluate--I would be without a power cord for a week. They said the replacement adapter might be refurbished.Ultimately, I went to the Apple store and purchased a Mac power cord.
__label__2 Solid Value-Conscious Replacement Power Adaptor: After going through 2 OEM Apple adaptors, and deciding that I can't justify my budget for power adaptors going through the roof, I decided to try this adaptor.After a month of use, I have to say I am well pleased. This is a great price for a simple product. (Really, how complicated can a power adaptor be?)PRO: It is solid white (although the picture makes it seem not to be) just most like apple products and it does the simple task of powering my PowerBook.CON: It does not have the LED lighting at the base like the OEM does, but this is only a small loss.This is a great value minded replacement. I really can't say you would have any different experience with a Apple adaptor for over twice as much...
__label__1 Level 2 NOC tech: its is unclear rather this really works with G4 Powerbook. the connector that plugs in to the powerbook fits , but the connection itself is unstable and easily disrupted by just a little wiggle or touch of the cable or connector. If you are looking for a replacement cable go with Apple branded. that one works .
__label__1 Macally Power cord: Macally is a terrible company. NOT worth the money you save. I recently bought a power cord thru them that emits an electrical current thru my computer. They will only send me a replacement but won't give me my money back. Not worth the risk. Buy Mac!Macally PS-AC4 AC Power Adapter for Apple G4
__label__1 Only lasts 6 months: I bought this power adapter and it worked just fine at first. I took good care of it and after about six months it just stopped working.
__label__1 lemon!: just got this charger yesterday to replace my broken apple charger.All this charger does is allow me to turn on the computer (sometimes), it does NOT charger my powerbook g4.
__label__1 Defective: I just got the adapter today, I plugged it into my iBook G4, and I was able to turn it on, but the battery doesn't charge, and after a minute or two, the screen dims and the laptop goes to sleep. Buyers beware! You might consider an official Apple adapter!
__label__1 When it worked it was great: I had this charger for over two years. Last week while it was plugged into my computer, it just died. No blue light no current. I ended up splicing the connector to my old frayed Apple charger. The connector is much better than Apple's.
__label__2 Better than Mac's charger: Like some other reviewers, the product I received did not look exactly like the one pictured. That's irritating. But, it functions perfectly, which is more than I can say for the expensive Mac chargers.Mac stores will tell you it's a "myth" that their chargers break. Um... why is it then that me, my brother, three friends and several acquaintances have had this problem?
__label__2 Great price, works just as well as the Apple version: Bought this as a replacement for my ibook charger. Its about $40 cheaper than the apple proprietary version and does the same exact thing -> power my laptop. Its not as fancy looking, however, and the cord is kind of stiff. But if you dont care about that sort of stuff then there is no reason to buy the overpriced apple version.
__label__1 Works great... for about a month: Everything the other reviews say about this product is largely true: the cord is thicker and more durable than the Apple adapter, the brick doesn't get as unnervingly hot, you can deal with the fact that it's not powerful enough to be used as a power source... but one day it just mysteriously stops working. I bought this to replace my broken Apple adapter and was generally very pleased with it, but about a month later I went to plug it in one day and it just wouldn't work. My laptop showed no connectivity, the little charge light on the brick didn't go on, and after tinkering with the thing at length I couldn't get anything to change. If you want a cheap, temporary replacement charger, I guess this would be fine. But for anything long-term it might just be worth shelling out $80 for something that at least lasts a year or two.
__label__1 really low quality: i bought this product when my original ac adapter was destroyed by my dog. even at the price i paid, this was an awful product. most of the time i had to spend forever to jiggle the connecter into my mac to get it to even stay connected, and then it would just spontaneously stop charging and i have to jiggle again. it's awful! i never had any problem like that w/ my original mac ac adapter. it's gotten so frustrating that i think i'm going to take a hammer and smash it into pieces. and technical support doesn't reply my inquiries. do NOT buy this product, even if it seems cheap! stay away from it! look around on craigslist and buy a used adapter instead. this adapter is garbage
__label__1 Great for a SHORT TERM replacement...: I bought this to replace my 'falling apart' original charger. Worked like a charm for 3 months, then I found my computer dying on me. The charging signal would change frequently from charging to not etc.. I ordered a new battery, as i thought it was on its way out. I downloaded coconutbattery, and that explained all i needed it to. It showed the charger as connected, BUT not charging. I scrounged up my old charger, hooked it up, and sure enough, connected AND charging. It is without a doubt the macally charger. So i recommend it if you only plan on using it for 3 months or less. So not only am I out a charger, i ordered a battery for no reason.
__label__1 Power connector is not durable: Adapter worked flawlessly for six months, then became intermittent. Seems to be broken or shorted somewhere near the connector to the computer. Even the ridiculously flimsy cord from Apple lasted longer than six months, so I can't say I'm pleased. Macally says they'll sell the connector cable separately for $17.00 which is not much of a bargain.
__label__1 Terrible product. Broke twice. Don't buy!!!: Don't buy!!! This charger does not work. It broke twice before Amazon told me they would not send me another. The customer service was excellent from Amazon.
__label__2 Such a deal!: I have had to replace my powerbook power cord twice already. Both times before I broke the bank by purchasing the cord from apple. Big mistake. Although steep in price those things are C-H-E-A-P! This last time i decided to go with the Macally. What a great deal! Much more durable than then apple version. It is also more compact. The only thing missing is the indicator light to let you know if the battery is charging. Not a big deal for such a great price!
__label__1 Be wary of this charger: I was hoping for a cheaper replacement, but what I got was a charger that was not much more reliable than my previous Apple charger.The problem with this connector is that it doesn't always seem to make a good connection with the computer. When this happens, it sends the computer into a powered-charging-battery loop. I have to fiddle with the connector to get it in just the right spot to keep a good connection. While this is only an annoyance to me, I wonder what it's doing to the internals of my computer.
__label__2 Power Adapter for Apple G4: The cord works great. It's not as cool looking as the Apple Adapter and it does not have the light indicator, thats all I can say bad about it. Its $50 less than the Apple one so go buy it.
__label__2 Ibook Replacement Power Adapter: Although this is a wonderful working power adapter, I don't believe it is the Macally Adapter that was advertised. I am however happy with it and would shop with this vendor again.Thank you.
__label__2 Does the job: This is a solid replacement for Apple's charger. It is light weight and does the job it was intended to do. Blue "on" light simply tells you it's plugged in, but there's no indicator to tell you when the computer is fully charged. Lacks the portability elegance of the Apple charger, but costs a lot less.
__label__2 Nice product: Works very well and at a very reasonable price. It is built a lot stouter than the Apple power supply it repaces and at less than half the cost. You might miss the light on the plug but it work fine witout it. I doubt that the light is worth an extra $50.00.
__label__2 iBook/Powerbook Power Adapter: So far so good. I have used power adapter since my Apple Adapter got a short in the cord. I have owned various Apple Laptops and almost all of the power adapters have needed replacing. I like to buy Apple branded replacements but they cost twice as much as this one. I have been using it for several weeks without any problems.
__label__2 better than apple: Much more durable than the Apple adapter (my Apple one broke in 2 months), and MUCH better priced. I think this is the best one around for the value. Only downside is that there is no indicator as to when it is charging (the Apple one has Green v. Amber color). All in all, a great buy.
__label__2 Good value, fair design: Purchased this to replace the OEM power adapter (puppy chewed it up). Works fine, does the job. A little bulkier than the OEM, and I would have liked the same type of LED system to indicate charging/fully-charged status. Still, for the price, it's just fine.
__label__2 MAC G4 power attack: This unit is well built and works really well. It was just used to startup from a drained battery(left my Mac on battery all nite..duh). Well, at 0% charged, I plugged this unit in and starting web browsing, in minutes the charge was at 2% and rising, as well as keeping up with the browsing demands. For the price, it cannot be beat. It also seems I keep forgetting to unplug the original charger when I pack to do travelling, so this new unit makes a great spare to keep packed in my laptop case.
__label__2 Works well: This charger is just what I needed to replace my Apple charger and it costs a whole lot less. The only recommendation is that you make sure to plug it into a surge protector as there is no third-prong ground on it.
__label__2 Works for me: I like this a lot - it does not bend at the junction the way the mac one does and the mac one almost encourages that break with the way the cord wraps up. This one has a super long cord (that I keep partially coiled). The only drawback is it doesn't have the green/red charge clue around the plug but you can always look at your screen to see what % charged you are.
__label__1 Charging problems: I bought this product to replace the original battery charger that came with my 12" Powerbook G4. Unfortunately, it seems that it only will add charge when I have the computer closed or off. If I have the computer open while the charger is plugged in, it not only doesn't add charge, it also makes the screen brightness oscillate.I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone who needs to charge their Powerbook while using their Powerbook. Wish I would've just spent the extra money on the Apple charger.
__label__1 Did not charge my G4 unless the laptop was closed!: Short and simple: This charger did not charge my laptop's battery unless the computer was either off or at least in standby mode with the lid closed.It could keep the computer operating while plugged in, but it wouldn't charge my battery. I've seen other reviews with different results, but for me, this thing was pretty much useless.
__label__1 Doesn't work: Having the same problem as others mentioned here. Does not work on my iBook G4. Alternates between battery and power adapter.
__label__1 Worst Product I have ever got from Amazon: The product link says the cable is detachable from the computer end to the brick, not true. It says it has an LED to show when it is charging, not true. It says it is for a PowerBook G4, not true (From the start I had to twist it to get it to tell my computer not charging. it doesn't have the power to charge). I returned the first one to get what was listed but Amazon sent the same thing out. I couldn't be bothered so I just stuck it in the corner.DO NOT GET IT, its too overpriced and doesn't do what it says. PRODUCT INFO IS FALSE!
__label__1 BAD PRODUCT, WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE. DO NOT BUY FROM MACALLY!: After two go bad experiences with this product, all I can say is do not buy anything from Macally, at all. The first AC adapter for my G4 laptop went bad within 6 months and the second AC adapter was shot in less than five. When I say this product is junk, I'm not exaggerating. Basically, when you started to hear a high pitch whine, that was all she wrote. Within a week or so, the unit was dead. After the second one went dead I contacted Macally's customer service representative which was an exercise in futility. I was stonewalled at every turn. I finally just asked them to send me a new unit and they demanded proof of purchase. I then offered to send the old unit in but they wanted a receipt. All of this for a twenty dollar AC adapter. I'm sure this guy has a lot of practice giving his customers the shaft by virtue of the other bad reviews for this product. Do yourself a huge favor and do not buy anything from Macally.
__label__1 sparked, then didn't work: We plugged this on only to have it spark and not power our ibook G4. It went back the next day.
__label__1 Another defective one...: This product would intermittently charge my computer, charging about half of the time and not charging the other half. It has 3 1/2 stars as an average from so many reviews because you get exactly what you pay for with this one - a cheap alternative.I was happy with the first one I bought. It lasted about a year and a half with heavy use. I thought I'd try another one but odds are you'll end up with a defective one of you buy a few of them.
__label__1 Disappointing and dangerous: Like every other Mac user, I think the replacement power cord with the bulky, cumbersome block is overpriced and less than durable, so I decided to outsource. What I got was never quite up to speed, but since my laptop mostly stays plugged in, the quick charge wasn't a must. Unfortunately, after a scant 8 months, with very little movement or unplugging (I've packed up my laptop for travel exactly twice in that time), the power cord has given out. There seems to be a short between the wires, with the hazardous side effect of causing random sparking at the connection between the computer plug-in and the wire. Needless to say, I'm not going back to this product!
__label__2 Nice low-cost option. Very pleased.: Very pleased with this product that I bought as a replacement for a worn out Apple power cable. Apple has changed their plug system with the newest machines, but for anyone out there with a Pre-Intel Mac this is a great option at half the price of Apple's own product. Only gripe is that there is no power indicator light on the plug end, which is a feature on Apple's stock power cord.
__label__2 Charges: This charger works great and charges as well as the apple product that costs twice as much. I miss the green and orange light at the end of the plug, but this one does have a blue light indicating it is plugged in.
__label__1 I was very disappointed with this book.: This book doesn't even come close to the quality I have come to expect from Maeve Binchy. The story lines never come together. Basically, the entire book is a set of character sketches. Yes, it kept my attention and I did finish the book, but by the time I was finished, I regretted spending the time on it and fussed at my mother who told me in advance that this was not one of her favorites. (She should have been a bit more forthcoming!) I would not recommend this book; on the contrary, I would discourage someone from investing any time on this book. There are many, many better books out there, including all others by still-a-favorite Maeve Binchy.
__label__2 Good but not great: Most of the characters were annoying in this book. I do like how each one got a chance to tell "their" side of the story.Not one of her best but still made for a pleasent read.
__label__1 A disappointment: Maeve's forte is character development, dialogue, and interaction, and Silver Wedding was far below her usual standard.
__label__2 A fractured Family Story: This story was quite sad initially but turned out OK in the end, I always think it very sad when families cannot respect and like each other.
__label__2 I love Binchy's work: This was heart-rending and displayedthe same finesse at fully roundedcharacters with their issues. The priest'sdiscoveries and how he dealt with themwere particularly poignant.
__label__2 Wonderful characterisation, as always: I am a great fan of Maeve Binchy's writing. I love her detailed character observation and how it lets the reader recognise bits of people in her characters. Silver Wedding centres around a 25th wedding anniversary and the plethora of dilemmas such a seemingly straightforward celebration can cause. Anyone who has ever organised a family event such as this will love the descriptions of family politics, and I'm sure many will sympathise with the heroine's family traumas and how being 'the responsible one' can lead to all sorts of complications, not to mention that vaguely disquieting feeling of being put upon. A good read.
__label__2 Easy read...entertaining.: As always a Maeve Binchy feel good story. Fast read but once I pickup any of her books, I cannot put down until I finish. Characters had depth. Would recommend any of her books.
__label__2 A True Story Teller: Maeve Binchy is a great storyteller. All of her books are filled with character description and are definately page turners. The Silver Wedding took me by suprise the way each character had different views on the same events which is usually true in real life. This is the seventh book of Binchy's that I have read and everytime I finish one, I can't wait to start the next. The Silver Wedding, although not my favorite of hers, lived up to my expectations of Bincy's marvelous ability to telling a story. Definately recommende d as a summer read. (or anytime!)
__label__2 Not bad, not her best either.: Even though I did enjoy this book, I was disappointed in the way some of the characters stories were left hanging, such as Father Hurley's nephew. What happened to him? The character of Helen REALLY got on my nerves. But then, she was probably supposed to. Overall, though, it was a good read.
__label__1 A True and Total Dud: Yes, everyone has a tale to tell, and it is the standard Binchy tale: someone is a mistress, someone *has* a mistress, someone feels trapped in his/her marriage... I started off with Binchy, relieved that these were not "romance novels," but three or four books into her plethora, I find them to be glorified Barbara Cartlands. The difference is, in the more recent ones, they all sell food.
__label__2 Playdough fun!: This was purchased as a Holiday gift for our 2 1/2 year old. She is very artistic in nature, as are my other two older children (ages 9 & 11) and they all play together when this gets whipped out. It's great for when I need a little time to do some sewing to keep the kids busy for awhile.Sometimes mom gets in on the creative action as well, and then we end up playing for long times, strengthening our bonds.Much better than sitting in front of the TV or computer.The only subject I would mention that could use a little improvement is maybe an idea sheet, like a how to, to give the kids a jumping point on creativity with what is included in this package.
__label__2 play-doh: not bad but be warned you need to buy extra play-doh at local store before handing it to the kid's
__label__2 Cool tools for PLAYTIME FUN!: My daughter loves this caddy and really enjoys playing with playdoh ( she's 3 ). It has a lot of cool tools like scissors and a pizza cutter that are very toddler friendly. I think the caddy center island needed to be a bit bigger. We have other play doh sets and it doesn't all fit in the caddy.
__label__2 "Super" fun: Rated for 3+ but my 2 and 3 yr. olds both play with this. While the kids like playing with this, I like that it can grow with them. It has basic tools for younger children: rolling pin, presser with three tips, pizza cutter, safety scissors, play-doh knife. But it also has tools/items for older ones: bead making, art molds for pictures and "sand".The only con is the mat. It's cheap plastic. Sounded great on the box in the store, but ends up crinkled underneath them and not protecting the floor. Stick with using and old sheet or vinyl table cloth from the $1 store.
__label__2 A very palatable foray into SciFi.: No spiritual experience like the Flat Earth, but I was won over by Esther's determination & vulnerability. A reminder of our humanity.
__label__2 Great addition to a fan's collection: One thing that I have learned over the years is that it is very difficult to capture the same energy, audio and visual effects of a live show on a taped performance. Although I wasn't there, I have a feeling that the flat vocals were largely due to that fact. I have been to several live shows that were mind blowing only to see the same performance on DVD and find that the singers sounded like they were in their bathroom singing. I'm a diehard fan of Queensryche and Dio so they can do no wrong. I'm sure that the experience of the show was epic but the DVD left me wishing I was there.
__label__2 Get this and Livecrime: To really get the complete Mindcrime experience, I would recommend getting the Operation: Livecrime DVD as well. If you can find the one with the booklet, even better. Watch the first part on the Livecrime DVD and the 2nd part on this DVD. The original Mindcrime with the original lineup cannot be topped. For the most part, they did a great job considering they don't have the budget for live shows they had in the early 90's. Mindcrime 2 is not at the level of the first part. Who expects it to be?
__label__2 Thoroughly enjoyable!: What a hoot! I've been a fan of these guys from the beginning, through thick and thin, and this set captures a truly remarkable performance. My only complain is that the audio quality seems to take a dump in the end of disc two. Geoff and Pamela sound way overmodulated, and the weird blurry effect that distorts the image of the two is distracting.The best parts? "Suite Sister Mary" from OMCI and "Fear City Slide" from OMCII.Awesome stuff!
__label__2 Il grande ritorno!: E' dai tempi del tour di "empire" che non vedevo i queensryche così in gran forma, questo dvd per me è il migliore di tutta la loro carriera, e la consacrazione di una band, dopo questo dvd si può tranquillamente dire che i queenssryche sono entrati nella storia del grande rock come i Deep purple, led zeppelin e thin lizzy negli anni settanta.I queensryche sempre si sono distinti dagli altri gruppi del loro genere, Geoff Tate è uno dei più importanti vocalists di tutti i tempi.Questo dvd è musica e teatro, la collaborazione più stretta con Pamela Moore rende questo dvd imperdibile.Una sola nota negativa, purtroppo nella composizione della seconda parte si sente l'assenza di Chris De Garmo,Mike Stone è un grande chitarrista, ma Chris De Garmo per me era fondamentale per la band, hanno perso la parte più melodoca, che era a mio parere molto importante in questo gruppo!
__label__2 SOON,SOON,SOON,.................: Names Marcus from Sydney,Australia.I saw Queensryche when they came 'down under'and toured in July.They were totally AWESOME live,ans so I have been following there progress on the QR website.I can now hardly wait until I can get a copy of Queensrche: Mindcrime at the Moore.I met the guys after and they were fantastic to meet,along with Pamela Moore who reprised her roll as Sister Mary.A fantastic voice in Mind crime as well as a solo artist.I hope that one day they can come back 'DOWN' with this great act.This has to be a must for any 'QR' fan........................
__label__1 Queensryche & Seattle Suck: This performance is pure garbage. Unfortunately I was at this pathetic show. The audience was mostly old geezers who were there to watch a group of other geriatric has-beens. The sound was awful, their performance of West Side Story was ridiculous, and their hatred for America was sad. Halfway through the show, the singer was having serious trouble hauling his fat *ss around the stage. He sounded like an exhausted pig, gorging himself at the trough. It was bad enough that they would embarrass themselves by performing in front of people, but they actually recorded their disaster. Now they think they can sell this crap??
__label__2 One of the best!: Some people call it cheap and flimsy. But I call it thin and delicate. and that's how it should be when you're opening a wine bottle. It is extremely easy to pop out the cork with this corkscrew. It also works with synthetic corks. No extra strength required at all. Believe me you'll be amazed after using this product. It comes with a nice container, which is a bonus.
__label__1 Poor quality and construction: This corkscrew is poorly made, consisting of low-grade stampings and flimsy plastic molded parts assembled with tinned rivets. It feels like it's going to come apart in your hand, and it requires considerable care to use it safely and effectively. It's outrageously overpriced, too. An unfortunate product offering from the company that brought us the legendary original Screwpull, perhaps the handiest corkscrew ever.I did manage to pull a cork with it, though - which is why it gets even two stars.
__label__1 Cheap corkscrew: It's awful. I bought it because I wanted a red corkscrew. However, the description does not state how cheaply it is made. Each time I use it I'm afraid it's going to break when I turn it. It's plastic. DO NOT BUY!
__label__2 Great to use BEFORE P90X: If you are not in really good shape this is a great product to get ready for P90X. It does get kind of boring because you are doing the same workouts every other day, but they do work. It is only about 30 mins but it is amazing how well it works.
__label__1 does not work: I purchased this product and the DVD's don't even work. I can't even use them. I get nothing,no picture,nothing.
__label__1 not worth it: it surprisingly contained very little substance. just 1 half hour workout per disk. got boring fast too. i found better stuff free on the internet.
__label__1 Soso: Where i enjoy the workout and feel it working i am upset that o ordersd from this site. The product said two dvds and and bonus, i only received the workout for week 3-4 and bonus mot work out wks 1-2!! Very upset!!!
__label__2 La reencarnación vista por un científico: El primer libro del Dr. Weiss sigue siendo un gran libro para todos aquellos a quienes les inquieta el tema de la reencarnación, así no crean en ella.
__label__2 Excelente Libro / Amazing book!!: Este libro ha sido uno de los mejores libros que he leido, soy adicta a la lectura y este libro me ayudo en muchas formas. Te ensena a analizar muchas cosas, a comprender otras con respecto a la vida y te lleva a tener una mente mas abierta cuando por ejemplo te pone a dudar si hay mas vidas ya que en algunas religiones eso es inconcebible.This book is one of the best books I have ever read, It makes you think and wonder about past life especially if you do not believe in that. I truly recommend this book.
__label__2 Magnifico libro: Brian Weiss ha dejado una magnifica guia para quienes no tienen mucha informacion acerca del Hipnotismo, La historia de Katerine es tan impresionante que podria ayudar a culquier persona que se ha hecho la pregunta mas de una vez sobre la continuidad de la vida.
__label__1 Very disappointing: I ordered this new knife from Amazon based on the Laguiole name, prior Sabatier experience and the one review (5 stars). What a disappointment! One side of the blade had very visible tarnish and reddish blue spots (not sure whether rust or previously used). It also has a very light and extremely cheap look with poor manufacture. It is made in France, but it goes to show that junk comes out from there just as easy as from China, Pakistan or anywhere else. True you get what you pay for, but this one wouldn't be worth even 2 bucks at a yard sale. Maybe it was a defective unit, but I didn't want to take a chance with a replacement. I never even tried to use it, and simply returned it. To Amazon's credit, their return process was great. Just follow the online "return" process, print the (free/prepaid) return label, and take it to any USPS station. Amazon's service earned the second extra star.
__label__1 Not what I expected: I bought this boombox for a kitchen that I knew needed to be loud. While the Hummer MusiXstation looks amazing and has pretty good functionality, the sound quality and volume is very low. To be honest, I wish it sounded like it looked. The radio is not very good at picking up FM stations, either. It does have a Audio in jack, which was very helpful and not available on a lot of other models.I was not impressed overall, and we switched back to our 1998 boombox in the kitchen.Pros: Looks amazing, seems durable, cool features (including audio in)Cons: Not very loud, sound quality is decent at best, subwoofer is a joke, digital FM radio not very receptive
__label__2 A Must Read: This is an interesting book that immediately caught my attention. From the first poem and throughout, each verse tells a story that seems to involve the reader at a very deep emotional level. There are some unique descriptions about the way a whole range of emotions are experienced through love. A different book, and good company on a quiet evening. Add it to your personal library.
__label__1 Bad band: The band was far too thin and would roll down my leg continuously. I returned all pairs I bought for a refund. Very disappointing for a Jobst product.
__label__1 Wouldn't stay up: The band was far too thin and would roll down my leg continuously. I returned all pairs I bought for a refund. Very disappointing for a Jobst product.
__label__1 Junk: This film tried to capitalized on the previously successful Legend of Boggy Creek, and failed horribly. It's nothing but a boring home movie. Other than a shot of someone prancing around a forest in a gorilla suit, the film has no perks whatsoever. Strongly not recommended.
__label__1 My thoughts on a terrible book: This book is about colonel Knox a leader of a freshly starting revolution in America. His mission is to carry around 200 cannons from Ticonderoga back to a city where British forces are docked. The main characters of this book are will Knox 19 year old brother of the colonel, colonel Knox in charge of expedition, J.P. a farmers son .I disliked this book. It drags on and never seems to end. Just when you think your going to get a fight there isn't one .the biggest problem they had on the trip was a river with too thin ice. What's so interesting about that? If I were you I would not buy this book. It is extremely boring.From a reader of this book
__label__1 The Worst Ever!!!!!!!!!: I thought this book was the worst book ever. It was so boring! Did I mention that it was the WORST BOOK EVER!!!! It was the worst book in the history of bad books. You should never read it. Take my word on that. Oh, and I didn't just choose to read it on my own. A teacher forced me to read the dumb novel. IT'S THE WORST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!
__label__2 A good book and a quick read: In this historical fiction book the story is told of how the colonists were able to keep the war going in the face of the British blockade of Boston harbor. The year was 1775, the Revolutionary War was in its early stages, and the colonists were out of ammunition enough to not overthrow the British out of their city. With Boston Harbor blockaded, the colonists could not gain any ammunition, so colonist Henry Knox hears of Fort Ticonderoga stocked with ammunition and devises a plan with his brother Will to bring the guns back to General Washington in the middle of winter. I recommend this book to anyone interested in a historical war book.
__label__2 Adventure: This was one of my favorite books assigned in school this year. I like the exciting adventures of this cannon trek from Fort Ticonderoga to Cambridge, MA. I liked how they crossed the ice with all of those big guns. When the last gun crossed, the ice cracked, but they were able to get the big gun out.
__label__1 Did not fit 2004 Kia Optima LX: I purchased this for my 2004 Kia Optima LX. When I went to install it, everything seemed good. But the car was about an inch wider than the hitch and the hitch was not centered in the car. So either the hitch was off center or the car's mounts were. Otherwise seemed like a great hitch.
__label__2 See The Whole Instead Of Just Its Parts: This book really resonates with my philosophy that we can all accomplish a lot more by coordinating, communicating, sharing, and preparing together. Mr. de Geus frees each of us to be fully human, and to humanize the organizations we are part of. He successfully challenges the limits of the mechanical view of human interactions, and provides a great vision into what is possible. A good complement for this book is "The 2,000 Percent Solution" -- a book that shows each of us how to tap into our innate talents to create world-class solutions through asking and answering a better set of questions. I also recommend "The Pursuit of Prime." With these three books, you can accomplish anything!
__label__1 As low quality as you can get: Literally broke the first time I used them. I bought two, thinking that they were cheap and probably more prone to breaking. But I certainly didn't expect each of them to fail after ONE use. Pathetic. Don't waste your time and money on these incredibly low-quality items.
__label__2 Awsome reading--I saw my own "economic" company described! .: Really hits home with a clear explanation on why companies fail. I was taken by the accuracy of what happens to companies living the economic model, after they go through a downsizing. His core premise of the company being a collection of human communities is right on. It is the first work which I have read that "humanizes" the corporate entity by calling it what it really is. A look at corporations beyond the bean-counter would be an appropriate sub-title for this work.
__label__2 creative, interesting approach to Greece: I like the mainstream of travel books, but I've never seen one designed quite this way. The author has woven a plain-language retelling of parts of Homer with descriptions of the modern Greeks as he came to know them. Fair play to the author: he has given us something refreshingly different.Lundgren writes clear, quality prose with above average descriptive talent. His deep affection for his subject is evident throughout, which warmed my heart as it deviates from the accepted journalistic principle (one I despise) of pretending to have no real human feelings. I tend to believe that a traveler learns more about a people when s/he tends to like them, and the author clearly does.Recommended for the travel reader willing to try a novel approach to the subject of culture study. For the travel reader with any interest at all in Homer, feel free to add a star.
__label__2 Greek Time Travel: This was an interesting and engrossing book about Greece (including its surrounding islands) which helps connect the historical world of Ancient Greece with the scenery and people found there today. (Reading it with a map or atlas handy would definitely enhance the experience).The first half retells the story of Odysseus and his journey to Troy, with a special emphasis on the sites as we know them today (great for those preparing for a trip to Greece - especially if you're interested in getting a handle on the names and significance of the various islands). The second half emphasizes personal stories of the author's own travels and visits to Greece which bring to life its land, people, personality and culture of Greece.Fascinating and enjoyable!
__label__2 Rediscovering Greece and its people: While reading the book I found myself traveling along every page, visiting the Greek islands and walking alongside Ulysses in his long journey. In this journey, I explored the different sides of Greeks and how even today their strong sense of self emerges in their daily lives. The book creates a bridge between the past and the present revealing that Ulysses journey to come back home represents our own desire to attain fulfillment.
__label__1 why i think the book is going to be great: I think this book is really good for people who continuously tried to be one of the people out on the court.This is the perfect book to start with.
__label__2 A well liked gift: I bought this for my father as a gift. He seems to really enjoy it. Being something he had in years past, the hand held infrared devices became a little hard to locate. While this one doesn't seem to have the super high build quality that ones did from years gone by, it does the job and as the gift receiver my father seems to be very satisfied with it.
__label__1 Horrible Quality: This isn't really a massager, it doesn't vibrate or sooth muscles. It is really more of a flashlight with a dinky infrared bulb in it that isn't powerful enough to do any good anyways. Save your money, folks. This one is a complete dud.
__label__1 heat therapy: I used this product a couple of times and was not really impressed. To get good results I guess you would have to use it in a specific area for a good length of time, otherwise not much good.
__label__1 Infrared MASSAGER: Amazon responded immediately but forwarded to the supplier. Don't waste your money. It's a hand held wand that may or may not be infrared. Doesn't heat up to any degree that will be helpful. Still waiting to hear back from the supplier (two weeks now) to return this item. Know someone who has the EXACT same item and paid $10.... Enough said
__label__2 Infrared Massager and Heating Device: I received the product in a timely manner. It was as advertised. I have used it a number of times and it works well although I haven't gotten the results from it I had hoped for. No fault of the seller or the product though.
__label__1 Feels great until it melts and then explodes.: I had another infrared massager before this one that I used for years to help with sore muscles and a nasty TMJ condition. It finally shorted out and I bought this product just a few weeks ago. I had one of the worst headaches of my entire life yesterday and was using this on my jaw when I most unfortunately fell asleep. I guess muscle relaxers and vicodin will do that to you. Anyway, when I woke up, I found that I had rolled over and the infrared massager was underneath my pillow. It completely melted and burned through my sheets and a couple inches into my mattress. I had fallen asleep a few times with my other infrared massager with no consequences so this surprised and dismayed me. This is not a safe product - it either needs to be made of sturdier material than cheap plastic or have a timer on it - I would certainly be willing to pay the extra money to not have to worry about setting fire to my house or burning myself. Sorry - can't recommend it.
__label__2 I LOVE this CD!: My favorite of all her CD's. What a wonderful voice. LOVE her Billie Holiday covers, but mostly love "Hey John," which i understand is to be about John Lennon. Buy this CD, i doubt you will regret it!
__label__2 Great for beginers like me.: I got this book because I was writing a research paper on palmistry. Out of the five books and two web sites I used as sources, this one was the most informative. Some of the books were witten as if they were trying to confuse the reader. This one had interseting anecdotes and asy to follow illustrations and discriptions.
__label__1 Halica Bliss Out v.11...: the full and misleading name of this album, one that is as run of the mill as a fan of electronic metamusic could desire. This album has seven tracks, ranging in time from 3-11 minutes, but don't let that fool you into thinking there's much variety. All of them meld together after the first, "Fish", which is the highlight among few others that are moderately well-crafted and distinct. There is a definite feeling of sonic recycling ("didn't I just hear that whir on the previous track?") and a limited sound spectrum within their grasp. One can't expect too terribly much from indie techno, so its unfair to condemn this album for lack of equipment. It's usually competent, even musical, but when an occasional vocal bit is all that differentiates one track from another, one tends to seek greener electropastures.
__label__2 EXCELLENT: Eddie Palmieri, like most early-1970s jazz players, must have known popular music had taken over the world and caught the bug.Whether he wanted to make money or just expand his horizons, it really doesn't matter.He formed this band, Harlem River Drive, in 1970, and made one hell of an album. Truth be told, this project does not have much to do with the Latin Jazz Eddie is known for. Harlem River Drive is an out and out soul funk album: wha whas, grooving percussion, all the ingredients you would expect from a crack unit during the era.And more: with a baritone sax--an extremely underused instrument in all genres--in front, this album has a uniquely jazzy flavor, even though the beats could be off a Santana or War or Mandrel album.As funk, it works full bore, but the novel textures here make an already fantastic funk project so much more.
__label__2 Simply one of the greatest albums ever recorded !: Harlem River Drive holds a very deep place inside my heart and I'm glad to see its still alive and well and others out there appreciate this very special music.
__label__2 Tomorrow Will Be Better: A True Story of Love and One Family's Triumph over the Horrors of World War II: Excellent and well-written book. Recommended reading for young adults and older. We must all remember what atrocities were committed in Europe and other countries. It is a testament to the human spirit and the capacity to survive terrible circumstances. This book will become a permanent part of our family's library.
__label__2 Ignored master: It is our good fortune this collection exists to showcase the tragically ignored Payne. His songs have thankfully lived on in other artists' recordings, but his own versions are more than worth hearing and on occasion, revelatory. If you are interested in the music part of country music you will care about Leon Payne.
__label__2 Sexy and Different: I earlier wrote that I did not receive these as ordered, but the seller immediately contacted me and sent this item quickly. Great service! The look is fun and sexy -- these are cut REALLY low. They will probably reveal a bit of butt cleavage, but my girlfriend and I really like the different look and feel of these quality panties. I knocked off one star because they run a bit small; order a size up if in doubt.
__label__2 Excellent singles whatever ones you choose: There are basically 3 singles out there to ownwhite cover UK single 1 (stellar is not actually acoustic like on the drive single)1. Are you in2. Are you in (oakenfold remix)3. Stellar (Acoustic)Are you in (video)red cover UK single 21. Are you in2. Wish you were here (live)pardon me (live video)australian release1. Are you in2. Are you in (oakenfold remix)3. Wish you were here (live)4. Warning (live)5. Stellar (live)Overall if you just want the tracks, get the aussie single, if you need the videos as well then get the 2 UK far as tracks go, all of them are very good, the live versions, especially warning are excellent quality. The remix of are you in is surprisingly awesome to the point you would think thats the way the song is meant to sound if hearing it the first time.Hope that is of help
__label__1 The Stench: I just used this product for the first time and will be returning it.The cheap cologne smell is inescapable. Wash your face with this stuff and you'll be smelling it all day.I popped the top and smelled it at the store, but after using it the smell is much stronger.
__label__1 Avoid this product.: A man should not smell like an entire bottle of cologne when he gets out of the shower, nor should the entire house he lives in smell like a giant vat of cologne. Go buy a bottle of nondescript body wash and after your shower apply a few squirts of the cologne of your choice. But really, why would you need cologne if you're just going to the office?! You don't! Please make it stop!
__label__1 Monkeys Paw: How can anyone like this book??? its got to be the worst horror book I have ever read and I normaly like a good horror book now and then. I mean most Horror books or movies give me the creeps this one I could resd in the scaryest place in the world yaw and go to sleep. got to be the worst book ever writen by the way I am 13 just dont wana give out my account name on here later
__label__1 Incomplete Edition: The hard cover reprint edition offered by Amazon and others is incomplete. It contains Part 1 only. Note the page count (208) and compare it to the trade paperback versions (310-324 page count).Avoid this edition.
__label__1 Blurred Audio: Audio is technically flawed. The instumental sounds are Not crisp and clear. The musical selections and the Ellington orchestration are excellent. But the unclear Audio makes listening to this album like viewing a blurred, out of focus photograph. Definitely NOT a worthwhile selection for serious Duke Ellington afficionados.
__label__2 Great Easy Listening Tunes: This Reunion of two superstars is long overdue in CD form. Every one of the 24 songs is enjoyable. My own favorite is The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I'm not a big country music fan, but this album should appeal to a wide range of listeners. I've been a Jimmy Webb fan since his work with the 5th Dimension and Richard Harris. His writing is the best, and Glen Campbell's voice has never sounded better. I ordered the CD based on the pre-release mention on the VH-1 special on Glen Campbell and have played it daily since it arrived. It's a real pleasure to hear this great work.
__label__2 What Campbell/Webb Fans Have Been Waiting For: Finally, the long awaited CD that all of us Glen Campbell/Jimmy Webb fans have been waiting for! This CD includes Glen's best album from the 70s, "Reunion", along with virturally all of his covers of Webb's later songs. A must have CD!
__label__2 A 1970s gem: As other reviewers have righly asked, how was this not a big seller upon its release? So many good songs, sung so well. I never tire of listening to this one.
__label__2 Quick, Buy This One!: As of this writing, this great CD was on "limited availability". This is a CD that I can't get out of my head and break into song while listening to it. It's very moving and melodious. Yes, I love Jimmy Webb and Glen Campbell but may not have bought it if I didn't read the reviews. The reviews were so upbeat that I bought the album and have it playing as I write. Please note that there is another CD called Glen Campbell "Reunion". Don't get that one. Get this one. The cover looks the same but this one has 24 songs on it rather than the normal number. Rated it 5 stars - you'll sing along too.
__label__2 Superb collection of mostly overlooked gems: This disc proves that there's much more to the Campbell/Webb association than the 4 or 5 hits from the late 60s we all know and love. 'The Moon's A Harsh Mistress', 'Highwayman', 'Lightning in a Bottle' and 'If These Walls Could Speak' are particularly fine Webb songs and they're given superb renditions by Campbell. The chemistry has always been right between these two and I hope it's not the last we hear of them together.
__label__2 An inexpensive time machine: Words have been crafted in previous reviews which dwarf my abilities yet I must include the following information: "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" is one song which justifies the price of admission. No other singer has ever approached Glen's interpretation of this haunting tune. The song was included on Capitol's "The Very Best of Glen Campbell" Lp when originally released but was sadly missing when the album went to cd. Raven has given us the opportunity to hear not only the entire original album but has included a number of stunning bonus cuts as well. This cd is a treasure for all Glen Campbell-Jimmy Webb fans. Campbell's voice is as clear and plaintiff as ever and no words can describe Webb's genious. Listen for yourself. Hats off to Raven!
__label__1 Definitely not a must have: Nice pictures, but no descriptions and the map on the book doesn't even mention Merritt IslandBuy a proper birdbook rather than this overpriced pamphlet
__label__2 Florida birds: I love my nature guide to Florida birds. We have identified many birds using this invaluable tool. You can too!
__label__2 Great product: I am so happy with this product. My drawers stay neat, clean and most umpotantly organized - I can find everything quickly.
__label__2 Plain and Simple: A women's journey to the Amish: This book arrived in a short amount of time and was in very good condition
__label__1 There is no insight to be gained after finishing this book.: It is absolutely unbelievable this woman IS a therapist, by reading her book, she NEEDS one. She relates to clay more than to children or people. Whatever she was looking for in an Amish community, she never found it and translates that to the reader. Don't waste your time with this very poor read.
__label__1 Author is WAY too self-absorbed: I wanted to read this book because the simple life of the Amish people intrigued me.I wish this lady would have talked more about the Amish.Instead,all you read about is "Me,me,me"."What am I doing in my life?"Why do I do this/that?" blah blah blah.By the end of the book the reader really doesn't care anymore!It was scarey for me to find out that this woman is a therapist-YIKES!The reason I gave it 2 stars is that (1) When she does talk about the Amish it is interesting (2) It is a short book and a quick read.
__label__1 Really horrible book: This book is a self-centered piece of random musings. It is not about the Amish. It is about the author, and frankly, she's not someone I would really care to meet and discuss important issues with. She spends SO much time on HER thoughts, HER ideas, that one forgets this is supposed to be a book about the Amish way of life. This is not a journey TO the Amish. It is a boring, breathtakingly conceited journey into the author's confused mind. I suggest counseling for her. Her book just plain stinks.
__label__1 I was very disappointed in this book: I was expecting to read a book about the Amish. What I read instead was a very self centered book about a woman searching, rather blindly, I felt, for herself.She had very little in the way of insight into Amish life, even after spending a period of time with them. And her inability to get outside of her own head/her own life was not terribly interesting to read.For someone who always longed to be a 'star,' I am sure publishing a book was quite a thrill for her. Shame she used the Amish as a platform for her own ego.
__label__1 She did not get the point.: I thought this book was a sad commentary on the lostness of the author. Though she sought to understand the Amish way of life, she totally missed what it is all about. Maybe it was because the church service was in German or maybe she was so focused on herself that she could not see beyond to the fact that peace comes from a relationship with God. Her final line in the book stated that miracles take a lot of work. I would beg to disagree and say that God is the one who does miracles and therefore they take no work, just faith. This is what Sue Bender missed and is still missing I am afraid. We use Amish textbooks in our home education program, so the insights she shared were not really new to me. I think her description of the Amish is valid, but her understanding is lacking. I would not particularly recommend this book.
__label__1 Just Okay: This book is 'just okay.' I came away from reading the book not knowing too much about the Amish. Sue prefers to keep most of the information to herself. She does, however, make sure she gets in adequate writing about all of her 'accomplishments' -- and makes apparent her desire to return to her old life of those accomplishments. (Big hairy deal!) Personally I think she's a bore....and a boor; actually I found her to be pompous. She had a wonderful idea which could have been made better. Sue Bender, you need to grow up.
__label__2 Everyone should read this book.: I first heard Sue Bender on NPR talking about her Amish experience...I was enthralled with it. Later I found the book and read it start to finish in one sitting. As I read it I kept thinking I wanted to buy a copy for all my friends.
__label__1 Disgrace of a book for anyone who studies the Amish writings: 2 stars is pretty generous, in my opinion. This book seemed more like a book about the process she went through writing a book about visiting Amish families. I found myself wondering where I might be able to find the book she spent so much time "pouring her soul into". The book is largely spent talking about how incredible she is for having completed such a daunting task and is filled with many backhanded remarks regarding Amish communities. She comes off pompous and self-indulgent, not at all like the humbled, pious woman she paints herself out to be. Would recommend skipping this book.
__label__2 Must read for anyone in a "pressure cooker" job: This is a very uplifting trip taken and proves that fancy, 'doodads' in our lives are really totally unnecessary for real to-the-bone happiness and sense of worth.
__label__1 PLEASE: You sure must have missed a lot on your JOURNEY.The Amish are the most backwards group of misfits I have ever encountered.Where kids beat on when you were they? Were wives talked down to and belitted? Were animals beat and starved? I thought not. Maybe you should take another trip...and tell it like it really is. I do not think much of your book. It is NOT TRUE
__label__2 A lovely Little Book on the the Importance of Simplicity in Life: This is a lovely little book. It is filled with contemplations on the importance of simplicity and balance in one's life.A busy woman who has focused her life on success becomes enamored of Amish quilts. Her admiration is so great that she takes time out from her life to go and live with the Amish. There, she reflects on her own values and comes to realize that the act of doing is as important as the outcome. She also realizes that being a part of something, rather than standing out from others, is a more cooperative and giving way to live.How the author juxtaposes the meaning of things with the sentiment reflected in the quilts is very lovely and meaningful.I highly recommend this book for anyone who has ever had questions about what is important in life and their own core values.
__label__2 Beautifully written and insightful perspective.: I have read and re-read this book several times. It is a lovely story and written very well. It let's us know that everyone is human and in all communities there are good things and not so good things. Take the good and leave the rest. I have drawn on some of Sue Bender's experiences with the Amish and applied them in my own life. How wonderful to be able to read about someone else's experience and feel like you are there by their side.
__label__2 This book balances the slavishly pro-Israel tomes: A well-written book, and well documented. No matter what your view of the Arab-Israeli conflict, this book balances against the 99% of books that take a pro-Israel slant. I especially appreciated Khouri's calm, objective manner of discussing the issues.Is this book outdated? Heck no! What I think is interesting is that history basically never changes in the Middle East. This book is essential for any scholar of the area.
__label__1 The book presents history from a pro-arab stance.: The book presents a historical and political account of the middle east from 1922-1984. The book was originally written in 1968, then revised in 1976 and 1985. During the process of revision, Khouri, appearantly, did not make many changes in the original text, a fact that leaves much of the book outdated. Khouri's account takes a strong anti Israeli and pro Arab stance. For example, he chooses to downplay the Palestinian terrorist attacks during the 1970s and mentions such attacks as the attack on the Israeli athletes in Munich and the attack of the Marine base in Beirut with no detail. His study is based very closely on UN records and ignores the reality of the Middle East.
__label__1 Hard to fill, leaks, and handles break: We were given this product as a gift and absolutely loved them at first. They are compact (compared to many grinders) and a cute design. Unfortunately we found the first flaw a few weeks later when it came time to refill for the first time. The refill doors are tiny! The only reasonable way to pour in salt was to use a paper funnel and the pepper was even worse having to be fed one peppercorn at a time through the tiny door.After the second refill the little doors started refusing to stay shut. Since they slide "up" to close with the way the mills sit on the shelf. They just fall down and constantly reopen with the help of gravity even when not used.We used these mills at most for 3 meals a week...2 people who aren't heavy spicers, but despite our limited use of these mills the handles broke off in under 11 months.It's a cute product if you are ok with something that is designed to not be used beyond 2-3 refills.
__label__1 Handle broke within a week: I picked these up locally to use at the table. Only used few times when a handle on the salt mill broke right off. They worked OK before breaking, but didn't have much output. They also appeared to be difficult to refill, the opening is only about 3/8 of an inch square.
__label__1 a real pain: I bought this item 2 months ago because it was small and cheap. I use it daily. The grinding mechanism is already tired. Now it takes a lot of patience to actually get the desired amount of pepper/salt and it's getting on my nerves. So I'm browsing amazon for a real and efficient mill set.To be fair there is one thing I like in this product: the magnets that let you stick them to the cooker hood.
__label__1 Don't waste your mony: Don't waste your money on these. They don't grind well at all. I just bought celtic sea salts and got rid of my table salt and was very disappointed as these just don't grind the salt or pepper. I have to go buy another set and hope they work.
__label__1 really cute magnets but...: horrible set of grinders. these handles broke before i had the chance to refill them! waste of money.
__label__1 Poor durability and hard to fill: Never satisfied with traditional mills, I bought these because they had a unique design. I liked that they stick to the fridge but have found that means I occasionally have to wipe off pepper flakes. The small, rectangular holes make funneling refills difficult and messy. About a month into light use, the pepper mill gummed up and cleaning was a real chore. After about a year of moderate use, the pepper mill just wasn't grinding properly anymore. Cute but not very durable.
__label__1 waste of money: hard to squeeze, hard to fill, hard to get more than a pinch of spice. there is a miniature hole to get salt and peppercorns in the units, they spill everywhere and don't hold much so you're always filling them. The handles are small and hard to hold. You have to squeeze them at least 30 times to get a decent amount of spice out.
__label__2 Very nice and handy to store: I got these as a gift and really do like them. I just stick them to the fridge (magnets) and always know where they are. They are easy to use altho I do find they release less salt or pepper than you first you have to squeeze more times than you normally would. It takes some getting used to.This is very handy to have, easy to use and its nice to have a small set to pass around at the table. I am also glad you can graind the salt...some sets are for grinding pepper but not the salt.
__label__1 Not for the serious minded..: Perhaps the larger model works well. This smaller magnetic set is tragic. The only upside is that if you're working on your grip strength, these will probably help. To get a useable amount of pepper, you'll have to squeeze 15-20 times. They feel cheap and destined for a quick trip to the trash can. Stick with a tried and true twist grinder.
__label__1 Broken in less than 1 month: I purchased this pepper grinder at a kitchen outlet store. One of the "rabbit ear" handles snapped at the base after less than 1 month of use. I don't reccomend this product.
__label__1 cute but don't: Looks like cute little bunnies on my fridge, but they're just eye candy. Shakers don't store a lot of salt or pepper. Handles are too small to comfortably hold, and it's hard to detect any salt and pepper coming out.
__label__1 review mni magnetic s& p set: Neither the salt mill or pepper grinder work well. It takes forever to get salt and pepper from the squeezing of the handles together and still not an adequate amount. Perhaps the blades that crunch the S&P are not sharp enough? Very disappointed in product.
__label__1 Is cheap and thats it: Is cheap and does its jobBut the handle feel cheap and seems like is about to break.Sometime the peper chop a big chunk off
__label__1 Not Higgin's best but a fair read: Lucky Luciano helping to put an end to the invasion of Sicily --- I think not. The story line was a little too hard to believe. Don't mix up gangsters with your stories of war and espionage. Stick to your Dillon and Ferguson characters. They're the ones that we like to read Mr. Higgins.
__label__1 Unfulfilled potential: As light weight sci-fi/horror anthologies go this is probably good value for money (given its low price), but the apparent lack of good editing and of proper proof reading is painfully evident and you definitely won't find any candidate for a Hugo or Nebula award.You'll find a couple of interesting ideas, a lot of trite and derivative ones and occasionally some baffling lack of coherent character development.There's enough to show that Messrs. Jason Brannon, Eric S. Brown and John Grover have the potential to write something good, but it seems to be, at the moment at least, unfulfilled potential.
__label__1 This is high school creative writing...: I was quite disappointed with this collection. After the first three stories, I basically gave up. Interesting concepts that could have benefited a great deal from a really good editor. This stuff really belongs in 12th grade creative writing class.
__label__1 Substitute the name "Burmese" for any cat: Although books about particular cats/pets are rare and appreciated, I'm afraid this book gave me no further insight into my Burmese cat. Perhaps I am asking too much but I expected to find a plethora of special insights into this special breed. I didn't.Especially in modern cat care I felt this book lacking. My breeders says: Fresh meat three times a week; chicken wings (raw) at least twice for dental hygiene, vary the diet, enjoy the peculiarly dog like characteristics of the Burmese. But mabe that's all asking too much - gotta go, Nero is bringing his beloved yellow wash cloth for retrieval...It is hard to criticise a book that describes the best breed of cat on earth. Let's all write one!
__label__1 Other than the History of the breed, not specific to a Burmese Cat at all!: I must agree with the other reviewer that this book offers no additional eye-opening facts in respect to owning a Burmese cat... The history section is specific to the breed (but as a new or existing Burmese owner, you'd probably already know this prior to getting one!) & there is one blurb regarding the Burmese characteristic to yowl when they require attention. Beyond that this book could really be for any other cat out there (feed your cat, give it water, groom it,...). It didn't even specify normal size/weight ranges for the breed and what quantities of food to give them as a guideline. So, in my opinion, useless to a new Burmese owner. Also, I was a bit disappointed that all of the photos are only of Sable & Chocolate Burmese (they are all gorgeous, but a few photos of Blues or Lilacs would be appreciated). All in all this book was disappointing.
__label__2 Guide to Owning a Burmese Cat: Feeding, Grooming, Health, Handling, Exhibition: This book is a great starters guide to owning and basic understanding of the history of Burmese cats. Useful basic information on care, feeding and breeding.
__label__2 Comprehensive Introduction: Logically enough Professor Herrick begins with an overview of his subject. He concludes with some of the better known modern rhetoricians. In between these two chapters he traces the history of the field and the various contributors. Timelines in the chapters enable the reader to see where the content of that particular section fits in the overall scheme. Sources are clearly identified throughout the book. Sidebars are another asset found in each section.The glossary in the back of the book is a ready reference for students seeking to quickly understand a term. Herrick seeks to combine modern example with ancient methodology in some places. Generally speaking this book introduces the subject well. It is clear and comprehensive. I have used with favorable results as a textbook when I was teaching in Massachusetts.
__label__2 Very informative, good read.: I purchased this book for a class, rather than for enjoyment. That said, I found the