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Last active Apr 3, 2021
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Using powershell in azure-pipelins.yaml for terraform init
- powershell: |
terraform init -backend-config="bucket=skundu-terraform-remote-state" -backend-config="key=tf/ADO-TF-VPC-Int/terraform.tfstate" -backend-config="region=$(region)" -backend-config="access_key=$(access_key)" -backend-config="secret_key=$(secret_key)" -no-color
workingDirectory: $(build.sourcesdirectory)
displayName: 'terraform init'
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kunduso commented Apr 3, 2021

The above is an example of a "terraform init" command where the remote state is stored in a bucket named "skundu-terraform-remote-state" and inside the bucket the terraform.tfstate file is nested two folders (tf/ADO-TF-VPC-Int/) deep relative to the bucket.
The $(region) value is the region of the bucket and $(access_key) is the access key and $(secret_key) is the secret key respectively of the IAM user that Terraform is going to run as.

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