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@kunev kunev/pre-commit

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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python pre-commit hook
# Get all the python files staged for committing
py_files=`git diff --name-only HEAD|grep '.py$'`
# If we;re trying to commit a pdb.set_trace() display an error message and exit right away with status 1
grep -n 'pdb.set_trace()' $py_files && echo -e "\033[1;31m Debugger statements!!!\033[0m" && exit 1
# Run pyflakes on all the files beign committed and exit with status 0 if there are no errors, else show error message
pyflakes $py_files && exit || echo -e "\033[1;31m Lint error!\033[0m"
# If we’re here, then pyflakes failed, exit with status 1
exit 1
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