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@kuoe0 kuoe0/forecast.lsp
Created Sep 27, 2013

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#!/usr/bin/env sbcl --script
;;; load quicklisp
(load "~/.quicklisp/setup.lisp")
;;; load package and redirect the loading msg to /dev/null
(with-open-file (*standard-output* "/dev/null" :direction
:output :if-exists :supersede)
(ql:quickload '("drakma" "com.informatimago.common-lisp.html-parser")))
;;; get html tag name
(defun html-tag (xml)
(first xml))
;;; get list of attribute
(defun html-attributes (xml)
(second xml))
;;; get html content in between
(defun html-content (xml)
(cddr xml))
;;; get value of a specified attribute
(defun html-attribute (xml key)
(cadr (member key (second xml))))
;;; result formatting
(defun print-forecast (forecasts)
(format t "~:{~&~A ~7@A ~4@A ~A~}~%" forecasts))
;;; remove trail "List" string
(defun remove-trail (str)
(setf str (reverse str))
(setf str (subseq str 4))
(reverse str))
;;; convert html code to symbol of %
(defun convert-percentage (str)
(setf str (reverse str))
(setf str (subseq str 5))
(setf str (reverse str))
(concatenate 'string str "%"))
;;; add unit of temperature
(defun add-C (str)
(concatenate 'string str "C"))
;;; find all td block
(defun filter-out-td (xml)
(let ((ret nil))
(dolist (elem xml)
(if (listp elem)
(setf ret (cons elem ret))))
(reverse ret)))
(defun get-nth-column (xml n)
(car (html-content (car (html-content (nth n xml))))))
;;; get weather description
(defun get-desc (xml)
(html-attribute (car (html-content xml)) :TITLE))
(defun get-data (xml data)
;;; get city name
((equal data "city") (get-nth-column xml 0))
;;; get temperature
((equal data "temp") (add-C (get-nth-column xml 1)))
;;; get probability of precipitation
((equal data "rain") (convert-percentage (get-nth-column xml 2)))
;;; get weather description
((equal data "desc") (get-desc (get-nth-column xml 3)))))
(defun city-forecast (xml)
(let ((ret nil)
(content (filter-out-td (html-content xml))))
(setf ret (cons (remove-trail (html-attribute xml :ID)) ret ))
(setf ret (cons (get-data content "city") ret))
(setf ret (cons (get-data content "temp") ret))
(setf ret (cons (get-data content "rain") ret))
(setf ret (cons (get-data content "desc") ret))
(reverse ret)))
;;; search tr tag recursivily
(defun get-forecast (xml)
(let ((ret nil))
(when (listp xml)
(let ((tag (html-tag xml))
(content (html-content xml)))
;;; forecast data stored in tr tag with id attribute
(if (and (equal tag :TR) (html-attribute xml :ID))
(setf ret (cons (city-forecast xml) ret))
;;; if not tr tag, search its children
(dolist (elem content)
(let ((city-datas))
(setf city-datas (get-forecast elem))
(when (listp city-datas)
(setf ret (append ret city-datas))))))))
;;; set website url
(defvar website "")
;;; start to fetch data
(let ((html (drakma:http-request website :external-format-in :utf-8))
(ret nil))
(setf xml (com.informatimago.common-lisp.html-parser.parse-html:parse-html-string html))
(dolist (xmlblock xml)
(let ((forecast (get-forecast xmlblock)))
(if forecast
(setf ret (append forecast ret)))))
(setf ret (sort ret #'string-lessp :key #'car))
(setf ret (mapcar #'cdr ret))
(print-forecast ret))
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