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Created March 24, 2017 05:07
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【Python】eBayのTrading APIを使ってeBayの注文に追跡番号を追加して発送済みにする方法
from import Connection as Trading
from ebaysdk.exception import ConnectionError
api = Trading(appid="YOUR_APPID", devid="YOUR_DEVID", certid="YOUR_CERTID", token="YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN")
api.execute('CompleteSale', {
'WarningLevel': 'High',
'ItemID': 'ItemID', #商品ID
'TransactionID': 'TransactionID', # トランザクションID
'ShipmentTrackingDetails': {
'ShipmentTrackingNumber': 'TrackingNumber', #追跡番号
'ShippgingCarrierUsed': 'Carrier', #Carrier
'Shipped': 'true',
except ConnectionError as e:
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