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Arne Roomann-Kurrik kurrik

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kurrik /
Last active Apr 2, 2019
Sending nicely-formatted change emails from Google Apps Forms
* This script sends an email in response to form submissions.
* It formats metadata specified in the form and may be configured
* to send to different audiences depending on which options are
* chosen. The email is nicely formatted, suitable for ingestion
* into Slack.
kurrik / .tmux.conf
Last active Jun 29, 2019
Remote .tmux.conf (handles nesting, different colors)
View .tmux.conf
# Install:
# curl > ~/.tmux.conf
# Instructions:
# When nested, use an extra `ctrl-b` to issue commands to the nested session.
# E.g. to go to the next window `ctrl-b ctrl-b ctrl-n`
# Colors
set -g default-terminal "xterm-256color"
kurrik /
Last active Jan 8, 2019
ffmpeg recipes
# Convert `mymovie.mp4` to ``, re-encoding.
ffmpeg -i mymovie.mp4
# Change `` to `mymovie.mp4`, without re-encoding.
ffmpeg -i -vcodec copy -acodec copy mymovie.mp4
# Change `mymovie.mp4` to `mymovie-nosound.mp4`, dropping audio and re-encoding video to H.264 high quality
ffmpeg -i mymovie.mp4 -c:v libx264 -profile:v high -an mymovie-nosound.mp4
# Resize `mymovie.mp4` to `mymovie-480.mp4`, setting width to 480px and keeping aspect ratio
kurrik / .vimrc
Created May 10, 2014
Set up :Fmt command to autoformat JavaScript files in Vim
View .vimrc
" JavaScript formatting.
" Install - npm install -g jsfmt
function! Jsformat()
let regel=line(".")
%!jsfmt --format=true
call cursor(regel, 1)
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.js setfiletype javascript
autocmd Filetype javascript command! Fmt call Jsformat()
kurrik / queryparams.js
Created Apr 16, 2014
EC5 querystring parsing in the most obnoxiously functional way possible
View queryparams.js
var queryparams = (window.location.href.split("?")[1] || "")
.map(function(param) {
return param.split("=")
.map(function(part) { return decodeURIComponent(part); });
.reduceRight(function(prev, curr) {
if (curr.length == 2) { prev[curr[0]] = curr[1]; }
return prev;
kurrik / paste.js
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Paste in Chrome addressbar and add "javascript:" to the front to enable resizing of textareas on the page
View paste.js'textarea'), function(el) { el.setAttribute('style', 'resize: vertical');});
kurrik / manifest.json
Created Mar 31, 2014
Including embedded Tweets in a Google Chrome extension
View manifest.json
"manifest_version": 2,
"name": "crx-widgetsjs",
"description": "Load Twitter's widgets.js in a Chrome extension",
"version": "1.0",
"permissions": [
"browser_action": {
kurrik / twitter_ssl.rb
Created Mar 21, 2013
Demonstrating that Ruby sends invalid HTTPS requests unless use_ssl is explicitly set
View twitter_ssl.rb
require 'net/https'
# Returns {"errors":[{"message":"Bad Authentication data","code":215}]}
# Issues a HTTPS request to: GET
# Prints: Explicit SSL: #<Net::HTTPBadRequest:0x10b65f188>
uri = URI.parse("")
http =, uri.port)
http.use_ssl = true
http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER
request =
kurrik / input-time.js
Created Oct 8, 2012
Insert a time input into Twitter
View input-time.js
document.body.appendChild(function() { var e = document.createElement("input"); e.type="time";"absolute";"0px";"0px";"1000"; return e; }())
kurrik / anim.go
Created Aug 27, 2012
My favorite code from this weekend
View anim.go
// I couldn't have come up with this sober / well rested
const (
FACING_LEFT = 1 << iota
FACING_RIGHT = 1 << iota
PLAYER_STOPPED = 1 << iota
PLAYER_WALKING = 1 << iota
PLAYER_JUMPING = 1 << iota
a := map[int]*Animation{
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