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Simple division calculator written in MASM Assembly language for the x86 processors
; Simple Division Calculator
; Kurt Kaiser
; .data is used for declaring and defining variables
codeTitle BYTE " --------- Math Magic --------- ", 0
directions BYTE "Enter 2 numbers.", 0
prompt1 BYTE "First number: ", 0
prompt2 BYTE "Second number: ", 0
remaintxt BYTE " remainder ", 0
divide BYTE " / ", 0
equals BYTE " = ", 0
num1 DWORD ?
num2 DWORD ?
total DWORD ?
remainder DWORD ?
; .code is for the executable part of the program
main PROC
; Output the title
mov edx, OFFSET codeTitle
call WriteString
call CrLf
; Prompt for the first number
mov edx, OFFSET prompt1
call WriteString
call ReadInt
mov num1, eax
; Prompt for the second number
mov edx, OFFSET prompt2
call WriteString
call ReadInt
mov num2, eax
; Perform the calculation
mov eax, num1
mov ebx, num2
xor edx, edx
div ebx
mov total , eax
mov remainder , edx
call CrLf
; Print the total to the console
; Print num1
mov eax, num1
call WriteDec
; Print the divide sign
mov edx, OFFSET divide
call WriteString
; Print num2
mov eax, num2
call WriteDec
; Print the equals sign
mov edx, OFFSET equals
call WriteString
; Print out the total
mov eax, total
call WriteDec
mov edx, OFFSET remaintxt
call WriteString
mov eax, remainder
call WriteDec
call CrLf
call CrLf
main ENDP
END main
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MohdMuzammil8 commented Jul 16, 2020

Great job buddy!

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CemRoot commented Mar 31, 2021

May you share code INCLUDE

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