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* @copyright 2019 Mautic Contributors. All rights reserved
* @author Mautic
* @link
* @license GNU/GPLv3
// load basic Mautic security
include_once 'security.php';
// disable upgrade notification
$container->setParameter('', true);
// hide Identify visitor by device fingerprint and Identify visitors by IP options
$myCutomRestrictedConfigFields = ['track_by_fingerprint', 'track_contact_by_ip'];
$restrictedConfigFields = array_merge($restrictedConfigFields, $myCutomRestrictedConfigFields);
$container->setParameter('', $restrictedConfigFields);
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kuzmany commented Oct 27, 2019

How to hide settings from configurations in Mautic?

Disable upgrade notification in Mautic

Check also blog post:

Do you wanna disable this notification in Mautic?

How to disable it?

  1. Copy security_local.php to app/config/
  2. Clear cache (remove app/cache/prod/ directory)

How to upgrade Mautic?

Suport Mautic Extensions:

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troyanvic commented Feb 23, 2021

this method works perfectly. thanks!

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Heyram-EEE commented Mar 26, 2022

I can't find the path app/cache/prod/ directory, And the notification is also not yet disabled yet

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