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Last active Oct 29, 2020
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Remote work login script
### This assumes you are on the VPN already.
# Log in to the 1pw vault
eval $(op signin work)
if [[ -z $OP_SESSION_work ]]; then
echo "!! Error logging into 1password"
exit 1
echo ">> Logged into 1password vault"
# Log in to Okta
echo ">> Logging into Okta"
op get item "Okta - Work" --fields password | pbcopy
echo " >> Okta password copied to clipboard"
echo " >> Opening Okta in Chrome"
open https://go/okta
# pause till okta is logged in
read -rsn1 -p " >> Complete login and then press any key to continue"; echo
# Log in to MQ vault with my ldap password
echo ">> Logging into vault"
op get item "IDM" --fields username,password,url | jq -r .password | xargs -I"{}" vault login -method ldap password={}
# Get the expiration for aws creds, and log in to it if needed
echo ">> Checking AWS expiration"
remaining=$(aws profile list | grep work01-admin | awk '{ print $2 }' | sed $'s,\x1b\\[[0-9;]*[a-zA-Z],,g')
if [[ $remaining == "Expired" ]]; then
echo ">> AWS access expired, renewing"
mq aws-profile login
expires=$(echo $remaining | tr -d 'm')
if (( $expires < 120 )); then
echo ">> AWS access expires soon, renewing"
aws profile login
echo ">> AWS token expires in $expires minutes, login not necessary"
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