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Django: Get next or previous item of a Queryset
''' Useage ''''
# Declare our item
store = Store.objects.get(pk=pk)
# Define our models
stores = Store.objects.all()
# Ask for the next item
new_store = get_next_or_prev(stores, store, 'next')
# If there is a next item
if new_store:
# Replace our item with the next one
store = new_store
''' Function '''
def get_next_or_prev(models, item, direction):
Returns the next or previous item of
a query-set for 'item'.
'models' is a query-set containing all
items of which 'item' is a part of.
direction is 'next' or 'prev'
getit = False
if direction == 'prev':
models = models.reverse()
for m in models:
if getit:
return m
if item == m:
getit = True
if getit:
# This would happen when the last
# item made getit True
return models[0]
return False
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