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Mac Apps 101

kvz: "I'm recommending these Mac apps to a colleague who's losing his OSX virginity: Anything you think I should add?"

Don't forget to look at the suggestions at the bottom, there's some cool stuff in there.


  • 1Password - password manager. intergrates with Dropbox & all main webbrowsers so you'll never lose a password again
  • Dropbox - a free 2GB folder in your homedir that stays in sync with all the devices you also install it on (linux/windows/mac/ipad/iphone/etc). Useful for backup, collaboration (share 1 folder with others), and keeping important documents with you.
  • Chrome - browsing
  • Colloquy - IRC
  • FileBot - Automatically renames all episodes of your favorite series
  • FlexiGlass - window manager, saves a lot of time & frustration mangling windows. Does a much better job than it's competitors: Divvy, Cinch & SizeUp imho.
  • Growl - smooth notifications
  • Spotify - Stream any song. Playlists stay in sync over all devices. Share tracks with facebook friends. Doesn't work in all countries yet :/
  • TotalFinder - Installs tab-support in your finder windows + a few other goodies
  • Twitter - official twitter app. even if you're not a twitter fan, check it out. it's free and a UI gem
  • Wunderlist - free todo that stays in sync with any device. very slick UI


  • Alfred - find / launch anything after pressing ALT + SPACE. better than Apple's built in Spotlight imho
  • Braid - pretty original game made by artists (writers, painters, etc)
  • Disk Inspector - where did my space go?
  • Name Mangler - mass file renamer
  • Skitch - Creating screenshots with arrows and sharing them becomes real easy with this free tool
  • Sparrow - minimalistic & slick approach to desktop gmail
  • Touchgrind - use 2 fingers on your trackbad to control a skateboard. Cool gimmick if you have little nephews or sth.

Devs Only

  • Araxis Replace In Files - UI to sed. Let's you do massive regex search & replaces on your code base
  • Git - Distributed version control. For installation I'd recommend Homebrew
  • Github for Mac - a new UI based approach to git. e.g.: 'sync' vs 'pull && push'
  • Homebrew - package manager (think apt) use it to e.g.: brew install ack apg bash-completion gist git git-flow htop jpeg node wget
  • iTerm2 - Improved Terminal app (split windows, find in buffer, new tab in same dir, exposé tabs, etc)
  • JsonView - A chrome extension. Shows any json thrown at you in a human readable format
  • MacVim - IDE, if you're into that
  • NetBeans - IDE, if you're into that. I recommend downloading: "All" and then during install turn off the components you don't need. e.g.: Enabling C gives support for shell scripts.
  • PeepOpen - If you use MacVim, this helps you open files really quickly
  • Sequel Pro - MySQL manager
  • TextMate - even if you won't use it for coding, a very good all-purpose text editor (markdown, quick notes)
  • Transmit - S3 / SFTP / FTP / etc client. Has nice features that integrate into finder for simplified access to otherwise cumbersome resources
  • VirtualBox - run windows/linux inside mac. useful for testing/development
  • Xcode - required to compile things. Install before homebrew

Don't forget to hook up

  • iCloud - keeps all your apple devices in sync (pics, contacts, calendar, mail, etc)
  • TimeMachine - most amazing backup software ever. open a document or folder, activate time machine, be able to scroll the item back in time and restore a previous version. Only works if you have a TimeCapsule or a NAS with TimeMachine support (qnap/synology)

Twitter friends suggest

  • enriclluelles: "If he needs some pic editing software and is not photoshop savvy I would add pixelmator to the list"
  • traustitj: "base, SQLite manager, can't work without it"
  • renan_saddam: "For IRC I'm using Linkinus now. SublimeText 2 instead of TextMate. VLC for videos. Adium for messaging."
  • osmanungur: "oh-my-zsh, great tool for Terminal addicts."
  • titosemi: "I would change Alfred in favor of Quicksilver. It's like 10.000 times better :)"

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webdevbrian commented Jul 7, 2013

Devs : Gistbox (chrome extension) for gist management. If gists aren't your slice of pie try TextExpander for snippet management.


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ginfuru commented Sep 4, 2013

Copy is a Dropbox alternitive that gives you 15GB in the cloud doesn't integrate with as many apps, but Symlinks can fix that.

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