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SVG fragment builds for reveal.js

Basic use case

  • make an SVG (maybe in inkscape)
    • save it someplace reveal.js can find it (maybe next to your presentation)
    • figure out how to identify them (maybe use named layers)
  • in reveal.js/index.html
    • add reveal-svg-fragment.js as a dependency
    • in a <section> of reveal.js markup
      • add data-svg-fragment="<url of the someplace>" to something, e.g.
kwharrigan /
Created Jul 27, 2012 — forked from bollwyvl/
A Python port of Perl's Apache::AuthenMSAD
A port of Perl's Apache::AuthenMSAD
Takes advantage of Microsoft Active Directory allowing a user to be verified
with 'user@domain' instead of searching for the distinguished name.
To merge as seamlessly as possible with existing systems (i.e. SharePoint,
etc.) munge the incoming "domain\user" into "user@domain".
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