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RubyConf 2013 CFP
Tachikoma - Continuous gem dependency updating with pull request
Today you manage gems of Ruby application with Bundler, but you often neglect to update.
Whatever gems your application depends on, you can get the most benefit by following cutting-edge. Eventually you have to update them, so if you do it more frequently you'll have less pain.
We created Tachikoma, an open-sourced bundle update automation tool. In this talk, we talk about how hard doing daily bundle update by hand and how Tachikoma solves it. We also introduce real world use case of Tachikoma.
* At RubyKaigi2013, Kensuke Nagae talked about the method of daily bundle update automation. Tachikoma is inspired by this idea.
* Actually, Tachikoma does "reduction of labor". We consider full-automation is dangerous. We believe that it is good to make final judgement by human. Pull request is the best checkpoint, so we designed Tachikoma to fit it.
* If we have spare time, we talk about the future plan of Tachikoma, for example "Tachikoma as a Service" or adding some features.
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sanemat commented Aug 31, 2013

Kenichi Murahashi, better know as Sanemat(@sanemat), likes pull request for any ruby projects. He is a software developer from Tokyo, Japan. He works for Oh My Glasses Inc. Sanemat and Kensuke are the co-leads of the Tachikoma project.

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