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kyledrake / mime.types
Created April 30, 2023 22:40
mime.types for nginx that works with bluesky resolveHandle
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types {
text/html html htm shtml;
text/css css;
text/xml xml;
image/gif gif;
image/jpeg jpeg jpg;
application/javascript js;
application/atom+xml atom;
application/rss+xml rss;
kyledrake / geocities-link-extensions.txt
Created July 12, 2019 21:53
List of file extensions ever used in the Geocities Archive for src= or href= links.
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kyledrake / geocities-archive-virus-scan.txt
Last active April 24, 2019 18:21
List of "viruses" detected from a clamav scan of the Geocities archive.
View geocities-archive-virus-scan.txt Win.Joke.Jep-1 FOUND Win.Joke.ProjectCool-1 FOUND Legacy.Trojan.Agent-372 FOUND Win.Trojan.Agent-229806 FOUND Win.Trojan.3586487-1 FOUND Win.Trojan.Joke-1 FOUND Doc.Trojan.Marker-1 FOUND Doc.Trojan.Mamm-1 FOUND Win.Joke.Pelotas-1 FOUND Win.Trojan.Fedup-1 FOUND
kyledrake / token.rb
Created April 11, 2019 19:13
Script for solving question/answer from Myspace circa 2009
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require 'net/http'
module Myspace
class Token
def self.get_for_song(o = {})
return nil unless o[:artist_id] && o[:album_id] && o[:song_id]
headers = HttpHeader.random_agent ''
headers['x-myspace-id'] = "ownerId=#{o[:artist_id]};contentId=#{o[:song_id]},#{o[:album_id]}"
kyledrake / song-genres.txt
Created April 10, 2019 07:20
Myspace Dragon Hoard: Count of songs with tagged genre
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2-step (1904)
A'cappella (2561)
Acousmatic (923)
Acoustic (32511)
Afro-beat (3334)
Alternative (47577)
Ambient (13456)
Americana (5809)
Big Beat (1659)
Black Metal (6109)
kyledrake /
Created April 6, 2019 17:58
Myspace dragon hoard faster direct dl (until torrent is fixed)
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
wget --tries=0 --continue &
kyledrake / Keybase Proof
Created August 16, 2017 19:23
Keybase Proof
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### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am kyledrake on github.
* I am kyledrake ( on keybase.
* I have a public key whose fingerprint is B128 E73F A18D ABCB 88D4 087B D184 D8CD DCE6 F6D4
To claim this, I am signing this object:
kyledrake / bitcoincash.js
Created August 15, 2017 01:43
Spends from a 2 of 3 multisig to a pubkeyhash with Bitcoin Cash (UNTESTED)
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/* npm install -g */
This script spends from a 2 of 3 multisig to a pubkeyhash using Bitcoin Cash
var bitcoin = require('bitcoinjs-lib')
var network = bitcoin.networks['bitcoin']
var outputValue = 4500000 // How much to send (remainder is the miner fee)
var inputValue = 4600000 // utxo value is required for bitcoin cash signature
kyledrake / ceph-grow-rbd-xfs
Created March 14, 2017 03:58 — forked from briancline/ceph-grow-rbd-xfs
Growing a Ceph RBD volume and an XFS filesystem contained within
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# df -h /dev/rbd0
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/rbd0 1.5T 1.5T 557M 100% /mnt/media
# rbd info media/media01
rbd image 'media01':
size 1536 GB in 393216 objects
order 22 (4096 kB objects)
block_name_prefix: rb.0.1098.74b0dc51
format: 1
kyledrake / bird.conf
Last active September 22, 2016 19:34
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log syslog all;
router id **MY_IP**;
protocol bgp vultr {
local as 395409;
source address **MY_IP**;
import none;
export all;
graceful restart on;