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Factory.define :multiple_choice_item, :class => MultipleChoiceItem do |mc_item|
mc_item.association :site
mc_item.text Yardstick::DummyData::LOREM
mc_item.item_type "MultipleChoiceItem"
mc_item.max_choices 1
mc_item.shuffle_choices false
choices = [
"Mauris euismod lor nisi, cursus eget laoreet eget laoreet mauris sit amet feugiat. Nullam non blandit urna. Sed et ultricies quam.",
"Duis dolor nisi, cursus eget laoreet eget, pellentesque vitae era non blandit urna sed et ultricies quam.",
"Vestibulum bibendum, metus in vehicula imperdiet",
"Nunc vel sollicitudin nibh. Aenean pretium, nibh eu dapibus euismod, mi arcu."
mc_item.choices do |mc|
correct = (0..3).map.rand
(0..3).map do |n|
mc.association(:item_choice, {
:item => mc.instance_values["instance"],
:text => choices[n],
:position => n,
:value => n == correct ? 1 : 0
Factory.define :exam do |e|
e.sequence(:name) { |n| "Exam #{n}" }
e.category { |category| category.association(:exam_category) }
e.exam_type Exam::OPEN true
e.exam_items do |ex|
(0..3).map do |n|
exam_obj = ex.instance_values["instance"]
item = Factory(:multiple_choice_item, :site =>
ex.association(:exam_item, {
:item => item,
:exam => exam_obj,
:position => n
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