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Kyle J Carlton kylejcarlton

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kylejcarlton /
Last active Nov 23, 2021
Google App Script that requests current stock prices from Yahoo Finance for several portfolios and logs the results in a Sheet. Google Sheet available @, make a copy to view the Script Editor.
// robinHood = 13, K4:M16
// scotTrade = 2, V4:X5
// tD = 9, AG4:AI12
// eTrade = 15, AR4:AT18
//Lookup ticker symbol using Yahoo's web service (Called by each Account Function)
function lookupTicker(symbol) {
//var symbol = "SPY" //Uncomment to test this function
kylejcarlton /
Last active Jun 29, 2017
Google Apps Script that records temperature values from TMP36 sensor connected to Particle Photon, Nest thermostat and WeatherUnderground API into Sheet. More @
//Define the Particle Photon's Device ID and Access Token. Then use those variables to create the URL to access JSON output from board.
var deviceID = "3e002..................."; //Set to specific device ID.
var accessToken = "6dae...................................."; //Set to specific device's access token.
var particleUrl = '' + deviceID + '/analogvalue?access_token=' + accessToken;
//Define WeatherUnderground API key, weather station location and request type. Then create URL to access JSON results.