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Last active February 4, 2023 09:21
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ATT UVerse Disable Drop DHCP for temproary address on BGW320 and block Bogons/DDoS packets using nftables
#!/usr/sbin/nft -f
# Can't block DHCP like a normal service beacuse it use raw sockets and bypasses nftables filter chains. Instead use and ingress chain.
flush table netdev filter
table netdev filter {
# Earliest filtering chain
chain ingress {
type filter hook ingress device wan0 priority -500;
ip frag-off & 0x1fff != 0 counter drop comment "IP fragments"
ip daddr counter drop comment "Block BGW320-505 temporary DHCP IP, wait for passthrough IP"
ip saddr counter accept comment "UVerse BGW320-505 Modem for gateway monitoring + config"
ip saddr { \, \, \, \, \, \, \, \, \, \, \, \, \ \
} counter drop comment "IP Bogons"
tcp flags & (fin|psh|urg) == fin|psh|urg counter drop comment "TCP XMAS"
tcp flags & (fin|syn|rst|psh|ack|urg) == 0x0 counter drop comment "TCP NULL"
tcp flags syn tcp option maxseg size 1-535 counter drop comment "TCP MSS"
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