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Kyle McDonald kylemcdonald

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kylemcdonald / Audio Normalizer.ipynb
Created Nov 16, 2022
Normalize audio based on local peaks.
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kylemcdonald /
Created May 15, 2022
Split an audio file into multiple files given a list of timestamps exported from out of an Ableton set.
import subprocess
track_fn = 'audio.wav'
timestamps_fn = 'timestamps.csv'
with open(timestamps_fn) as f:
lines =
lines = [e.split(',')[2] for e in lines]
cmd_string = 'ffmpeg -hide_banner -loglevel error -i {tr} -acodec copy -ss {st} -to {en} {nm}'
kylemcdonald /
Last active Oct 27, 2022
Python vs Node web3 speed comparison.
#!/bin/bash -x
node get_block_speed_sync_ipc.js
node get_block_speed_async_ipc.js
kylemcdonald /
Created Sep 14, 2021
Setting up a Digital Ocean droplet for node.js

Get the $IP from Digital Ocean and use the same $USERNAME as your main computer.

ssh root@$IP
adduser $USERNAME
usermod -aG sudo $USERNAME
ufw allow OpenSSH
ufw enable
rsync --archive --chown=$USERNAME:$USERNAME ~/.ssh /home/$USERNAME
kylemcdonald / long_run_gray_codes.frag
Last active Jul 5, 2021
Long Run Gray Codes for 2-bits through 13-bits.
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// Generated using code from
// More info on LRGC
const int lrgc_2[4] = int[](0,1,3,2);
const int lrgc_3[8] = int[](0,1,3,2,6,7,5,4);
const int lrgc_4[16] = int[](0,1,3,7,15,11,9,8,12,13,5,4,6,14,10,2);
const int lrgc_5[32] = int[](0,1,3,7,15,31,29,25,17,16,18,2,10,14,12,28,20,21,23,19,27,11,9,13,5,4,6,22,30,26,24,8);
const int lrgc_6[64] = int[](0,1,3,7,15,31,63,62,58,42,40,32,36,37,5,21,17,25,27,11,10,14,46,38,54,50,48,49,33,41,9,13,29,28,30,26,18,2,34,35,39,55,53,61,57,56,24,8,12,4,6,22,23,19,51,59,43,47,45,44,60,52,20,16);
const int lrgc_7[128] = int[](0,32,33,35,39,103,111,127,125,93,89,81,80,16,18,2,10,42,46,44,60,124,116,117,119,87,83,91,75,11,9,13,5,37,36,38,54,118,126,122,120,88,72,64,65,1,3,7,15,47,63,61,57,121,113,112,114,82,66,74,78,14,12,28,20,52,53,55,51,115,123,107,105,73,77,69,68,4,6,22,30,62,58,56,40,104,96,97,99,67,71,79,95,31,29,25,17,49,48,50,34,98,106,110,108,76,92,84,85,21,23,19,2
kylemcdonald / Search SMAT Data.ipynb
Created Feb 9, 2021
Build plots of term frequency on Parler using SMAT data collected by Aliapoulios, et al.
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kylemcdonald /
Last active May 24, 2021
Build OpenCV for Raspberry Pi under Ubuntu 20.10 64-bit server, aand test v4l2 camera frame rate.
cd ~
sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install -y \
build-essential \
cmake \
gfortran \
kylemcdonald /
Created Jan 20, 2021
Make multithumbnails for Parler videos.
This file reads a list of Parler video IDs and generates "multithumbnails" (a sequence of 9 evenly-spaced thumbnails).
The multithumbnails are stored in the multithumbnails/linear and multithumbnails/rect directories.
linear/ puts the thumbnails side-by-side in a linear sequence.
rect/ puts the thumbnails in a 3x3 rectangle.
To run, download this script from GitHub then:
git clone utils
sudo apt install python3 python3-pip
pip3 install --user --upgrade pip
pip3 install --user numpy ffmpeg-python opencv-python pillow
kylemcdonald /
Created Jan 14, 2021
Generate metadata for a folder using ffprobe.
mkdir -p $OUTPUT_DIR
for INPUT_FN in `find "$1" -type f`
if test -f "$OUTPUT_FN"; then
echo "skipping $INPUT_FN"
kylemcdonald /
Last active Jul 10, 2022
How to view a video on Parler.

How to view a video on Parler

Let's say you have a video ID, like wfy02V209EwU taken from this map

The link for the video kiBnNejo0JW0 is at Notice that the link is: followed by the first two characters of the video ID, then /, then the next two characters, another /, and the video ID.

But if you click on this, you will get an error.

This is because the Parler video servers are still running (as of January 12) but the Domain Name System (DNS) is not running.