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kylos101 /
Created Jun 19, 2021
k3s troubleshooting (run from a node if you're having trouble)
# inspect k3s on server and agents configuration
k3s check-config
# inspect k3s server to see how it's doing
sudo systemctl status k3s -l
# inspect k3s agent to see how it's doing
sudo systemctl status k3s-agent -l
# Run kubectl commands your server and agents your host os
sudo /usr/local/bin/kubectl get nodes
sudo /usr/local/bin/kubectl get pods -A
# Get detailed logs
# Assumes you have a remote defined as upstream like this...
# git remote add upstream
# Update your fork...
git checkout master && git fetch upstream && git rebase upstream/master && git push origin master --force
kylos101 /
Last active Sep 27, 2019
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