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@kynatro kynatro/params.js
Last active Aug 9, 2018

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URL Parameters as an object
// Could be any query string
var parameters =;
var parametersObject = parameters
// Skip the "?" at the beginning of the string
// Split into an array of individual parameters
// Split each parameter into an array of its key and value
return a.split("=");
// Build a single depth object out of each key/value pair
// If this key already exists, its an array, so append to it instead of defining it
if(m[i[0]]) {
// Make this into an Array if it isn't one already
if(m[i[0]] && m[i[0]].constructor !== Array) {
m[i[0]] = [m[i[0]]];
} else {
m[i[0]] = decodeURIComponent(i[1]);
return m;
}, {});"&").map((a) => a.split("=")).reduce((m,i) => { if(m[i[0]]) { if(m[i[0]] && m[i[0]].constructor !== Array) { m[i[0]] = [m[i[0]]] } m[i[0]].push(decodeURIComponent(i[1])) } else { m[i[0]] = decodeURIComponent(i[1]) } return m }, {})
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