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kypflug/SSML.js Secret

Last active October 14, 2016 15:32
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const ssml2 =
'<?xml version="1.0"?>' +
'<speak version="1.0" xmlns="" ' +
'xmlns:xsi="" ' +
'xsi:schemaLocation=" ' +
'" ' +
'xml:lang="en-US">' +
'<voice gender="female">This is a sample of Speech Synthesis Markup Language.</voice>' +
"<!-- now request a male voice -->" +
'<voice gender="male">' +
'It can be used with the Microsoft Edge Speech Synthesis feature.' +
'</voice>' +
'<!-- now request an alternate male voice -->' +
'<voice gender="male" variant="2">It's a useful way for websites to customize their spoken text.</voice>' +
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