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Anaconda commands

Checkout all the packages in the default conda environment:

conda list

Upgrading conda and packages:

conda upgrade conda
conda upgrade --all

Installing packages examples:

conda install numpy
conda install numpy scipy pandas
conda install numpy=1.10


conda search beautifulsoup

Creating environments to isolate your projects:

conda create -n <env_name> <list of packages>
conda create -n py3 python=3
conda create -n py2 python=2

Enter/Leave an environment:

conda activate <env_name>
conda deactivate

Saving/Loading environments

conda env export > environment.yaml 
conda env create -f environment.yaml

Checking environments:

conda env list

Remove environments:

conda env remove -n <env_name>

Sharing environments:

pip freeze 


conda list -- export > requirements.txt

and to re-create the environment

conda create --name <env_name> --file requirements.txt
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