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-- This actor belongs in ScreenGameplay.
-- Look for "BGAnimations/ScreenGameplay overlay.lua"
-- or "BGAnimations/ScreenGameplay overlay/default.lua"
-- and add it to the list of actors returned by the file.
t[#t+1]= Def.Actor{
OnCommand= function(self)
-- This position table only works for dance single, because supporting
-- all styles would make this example too big.
local custom_column_positions= {
-- Swap up and down for player 1.
[PLAYER_1]= {-96, 32, -32, 96},
-- Separate the two sides and swap up and down for player 2.
[PLAYER_2]= {-128, 64, -64, 128},
local screen= SCREENMAN:GetTopScreen()
for i, pn in ipairs(GAMESTATE:GetEnabledPlayers()) do
local positions= custom_column_positions[pn]
local player= screen:GetChild("Player" .. ToEnumShortString(pn))
local notefield= player:GetChild("NoteField")
-- Some modes like routine might have a player exist without a notefield.
if notefield then
-- Version checking. 5.0.12 and 5.1.-3 have different functions.
if notefield.get_column_actors then
-- 5.0.12 fights back with hardcoded positions.
-- To end up in the position we want, we have to set a position
-- relative to the engine position.
local engine_positions= {-96, -32, 32, 96}
local columns= notefield:get_column_actors()
-- Only move columns if there is a position for each column.
if #columns == #positions then
for cid, col in ipairs(columns) do
col:x(positions[cid] - engine_positions[cid])
-- Side note: If the theme makes the background behind a column
-- flash on misses or similar, moving columns this way in 5.0.12
-- ensures that flash will *not* be lined up with the column it's
-- meant for. 5.0.12 didn't have any support for putting something
-- from the theme into the background for a column.
elseif notefield.get_columns then
-- 5.1.-3
local columns= notefield:get_columns()
-- Only move columns if there is a position for each column.
if #columns == #positions then
for cid, col in ipairs(columns) do
-- Colunn flashes side note continued:
-- The notefield in 5.1.-3 has a specific place for themes to put
-- stuff like column flashes, so the column flashes will show up in
-- the right place in 5.1.-3.
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