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Last active December 8, 2017 13:01
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Galleon Tech Culture

Galleon.PH Culture

Galleon.PH is a e-commerce logistics company that enables Filipinos to buy any product from anywhere in the world.

We foster a culture that enables its developers to grow and flourish.

Everyone is Responsible

  • All developers are treated like adults and are responsible for the code they write.
  • Your voice is important and valuable. When mistakes are made we learn from it, no one will get fired or demoted for making a mistake or breaking things.
  • Software is complex and even the best of us make mistakes. Instead we improve our work so we can focus on what's important to us.

Own Time

  • Our developers are responsible for their own time management and working hours. We acknowledge that great work can happen anywhere at any time.

  • Remote work allows freedom of time management but at the same time there is no concept of attendance, lates, absences, sick leave or vacation leave. We are expected to manage our own time, take time off when necessary, and discover when work best fits within our own personal schedules.

  • Vacation days are not limited, everyone is asked to do what they think is right for the company.

Own Location

  • We do not restrict work to a single location or schedule or even timezone. Our developers can work together from any location in the world as they have the tools and freedom to do so.

Working Smart

  • We encourage deep work and not overwork.

  • Time away from work is just as important as time at work. The company respects the developers time away from work and does not bother them outside the hours they are working.

A place where good, smart, empowered people work hard and are happy with their work and their lives.

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