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Created Jan 23, 2019
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Edge extension IndexedDB test (7223)
function openDB(dbName)
let req =;
req.onsuccess = event =>
console.log("version::", event.currentTarget.result.version);
console.log("store names::", JSON.stringify(event.currentTarget.result.objectStoreNames));
req.onerror = event =>
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kzar commented Jan 23, 2019


  1. Ensure that you've enabled the extension developer features on the about:flags page in Edge.
  2. Open the "..." menu, click "Extensions", the cog icon next to Adblock Plus, then "Background page".
  3. Paste the above code in the background console which opened, and let us know what the output is.

Note: Take care to disable the extension developer features again, unless you really are developing Edge extensions!

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