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l3d00m /
Created November 5, 2017 10:18
Nukes all your reddit comments by first editing and then deleting them. It uses a workaround to fetch all comments and not just the first recent ones
# do 'pip install praw'
import praw
from praw.models import Submission
from praw.models import Redditor
from praw.models import Comment
reddit_user_agent = "reddit comment nuke"
# Create a new reddit app here and copy the secret & id
reddit_client_secret = ""
reddit_client_id = ""
l3d00m / index.php
Last active March 26, 2017 11:16
Display the current power production and consumption of a household. (Using SUNMASTER ES4.6 (production) and ALLNET ALL3690 (consumption))
<!-- config.ini -->
; Aktualisierungsrate in ms; Sollte nicht unter 1000ms sein
refresh_rate = 3000
; Maximal erreichbare Leistung in W; dann ist die Zahl grün
max_power = 3000
; URL des Powermeters
powermeter_url =
l3d00m /
Last active August 8, 2020 13:05
Reddit Sidebar Updater based on Twitch newer version with praw4 and oauth
# Based on, but using praw4 and some minor cleanups.
import praw
import time
from urllib.request import urlopen
import urllib.request
import json
import sys
username = "yourname"