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Created August 10, 2016 18:33
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microcorruption ctf: 'invert' hash for Hollywood level using z3 constriant solver
from __future__ import division, print_function, unicode_literals
from z3 import *
import binascii, struct
def byteswp(a):
Build expression to swap bytes in 16-bit word.
return RotateLeft(a,8) # can also be RotateRight, or even Concat(Extract(), Extract())
def hollywood_hash(words):
Build expression for hollywood hash.
r4 = 0
r6 = 0
for w in words:
#e000: 2455 add @r5, r4
r4 = r4 + w
#e000: 8410 swpb r4
r4 = byteswp(r4)
#e000: 36e5 xor @r5+, r6
r6 = r6 ^ w
#e000: 06e4 xor r4, r6
#e000: 04e6 xor r6, r4
#e000: 06e4 xor r4, r6
(r4,r6) = (r6,r4)
return (r4,r6)
def main():
target = (0xfeb1,0x9298) # target values from reverse-engineered code
for length in range(1,10):
print('Trying for length %i' % length)
# Create 16-bit bit vector constants
words = [BitVec(chr(65+i), 16) for i in range((length+1)//2)]
# Create hash function for that size
(r4_f, r6_f) = hollywood_hash(words)
print(' r4 %s' % r4_f.sexpr())
print(' r6 %s' % r6_f.sexpr())
# Create a solver, add constraints
s = Solver()
s.add(r4_f == target[0])
s.add(r6_f == target[1])
if length & 1:
s.add(ULT(words[-1], 0x100)) # <0x100
if s.check() == sat: # satisfyable: print answer and exit
m = s.model()
# take values from model for every word
values = [m[x].as_long() for x in words]
sol = b''.join(struct.pack('<H', x) for x in values)
# strip trailing zeros
while sol[-1] == b'\x00':
sol = sol[0:-1]
print('Found solution: \x1b[1;33m%s\x1b[0m' % binascii.b2a_hex(sol))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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