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Reducing bitcoind memory usage
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danielalexiuc commented Feb 12, 2018

Please note, since 0.14.1 the UTXO database cache size defaults to 450 MiB, not 300 MiB.

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Sword-Smith commented Jun 4, 2019

This is really cool. Thanks. Do you have any information about how these parameters affect the system's requirement and the total daily bandwidth use?

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laanwj commented Jun 11, 2019

@danielalexiuc thanks, updated

@Sword-Smith lowering dbcache will make validation slower (on average) as more disk I/O to the database is needed as queries miss the cache. It will not have any effect on bandwidth use.
Reducing the maximum number of connections will likely reduce bandwidth use and lower CPU use.

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MarcoFalke commented Jul 8, 2019

Could replace the content with a link to, now that the file was moved and will likely be kept up-to-date in the git repo?

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laanwj commented Jul 8, 2019

Good point, done

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