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@laapsaap laapsaap/.Xdefaults
Created Feb 13, 2017

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xterm config
XTerm*selectToClipboard: true
XTerm*SaveLines: 10000
XTerm*fullscreen: never
XTerm*printerCommand: xterm -T History -e sh -c 'less -r <&3' 3<&0
XTerm*translations: #override Ctrl <Key>slash: print-everything()
*background: rgb:00/00/00
*foreground: rgb:ff/ff/ff
*color0: rgb:00/00/00
*color1: rgb:d3/62/65
*color2: rgb:ae/ce/91
*color3: rgb:e7/e1/8c
*color4: rgb:7a/7a/b0
*color5: rgb:96/3c/59
*color6: rgb:41/81/79
*color7: rgb:be/be/be
*color8: rgb:66/66/66
*color9: rgb:ef/81/71
*color10: rgb:e5/f7/79
*color11: rgb:ff/f7/96
*color12: rgb:41/86/be
*color13: rgb:ef/9e/be
*color14: rgb:71/be/be
*color15: rgb:ff/ff/ff
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