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Android convert dp to px and vice versa
public static float convertPixelsToDp(float px){
DisplayMetrics metrics = Resources.getSystem().getDisplayMetrics();
float dp = px / (metrics.densityDpi / 160f);
return Math.round(dp);
public static float convertDpToPixel(float dp){
DisplayMetrics metrics = Resources.getSystem().getDisplayMetrics();
float px = dp * (metrics.densityDpi / 160f);
return Math.round(px);
//The above method results accurate method compared to below methods
private int convertDpToPx(int dp){
return Math.round(dp*(getResources().getDisplayMetrics().xdpi/DisplayMetrics.DENSITY_DEFAULT));
private int convertPxToDp(int px){
return Math.round(px/(Resources.getSystem().getDisplayMetrics().xdpi/DisplayMetrics.DENSITY_DEFAULT));

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