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FRIEDA Session 3 Notes

FRIEDA Session 3

Search solutions

  • Currently is search by location
  • Would like to make it more of a directory
  • View by alpha, more like a directory in the future (in page search, possibly)
    • Low use case and we don't really want people searching by location
    • in page search (basically replication Command+F)
  • potentially search by ID
  • potentially search by name
    • remove search by code/ID (and do not display that information)

Institution Information

  • There isn't much information so we're getting rid of the tabs
  • Everything will be all on one page
  • Mapping functionality
    • What business problem are we solving? It makes the information more valuable
    • So each institution would show a map and any other related locations (like medical schools affiliated)
    • We don't have the address for the medical school at this time.
  • Search institution doesn't have much data so we want to get rid of the empty fields that can be searched by
  • We want to be able to search or sort by institution name, location
  • Remove the print functionality and let users Command+P when necessary

Medical School

  • Will only be accessible through the institution information
  • They want the pages to be removed because there is no content
  • It makes the most sense to live in relation to the
  • Programs will include a list of medical schools or institutions that are related or affiliated (this is current functionality)
  • Users come to search for programs, not medical schools
    • When you put in a state it displays medical schools that have an affiliation within the state of IL
    • Is this still relevant if it works correctly? I don't know.
    • The schools list should be a list of schools within the state that you're searching.
    • This is happening because we don't have an address for the medical school
  • We want to help younger students (pre-med, first year students) and allow them to search for medical schools would be helpful for their needs.

Specialty Training Stats

  • We need a directory of specialties
  • Specialty landing page (business need to have more robust specialty content)
  • Training stats will live within that
  • As well as graduate career assistance
  • Allow users to search for specialties and provide all information related to that specialty to a user
  • Remove specialty training stats and graduates career plans

Program details page

  • content has been ranked in hierarchy order by the UX team -
  • They have done some consolidating information.
  • data visualization would be a nice to have
  • Print functionality? Yes. Can we use the regular browser print functionality? We could.... but we need to ensure that it's printing all of the information not just the currently displayed tab.
  • Add to dashboard
  • Navigate to dashboard from the program detail page
  • View/Create/Edit/Delete notes on the program (members only)
  • It's the same notes as on dashboard (there is a link in the header that says the program name and view all notes and then it's an overlay of all the notes for that program in the dashboard)
  • Users able to navigate to the sponsoring and affiliated institution for that program (from the program detail page)
    • Currently in overview, this will be in the Map in the future
  • Dynamically show other programs offered by that institution
  • You would go from the program to the affiliated institution page and that would include the medical school information.
  • Program Directors should be prompted to be able to fill out the survey from the Program Details
    • Ability to intake data from Program Directors (on their program page only)

Product Level Navigation

  • Users are unable to navigate from pages within FRIEDA to their Dashboard (so they can get to the Dashboard regardless of where they are on the website)

Search Results template

  • Vacant positions shouldn't be separated from the rest of the site content. It should be more discoverable inside the product.
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