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Complete MagicMirror2 Installation

MagicMirror installation

Hardware used was Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Almost followed this entire guide:

(with minor changes)

Removed packages

sudo apt-get remove --purge idle3 java-common libreoffice* minecraft-pi scratch nuscratch python-minecraftpi python3-minecraftpi smartsim sonic-pi wolfram-engine

sudo apt-get autoremove

Optional notes

A Raspberry Pi is configured to automatically shutdown parts of the hardware that aren’t actively in use. This includes the WiFi driver. This will cause MagicMiror² to occasionally fail to fetch updates for things like the newsfeed, weather, and others. You can disable the power saving feature for the WiFi from the interfaces configuration file: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Find the wlan0 section and add wireless-power off below it:

Once you’re done with that, reboot the rpi one more time with sudo reboot and when it comes back up again, open a Terminal window and type in iwconfig and you should see that the Power Management is now off

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