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A plain, vanilla, cross-browser JS document.ready function
/* Credit to
* Call with docReady(fn, context)
(function(funcName, baseObj) {
"use strict";
// The public function name defaults to window.docReady
// but you can modify the last line of this function to pass in a different object or method name
// if you want to put them in a different namespace and those will be used instead of
// window.docReady(...)
funcName = funcName || "docReady";
baseObj = baseObj || window;
var readyList = [];
var readyFired = false;
var readyEventHandlersInstalled = false;
// call this when the document is ready
// this function protects itself against being called more than once
function ready() {
if (!readyFired) {
// this must be set to true before we start calling callbacks
readyFired = true;
for (var i = 0; i < readyList.length; i++) {
// if a callback here happens to add new ready handlers,
// the docReady() function will see that it already fired
// and will schedule the callback to run right after
// this event loop finishes so all handlers will still execute
// in order and no new ones will be added to the readyList
// while we are processing the list
readyList[i], readyList[i].ctx);
// allow any closures held by these functions to free
readyList = [];
function readyStateChange() {
if ( document.readyState === "complete" ) {
// This is the one public interface
// docReady(fn, context);
// the context argument is optional - if present, it will be passed
// as an argument to the callback
baseObj[funcName] = function(callback, context) {
if (typeof callback !== "function") {
throw new TypeError("callback for docReady(fn) must be a function");
// if ready has already fired, then just schedule the callback
// to fire asynchronously, but right away
if (readyFired) {
setTimeout(function() {callback(context);}, 1);
} else {
// add the function and context to the list
readyList.push({fn: callback, ctx: context});
// if document already ready to go, schedule the ready function to run
// IE only safe when readyState is "complete", others safe when readyState is "interactive"
if (document.readyState === "complete" || (!document.attachEvent && document.readyState === "interactive")) {
setTimeout(ready, 1);
} else if (!readyEventHandlersInstalled) {
// otherwise if we don't have event handlers installed, install them
if (document.addEventListener) {
// first choice is DOMContentLoaded event
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", ready, false);
// backup is window load event
window.addEventListener("load", ready, false);
} else {
// must be IE
document.attachEvent("onreadystatechange", readyStateChange);
window.attachEvent("onload", ready);
readyEventHandlersInstalled = true;
})("docReady", window);
// modify this previous line to pass in your own method name
// and object for the method to be attached to
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