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extension UIImage {
convenience init?(thumbnailOfURL url: URL, size: CGSize, scale: CGFloat) {
let options = [kCGImageSourceShouldCache: false] as CFDictionary
guard let source = CGImageSourceCreateWithURL(url as CFURL, options) else { return nil }
let targetDimension = max(size.width, size.height) * scale
let thumbnailOptions = [kCGImageSourceCreateThumbnailFromImageAlways: true,
kCGImageSourceCreateThumbnailWithTransform: true,
kCGImageSourceShouldCacheImmediately: true,
kCGImageSourceThumbnailMaxPixelSize: targetDimension] as CFDictionary
guard let thumbnail = CGImageSourceCreateThumbnailAtIndex(source, 0, thumbnailOptions) else { return nil }
self.init(cgImage: thumbnail)
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